Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery

Chapter Four

”Lucy, wake up,” a familiar voice whispered as the broken girl struggled to sit up.

Lucy was still trapped in the dank room, all alone, waiting for someone to save her from Omisha. She was bruised and sore from passing out on a concrete floor. The area Omisha injected Lucy with multiple injections was black and blue; the pain was immense, but she was too scared to feel anything. As she searched the room for the voice that woke her, she screamed. In the corner of the room was a ghost from her past. Liam approached her and she was terrified. She pushed herself up against the wall and started to cry. He knelt down on the floor in front of his old flame and touched her face. His hands felt real and the smell of his expensive cologne clung to her, like smoke. Lucy’s messy curls framed her face and fell in front of her determined eyes.

“Are you real?” Lucy cried out.

”I am here, aren’t I? Oh Lucy, seeing you like this is destroying me. What happened to your lip?” Liam asked.

Lucy touched her mouth. There was dried blood covering her bottom lip, which resembled her favorite shade of lipstick. The blood was covering a cut. She vaguely remembered Omisha slapping her across the face when she attempted to fight back.

”Is that tattoo new?” Liam questioned as he moved her hair away from her neck.

Omisha had tattooed a small, bleeding heart onto her neck, below her ear. She felt as though she was going to vomit. Liam touched her face as tears streamed down and collected on her bust. She was no longer wearing her evening gown; she was left with a black bra and high waisted, black, lace boy shorts. She was freezing. The fire within her was dying and she was unable to build up the flames.

”You’re just a ghost Liam. It’s all my fault and now I’m alone,” Lucy cried.

“You’re not alone, I’m right here. You’re the strongest person I know. Please, don’t give up,” Liam said with a sweet smile.

“Liam…who is Omisha?”

“You know who Omisha is, Lucy. The paralyzing realization just hasn’t surfaced yet. This person whose torturing you isn’t a stranger,” Liam explained.

Lucy stared into Liam’s eyes and thought. He looked at her cold, beautiful figure which was bruised and battered. As she closed her eyes to let a tear fall, Liam vanished. She was alone again.

Lucy’s friends received a letter from her kidnapper, but the details were blurry and cryptic. Luke received the same letter and was panicked. The words revealed just enough to find her, if the person was a master at winning games. Luke sat up every night trying to piece together the disturbing letter. He had fallen so hard for a girl who was now missing; Lucy had warned him that she was a mess, but he hadn’t understood what that meant until she became a face on a flyer. The dance studio she belonged to was somber over the disappearance of their admired dancer. Her dance partner prayed for Lucy’s safe return, as did many. It seemed as though the world stopped while Lucy was missing, but for her the days were slow and painful. The nights were scary and blank. She missed the warmth of the sun, and the soft fur of her pets brushing up against her skin. She missed walking across the hardwood floor barefoot, and listening to the lyrics of her favorite music.

Four weeks had passed since Omisha took Lucy, hiding her away from the rest of the world. She was frail and shattered with only her mind to keep her company. Omisha gave her a pillow, blanket, and a silk robe to cover her half naked body. The tattoo on her neck stung and her bones ached, just as much as her soul. She was constantly waking up dazed, after Omisha injected her with more poison. Whatever the poison was, it knocked her out cold within moments. She pulled herself up and tried to dance, attempting to remain alert and healthy. As she spun, the room went dark and she collapsed. She sat on the floor crying, but refused to give up. She stood up once more and spun again. She was dizzy but remained in control. Omisha wasn’t robbing her of dance, too.

Dreams were hard to decipher, because Lucy didn’t know what was real or what she pulled from the deep trenches of her mind. Liam visiting her felt more real than raindrops on her skin, but she knew Liam was dead. A hand touched her face as she opened her eyes. Her silk robe was falling off, revealing her bare skin. Her bra was gone and she didn’t want to know why. Kenny sat next to her looking as though he was going to faint. He stroked her face and played with her hair, pulling her onto his lap. He whispered in her ear, “I found you. You’re safe now”. She held him closely, but her strength was gone. Her hands were shaking and she couldn’t stop crying. He looked at the scars and bruises on her delicate skin and ran his fingers over her battle wounds. The black and blue patch on her neck and shoulder, from the unknown injections made him feel sick. He looked into her eyes and she put her hand on his face. She looked so far away in that moment. She tried to speak but she choked on her words. He lifted her up, trying to cover her body. Her breasts were pressed up against his chest, and for a minute it felt as though they were wrapped up in sheets again, with no worries.

“Lucy, can you wrap your hands around my neck?” He asked.

She tried, but she was too weak.

“Kenny, I love you,” Lucy whispered.

“I love you too. I’ll never leave you,” Kenny told her.

They made their way out of the dirty basement, and police greeted them at the top of the stairs with flashlights and questions. The building was an old pharmacy which had been abandoned for years. Omisha was nowhere to be found, but Detective Jones felt foolish and angry. He felt responsible for the pain Lucy continued to endure, from losing someone she loved to almost losing herself. Kenny placed the beauty on a stretcher, and remained by her side as the paramedics took her to the hospital. Lucy was the topic of conversation everywhere, and police swarmed her like eager paparazzi with cameras. She was in such a fragile state but remained so strong. Lucy looked up at Kenny as they sped to the hospital in the back of the ambulance, and she smiled. He smiled back at her and she fell into a deep sleep.

