Taking a Bite

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Here’s the next installment of, Taking a Bite. Enjoy! Xo.

Chapter Four

The day had arrived; Olivia’s first day of school, in Manhattan. The weather was rainy and dreary. Olivia woke up around five and couldn’t fall back asleep. She had to be at her new school by eight. Homeroom started promptly at eight thirty. Jane woke up shortly after Olivia did. Olivia was sitting in the bathroom straightening her long hair, when Jane walked in. She asked Olivia if she was nervous. Olivia gave her a weird look, as if to say “Uh, obviously.” Jane told her to be strong and that she was going to have a good day. Jane was big on “positive thinking”. Olivia felt so uncomfortable. She missed her old school and Alyssa. She hated that she had to go through the rest of her high school days, without her best friend. Olivia’s stomach was killing her; doing somersaults. She wasn’t feeling at all like her fierce-self. She felt pretty weak. Olivia began applying her makeup, paying attention to every minute detail, as always. She put on her favorite pink lip-gloss and smiled at herself in the mirror. The smile was fake, though. Olivia stood in her newly organized closet contemplating what to wear. She pulled a black dress off of the hanger. She stared at it a moment, nodded, and then threw it onto her bed. It was new. She had never worn it before. It was short and simple. She decided to wear the black dress with her black Chanel flats, and a lilac colored cardigan. Olivia went over to her vanity, grabbed her Michael Kors purse, and walked out into the kitchen. She bent down and gave Chloe a kiss. Chloe was not happy. She knew Olivia was leaving to go somewhere…and without her. Jane smiled as Olivia emerged from her bedroom.

“You look absolutely perfect, baby sister. I’ll walk you to school. We don’t want you getting lost on your first day. I promise not to follow you into the school,” said Jane, grabbing an umbrella. Olivia shook her head. Was she five and on her way to kindergarten? But, Jane was right. Olivia had no clue where she was going. She would end up at Bloomingdales (she knew where that was) naturally, and wouldn’t ever make it to school.

As they made their way to the school, Olivia became more and more nervous. Her head was pounding and she felt as though she was going to vomit. Jane took her hand and squeezed it tight.

“I know you’re nervous about today, but you’re going to get through it, and you’re going to be amazing.” Jane let go of Olivia’s hand as they approached the school. Olivia really didn’t want her sister to let go.

Olivia looked over at her sister and nodded. She walked over to the large double doors of the school. She looked back at Jane and smiled. Jane winked at her. Olivia walked through the heavy doors of the school, and tried to smile. She knew she needed to smile. Boys fell in love with her smile. A smile was a must. She passed a bunch of kids in the hallway. Some of the boys looked at her and got caught up in her smile and her pretty face. Olivia saw that coming. A few of the girls whispered to one another as they wondered who the new girl was; Olivia saw that coming, too. Olivia just kept walking. She focused on the long corridor ahead of her. Her head was held high. She walked into her homeroom and sat down at one of the desks. A boy next to her leaned over and said hello. He asked her if she was new, and she said yes. He took her hand and shook it. He told her his name was Chris. She stared at him for a moment. She told him her name was Olivia. Chris was cute. He had shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes. He seemed a little obnoxious, but nice.

“That’s a pretty name. I’m going to call you Liv, if that’s okay.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

Olivia looked around at the other kids. She felt so distant…and so very out of place.

“So liv…what brings you to my school?” Chris asked as he chewed on the end of a pen.

“Oh, so it’s your school? That information must’ve been left out of my “Welcome” packet.” Chris laughed at Olivia’s sarcasm.

“I moved in with my sister around the corner from here a few weeks ago. I used to live in New Jersey,” Olivia explained.

“That’s cool. You seem pretty…Upper East Side to me. I never would’ve guessed, Jersey. Well, if you need anything, I’m here. I know what it’s like to be the new kid. I transferred in last year, in the middle of the school year. Everyone already had his or her clique. They all knew who they were here, except me.”

