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I will be 32 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and I’m feeling very thankful for a beautiful pregnancy, my close friends and family, and of course, for Andrew. I had an off day yesterday and I woke up feeling out of sorts and a little emotional, but despite my mood, Andrew got me through the day and made me feel so much better. I’m hoping for cooler temperatures next week and beyond! Work is keeping me busy as I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, a tree lighting, and new promotions/styles in our retail world…


On this day, one year ago my entire life changed. I walked by a stranger in cowgirl boots and ripped jeans without knowing that the handsome stranger would become my whole life, my lover, my ride or die, and the father of my child. I knew from a simple conversation in a Tractor Supply aisle that you were the one. Andrew, I caught your eye when I walked by you, but you stole my heart instantaneously. You were goofy, real, and sweet with me from the second I met you. I’ll never forget the fact that you came in to visit me at work, every night for a week and you waited patiently to ask me out in person, regardless of already having my phone number. 

You did everything right from the beginning and I remember sitting on your lap in our living room, as we repainted (there was stuff everywhere). I looked at you and told you I was falling in love with you, but to be honest, it was beyond falling. I loved you the second you kissed me. I loved you the second you made me laugh uncontrollably. I love the fact that you had a romantic plan to ask me out (somewhere amazing), but after dinner at Mark and Marcia’s (November 12) we got in the car and you looked at me with your bright grin. It was late and the sky was flooded with stars. The look on your face was sincere and you said, “I had a plan and an idea of when I was going to ask you out, but I was sitting at dinner tonight, looking over at you laughing and talking, and I was thinking, what am I doing? I need to ask you out and make you mine. So, will you be my girlfriend?” You blew your own plan, because you couldn’t wait to ask me out and I still think that’s so romantic and cute, because every second of us has been authentic. You swept me off of my feet from every true word you spoke and every thoughtful action, and I promise you, I’ll never forget the little things. 

We always knew we were something special and we talked about babies, marriage, our songs, and adventures since the beginning. I was hurt so many times in my past that it made it hard for me to believe it would all come true for me. Now, here we are, engaged and I’m so close to having our little angel. You gave me a real-life fairy tale and you’ve treated me like a princess, since day one. You still give me butterflies and ignite my heart when you look at me, hold me, and kiss me. You’ve already had my back through heartache, struggles, and have stood by not only me, but my family. I gave you my whole heart and my soul; I gave you every one of my flaws, strengths, secrets, and passions. I wish you and I nothing but happiness, love, and magic the rest of our lives. I love you Andrew, always and forever. #cheerstous


The weather is FINALLY cooler this weekend and hopefully next week, as well (fingers crossed). I’m feeling happy today wearing boots, a scarf, fall makeup, and drinking a HOT Chai Tea Latte, for once. I am getting my nails done tonight to unwind after a busy, long work week at my favorite nail salon. What are your plans for the weekend?

It’s finally cool enough for bike rides, long walks, hikes, and if you’re a photography/nature lover, roam around somewhere beautiful and take some pictures! Share some beauty with your social media friends this weekend by going on an outdoor adventure with your significant other, friends, or by yourself.  If you’re a South Jersey guy or gal, The Historic Smithville Village is a great place to shop (charming, little boutiques), roam, and explore on fall days. Or, Batsto is also a perfect place to wander around and escape to after working all week. If you’re a fan of ghosts, haunted places, and long nights spent with friends, Batsto is also a fun AND creepy place to explore at night (just be safe and smart). But, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a good time to go on some ghostly adventures.

A long, fall walk sounds perfect and I’ll definitely be doing that this weekend with my love! I am also touring the maternity wing at the hospital with Andrew and my mom tomorrow, preparing for the final days of pregnancy! Home renovations for us are continuing and moving along nicely (I cannot wait for everything to be finished). Sunday I am going to have lunch with one of my best friends, Danny. We always need our venting, therapeutic sessions to get through our crazy weeks! This weekend is perfect shopping weather if anyone wants to spend some cash and swipe their cards; fall clearance is already here as we see pre-holiday finds popping up in our favorite stores. The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton NJ (where I work as the Marketing Assistant) is having our annual Shop Like A Boss event starting tomorrow, and ending on National Bosses Day (Oct 16) to showcase our newest promotions, specialized services, and new merchandise. This event is for the savvy and trendy shopper and celebrates being a boss, whether you’re a female boss in every day life (running a business, household, or building your empire), or if you’re a boss at any business! If you’re in the area, come shop and sip at The Promenade!

I wish everyone a gorgeous, fall weekend filled with adventure and happiness. Have a great Friday and an even better weekend. Xoxo

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