We’re behind the trigger

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Obama began the year of 2016, by addressing the issue of gun violence in the United States, by stating that he is going to take action to enhance the background checks done on gun buyers. Well, lets look back on our year so far. Of course, this year has been one of the bloodiest post 911, with mass shootings still occurring, devastating school shootings, terrifying bombings, and other acts of violence involving firearms. Thousands have been killed this year…and the year is far from over; even more have been wounded due to gun violence. In a world threatened daily by terrorists, we cause our own deaths and injuries due to the lack of gun control. More people die each year by gun violence and firearms than by acts of terrorism. At the end of the day, we’re behind the trigger. I’m sorry Obama, but we don’t need an increase in background checks; we need stricter gun control. I apologize to anyone who I will offend in this blog entry, but I am tired of sitting here silent, while many fail to open their eyes. This blog entry isn’t against any one person, but a wake up call, which I believe we desperately need.

It terrifies me that the United States possesses approximately 300 million guns…which basically means that there is a gun for each member of the population (each man, woman, and child), and for what rational purpose? Why do we surround ourselves with so many guns?? Why are people blind to the fact that these guns aren’t our protectors or our friends, they’re deadly weapons, and they’ve caused more harm than good. The police force and those who serve in the military, and firefighters…they are our friends, loved ones, and our protectors, not the guns we carry…and even those who protect and serve are feeling threatened by gun violence. I know of people who buy guns weekly, because it’s their HOBBY. I’ve walked into people’s homes and have seen guns lying around, and I’ve also been in rooms filled with gun safes holding up to fifty guns each, and packages of bullets stacked in various areas of the room. I’m sorry, but that isn’t normal to me. It isn’t even a means of protection anymore, to own a gun. Guns are fun, apparently? We’re living in a world where the gun manufacturers are making SO much money off of the collector (the man who owns a plethora of working guns as a hobby and for fun), not just those who buy one handgun to protect their family from intruders (which despite my opinion on guns, makes more sense). We’re controlled by advertising and media…and until we wake up, the number of deaths due to gun violence will only grow. How many more children will die from gunfire? How many more domestic violence cases will end with a bloody gun shot? We cannot stop terrorism, hatred, racism, or ignorance by owning, selling, or using guns.

So many people die yearly due to gun violence in the United States, that the number of deaths between 1968 and 2011, actually eclipses all wars fought by the country. The United States spends more than a trillion dollars each year defending against terrorism, which kills LESS people than ordinary gun violence. In a world threatened by bombs, we don’t need to be controlled and manipulated by the gun manufacturers, or the gun lobbies. No one’s firearm can stop a bomb from detonating or save the world from ongoing threats. A policeman shouldn’t have to worry when performing a routine traffic stop, whether or not the person inside the vehicle is armed (legally or illegally), but that’s our world, due to the lack of gun control. Humans can be absolutely horrible and appalling, and unfortunately people are capable of evil, and that has remained true throughout history (Hitler, the perpetrators of 911, ISIS, Adam Lanza, who shot and killed the children at Sandy Hook, and many more) but our world isn’t crippling due to evil people, but because of guns and violence, and our inability to change. I would also like to mention that not every act of violence and or defense against violence revolves around racism. Of course racism and hatred exists in this world, and I wish I saw an end to that, but I don’t (people are judgmental and clouded with years of unjustified hate), but if a policeman feels that his or her life is at risk because of a person allowed by our country to carry a gun, it doesn’t matter whether or not that person is white, black, hispanic, muslim, etc.

The saying, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” makes me nauseous. People with guns kill people, and sometimes without the intention of killing anyone, and that is the saddest fact. There have been cases of teenagers sneaking into the house late at night, and them being shot and killed accidentally, by one of their own parents, because the parent thought they were under attack by an intruder. Children have played with and found guns in their home, and have shot themselves accidentally. Couples have fought and in the heat of anger and blind rage, shot one another, because they had a gun. Those who own a firearm (or more than one, such as the average gun collector) are more likely to kill or injure themselves, or someone they know (and maybe love), than an intruder. Gun safety doesn’t stop violence or accidents involving firearms (we’re only human, so therefore accidents happen), but gun safety does distract the American people from the real issues we’re facing. I also don’t believe that anyone whose actually lost a loved one due to gun violence, such as the parents who devastatingly lost their innocent children in the Sandy Hook mass shooting, would appreciate a lesson on “gun safety”. We need to change our viewpoints today, not tomorrow, on civilians owning guns. I wish for a safer and kinder world for my future children to grow up in, but I sure as hell won’t allow them to be raised around guns or the idiotic notion that weapons are “fun”.




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Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer, published author, and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and drama. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and my heart belongs to Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based off of my daily experiences as a young mom and my love for my son. I also worked in the fashion/marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a mama at age twenty-three, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I published a book (Deployed) that I wrote while I was still in high school dealing with boys, tears, parties, and gossip and I blossomed into a blogger and a more developed writer. I don't blog to impress...I blog to inspire. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here. Xo Instagram: lizziemognoni Email: lizziemognoni@gmail.com

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  1. Fantastically well written Liz- I am proud of you! You should share with Josh! Xxoo

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