“Was it hard adjusting?” Olivia asked as more kids filed into the classroom. Girls cursed up a storm, and the guys bounced around like animals in a zoo.

“It was hard, but you’ll do fine. Trust me. There are some people you may want to avoid, but I’ll tell you all about them later.” Chris turned towards the doorway of the classroom as the teacher rushed in. Chris jumped up and told Mr. Hawthorne that they had a new student joining them. He pointed at Olivia. The entire class looked at her. Olivia smiled awkwardly. Thanks Chris, for the unwanted attention. He laughed and told Chris that he was well aware of the new student. Mr. Hawthorne said hello to Olivia, and welcomed her. Olivia shot him a pretty smile, and flipped her long brown hair over her shoulder. A boy next to Olivia looked her up and down. A girl smiled at her, briefly. Mr. Hawthorne handed her a blue sheet of paper with a schedule typed on it. Chris snatched it out of Olivia’s hand.

“We have first and fifth period together,” Chris exclaimed.

Olivia smiled. She would’ve died for his smile. Chris had a boyish grin that made Olivia feel weak. Chris walked with her to first period. Olivia clutched her notebook close to her chest, and looked around at the kids conversing in the hallway. He ambushed her with compliments. Chris clearly had a crush on the new girl. It was cute. They sat next to each other in first period. Chris nudged Olivia and told her to smile. She did. He told her she was really pretty. She blushed a little, and said thank you.

It was time for lunch. Olivia walked in and all eyes were on her. She didn’t know where to sit, and the cafe was crowded. She passed by a few lunch tables and a group of guys whistled at her. She did know, that she didn’t want to sit with them. They whistled at her and called her over, as if she were a dog. She didn’t see Chloe, her Chihuahua anywhere. She looked around and saw two girls laughing with one another. They appeared to be sitting alone. Olivia walked over to them and asked if she could sit there. They said, sure. The two girls eyed up Olivia’s outfit; they approved.

“I’m Krista.”

“Hey, I’m Alana.”

“You’re super pretty! Are you a junior too?” Alana asked.

“Aw, thank you. Yes I am,” Olivia said.

Alana was short. She was Olivia’s height. She had medium length brown hair, and a young face. Krista had short strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was painfully serious.

“So, you’re clearly new. You need to know who to avoid, and fast. Well, that little blonde girl over there…” Krista said pointing. “She’s here because she was kicked out of every private school in Manhattan. Her daddy bails her out of everything, but unfortunately he couldn’t bail her out of the last private school fiasco, so we’re stuck with her.” Olivia looked over at a girl with horrible eyebrows and a fake smile; avoid her, got it.

“OH, and you cannot forget about Natalie,” Alana began as she pointed at a girl a few tables away. She was smiling and petting a boy’s arm, apparently her boyfriend.

“She is beyond fake. She’s also a boyfriend stealer. She used to be one of my best friends…until she tried having sex with my ex-boyfriend, Tyler.”

“What about guys? Are there any guys I should stay away from?” Olivia questioned the two girls.

“Well, that’s one of them,” Krista whispered to Olivia as a boy approached their table.

An attractive boy stood a foot away from Olivia. He leaned across the lunch table and handed her an invitation. She breathed in the scent of his Ralph Lauren cologne. She looked at the invite and asked him what it was for. He said it was an invitation to a party he was having Friday night. He licked his lips. Alana and Krista looked down at the floor. It was obvious, they didn’t like him. Olivia wondered why. He was really good looking. He seemed nice. Olivia thanked him for the invite and told him she’d try to make an appearance. He said he hoped to see her there. The boy smiled at her, and walked away. Olivia stared at him as he drifted away from the table. He walked over to another table full of jocks and cheerleaders, and handed out some more invitations. The girls jumped up and threw themselves at him. He clearly welcomed the attention. A bunch of jocks stood up and gave him a high five. He had really nice blue eyes, and short blonde hair. He was cute…Olivia couldn’t deny that. Krista rolled her eyes.

