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Hi, chickies! How is it already Wednesday? I feel as though this week is blowing passed me at an alarming speed. I am busy this week farm sitting for a pet sitting client and preparing our schedule for the next month, or so for our exterior home improvement company. We are booked until June, so it is busy, to say the least! I’m excited for not only Mother’s Day weekend, but also for May 11th (our wedding anniversary). Andrew and I will be married for three years as of May 11th, which is amazing. I love our story and every day spent with him has been truly perfect. He’s my best friend and I thank the Universe constantly for leading me to him after years of heartache.

Met Gala Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very close relationship with fashion. I worked in the fashion and marketing world from age sixteen (starting at PacSun) until 2019 (ending as the Marketing Assistant for an upscale shopping and dining plaza near me). I took a break from that industry after becoming a mommy because I wanted to be home with Greyson. I didn’t want to miss a second and it was the best decision I ever made for myself. I am graduating this month from Parson’s Fashion Business certification program and it has been a beautiful journey. Fashion is a way to tell our story without having to speak and clothes have saved my life more times than I can count. I may not have always been in the best place emotionally, but I always felt as though fashion was my armor and my strength. The Met Gala is a very foreign, far-away concept to many of us, but it’s almost as exciting as Fashion Week to those of us who live for fashion moments. I study the Met Gala fashion looks the next day as if I’m taking an exam on each garment! First off, I think that at times the event is much like a circus and a little ridiculous when we think about what’s happening around the world today, such as the devastating and heartbreaking war in Ukraine, and the constant acts of gun violence in our country every day, but fashion is a wonderful breather in-between moments of crisis. Fashion is something light and fun to focus our energy on and I am happy to judge over-the-top outfits and turn the news off for a few days.

Social media is instantly flooded with images of extravagant gowns and gorgeous makeup looks and we are hooked. The theme of the Met Gala this year was the Gilded Age and for some, that means absolutely nothing, because they don’t know anything about the Gilded Age. Here’s a quick textbook lesson about the interesting age that was chosen as this year’s theme…

In United States history, the Gilded Age was an era that lasted from around 1870 to 1900 and it was a time of immense economic growth. When it comes to fashion, this era was known for extravagance. Jewels, silk, velvet, and satin were popular during this time. It was a time for excess and the famous bustle. It was a gorgeous fashion period. I love a corset and bustle, although I’m happy I don’t have to wear either, especially in the summer heat. There was day looks for a woman including a morning dress and a tea gown. Evenings were more decadent and consisted of balls and social events for the upper-class families.

Some celebrities wowed on the red carpet at the Met Gala and others disappointed, which is always the case. Also, some didn’t put enough thought and care into the theme (or they didn’t understand the theme). I love a theme and if you give me a time period to dress for I will show up and show out for that fashion period. I would love to have a Regency Era-inspired party, where we all dress like the cast of Bridgerton, one of my favorite shows. I saw many looks on the red carpet that caught my attention, but my jaw dropped for only a few.

My absolute favorite fashion moment from the night was Blake Lively’s gown and the amazing reveal that occurred on the red carpet. She wore a Versace gown that paid tribute to New York City architecture, and for someone like me who adores New York, I appreciated that. I also thought it was fitting, since she played the role of our favorite Upper East Sider on Gossip Girl for many years. It was a walking tribute to my favorite city. The Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, and Grand Central Station were represented in her dress. Her gown was a shimmery art piece of copper color, which represented Lady Liberty in 1876, and then the gown became a Lady Liberty blueish-green (as we now know the famous statue). The reveal showcased the process of oxidation that occurs to copper turning it greenish-blue, which happened to Lady Liberty over time. She was originally a copper-colored statue, towering as a beautiful symbol of liberty. She still stands tall and true; one of our most beloved landmarks.

The train of the gown had embroidery on it that paid homage to the ceiling in Grand Central, featuring the zodiac constellations. Blake didn’t forget about our favorite NYC landmark, the Empire State Building. Blake pointed out the architecture of the Empire State Building present in her breathtaking gown. She even wore a partially oxidized copper tiara with seven spikes, enhancing her Lady Liberty-inspired look. Blake understood the assignment and she is in my opinion one of the most influential fashion icons of my time. She always looks beautiful and elegant, which is the way to do it. Thank you Blake for this beautiful, inspirational fashion moment.

Another celebrity that made my jaw drop was Vanessa Hudgens, who looked dramatic and like a dark angel on the red carpet. Her gown was Moschino, all black, and almost completely sheer. The sleeves were a perfect Gilded Age silhouette (puffy) and the high neckline was beautiful. I thought she took a risk, but in a poetic way, which I appreciate. She is not someone I follow religiously or pay too much attention to, but she wowed at the Met Gala and I was completely impressed by her gown.