She woke up in a warm hospital bed and she took a deep breath. She was finally safe. Kenny was asleep in the chair next to her when Luke walked in. Kenny opened his eyes and smiled at Lucy. He shook Luke’s hand and walked out of the room, giving them time to talk. Luke kissed her and she held his hand. She wasn’t sure of what to say to the man she just met.

“I was so worried about you. I couldn’t sleep, Lucy.”

“Luke, I don’t know what to say. I’m still scared and I feel broken. If Kenny hadn’t found me, I don’t think I would’ve made it much longer. The bruising on my shoulder and upper arm was the doctor’s biggest concern when they brought me in. They told me Omisha injected me with a high dosage of Propofol, which is an anesthetic. My body and mind are weak and I have a lot of recovering to do. I can’t even hold my phone or keep food down. I feel like a dead girl walking,” Lucy explained with teary eyes.

“You’re so strong Lucy, and no one is going to let anything like this happen to you again. I want to kill the person who did this to you. I will stay with you until you feel safe on your own,” Luke said.

“My mom and brother are coming to stay with me, but that’s very sweet. I’m happy you’re here, Luke, but I warned you…I’m not someone you want to get involved with. I was kidnapped and almost died and the monster who did this to me is still out there, probably writing me another sick letter as we speak,” Lucy cried.

Kenny entered the room and Luke kissed her on the lips, saying goodnight. He figured she’d want some time alone with the friend who saved her life. Luke patted Kenny on the shoulder and looked back at the girl he couldn’t stop thinking about. She smiled at him and waved goodbye, coyly.

“Hey, pretty,” Kenny said sweetly.

“Kenny, how did you find me?” She asked.

“Omisha sent anyone who means anything to you a letter, with lots of clues. It took me a week, but I figured it out. Omisha mentioned you were hidden somewhere close, where one used to go to get their fix and become numb. I googled every abandoned building in the area until I found the old pharmacy on Raven’s Street. It made sense, because a pharmacy is where one goes to become numb. Omisha even numbed you, in more ways than one.” Kenny looked down at the floor. He didn’t realize Lucy had started to cry again.

“What’s wrong? Do you want me to get the doctor?” He questioned.

“No, I’m not in physical pain. My life is no longer in my control. Omisha controls me and everyone around me. How am I going to win this war, Kenny?”

“You’re not going to give up,” he told her.


Lucy was home, but she felt as though she was still trapped in that dark basement. She fought with her mother and brother about moving away from her town and Omisha, so they headed home. Lucy was stubborn and fiercely independent. Serena was staying with her, but nothing made her feel truly safe. She’d wake up in the middle of the night panting, and every time she closed her eyes she saw Omisha’s mask.

She stepped out of the shower and cuddled into a warm towel. As she approached the mirror she noticed a note taped to the glass. She looked at herself in the steamy reflection and swallowed hard.

“Welcome home! You are my little survivor and I’m so proud of you. I had so much fun spending time with you and I miss you. You’re welcome for the new tattoo, by the way. It looks good. I’ll see you soon, gorgeous.”



Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery / romance

Chapter Three

A beautiful snow blanketed the ground, as Lucy walked into her dance studio on a chilly, December night. Tis’ the season for wearing red and being merry, but Lucy was running from a psycho with a dangerous obsession. Snowflakes collected in her plaid scarf and a harsh wind blew up her red skirt. She danced passionately to a love song with her dance partner; he dipped her down low and she smiled genuinely.  A dark figure stood outside of the dimly lit dance studio, watching. There was something magical about watching the girl dance…she was dripping with passion. The figure taped a letter to Lucy’s car window and disappeared into the winter night.

Happy Holidays my favorite girl…have you been naughty or nice this year? I keep trying to be good, but when it comes to you I can’t help it. You drive me crazy, mad, insane. I have a special gift for you. I am inviting you to a Christmas party this weekend. Please, come alone. You’ll find the address shortly. I will give you a clue as to who I am at this soiree, but please darling, don’t tell. Detective Jones is giving up on Liam’s case and he has no clue who I am. He isn’t as smart as I am, or as smart as you are. Stay warm and I’ll see you Saturday.”

Lucy stood there in the parking lot feeling lost; snow glistened in her hair and covered her coat. She was alone in a game she wanted to win. She was terrified to discover the truth and yet, she craved it. Kenny texted her for the first time in weeks, “I miss you, but it isn’t safe for us to see each other. I am watching from the distance and I’ll always be here to keep you safe.” She called her friend Serena and they headed to the bar. Lucy found peace and comfort in a bottle of Jack Daniels. They danced and drank until two am, but Serena knew something was wrong. They were best friends…sadly, Lucy had to battle her current demons alone. Liam was dead and Kenny was afraid of his own shadow. She couldn’t involve anyone else she loved in the deadly cat and mouse game. As they took a final shot of something potent, a man wandered over to Lucy, with intentions. He smiled at her and she bit her lip. A flirtatious grin appeared on her face and she introduced herself. He wasn’t like the other guys who approached her with murky plans. There was something completely genuine about the attractive man who stood in front of her. They talked until the bar closed and he drove both women home. The attractive stranger’s name was Luke, a thirty year old success story. Luke and Lucy sat in her driveway laughing about nothing at all, and getting lost in each other’s eyes. It was ordinary and perfect.