“That’s, Luke. He’s really cute, I know. But he’s an asshole. He cheated on my friend Emma, twice. He has killer parties though, not that I have ever been invited. I’ve heard they’re a lot of fun though,” Krista sighed.

“Ugh. He’s handing out invites to the cheerleader sluts. I hate cheerleaders. They’re all the same. Average, annoying, and completely full of themselves,” Alana said picking at her salad.

“I used to be a cheerleader. It was my life, until I moved here,” Olivia explained.

“Ha, wow Alana…way to put your foot in your mouth, as usual.” Krista kicked Alana under the table.

“Oh, Olivia I’m sorry. I just don’t like the cheerleaders at our school. They’re all awful. You don’t remind me of them at all,” Alana apologized as she put her hand on Olivia’s shoulder.

“It’s fine. I understand. Some of the girls at my old school who I cheered with weren’t all that nice either, but I started cheering when I was five. I never wanted to give it up,” Olivia said, fumbling through her purse. She glanced at her phone. Jane had texted her. She wanted to know how everything was going. Olivia told her it was going fine and that she’d talk to her later.

“You could join the cheerleading squad here. You’d hate the girls, but if it’s what you love to do…” Krista began before Olivia cut her off.

“No, it’s done. Cheerleading is in the past. I want to try something new.” Olivia couldn’t bring herself to cheer anymore. She was putting her pompoms away for good. She left that behind.

“Yeah, well are you going to go to Luke’s party? You should go. I mean, we’ve never been invited to any of his parties,” Alana pouted looking over at Krista. Krista sighed.

“He may be an asshole, but I’d still go to his party if I was invited,” Krista admitted.

Alana nodded. “Free food and drinks, hey not a bad deal.”

“I might go. It depends on if I’m busy tomorrow night,” Olivia said.

Olivia tried hard not to laugh at herself for saying that. Of course she wasn’t busy Friday night! The only friend she had in NYC was her sister, and her little dog.

“I won’t know anyone there though. It may be awkward.”

“Luke only invites the best to his parties. He clearly thinks you’re awesome, since you were invited.”

Luke thought Olivia was awesome? Well, now she had to go to his party. It was an excuse for Olivia to dress up…that was enough for her. He was perfect…Olivia thought to herself. She could see Alana getting red in the face. She clearly was upset that she had never been invited to one of Luke’s parties. That wasn’t Olivia’s problem, though.

“Well, have fun girlie. Let us know how the party goes. It was nice meeting you,” Alana said smiling.

“Nice meeting you Olivia. See you tomorrow.”

Olivia smiled at them both and said goodbye as the bell rang loudly in her ear. Well, Olivia had an official lunch spot, which was good. Alana and Krista seemed nice enough. She was invited to one of the coolest guys in school’s ‘A’ list party and she had made a great friend in homeroom that morning; a friend who was crushing on her, hard…Chris. So far, high school in the city, didn’t suck. There was one more period left in the day, and then Olivia could go home. She was already exhausted. The school was three levels. She had been walking up and down flights of stairs all day. She felt thankful for not wearing her new pumps she had bought at Saks.

When Olivia got home she collapsed on her glamorously decorated bed. She let out a sigh of relief. She had made it! Chloe hopped up on the bed and curled up next to her. Jane came into Olivia’s room and sat down next to them. She felt as though she was a proud mother, and it was her daughter’s first day of school. She asked Olivia about her day. Olivia sat up and braided her hair. She told Jane every little detail about her day. She told her she was invited to a party that Friday night. Jane gave her permission to go. Olivia smiled and gave Jane a hug. Jane told Olivia she was proud of her. Hearing those simple words meant everything to Olivia.