I am in love with the Lanvin gown that Claire Danes wore and I adore the fact that it was subtle, especially compared to some of the other looks on the red carpet. The color was a subtle yellow and she wore a black netted veil, which is always an attention grabber. She looked very elegant and I thought the elegance fit the theme. The dramatic ruffle of the skirt and the lace bodice also paid tribute to the Gilded Age. I love a train that follows you as you walk and her gown had that perfect train moment. It floated behind her. The gown was a moment and I live for the light lemon color.

Now, I am not going to dedicate a paragraph to each of my least favorite looks, but I do need to dedicate a paragraph (or a few) to one look that truly left a bad taste in my mouth. As many of us know, Kim K wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy birthday, Mr. President” dress to the Met Gala and apparently she lost about 16 pounds to fit into it, which sounds super unhealthy, and I hate that she said that publicly when most of her fans are impressionable young girls and women. This gown is one of Marilyn’s most iconic looks and she wore it on a night when she sang to JFK, in front of a huge audience, and it was considered a dazzling, but quite scandalous look. The event took place right before JFK’s 45th birthday and was hosted at Madison Square Garden. Marilyn was having an intense affair with JFK and this dress sparked rumors that night, especially since Jackie Kennedy didn’t attend the event, which I don’t blame her for. When the elegant Jackie Kennedy heard that Marilyn would be performing that night, she decided that she wouldn’t attend. When Kim K showed up in the gown I was baffled as to why anyone would allow someone to wear such a piece of fashion history. Let’s put the fact that no one will ever be as iconic as Marilyn aside for a moment. Wearing an old dress is risky. Kim most likely got sweat on the dress and she could’ve gotten makeup on it, which happens during events such as the Met Gala. It is a piece of art and shouldn’t have been worn, in my opinion, by anyone but Marilyn. But, also, Marilyn wasn’t just a sexy, blonde bombshell, she was also a very talented actress. We often forget about her talent because we are so wrapped up in her looks.

Kim K is not a talented actress and regardless of her Kardashian name and success, she will never be on the same level as Marilyn Monroe. Lastly, I don’t think she looked that show-stopping in the dress. Considering she almost killed herself getting into the dress, she didn’t look Hollywood at all, the way Marilyn did. She could’ve at least mimicked Marilyn’s elegant hairstyle, instead of going for the look she chose, which I didn’t like. Regardless, I felt offended for Marilyn that Kim wore that iconic dress and I think it was a mistake. I believe that if you’re a Kardashian, you think you can do whatever you want. The Kardashians have been compared to the Kennedys, as the most influential and successful family of today, but that doesn’t mean that they can reach into the past and take a little bit of fashion and Hollywood history to make an entrance on a red carpet. The new documentary about Marilyn Monroe just aired on Netflix, which solidifies the sadness and darkness behind Marilyn Monroe’s tragic ending, which also adds to the fact in my mind, that no one should’ve been allowed to wear that dress. It was Marilyn’s fashion moment. The dress also had nothing to do with the Gilded Age, which isn’t a surprise, because all Kim cares about is getting a certain level of attention, which she did.

I would also like to say that we need to stop idolizing and praising women like Kim K after they publicly state how much weight they lost to look good for an event. So many bow down to her and I think that sends the wrong message. She is always talking about her curves and body, but she had to drop weight before squeezing into someone else’s dress? That is ridiculous. Young girls and women, in general, are extremely impressionable and they are now learning that you’re not beautiful enough as you are and that you need to lose weight before an event. How many young girls are getting ready for prom right now and heard what Kim said? Can we celebrate our bodies the way they are? Look at Lizzo, who celebrated her body and felt confident and beautiful at the Met Gala. In my opinion, she looked WAY better than Kim K, and she understood the assignment of the theme. Listen, ladies, you do NOT need to drop 16 pounds before any event to look beautiful. If you did diet before an event, fine, but don’t fill social media with the news to make all women and girls feel uncomfortable in their skin. Wear a gorgeous gown that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your confidence is beauty, remember that.

Marilyn wore it better, Kim.

Okay, enough ranting about Kim! I give her credit when credit is due, but this look was wrong on so many levels. Below are some of my other least favorite red carpet looks from the Met Gala 2022…

Irina Shayk clearly missed the memo about the theme of the event?
Emily Ratajkowski looks like a badly dressed ballroom dancer at a circus.
I thought Travis and Kourtney looked boring, but out of the two of them, I appreciated his look more.
This look on Paloma Elsesser is not flattering and I felt that she could’ve celebrated the occasion and her curves much better.

Until next year, we will be dining out on the 2022 Met Gala fashion moments (the good and the bad). I will remember the iconic looks from this year, especially Blake Lively’s. I appreciate the beauty of fashion, the story fashion can tell, and the history behind each time period.


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  1. Excellent and I love the historical information. I also completely agree about Blake Lively’s gown which I feel was by far the most thoughtful and imaginative design on every level! Thanks for this!


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