Taking a Bite

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Chapter Seven


“Ah! Jane that’s great! What’s the new job?” Olivia questioned her sister, giving Jane a hug and squealing.

“I got my old job back! The one who fired me…let me go…whatever, called this morning, and told me they really need me back. The magazine apparently, hasn’t been the same without me. I almost wanted to hang up and tell them to go screw themselves, but money is money. They’re also going to be giving me a minor raise. I’m just so happy to be working again,” Jane exclaimed.

“I’m glad they came to their senses. They were dumb for letting you go in the first place.”

“Well, let’s just hope for the best. Ok? So, how was school Liv?” Jane asked Olivia, sitting down on her bed.

“It was okay; I completely bombed my math test, which was a bummer, but not a surprise. Krista invited me to her birthday party, which will be a formal event. It’s in a few weeks,” Olivia said.

“That sounds fun! We’ll need to buy you a new dress for that. Any excuse to go shopping, right?”

Jane went to bed fairly early that night, as did Olivia. Olivia was beyond happy that Jane was employed again (and not just because she could finally quit her job at the coffee shop, which she had grown to hate). She could no longer drink coffee; she was so sick of the taste and smell. Jane wasn’t fully happy unless she was working. She had expensive taste, which didn’t pay for itself (and expensive habits). Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness, has clearly never stepped foot into Bloomingdales.

Olivia passed out that night thinking about her old life, which happened often, but not as much as her early days in Manhattan. Her old life seemed to fade away. She wondered if Alyssa had upgraded to a new friend yet; a new Olivia. She hadn’t talked to her in a while. She decided she’d go and visit her uncle Mike over winter break, to escape from her concrete jungle for a moment. Olivia would then have the chance to visit Alyssa. Olivia wondered if it would be awkward or different. Olivia was beginning to change and grow up. Alyssa hadn’t even begun to grow up. She was still a virgin and she didn’t agree with Olivia drinking or smoking weed. Anytime Olivia brought up drinking or smoking, Alyssa would shake her head and change the subject to something innocent and flowery. She didn’t care about parties or social events. Olivia was never able to convince Alyssa to go with her to any of the Friday night parties, that she attended weekly back in New Jersey. Olivia felt as if she could no longer relate to the girl she used to consider her best friend. Olivia loved to party and drink. She smoked pot with her sister at least once a week, and she had already lost her virginity, years before. She had gone through way more than Alyssa and she would always be more mature. She understood life far better than Alyssa did, and that was the honest to god truth. Alyssa was in many ways still a child. Olivia didn’t know if it would be weird visiting Alyssa over winter break, but she owed it to their friendship to try. She really had no idea what to expect. She knew as soon as she mentioned Alana or Krista (or the tattoo Olivia was planning on getting), Alyssa would shake her head like she always did. She would pretend to be interested in Olivia’s new life and friends, but secretly disapprove of all of it; the new friendships, the city life, the drinking, the sex…

Jane decided to go stay with one of her best friends, who lived in Chicago, for the weekend. He was one of her oldest and closest friends, and was from her original crew. She told Olivia to behave herself, since she would be in the city, alone. Jane trusted her sister, though. Olivia was practically an adult. She left Olivia money and told her she’d be back Sunday night. Olivia was thrilled to have the apartment to herself for the weekend. She planned on smoking some weed, relaxing, and listening to music all weekend. She wanted to lounge around. She didn’t plan on wearing pants, or leaving the apartment. After Jane left, Olivia turned up the music on her computer and danced around the apartment in her underwear. She went over to the fridge and got out a bottle of Bacardi (Olivia’s favorite). She tilted her head back and chugged the bottle, like a pro, of course. She called Alana and told her to come over. She arrived and they sat on the floor of Olivia’s room smoking pot. Alana leaned her head back on the wall behind her and laughed.

“Liv, you’re so lucky you live with your insanely cool sister.”

“Yeah, Jane is the absolute best.”

“Do you miss your parents a lot?” Alana questioned.

“Yes, of course I do. I’d do anything for one more day with them,” Olivia said.

“I’m so sorry Liv. I wish I could bring your parents back for you.”

Olivia grinned. Alana was sweet, but Olivia couldn’t think in those terms. Unfortunately, once you’re gone…you’re gone.