“I don’t want to be forward, but can I come in?” Luke asked.

Lucy thought for a moment. “Luke, I like you…but, my life is a mess. If you know what’s good for you you’d leave tonight and never talk to me again,” she said with a serious smile.

“Well, there’s a slim chance of that happening. You’re one beautiful mess, Lucy.”

They parted ways for the night, but Luke didn’t leave before asking Lucy out on a proper date. Of course, she said yes. She smiled as she made her way to the bedroom, feeling happy and light. There was a package sitting on the bed, wrapped in a dramatic red bow. The smile on her face faded in an instant. She carefully untied the bow and opened the large box with innocent eyes. A gorgeous, black, sequin gown greeted her; she pulled the dress out of the box and studied its beauty. There was a note pinned to the bust of the dress from Omisha, which had the address written on it for the Christmas soiree.


Lucy told no one of her plans for the evening, as she slinked out of a cab. She stood there among traffic on a cold street, in a spectacular, floor length, black gown. The sequins shimmered and her eyes glowed beneath gold eyeshadow. She looked over at an address engraved in the brick of an old building. She walked through the illuminated doorway and entered into a winter wonderland. Fake snow fell from the ceiling and landed in her wavy hair. She recognized no one in the bar, and the music was so loud she couldn’t hear herself think. A man wearing all white handed her a martini and a note. She sipped the cocktail with flirty eyes and read the piece of paper.

“Meet me on the rooftop at midnight. Tick tock.”

The clock ticked and Lucy mingled with strangers, who were all there for a “Boozy Christmas Party”. Lucy was there for her own private party. She became dizzy from her fourth martini and her body felt hot; a man wearing an expensive suit winked at her, but her mind was distant. Midnight arrived and Lucy swallowed hard, tiptoeing up to the rooftop in her incredible gown and designer heels. As she approached the heavy door that led to the roof, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, just for a moment. A harsh breeze greeted her as she opened the door and stepped out onto the roof. The view was breathtaking, but the brief moment of beauty was shattered by the figure standing behind her wearing a gorgeous, masquerade mask. There was something familiar about Omisha’s scent. As she stood there full of fear and anger, she felt comfortable with her stalker. Omisha touched her neck and moved her hair out of the way.

“Who are you?” Lucy asked.

Omisha took a deep breath and stuck a needle in her delicate neck. Lucy cried out as her eyes rolled back, but before she was able to react she fell to the ground; she was unconscious. Omisha bent over and inhaled her beautiful smell. Lucy’s body clung to the cold ground and her phone lit up with Luke’s name.

Darkness surrounded Lucy as she opened her eyes. She smelled a familiar cologne and cigarette smoke. The room she found herself in was dank and lonely, and the space ached with torment. Something tragic had happened in the room she woke up in. Her neck throbbed from the injection she had been given and she felt spacey. She looked down at her sequin gown and sighed, struggling to stand up. Lucy stumbled over to the door, which was locked and screamed for help. Her lungs ached and she barely possessed a voice. She looked over at an old wooden table and naturally, there was a handwritten note waiting for her.

“Hello gorgeous, 

I’m glad you’re awake. I’m sure you’re scared and wondering where you are, but don’t worry…I’ll take good care of you. If you pay close attention I am giving you subtle clues as to who I am. I also have your phone and I let Luke and Serena know you’ve been kidnapped. I’ll be sending them clues shortly. Lets see how smart the people in your life are, darling. Please enjoy the drink I left for you. I’ll see you shortly. Xo”

Lucy picked up a glass of something unknown. It smelled like water; she was too thirsty to say no to a glass of anything. The cold liquid washed down her throat and within moments she felt lightheaded. She was hallucinating and the room spun out of control. A loud bang echoed around her and the door began to open. Lucy pinned herself up against the wall, as tears streamed down her face. She ran her fingers through her messy hair and bit down on her lip. She refused to black out. A masked person appeared in the doorway and approached her with intent. The person’s grip was strong and steady, but Lucy wasn’t done fighting. She clawed at the mask as she felt hands creep up her dress. The pair of hands held her up against the brick by her neck. She stared at the person who was tormenting her with pleading eyes, but was too weak to fight back. She knew it was Omisha…the same person who stabbed her in the neck with a needle, and the same person who killed Liam with no regret. The room was still spinning and she was fading fast. As she felt her body collapse beneath her, Omisha held her closely and placed her head carefully onto the ground. The hands of her tormenter were similar to those of a lover at times, which confused her. She smelled that same known scent of cologne before falling into a deep, troubling sleep. Omisha removed the mask and kissed her forehead, as she drifted away into a nightmare she couldn’t wake up from.

“Sleep tight kitten. I love you,” Omisha whispered.

Today I’m thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of my people! I have so much to be thankful for this year and I want to take a moment to acknowledge some incredible people and appreciate what I have.

There is so much beauty around us and we often forget to stop and smell the flowers. We work too much, we stress over money, we fight with loved ones, we lose people we care about, and we struggle with becoming who we want to be. Today I want everyone to forget about money, work, anger, negativity, and stress. I want everyone to stop and smell the flowers…take a moment to write down five things you are so thankful for, even if they are little things. Life is a short, beautiful ride and there is so much to be grateful for. I wish everyone a peaceful, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season. If you are spending the holidays alone, or without someone you once had, it’s okay. You are far from alone and if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.