Chapter Five

Olivia knocked on the door of Luke’s apartment. A girl answered it. Slurring her words, she asked Olivia if she was there for Luke’s party. Olivia nodded. Obviously? Why else would she be knocking? She clearly wasn’t the pizza delivery boy. The girl pulled Olivia inside, rudely, and told her Luke was in the kitchen. Olivia thanked her and headed towards the back of the apartment. She turned back to look at the girl, who had fallen onto the hardwood floor. She was laughing and the other guests were screaming “LIGHT WEIGHT”. Olivia rolled her eyes. She wasn’t a fan of sloppy drunks. His apartment was huge. Olivia was shocked and quite impressed. It was a mess though; clearly a party house. There was trash everywhere. Empty beer bottles lined the hallway. It reeked of vodka and weed. She entered the kitchen and saw Luke sitting by the window, smoking a cigarette. He leaned his head back and blew a puff of smoke from his mouth. He grinned and glanced over at one of his friends. His friend nudged him in Olivia’s direction. She went up to him and put her hand on his arm. He turned to face her. His face lit up and he got down off the windowsill. He towered over her, pulling her in for a hug. He enveloped her with his scent. He smelled of that alluring Ralph Lauren cologne and cigarette smoke. Luke was around 6”5. She hadn’t noticed how tall he was, until then. He let go of her and she moved back a little, soaking up his smell. He told her he was really glad she came. She smiled. He touched her face. He told her more people were supposed to be coming; the night was still young. Olivia looked around; there were already so many people at the party. His apartment was overflowing with people, and liquor. She wondered where his parents were. Did they care that their son had completely trashed their beautiful Upper East Side apartment? Jane would murder Olivia if she ever did that…

Luke handed Olivia a red cup filled with an electric blue liquid. She smelled it. It smelled adequate. She asked him what it was. He told her it was punch. She had no idea what was in this “punch” but she drank it anyway. Probably a dumb idea, she thought to herself, after taking the third sip. Luke grabbed her hand and pulled her into the living room. There were a bunch of girls smoking on the couch, and a few guys playing beer pong in the middle of the room. Beer was spilling onto the floor and pong balls were flying everywhere. It looked like a war zone; many party casualties. May the lost beer pong balls rest in peace. One of the guys asked Olivia if she wanted to play, as he started handing her a ball. He eyed her up. She told him, maybe later. Luke sat her down in a big brown chair. She sunk into it. He told her he’d be right back. Olivia adjusted her dress and tights. She moved her stilettos across the mauve colored rug. She was wearing a low-cut (always), black cocktail dress, with eight-inch rhinestone heels. Her loose curls fell below her bust. She looked around the room at the other girls. Olivia didn’t want to appear rude as she looked them up and down. A couple of them were wearing dresses Olivia considered to be shirts, or possibly nightgowns. Where were their pants? Their makeup was caked on and smeared all down their faces. Olivia looked at the material of the one girl’s dress and made a sour face. It was shiny and cheap. Olivia looked down at the red cup she was holding. She was almost out of that “punch”. She felt kind of buzzed, but barely. Luke finally returned and sat down in the chair next to Olivia’s. He stared at her pretty face, as she tipped her drink back, and watched the night drag on.

He told her he’d get her more to drink, if she wanted. Olivia was always up for another drink. She nodded. He got her some more punch and she sipped it slowly. It didn’t taste all that bad. She could taste vodka beneath the blue exterior. She took out her phone. It was almost ten. Olivia began feeling light headed. She put her hand on her head. She felt weird. Everything became blurry. Luke leaned over and asked her if she was okay. He was echoing. She tried standing up, squeezing the arm of the chair tight. She fell to the ground. A girl pointed at her and screamed, “WASTED!” What a wonderful crowd…Luke stood up and scooped Olivia up off of the floor. He told her she was going to be just fine; they’d go up to his room. She shook her head. She didn’t even know why she was shaking her head, but that was her first reaction. Was she saying no? Was she confused? She didn’t know. As soon as they got up to Luke’s room, Olivia’s phone rang. A rock song sang through her phone’s tiny speaker. It was Jane. Luke plopped her on his bed, as her hair fell to a pillow, and told her to make herself comfortable; he’d be back in a minute. He walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. The door slammed shut. The noise echoed in Olivia’s head, painfully. The music blasting from downstairs became louder, and louder. Olivia’s head was pounding. She looked around his room. A poster of the Beetles hung above his bed. She became more and more nervous and the butterflies in her stomach from earlier that evening had vanished.