“You never know when the last time you’re going to see someone you love is going to be. You just expect them to always be there. You don’t think they’re going to go out somewhere and never return. The last thing I said to my dad was “See ya.” See ya? Really? I don’t even remember what the last thing I said to my mom was; probably something completely casual. One minute my parents were alive and okay, and the next minute they were gone and we were identifying their bodies. One minute I was living in suburbia, getting drunk under the stars, and the next I was living on the Upper East Side and swiping a metro card every day.”


“It’s okay. I’m okay. It’s just really sad and awful,” Olivia explained.

“I know.”

“Hey, I have an idea,” Alana exclaimed.

“What’s that?”

“We should throw a party,” Alana said as her face lit up.

“Where are we going to throw this party, Lan?” Olivia asked her friend as she blew a puff of smoke from her mouth.

“HERE, duh!”

“What? No, bad idea. Jane would seriously kill me,” Olivia screeched.

“She won’t even know about it! Come on Olivia, please! No more than fifteen people…I promise,” Alana begged.

“Ugh, fine. But, no more than fifteen people! I’m serious Lan…no more than fifteen. When is this party happening?”

“Tomorrow night! Make sure you dress sexy,” Alana said standing up.

“Ha. I will. Where are you going?” Olivia questioned.

“Home, I need to start inviting people and figuring out what I’m going to wear, which is a terrifying process. You always look hotter than me! Love you! I’ll call you later.”

Alana ran out of the apartment so fast it made Olivia dizzy…or, maybe it was the weed. Olivia cleaned up her room. Jane called her and asked how everything was going. Olivia told her everything was going great, as she placed the Bacardi bottle back into the fridge. Jane reminded Olivia to take Chloe out. Olivia yelled “shit!” and hung up the phone. She had totally forgotten about Chloe! She had locked her in the laundry room while she and Alana smoked. She ran into the laundry room, which was now a mess and picked up Chloe. She took her for a quick walk and then cleaned up the laundry room (I was going to take my dog out, but then I got high…). Olivia collapsed in bed, exhausted. She was super worried about the party. She knew Alana would end up inviting more than fifteen people, obviously. Jane would kill her if anyone messed up the apartment. What had Olivia gotten the apartment and herself into?


Chapter Eight


It was the next day; the day of the legendary soiree. Jane had called Olivia at least five times before three o’clock. Olivia hit ignore the sixth time her sister called her, and groaned. Olivia laid in her bed drinking beer and watching Gossip Girl. Alana called her.

“Hey girlie! Are you ready for tonight? It’s all set,” Alana screeched.

“Yeah, I’m ready. How many people did you invite?”

“Oh…just a couple dozen cool people,” Alana said. She was a total liar.

“Alright…Well, I’m going to go get ready. Call me when you’re on your way over. ALSO, what are we going to do about alcohol?” Olivia asked Alana.

“Don’t worry about that. I asked Krista’s brother to hook us up with a keg.”

“Ok babe! See you around seven!”

It was six thirty. Olivia was running around the apartment freaking out, as usual. She was half naked (as usual). She had no idea what to wear. Alana walked in and laughed. She told Olivia her hair and makeup looked great, but where were her pants? Olivia told her to shut up. She was nervous. She felt like something was going to go horribly wrong.

Olivia sat in her closet trying to piece together the perfect look. It was her first Upper East Side party. Alana stood there and sighed. She pulled a short, silver, sequined cocktail dress off the hanger. She threw it at Olivia and told her to put it on. Olivia shot Alana a look. That dress was super short! Olivia had bought it a year ago, but had never worn it. Alana handed Olivia a pair of silver heels out of a box in Olivia’s closet. Olivia began stripping out of her existing clothing. She stepped into the sequined dress and Alana zipped it up for her. Alana stepped back and stared at Olivia. Olivia asked her if she looked okay. Olivia flipped her curly hair over her shoulder and smiled.

“Oh yeah honey, you look more than okay. You look AWESOME!”

“Thanks girl! What time are people arriving?” Olivia asked as Alana handed her a flask of vodka.