I am thankful for my parents. Mom and dad, thank you for all that you do for me; I have two of the best parents in the entire world. They support me in every single, crazy adventure I embark on and they never judge me for my mistakes, choices, or goals. I was raised learning about and drinking wine and always being honest; I’m grateful for the environment I grew up in. Dad, I know we aren’t as close as some fathers and daughters, but I love you and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You have never let me go without the things I want or need. Thank you so much. Mom,  you are my absolute best friend always and I love you so much. We have a relationship which is very similar to that of Rory and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls, which I’ve said before. When we laugh we laugh so hard we cry, when we fight we fight like sisters, and when we are broken we cry together. Thank you for filling my life with art, adventure, and nature. I am the woman I’ve become because of you. I wouldn’t want to sit at Smithville and talk crap with anyone else. Xo

I am thankful for my dance family and Arthur Murray Marlton. I found my passion and happiness when I walked through the doors of the studio. I have never had such amazing, creative, and loving people in my life. I love you all and I appreciate the family structure/bond we share. It’s more than just a dance studio, it’s a home. I need to take a moment to acknowledge my dance instructor and partner in crime. Franddy, I love you and I am forever grateful for all that you have taught me. You are more than my dance partner…you’re my friend and support system. You got me through heartache and uncertainty and helped me find where I belong. Thank you doll, and I cannot wait to continue on this awesome adventure with you and Arthur Murray.

I am thankful for my amazing co-workers who’ve become friends. Danny, you are my other half and I don’t know how we existed so long without each other and our crazy moments. Thank you for keeping me sane and for being a great friend. Tractor Supply definitely brought us together because no one else could’ve ever handled us. We are insane and I love it. Trish, I love you as a manager/co-worker and as a friend. Thank you for listening to me and for having my back; thank you for helping me whenever I need it. We are the no judgement crew, always and I’m grateful that you took me with you to Sicklerville. I am thankful for my sales associates and our amazing moments…we are quite the crew and even if I am having the worst day ever, I love you guys. We are a crazy, loving, dysfunctional family and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am thankful for my girls. Sara, you have become one of my best friends in such a short time and I love you. You are beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait for more adventures/life moments. Whether we’re drinking at a club or sipping coffee at Starbucks it’s always a good time. To all of my other gals, even if I don’t get a chance to see you as much as I’d like, thank you for being a part of my story. You are all wonderful people and deserve the absolute best. I’m only a phone call away if you guys ever need me and I’d drop anything to be there.

I am thankful for my animals. I love every single one of you so much and even when you’re not at all listening to me and you’re driving me to drink, I couldn’t wake up without my fur kids. I love being a fur mom and knowing that someone is counting on me at the end of the day. Thank you for teaching me responsibility, loyalty, and compassion. I grew up on Noah’s Arc and I know that being surrounded by animals from all walks of life shaped me into the woman I am today. I love my four-legged friends and I’ll always be here to protect you, save you, and love you. Xo

I am thankful to those who are no longer a part of my life. You are still a part of my life story and I am grateful for our moments, even if they ended. Thank you for the memories, because they’ll never fade.

I saved the best for last…I am thankful for my amazing boyfriend. Babe, you are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face and the reason I count my blessings as I fall asleep at night. I am so appreciative of the way you treat me. Thank you for the smiles, the laughs, and the happy tears. Thank you for loving me for who I am and for making me so happy. Thank you for living life with me and for not being afraid of adventures. Thank you for supporting me with dance, writing, and work. Thank you for holding me tight and keeping me safe. I look at you and I can see my future and that is such an incredible feeling. Thank you for being my best friend and my lover. Thank you for hearing me and listening to my stories, ideas, and goals. Thank you for being the guy I dreamt of my whole life. I wish I had found you sooner, but I’m definitely never letting go. I’ve never felt this secure or happy, and I’m proud to be your girlfriend. I’m happy to be on the same page with you, always. I love you Andrew, to the moon and back boo.


I didn’t mention every person in my life who I’m thankful for, but please know that I am thankful for you. I wouldn’t change a thing for all the money in the world. I’d take my people and a beautiful sky over diamonds, any day. Happy Thanksgiving my darlings. Stay thankful and positive. Kisses.


A letter to the guy who has my heart

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Dear boyfriend,

You came into my life like a beautiful hurricane when I had been patiently waiting for a rainstorm. I wasn’t looking for someone when you walked into my life, but I am so happy that I found you. I think I knew as soon as I walked by you that day at my store that my life was about to change. Yes, I knew you were checking me out and just to let you in on a little secret…I checked you out, too. I cannot explain how I knew a change was about to happen in my life, but I felt it in my heart. I felt it in the moment you kissed me for the very first time in your truck and the second you asked me to be your girlfriend. This letter is for you, my favorite. Thank you for finding me and for making me yours.

I have been through hell and back and I know what it feels like to be broken; I also know what real happiness feels like. What I feel when I’m laying with you or laughing about whatever, is true happiness. I want you to always know who I am, even in my darkest moments. I will always be honest with you. There will be days where I feel anxious, scared, and insecure, but nothing will ever change how I feel about you. Sometimes I battle with the big stuff all on my own, because that is what I am used to. I am thankful to have someone as strong as you to lean on, but that goes both ways darling. I will stand by you through darkness, pain, and of course, all of the good.