Olivia tried sitting up, but she couldn’t. The room was spinning. The Beetles multiplied, and she began seeing three of everything. She answered the phone. Jane asked her how the party was going. There was silence, so Jane asked again. Olivia told her she was scared; something was wrong. She felt dizzy and as though she was blacking out. She couldn’t even remember why she was in his room, or when she had walked upstairs. Did she walk upstairs? Jane asked her if she had drunk a lot. Olivia had the tendency to drink like a fish. Olivia told her Luke had given her some punch, what seemed like hours ago; she drank two cups. Jane began to worry. She asked her where she was, and Olivia told Jane, Luke’s room. She told Jane she needed her and that she had a bad feeling something terrible was about to happen. Luke entered the room, and Olivia hung up the phone, startled by his presence. She texted Jane the address and told her to come and get her, and to hurry. The message was a mess of letters, but Jane figured it out. She knew her sister better than anyone. Jane called her best friend Caleb, and asked him to go with her to save Olivia. Jane didn’t know what she was going to be walking into. He rushed over to Jane’s apartment, and they hopped in a cab together, and headed to Luke’s. The rescue mission was underway. Jane continued to call Olivia but there was no response. Olivia was blacking out; fading fast. Her eyes refused to stay open, and her breaths became slow. She tried so hard to stay awake, but she couldn’t. Olivia saw Luke standing next to her. His body was a tall blur and his voice sounded muffled. She knew he was staring at her. She could feel his eyes pierce through her delicate skin. Olivia groaned. Luke kissed her, pressing his lips hard on hers. Olivia passed out right before Jane got there. Jane and Caleb knocked on the door of the apartment. There was no answer, so they just walked in. Jane asked one of the girls if she had seen Olivia. The girl, swaying back and forth, rubbed her head. The girl didn’t know who Olivia was, or her own name for that matter. Jane had a really bad feeling, as well. They looked around but didn’t see Olivia anywhere. Jane suggested they look upstairs. She knew Olivia had mentioned Luke’s room.

They knocked on one of the doors upstairs. They heard nothing. Caleb opened up the door. Olivia was on the bed unconscious, and Luke was sitting next to her disrobed body. Jane screamed. She told Luke to get away from her sister before she called the cops, or worse, killed him. She rushed over to Olivia as Luke hopped off of the bed, terrified. Caleb pushed Luke up against the wall with one arm, and shouted at him. He asked him if he had drugged Olivia. Luke looked to the floor, as if pleading the hardwood below his feet for help. Caleb punched him in the gut. Luke began to throw up, choking on his pain. Caleb asked him one more time, and he expected an immediate answer. Luke shook his head, yes. He told Caleb she was going to be fine; he promised. She’d wake up in a few hours, dizzy and sick to her stomach. Caleb punched Luke in the face, so hard that Jane swore the room shook. Luke fell to the ground. His limp body sprawled out at the entrance of the room. He was knocked out; done for the night. Jane nudged Olivia and tried waking her. Olivia was out like a light. Jane began to cry. Olivia’s dress was barely covering her. Jane looked down at Olivia’s black lace bra, and Caleb couldn’t help but look at her cleavage. Jane hit him in the arm. Caleb picked up Olivia and carried her downstairs. Jane followed behind him. They left the apartment and jumped in a cab. Jane asked Caleb if he thought she should be taken to the hospital. He didn’t think that would be necessary. Caleb had accidentally drugged himself, a few times. He always woke back up, feeling just a bit overwhelmed and sick. He told Jane to sit in bed with her, and that she would wake up soon. Olivia would need comforting when she awoke from her nightmare. Jane felt beyond awful. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her baby sister. She moved Olivia’s hair out of her face. A naturally highlighted section of Olivia’s brown hair, still perfectly curled, fell to the side.