The doorbell rang. That answered Olivia’s question. Olivia yelped. She picked up Chloe and put her in the laundry room with a dish of water and a bunch of toys. She blew her puppy a kiss. She answered the door and a bunch of people began flooding into the apartment. Olivia stepped back and out of the way, before six-foot tall men trampled her. Half of the people, she didn’t even recognize. A couple of the guys looked too old to even be in high school. She glared at Alana and pulled her in close, “A couple dozen cool people, huh?” Alana shrugged her shoulders. Chris got there and gasped when he saw Olivia. He told her she looked amazing. She blushed.

Alana elbowed Olivia and told her to give him a kiss. Chris squeezed Olivia tight. She kissed his cheek and told him she was glad he was there. He told her she was lucky Jane had let her throw such a killer party. Olivia felt super guilty…Jane had trusted her to behave herself and she had thrown a wild party without her permission. Jane should’ve been proud. It was a classic Jane move. Alana went over to the stereo and turned up the music. She grabbed Olivia and they started to dance. Everyone joined them. Some guy opened up a bottle of Jane’s really expensive champagne. Olivia heard the cork pop and her stomach began to hurt. She was so dead, so beyond dead. Alana told Olivia not to worry. She told her Jane would never know.

An hour had passed and Olivia was pretty trashed. Chris grabbed Olivia and pulled her into her bedroom. He shut the door behind them. Olivia kissed him. They sat down on her bed and began making out. Chris told Olivia he wanted to be with her. He told her he was falling in love with her. She told him she was falling for him, too. She smiled. He kissed her. He moved a curl out of her face and kissed her again, softly. She stood up and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. She kicked off her heels and laid down next to Chris. He just stared at her. Chris wasn’t a virgin, but he wasn’t experienced either. He took off his shirt and his pants. He unhooked her bra and she giggled. She was so drunk. Chris pulled a condom out of his wallet. Olivia’s phone lit up. It was Jane. Olivia didn’t even notice her sister was calling her. Olivia was a little preoccupied.

The next morning Olivia woke up in her underwear. Chris was on the floor next to her. Olivia’s bed sheet was draped over him. She got out of her bed and threw a pillow at Chris. She stumbled a bit. She told him to wake up. She walked out of her room and gasped. The apartment was a mess. She stepped on an empty beer can and it cracked beneath her. Alana was nowhere to be found. Chloe was still locked in the laundry room and was barking. Chris got up and grabbed Olivia’s ass. She hit him in the arm and told him she had to clean everything up before Jane got home, or she was dead. He handed Olivia her robe and told her to put that on. She did, and then she collapsed on the floor. He sat down next to her and threw a condom rapper at her, which was on the floor next to the refrigerator. She squealed and yelled, “EW”!

“Who the hell had sex in my kitchen?”

“I don’t know…the better question is, whose underwear is this?” Chris asked Olivia, pointing at a thong on the kitchen floor. Olivia was completely disgusted. She stood up, and then so did Chris.

“Well, at least Jane won’t be home until tonight, right? You have a lot of time to clean this up Liv. I’ll help you. Your sister will never know.”

Before Olivia was able to speak, the apartment door opened. It was Jane. She was home early. Jane dropped her bags to the floor. Her mouth fell open. Olivia felt like she was going to be sick, and not just from all of the alcohol in her system. Chris told Olivia he would call her later. He scurried past Jane and out of the apartment. He backed up though, knowing he had forgotten something. Olivia leaned into her room and threw Chris his pants. He said thanks and then took off like a jet plane. Jane was furious. Olivia shrugged her shoulders and ran into the bathroom to throw up. She was pretty hung over. Jane looked around her apartment, which was now a mess and felt light headed. Olivia came out of the bathroom and sat down at the kitchen table next to Jane. Olivia twirled her phone around, not knowing what to say. What was there to say? Sorry didn’t cut it…but hey, it was worth a shot. She had really screwed up. She wished the party had never happened.

“Jane, I’m SO sorry. There were only supposed to be a few people…but then the word got out and so many people showed up. I was going to have everything cleaned up before you got home. I feel awful. I’ll clean everything up. Don’t worry!”

“I can’t believe this! I was only gone for a day and a half and you trashed our apartment! Liv…put some clothes on and clean all of this shit up. We’ll talk later.”