I promise to always be goofy and silly with you, but sexy and romantic at the same time. I also promise to always be adventurous with you, despite our day to day responsibilities. I will never hurt you babe, and I will be the first to defend you…even if you’re wrong. There is nothing you could ever tell me that would make me let go or run away. When I’m with you I am there as not only your girlfriend, but as your best friend and partner in crime. If you need someone to bury the body, I will be standing there in a sexy, black outfit holding the shovel.

I want long, crazy days and incredible, sleepless nights, and I want them with you. There will be days where work is the focal point and we are tired or stressed, but as long as I’m crawling into bed with you at the end of the day it’s okay. I want you to know that despite my love for beautiful things, I don’t need money or diamonds, I just need you. Im truly thankful for every moment I spend with you, even if we’re just sitting together talking about life or watching Shameless. Your laugh, voice, texts, and kisses get me through the day. I am all in. Cheers to us babe. 💗

-Your girl

Kiss me, Kill me

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Chapter Two


“I want to shoot,” Lucy said with a smile. Her friend Nathan handed the beauty a cold beer.

“Shoot what?” Nathan asked hesitantly.

“A gun,” Lucy whispered.


Lucy stood in the back of her store chatting with a sales associate. The store phone rang and then came a deafening silence. Another associate approached Lucy with caution and sadness; the phone call was from the chief of police.

“Lucy Marshall, I need to speak with you regarding your ex-fiancé Liam Reynolds.”

“Hi, what about Liam? I spoke with him two days ago,” Lucy explained.

“Miss Marshall…Liam Reynolds was found murdered last night. We found a note in Liam’s suit pocket that leads us to suspect a close friend of yours is responsible for his death. I will need you to come to the station immediately,” Detective Jones stated somberly.

Lucy was silent. She felt the way you do when first emerging from a nightmare. Lucy’s sales associate held her closely as tears streamed down her soft face. Harsh mascara streaks appeared on Lucy’s cheeks, and a moan of heartache emerged from within the fragile girl. She wanted to speak, to say anything, but there were no words. Flashbacks flooded back to her in strong, painful waves. They washed over her like a high tide.

“Lucy, I’m very sorry for your immense loss and I am here for support. We will find out what happened to Liam and justice will be served,” Detective Jones remarked.

As Lucy drove to the police station, hysterical, she realized Liam’s death wasn’t a coincidence. She clutched the diamond-heart necklace around her neck, which had been a gift from her anonymous stalker. She ripped it off and threw it out the window. The piece of jewelry disappeared among oncoming headlights. Her phone rang; it was Kenny. She answered and took a deep breath. Breathing hurt and so did existing.

“Lucy, where are you?” Kenny asked.

“I’m heading to the police station, Kenny. I’m sure you’ve heard about Liam. Will you be with me tonight?” Lucy wondered. She needed comfort.

“Lucy…I am at the police station being interrogated. They claim there was a note found in Liam’s pocket signed by me. They’re searching my house as we speak. Lucy, I would never kill a man. I would also never hurt you,” Kenny exclaimed.

A harsh gust of wind pushed against her sportscar. Lucy was quiet. She began questioning everything. She felt overwhelmed with feelings. Kenny still spoke in the background, but Lucy was unable to hear anything but her own, terrifying thoughts. The police station was visible ahead of her. She hung up the phone and ran into the beautiful, old building. A man greeted her with a metal detector. She stood there like a ghost. Detective Jones brought her into a tiny room, filled with files and a small seating area. He handed her the note which was found on Liam and said nothing. Lucy looked it over and felt as though she was going to be sick. The handwriting was identical to her stalker’s pretty marks. The note read:

Lucy, I am so sorry for what I have done. I always loved you and Liam was too foolish to appreciate what he had. He doesn’t deserve you and he doesn’t deserve to live for the pain he put you through. I’m the one who held you after he broke your heart too many times to count. I love you always Lucy, despite the fact that it has never been our time. Please forgive me.


She dropped the note to her lap and leaned her head back, releasing a painful sigh. Meanwhile, Kenny sat alone in a dark room with nothing but his mind to keep him company…none of it made any sense. Kenny never pursued her the way she wanted him to; if he killed out of love, there would’ve been a thrilling pursuit. She didn’t believe Kenny was the killer, but the police were banking on their theory. Detective Jones asked Lucy a series of questions, first about Liam and their tangled relationship, and then about Kenny. She was exhausted, but there is no rest for the heartbroken.


Two days had passed since the death of Liam and the fall of Kenny and Lucy’s passionate friendship. Her stalker fell silent, which scared Lucy, because she knew there’d be more to come. She sat at the police station once again, but this time she was in the room with Detective Jones and Kenny. He looked broken and dazed. His eyes were distant and his strength had vanished. She had never seen him like that before, but when she looked at him she still saw her dear friend and lover.

“Lucy, I have brought you here today to share with you new evidence in the killing of Liam Reynolds,” Detective Jones explained as Lucy bowed her head for just a moment, for Liam. She pictured him alone and cold, which killed her.

