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Happy end of August everyone! Summer’s fading away and fall is just around the corner…

I will be starting a new, weekly post called Love & Lifestyle by Lizzie. With each passing week comes new adventures, ideas, and lessons learned. I’m constantly falling in love with new fashion trends, seasonal favorites, places to explore, etc. If you need some advice and a little inspiration, look no further. Your weekly inspiration has arrived…

Current mood?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant (which is five months and about three weeks along) and I’m feeling amazing! I’m so in love with baby Greyson and Andrew; everything at work is upbeat, as I dive into back-to-school season and fall marketing/event planning as a marketing assistant. I’m in love with current trends and seasonal finds. The heat is a bummer though, especially while pregnant. I’m planning my fall baby shower, as well as cleaning out/re-stocking my closet 😉


I want to touch on a few topics in the love department…end of summer feelings, date night ideas, and fall expectations. The end of each season always brings about fresh emotions, thoughts, and possibly pressure in our relationships. If you’re single and had a few, summer flings, how are you feeling? Are you excited for fall and new adventures, or are you feeling sad about the summer season ending and saying goodbye to old feelings. If you’re in a relationship, are you spending these final, summer moments getting ready for the season ahead as a couple? Everyone is in a different boat when it comes to this time of year and relationships. Some are engaged, newly married, pregnant, happily dating, single, contemplating a current relationship, but regardless of your relationship/life status, summer ending isn’t a bad thing. Yes, for those who love soaking up the sun and partying all night, summer ending is a bummer, but it isn’t the end to something, it’s the start of something new.

Let this time be full of renewal and motivation in your love life. Set new goals for yourself and if you want to spice up your current relationship, or discover a new one, this is the time. We’re far enough away from the holiday season to stray away from immense pressure and just have fun. If you’re like me and looking forward to a new season with your man (or woman), I’m happy for you. I enjoyed the summer with Andrew, but we’re so excited for my baby shower this fall, the final months of pregnancy (ahh), and I’m already planning fall adventures. Look forward to the days ahead and don’t look back. If you’re not feeling so hot, this is a good time to figure out why. Ask yourself “What do I want?”, “What don’t I want?”, and “What will positively shake up my love-life?”.

Change is scary, but necessary. If we lived in a perpetual summer or a perpetual fall, we’d never experience the change that motivates us. Summer tends to be sexier, but this is a good time to let go of old, bad habits. Did you drink a little too much this summer? Do you have a tendency to leave a mess wherever you go (literally or figuratively)? Do you need to work on your temper? In short, do you have any bad habits that affect your love-life? If so, let them go. Some habits are miniscule and others are huge. Don’t carry negativity into the new season. Allow your summer emotions to fade away, like tan lines. A creative and easy way to collect new, positive ideas is to create a pretty note jar (or box). You can create a note jar for things you’d like to change and experience, or positive quotes to pull from each day (solely or as a couple). It can be a fun project to do on your own, or with your significant other. Yes, even men can have fun with DIY projects (and positive motivation) if you bring it up to them in an exciting, no-pressure sort of way. If you’re single, have a girls night and create a jar for end of summer/fall goals (including what you want out of a relationship and love). I always say, if you write it down and wish for it…it will happen.

Remember, before you fall in love with someone else, you must first love who you are and where you are. If you hate yourself, your ideas, clothes, work environment, etc. how could you ever expect to fall head over heels in love with another person? You need to rid yourself of all negativity! Are you stumped on fun date night ideas? Well, summer is winding down and the heat is insane, but if you wait until late enough in the evening, a walk is always a nice way to spend time together, especially as we near fall weather. I know a walk isn’t fancy, and you can’t wear your little, black dress, but you can have dinner together before, or after the walk! Eat at home by taking out from your favorite restaurant (it’s more intimate that way, because you’re in your own space). Buy a bottle of wine and enjoy a relaxing evening. You can watch a movie while you eat, or reconnect over dinner and conversation. Ask your partner about fall ideas/plans to inspire an upcoming season of adventure! Pumpkin picking, hayrides, Halloween parties, and fall decorating are ways to bond with your boo.


What’s hot for this time of year, besides the weather? Fashion is turning heads as we fade into fall and new trends are on the horizon. Stores are gearing up for fresh promotions, clothing lines, and events to promote their Fall 2018 fashion. It’s a good time to read Elle Magazine, or Vogue and catch up on what’s new, exciting, and relevant. In my Back to Cool Guide I talk about some upcoming trends (some of which have already hit the market) and ways to ease back into school, or work life. I would spend a few days cleaning out your closet and possibly buying some fresh, inspiring looks for the season ahead. Whether you wish to simplify your look, enhance, or stay the same, but add something fun, now is the perfect time to do so. I LOVE fall clothing, colors, and themes. I think fall is a great season for figuring out who you currently are and what you truly need. If you’re returning to work, you’re most likely in need of every day essentials and that includes organizational supplies. You should start the fall season off with a well-planned outlook and leave the messiness of summer behind.

Sunglasses are an amazing buy for Fall 2018 and are a must-have as we tend to still spend a lot of time outdoors during the fall. If you’re not an outdoorsy person, driving around still requires shade. It can be an expensive purchase, depending on your taste/designer faves, but, and Nordstrom Rack are both money savers when it comes to designer sunglasses. My favorite sunnies? I love Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, & Miu Miu. I’m also waiting to buy a beautiful, blue, pair of Prada sunnies (in love). What about updated home décor? Freshen up your home with SIMPLE buys the next couple of months, with new scents, healthier cleaning supplies, and new bedding/linens (towels, too). I like to buy a new comforter and linens with each season, because that is a simple way to feel renewed. Towels take a beating, especially after summer vacations! Candles are the best buy because they leave your space smelling and feeling cozy, which is a nice feeling to cling to towards the end of summer. I’m also obsessed with organic, healthier soaps and cleaning supplies.

Food is always a favorite topic! Not only will the heat dissipate (crossing my fingers) and give way to more moderate temperatures, but seasonal favorites for fall are on their way (yes, pumpkin spice everything). Some restaurants are already trying out fall creations, including appetizer and drink specials. This is the perfect time of the year to try something exciting in the kitchen and when you’re out to eat. Don’t be scared or shy! I’ve been slowly getting over my fear of mushrooms (I had the Wild Mushroom Truffle Pizza at LaScala’s Fire Marlton last night). Cook healthy, time-efficient meals to bring to work with you to save money! Constantly ordering from your favorite restaurants (although tempting) for lunch will break your bank. Snacks are important, too. Be sure to pack snacks for your long, busy days ahead and bottles of water. I love yogurts, trail mix, fresh fruit, and veggies for workday snacks.

What fruits and vegetables are trendy for September? Fall is filled with flavor and towards the end of August, salads and snack bags become filled with different fruits and veggies. Apples, blackberries, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, and grapes are what’s trending (and cooking) for September. All of those fruits and veggies can either be eaten simply, or become part of a baked/cooked creation. Now you know, there are other alternatives to the overload of pumpkin-flavored everything that begins taking over in September! Experiment and enjoy…

Have a beautiful and healthy Labor Day Weekend loves and stay tuned for next week’s Love & Lifestyle by Lizzie!

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