When they got back to the apartment, Caleb laid Olivia down on her bed. He covered her with a warm, knit blanket. Chloe barked loudly. Jane told Chloe to shush. Caleb left and Jane sat in the quiet. Jane had dealt with her fair share of scary party nights, herself. She knew what to do. She turned on the TV, thinking the noise would stir Olivia, waking her back up. Chloe jumped up on the bed and licked Olivia’s face, whining. Jane continued talking to Olivia, hoping she would respond. Jane tried reading a book, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything but Olivia. A few hours passed. Olivia began to move. She groaned. Jane looked over at her sister. Olivia opened up her eyes and shot straight up. She looked over at Jane, confused and delirious.

“Oh thank god Olivia…you’re okay,” Jane screeched, giving her sister a warm hug.

“What happened?” Olivia asked Jane, feeling a little dizzy.

“You don’t remember?” Jane questioned.

“I remember drinking in Luke’s crowded living room. I stood up and I think I fell over? The rest is a blur.” Olivia pulled Chloe onto her lap. Chloe licked her hand violently.

“Olivia…Luke roofied you. He put something in your drink. I called you and you were scared and dizzy. You told me to come and get you. Caleb and I came to get you immediately and you were unconscious in Luke’s bed. Caleb beat the crap out of him and got him to admit to slipping you something. I’m so sorry Liv. I’m just really glad you’re okay,” Jane cried giving Olivia another hug.

Olivia sat there, motionless. Her heart was racing.

“But…Luke seemed so incredibly sweet. He couldn’t have slipped me anything.”

“But, he did baby sister, he did,” Jane said.

“I can’t believe this…any of this. I don’t feel so well,” Olivia spoke slurring her words. She was still a little drunk.

Olivia stood up and walked over to her mirror. She stared at herself for a moment. Her hair was still curled, but her mascara had smeared down her face. The red lipstick had faded from her lush lips and her dress was crooked. There was an immense pain coming from her lower body. She lifted up her dress and cried out. There was bruising on her hip, and other markings were scattered over her body. She hid that information from her sister, because she was scared to see her reaction. She went into the bathroom and hung over the toilet. Jane followed her into the bathroom and held her hair as she threw up. She noticed a hickey on Olivia’s neck. She covered it up for her, using concealer. Jane rubbed her back. Olivia cried. She felt completely terrible. When she was done throwing up she went back into her room to change. She had to get out of that dress, and remove that horrific night from her body. As she began taking off her dress, she suddenly realized, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Olivia let out another cry and a muffled gasp. She knew she had been wearing a lace thong earlier that matched her bra. She broke the news to her sister; they both knew what the missing thong confirmed. Jane pulled Olivia in tight for a hug, as Olivia cried on her sister’s shoulder. Tears collected on Jane’s sequined sweater. She rubbed Olivia’s back and whispered comforting comments in her ear. Jane spent the entire night cuddled up next to Olivia, refusing to let her be alone. She couldn’t bear to leave her, even for a second.


The Author

Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer, published author, and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and drama. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and my heart belongs to Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based off of my daily experiences as a young mom and my love for my son. I also worked in the fashion/marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a mama at age twenty-three, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I published a book (Deployed) that I wrote while I was still in high school dealing with boys, tears, parties, and gossip and I blossomed into a blogger and a more developed writer. I don't blog to impress...I blog to inspire. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here. Xo Instagram: lizziemognoni Email: lizziemognoni@gmail.com

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