Kenny watched as Lucy grieved quietly. He wanted to hold her. Detective Jones placed a bloody knife on the table in front of them both. Lucy’s eyes grew to the size of a full moon. Kenny retreated into a dark place, trying to escape the insanity around him. The weapon was massive and Lucy instantly felt the sharp tip piercing through her skin. Liam was stabbed multiple times.

“We recovered this weapon from Kenny’s house. The blood on the knife is an exact match…Lucy, your friend is going on trial for Liam’s murder. I will need you to testify and to take the stand, which will be one week from today,” Detective Jones said firmly and without remorse.

Lucy felt faint and as if the life she once knew had shattered completely. A part of her was madly in love with Kenny, who was now going on trial for the murder of her ex-fiance. She was ready to speak up about her stalker and a possible connection, but she couldn’t breathe. She could feel Kenny’s touch and taste his lips. The pain was way too deep.

“Lucy, you have to believe me! I didn’t kill Liam. I’m being set up. I promise you someone is trying to frame me. Please, help me fight this,” Kenny yelled as guards escorted him out of the room. On his way out he tried reaching for her. She looked at him and it was incredibly hard to see the man she spent countless nights with, cuddled up in sheets, being dragged away by armed guards.

It was days before the trial and Lucy was living in a perpetual nightmare. Kenny and Liam both haunted her, every second of the day. She felt them with every exhale. She went to Detective Jones and told him about the dangerous game she had become involved in. He believed Kenny was her stalker, and after comparing the note found on Liam and the notes Lucy received, they were identical. As she was leaving the police station she noticed a piece of paper sticking out of her glove box. She pulled the paper out and screamed; the paper was covered in what appeared like blood.

Lucy, I’m sorry about Liam. Kenny didn’t kill him; I did. Yes, this page is smeared with his blood. I need to remove those closest to you from your life so that you can dedicate more time to us. I know you’re dying to know who I am, right? I am very sad that you threw the beautiful necklace I bought for you out the window, but I bought you another one. It’s waiting for you at home. Please, put it on. If you show this letter to the police I will slit Kenny’s throat and I promise you, they won’t find that murder weapon. Have a good weekend and best of luck at the trial.”

Lucy jumped out of her car, trying not to stumble in her designer heels. She ran into the police station and demanded to see Kenny, immediately. Tears covered her face and Detective Jones looked puzzled. He was beginning to realize the case he found himself a part of was far from simple. Detective Jones liked to tie up his cases with perfect, little bows, but this murder wasn’t going to be easy to put to rest. He sat Kenny down across from Lucy and allowed them a supervised visit. Kenny looked at the girl he admired and felt dizzy from memories. She reached under the table and touched his hand, which sent chills through his body. The handcuffs had created scars on his wrists, but those little scars were the least of his worries.

“You know I didn’t kill him, don’t you?” Kenny questioned.

“Yes, of course I do. I always did. I am sorry I didn’t act quicker. The game has me questioning everything, Kenny. I found a letter in my car this morning from my stalker and it was covered in Liam’s blood. My stalker admitted to killing Liam. I need to plead with the judge and find a way to convince them that you are being framed,” Lucy said with a determined look.

“Lucy, you need to hand that letter over to Detective Jones,” Kenny exclaimed.

“I can’t do that Kenny,” Lucy replied.

“Why on earth not? You need to do something or I am going to be sent away for a crime I didn’t commit. This stalker of yours isn’t playing a game anymore Lucy…”

“My stalker said that if I bring the letter to Detective Jones your throat will be slit, and I’m sorry but we now know that these threats aren’t empty,” Lucy cried.

“Lucy, I will be fine. Please, show Detective Jones right now.”

Kenny looked into her fiery brown eyes and she knew that they had no other option. She’d protect Kenny, even if she had to lose herself to do so.

She turned the letter in to Detective Jones and returned home, saying goodbye to Kenny until tomorrow. She woke up to a phone call from Detective Jones.

”Good morning Lucy, are you feeling okay about today’s trial?” He questioned.

”No, this trial has me craving liquor and answers,” she expressed.

”Well, have a drink after the trial today. Answers are always present. We just need to ask the right questions,” Detective Jones said simply.

The courthouse was crowded with people, and Lucy caught the attention of many. She wore the new necklace from her stalker, who had left a note asking to be called “Omisha”. Omisha is a female name meaning “the spirit of birth and death”. Lucy told Detective Jones her stalker could be in fact a female. He informed her that a stalker as clever as her own wouldn’t be dumb enough to reveal his or her gender. The game was far from over, which meant the name was mentioned to distract Lucy from the truth.

Feeling broken is often inevitable, but Lucy wanted the aches to disappear. What was truly sad was that Liam’s death had more to do with Lucy than himself. Omisha only cared about one person, and that was Lucy. Everyone else was merely a part of the cruel game on Omisha’s way to take the queen.

At the trial, Lucy sat in a crowded court room wearing a perfect, black, designer dress and eight-inch nude heels. She wore her hair back in a high, curly ponytail and the red lipstick she wore distracted even the jury. The judge looked at Kenny and then at Lucy. Detective Jones announced that the blood on the letter Lucy received was a positive match to Liam Reynolds. He also noted that Kenny’s handwriting wasn’t a match to the writing which appeared in the letters. Lucy felt sick. She shut her eyes tightly and then looked at Kenny, who was noticeably shaking. He could still calm her nerves, despite where he found himself. Lucy bit her lip as they asked Kenny countless questions, many of which had everything to do with his feelings towards her.