Olivia began to speak but Jane pointed to Olivia’s room. Olivia felt like Chloe, being scolded and punished. Olivia looked to the floor, just as her puppy would do. She felt horrible. Jane opened up the laundry room door and Chloe ran out. Jane looked down at the dog with disgust. Thankfully Chloe hadn’t made a mess in the laundry room. Olivia put on a big sweater and ripped jeans and began cleaning up the apartment; what a project that was. It wasn’t how she had planned on spending her afternoon; rubber gloves, and disinfectant. Jane didn’t say a word to Olivia for the rest of the day. Around seven the apartment was finally cleaned up. Olivia just had to dispose of the thong she had found in the kitchen that morning. Jane looked over at her sister who was picking up a thong with the tip of her nail. Olivia made a distasteful face and threw the thong into the trashcan. Olivia shook her head and gagged. Jane laughed and rolled her eyes. Olivia looked over at her sister.

“What could you possibly be laughing at? None of this is even remotely funny. I am a horrible sister. I trashed our apartment and just spent the entire day cleaning up after the grossest teenagers on the planet. Also, I have lost complete respect for my friends. Who the hell forgets their thong in someone else’s kitchen?”

Jane fell over laughing. Olivia just stared at Jane. She was so confused. Why was her sister laughing? Olivia didn’t get it, at all. Jane had spent the entire day ignoring her.

“Baby sister, come here.”

Olivia sat down on the bed next to Jane, and took off her rubber gloves, which caused Jane to laugh once again. Jane put her hand on Olivia’s leg.

“I’m mad that you threw a party without my permission, but I mean come on, this is hysterical. Your friends are definitely gross. I have watched you clean up condoms, and thongs all day while wearing rubber gloves and making some pretty memorable faces…how can you not laugh? I don’t ever want you throwing a party here without asking me first, again. If you do…Chloe gets your room, and you can go live in Central park. Got it?” Jane questioned her sister.

“Yes! I got it. I’m really sorry Jane. It won’t happen again. I promise,” Olivia said to Jane, giving her a hug.

“So…did Chris sleepover?”

“Uh, yeah. I don’t even remember passing out last night. I woke up this morning completely confused, but pretty happy to see Chris lying on the floor next to me, but in short, I think I drank a little too much.”

“Yeah, I think so. I think the girl who left her thong in our kitchen drank a little too much, also.” Jane giggled.

“Ha. So gross…”

Olivia showered and took Chloe for her fourth walk of the day. She was so tired. The worst part was that she had school in the morning. She hadn’t done any of her schoolwork, naturally. She wanted to lie, but she didn’t plan on doing any of it, either. UGH, SCHOOL; just the thought made Olivia cringe. She didn’t know how she was going to get up the next morning. She just wanted to sleep in, but she knew Jane wasn’t about to let her skip school. Olivia had thrown a party and had drunk way too much, all of which was her problem. She got back into the apartment and told Jane she was going to sleep. She braided her hair and yawned. Jane blew her a kiss and told her to set her alarm for six, and that she was definitely going to school the next day; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Olivia waved goodnight to Jane and shut her bedroom door behind her. She turned off her light.

Her bed still smelled like Chris. He smelled so good. Olivia gripped her pillow tight and fell into a deep sleep. What a weekend….


Chapter Nine

Olivia woke up the next day in a horrible mood. She wanted to sleep forever. She heard her alarm go off and rolled over. She shut her alarm off and groaned. Olivia looked out the window. It was still dark. Olivia sighed. Why did she need to be up, if the sun was still sleeping? Jane walked in to make sure Olivia was actually planning on getting up, which was so typical. Olivia shoved her head under her pillow. Jane sat on the edge of her sister’s bed and just stared at her.

“Why are you staring at me?” Olivia asked Jane as she sat up.

“You look like hell.”

“Thanks, that’s sweet. Well, I spent half the weekend in an alcohol induced coma…so that’s to be expected,” Olivia explained.

“Yeah, well just don’t forget to wear a thong today sissy,” Jane joked while leaving the room.

Olivia wasn’t laughing. She pulled the covers over her head and moaned. It took her an embarrassingly long time to get out of bed. She went into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked so tired. She put on lipstick and threw on her favorite sweater. She put on some mascara, and yawned. She put on her favorite pair of jeans and grabbed her book bag off of her desk. Jane smiled at her. Olivia told her sister she’d see her later, if she survived the day. Jane told her she wouldn’t be home until late that night. She was going to see Caleb after work. They were grabbing dinner, along with a few martinis. Jane told Olivia not to throw another party while she was out. Olivia laughed. Olivia was all partied out. She told Jane she loved her and left for school.

