For my four-legged friends

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Animals speak their own unique language. They don’t know of hate or jealousy. They don’t participate in racial or religious discrimination. Animals have taken no part in polluting our environment. They’re pure and honest beings, and sadly they’re often abused and abandoned by the humans they look to for care and love. I’d like to dedicate this post to my four-legged friends and a few issues I need to discuss with my social media friends and strangers in hopes that my words positively influence others.

Adopting or buying an animal is easy. Taking care of an animal, for the rest of that animal’s life, no matter what obstacles or challenges you and that animal face, isn’t easy. If you bring an animal into your life and home, make sure you’re always going to be there for them. If you’re unsure of your financial security, home-life, future endeavors that may influence your pet, please don’t adopt or shop. A pet is very much like a child. They deserve and need your full attention, time, and love. An animal is smart enough to understand when they’re being dumped. Abandoning an animal comes in all shapes and forms. There are the absolutely awful and heartless people who simply dump their unwanted pets on the side of the road, or at a shelter. Some people (equally as bad as the previously mentioned person) dump their animals on other people (friends, co-workers, family, and neighbors), and then refuse to pay for them (cover food, vet costs, etc.), or allow them to live in a permanent home, with a better suited person, BUT, they pretend to know what’s best for the animal and don’t want to relinquish their control. Regardless of the situation, abandoning an animal in any form is wrong. They’re not toys or after thoughts. I’ve been around animals and animal people my entire life. As an animal advocate and person (my animal lover friends will agree), I automatically have issues with those who don’t view animals as equals. Would you give up your child, due to financial stress? Or, would you do anything and everything to fight for your child, and continue to provide for them? Would you give up your child after constant messes in your home? Or, would you deal with the struggles and continue to love, nurture, and teach your child? Many will say that an animal isn’t a child, but as an animal lover and owner, I view them as my children. I would do anything for them, and that includes giving up some of my wants and needs, in order to care for them. They require shelter, food, love, teaching/training, and of course, endless amounts of care (vet bills, medications, surgeries). Trust me, all animal owners dread Vet visits and hefty bills that follow Vet appointments, but we do what we have to do (by the way, some animal shelters in your area provide certain vaccinations and services at lower costs). If you’re unable to provide a permanent home (one with all of the essentials and then some) to an animal, don’t bring that animal home with you!!

Laughing with my best girl, Mandy.

I’ve been riding and taking care of horses since age four. I’ve slept in the hay with my minis and have told secrets to Mandy the Haflinger (pictured above). I learned from the best and most compassionate horsewoman, my mother! Some of my best friends truly are my horses. I grew up with them and understand them, completely. I would like to address them and only them for a moment. Horses aren’t automobiles. If they aren’t moving forward it isn’t because they have a flat tire or are low on transmission fluid, it’s because they’re living beings. Living beings feel tired, deal with levels of stress, have bad days, and deserve to feel comfortable before participating in activities, such as horseback riding. Natural horsemanship is the way to go. Horses, just like other animals have their own language in which they communicate with other equines, and you, and if you want to ride, you must be willing to spend the time learning their language beforehand. Jumping on a horse without building a relationship through time, groundwork, and love is dangerous and harmful to you and the horse. I’ve met countless horse people throughout my life and it’s very sad that the majority of them have not the slightest clue how to humanely work with their horse(s). I’ve watched “horse” people run their horses into the ground (yes, literally), destroying the animal’s legs, and arousing very serious life-threatening issues. These people destroy one horse, and then they go out and buy another. The first horse of course, now severely damaged by their neglectful owner, might be auctioned (possibly sold into slaughter). If you’re working your horse so hard that sweat pours off of their back after a ride (they’re completely drenched), you’re doing something terribly wrong. Horseback riding should be relaxing and therapeutic. What’s therapeutic about working a horse to death? I watch and listen to those who think they’ve learned the right way to treat these animals, and I apologize for my bluntness, but it’s all wrong. Again, animals aren’t toys. We live in a different world, I hope. Horses are no longer around to “break” or to use as cheap labor. Equine Assisted Therapy and Natural Horsemanship are the future, and it’s about time that the entire horse world realizes this.

For those of you reading my blog, and who know of animal owners in your life or just on social media who aren’t treating their pets right, please speak out. Don’t be afraid to be honest and upfront. If you see a dog stuck in a hot car, stick around. Make sure their owner comes out immediately. If you know of a person who is constantly buying and then neglecting animals, report them. If you see a person destroying and mishandling a horse, please speak up. Someone has to. Just remember, no matter how uncomfortable it is for you to confront someone about how they’re treating an animal, you’re helping out a creature in need, and possibly, saving that animal’s life.

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