His answers gave her goosebumps. The words were true and delicate. Lucy faced the judge and addressed the jury. She looked beautiful and poised, but on the inside she was screaming.

“Miss Marshall, please explain honestly why you don’t believe that Kenny killed your ex-fiance.”

“Kenny is a good person with a kind soul. He saved me when I fell down the rabbit hole and brought me back to life. When he looks at me, I know he actually sees me, and I see him too. A person like Kenny doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to murder someone; leaving behind the life he has built, for the life of a criminal. He also would never hurt me…and killing Liam hurt me, incredibly. I brought letters and the knowledge of a relentless stalker to the attention of Detective Jones. I am wearing a necklace around my neck which Omisha, my stalker told me to wear. The necklace possesses one of my favorite minerals. I bet if you ask Kenny what mineral can be found in my necklace, he won’t know the answer…but my stalker, the one who killed Liam does,” Lucy spoke. She took a breath and the judge looked over at Kenny.

“Kenny, do you know what mineral is found in Miss Marshall’s necklace? Detective Jones is aware of what mineral is present in the jewelry.”

Kenny couldn’t name one mineral. He looked at Lucy and thanked her without words. Kenny could’ve been lying about not knowing what mineral was found in her necklace, but the final say was left to the jury and the judge. Kenny was comfortable with taking a lie detector test. A friend of his also came to his rescue by giving an alibi at the time of Liam’s death. Lucy made sure his friend would show up; she’s would’ve done anything to save Kenny.

“Alexandrite is the mineral found in Miss Marshall’s necklace. Minerals aren’t easily recognized or remembered. Lucy was once a collector of minerals, which she apparently never shared with you,” Detective Jones stated.

Silence filled the court room as the judge announced that a verdict had been made. Lucy froze and she looked at Kenny, hoping he could feel her support through her gaze.

“In the case of the Commonwealth verses Kenny Drake…we find the defendant not guilty of murder in the first degree.”

Lucy cried and smiled at Kenny. He looked down at the floor and she knew he was tearing up. A text appeared on Lucy’s phone from an unknown number.

Oh, Lucy…do you think this is over? Good job beautiful, but you better start running. Kenny is a dead man walking and you will make a gorgeous corpse. Sleep tight angel. Love, Omisha”.


Rounds of bullets propelled into a target, leaving their mark. Lucy aimed the gun at her desired target and shot. Her long hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she wore tall, black, high-heeled boots. Nathan appeared beside her and smiled. She was getting good. She was focused and determined; if only Nathan truly knew what was going on in her pretty, little mind as she was firing rounds. The investigation of Liam’s murder was ongoing, and at night Lucy felt tormented by ghosts of her past. Kenny was safe for the time being, but Lucy was worried. She was worried for herself and those she loved. Omisha was everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

“You better start running,” Lucy whispered under her breath as she cocked the gun back. She bit down on her cherry red lips. Nathan looked at his friend; he was blown away by the powerful and strong person that she was.

“You’re one hell of a storm Lucy,” Nathan said with a smirk.

“Sweetheart, you have no idea,” Lucy responded.

Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / mystery / romance

Welcome to my new blog series…are you ready for sex, scandal, & murder? Enjoy. Xx


Lucy lives a great portion of her life in secret, and she feels more comfortable among strangers. She craves adventure and lives for long nights, but one morning she wakes up to find herself a part of a dangerous game. Someone wants the beauty dead, but who? Lucy needs to find out the truth…before it’s too late.

Chapter One

“Ready, set, run…” a voice whispered, as a shadowy figure studied the picture of a pretty girl.

Lucy posed for a glamorous selfie on the balcony of a city restaurant. The likes flooded in on social media as she posted a photo in her expensive gown. Her natural, beachy hair flowed back behind her, and an inviting smile was enhanced by rose colored lips. The white evening dress she wore clung to her curves and glistened beneath outdoor string lights. She smiled at the city where she spent many nights falling in love and growing up; her phone began to ring. She glanced at the name which appeared on the screen.

“Hey you,” she said to the voice on the other end of the phone. A cab screeched below her and she looked down at the wild city streets.

“What’re you doing?” The voice asked.

“I’m at a restaurant opening in the city, but afterwards I’m all yours,” she flirted.

“I’ll leave the door unlocked for you,” the deep voice said. She hung up and grinned. It was a beautiful night with beautiful potential.

She hopped into her sports car and looked in the rear view mirror. A hooded figure stood a few feet behind the vehicle, surrounded by darkness. She gasped, but within seconds the shadowy image vanished. Lucy got out of her car and looked around. She was a fearless girl, with lots of stories to tell. Suddenly, she felt as though something was terribly wrong…she felt haunted.

An overly dressed and tired Lucy arrived at Kenny’s house. Kenny was an old friend, and although he was emotionally unavailable, she was crazy about him. There was something about his seriousness and bad attitude that turned her on, like a light switch. He found Lucy to be a lot of fun and wildly attractive, but he wasn’t up for the commitment. He appeared at the front door as she emerged from her sexy car. An absolute vision, standing in the driveway in a white gown caught Kenny off guard.