Everyone at school was talking about Olivia’s party. Olivia was officially the cool girl who threw great parties. She was above Luke finally, on the party scale. That made her very happy. She hoped Luke was wallowing in self-pitty. She ran into Krista in the hallway. She asked Krista where Alana was. Olivia was pissed that Alana had left without offering to clean up after the party. She wanted to have a little talk with her. The party had been Alana’s idea to begin with. Alana was the one who had invited way too many people, and the reason the party had gotten so out of control. But then again, Olivia was the idiot who had agreed to the whole thing. Krista told Olivia, that Alana wasn’t going to be in school that day. She was too tired. Olivia couldn’t believe it…well she could, but Olivia had managed to pull herself together that morning and make it to school. Alana definitely could’ve shown up. Olivia went into the bathroom and called Alana. It went straight to voicemail though. Olivia figured Alana was asleep or laying in bed watching The Hills.

“Hey. Thanks for one unforgettable weekend. But uhm, you won’t believe the shit I found in my apartment after the party. Thank you for sticking around to help clean up, by the way…you’re the sweetest. Oh, and also…Jane knows. She came home early and I was standing there in my underwear next to Chris, who wasn’t wearing any pants…and the apartment looked SO gross. It was awful. Come over later…if you aren’t too busy watching TV and eating gallons of ice cream. Miss you, sort of. Talk to you soon. Kiss kiss.”

Olivia got home from school that day and headed straight to her sister’s pot drawer. She needed to relax. Alana came over and they hung out for a few hours. Alana apologized for not sticking around after the party. She admitted that she sucked. Olivia told her, it was whatever. There was no rewinding time. If so, the party wouldn’t have even happened. Olivia had made it through the weekend and the aftermath. All was forgiven. Olivia checked her Facebook. She had a bunch of notifications from the party. Olivia’s eyes grew wide. She handed her phone to Alana. On the screen was a picture of them from the party. They were both completely wasted and dancing on the kitchen table in eight inch heels, holding glasses of wine. Olivia’s dress was falling off. Olivia rolled her eyes. That wasn’t exactly the type of picture Olivia wanted plastered on the Internet for future employers and distant relatives to see. Olivia wasn’t exactly the poster child for well-behaved, low key teenagers. Alana chuckled. Olivia scrolled through the comments below the picture, as she made faces. They were all from Chris, besides one. Alyssa had commented saying, “Who are you, Olivia? Man, you’ve changed. I guess not everyone changes for the better.” Alana commented back saying, “Olivia’s just exploring her new playground, better known as the Upper East Side.” Alyssa hadn’t talked to her in a couple of months, and that wasn’t Olivia’s fault. Phone lines work both ways. She had no right to comment on one of Olivia’s pictures, trying to stir up drama.

Jane got home from Caleb’s around eight and Olivia was sitting on the kitchen counter smoking a joint. Jane sighed.

“Did you get all of your homework done?” Jane questioned her sister, plopping her designer purse down on the counter.

“Yup, I did. I only had math homework tonight; thank god. How was dinner with Caleb, and judging by your smile, the martinis?”

“We went to a really great restaurant in the Village and he told me all about his trip to Paris. He says hi by the way,” Jane said.

“Caleb is so perfect. The things I would do to that man. Too bad he’s way too old for me,” Olivia sighed.

“Yes, way too old. We were creeping on your Facebook and saw all of the pictures from the party, by the way. Caleb said you’re definitely taking after me…which in this case, isn’t a good thing.”

“You don’t have to go and visit Alyssa over winter break, Liv. You can stay in the city with me and we can get really drunk with Caleb.” Jane had noticed the rude comment made on Olivia’s Facebook picture, by Alyssa.

“Deal. I’d much rather hangout with you and Caleb.”

“Alyssa has a lot of growing up to do. Now, get down off the counter and quit smoking all of my pot,” Jane laughed.

“Okay, okay. I’m tired anyway. I’m going to go lay down,” Olivia yawned as she jumped down off the counter.



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