He wasn’t one for handing out compliments, but there was no denying she was a flame. She possessed an old Hollywood look, and Kenny always thought she belonged on the screen of a 1940’s film. She liked to think she stepped right out of an old black and white romance, filled with lots of drama and intrigue. Lucy lived as if the cameras were following her, and that is what made the twenty two year old so interesting. Kenny unzipped her gown, and she kissed his neck as the dress formed a shimmery, cloth puddle on the floor. She took off her bra and thong and he threw her onto the bed. Kenny was rough with her, but she loved it. His strength and powerful gaze made her feel weak, in the best possible way.

A loud moan drifted through his house as he thrusted into her one last time. She bit her lip and touched his face. The way he looked at her in those moments contradicted his words regarding how he felt for her. She had eyes like a window, and you could feel her soul touch you when you looked at her. Kenny helped her through a painful breakup, which brought them closer. She always said that he saved her, and not just from pain, but from herself.

She laid in his bed with a sheet wrapped around her naked body, and he returned to her with eager hands. There was an expression on her face Kenny hadn’t seen before. She looked anguished…

“Are you okay?” Kenny asked, as she looked at him innocently.

“I saw a hooded figure standing behind my car tonight, just as I was getting ready to leave, and when I was doing my makeup before the restaurant opening, I kept feeling as though someone was watching me,” Lucy admitted with troubled eyes.

“I think you had too much wine tonight,” Kenny laughed.

“Kenny, I’m serious…someone’s watching me.”

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” He questioned.

“I’d love to, but would that be weird for you?” Lucy wondered.

“I’m okay with it, and with waking up next to your naked body,” Kenny said with a wink.

“Do you still hear from your ex?” Kenny was curious.

“Yes, but then he disappears again leaving me wondering. Liam will never truly change, Kenny. I still remember the morning he left,” Lucy spoke with somber eyes.

She was taken back to the breakup, instantly. It was Christmas morning and Lucy was decked out in a red, sequin maxi dress, and her hair was pulled up in a bun. Her ruby red lips glistened as she spoke sweetly to a voice on the other end of the phone. She had been talking to her brother, who was unable to fly back from London for the holidays. He worked as a political liaison and traveled frequently; their relationship consisted of phone calls and badly written, late night emails. Lucy looked down at her gorgeous, diamond ring and sighed. Liam had been distant for weeks and Lucy demanded that they talk. They sat together drinking egg nog, beneath the Christmas tree, and by the time they stood up their relationship was over. Her brown eyes filled with stinging tears and her heart ached. He no longer knew who he was or what he wanted, and that included Lucy. She took off the ring which once meant everything to her and locked herself in the bathroom. Liam eventually left that day leaving Lucy with nothing but a ring and unanswered questions. She called Kenny that night and climbed into his bed, feeling lost and broken. Lucy emerged from her walk down memory lane and Kenny was staring at her intently.

“When a person leaves you it’s about them, not about you. Try to remember that,” Kenny reminded her. Lucy kissed him passionately as they cuddled up under the covers.

Lucy awoke to Kenny kissing her body. She turned over and looked into his piercing eyes. He kissed her soft lips and she smiled, just slightly. She would always love him, but sadly she knew they’d never be together. She never heard the words “I love you” from him, and she wasn’t sure if that meant he didn’t love her, or he was simply too afraid to open that door. She said goodbye to him and headed home. Chloe, her cat and Luna, her Golden Retriever appeared next to her, as she plopped her burgundy purse onto the dining room table. She still felt unsteady, but she had to get ready for work. She was the manager of a large pet store called, Pawprints. She smelled of his cologne and that made her happy.

The sun shone fiercely through white curtains; Lucy looked out her bedroom window at the quiet suburban street. A note was taped to her vanity…

She looked fearful as she pulled the note off of the mirror and began to read the pretty handwriting.

Good morning beautiful,

I hope you don’t mind, but I let myself in last night and I made myself at home. Before you leave for work I need you to pick…truth or dare. If you don’t pick, I will make the choice for you. Leave your answer on the note and place it inside the mailbox. I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Lucy froze and felt as though she was going to be sick. Someone had broken into her home and they wanted to play a game. There was a knock at the front door, but she was too afraid to move. Luna barked loudly, and Lucy ran downstairs and opened up the door, cautiously. It was a postal man with a package. She played it cool and smiled at the man holding her mail. She ripped open the box as Luna jumped up to see what was inside. Sadly, it wasn’t a box of dog treats. It was a jewelry box with a note attached which read, “Wear me”. The necklace was a fire red heart outlined in small diamonds.

She was flirting with disaster, but Lucy had to find out who was stalking her, and the only way to uncover the truth was to play the game. A determined look appeared on her face as she stuck the orinigal note inside the mailbox, with “Dare” written at the bottom. She put the necklace on and slammed the mailbox shut, before heading to work. She called Kenny as she was walking into her store.

“Kenny, I need your help. I need to see you later, please,” Lucy pleaded.

“Yes, of course. You can stop by after work tonight. Are you okay?” He questioned.

“I’m not sure, but maybe with your help I will be,” Lucy responded.

As Kenny was heading to his job that morning, a hooded figure left a surprise for him in the form of a murder weapon…and the fun was just beginning.