Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery

Chapter Nine

A knock at the door startled Lucy, who was watching a movie on the couch. Luke was working late and she was feeling uncomfortable and lonely. She opened the front door, cautiously and there was Kenny, standing on the porch holding a hot bag of Chinese food. The smell wafted through the doorframe and Lucy hugged Kenny tightly.

“How did you know I was craving Chinese food?” She asked as they made their way into the kitchen.

“Well, I texted Luke, just checking in on you and he told me to feed you. He said he’d be working late tonight and that you’re bored, feeling super pregnant, and lonely. Chinese food and a good movie can cure anything,” Kenny said with a grin.

“Thank you…you’re the best,” she exclaimed. Her eyes were sparkling beneath shimmery eye shadow and her lips were a soft shade of mauve.

They watched old movies, ate Chinese food, and talked about the latest news in Lucy’s life. She played with her hair, which was wavy and loose. Lucy was similar to a drama television show, or an old, Hollywood movie filled with intrigue. She told Kenny she was having a boy, Luke was working harder (and later) than ever, there were always two policemen posted up at her house, and Omisha wasn’t backing down. Detective Jones was working night and day on the case but was angry over the lack of results. Kenny was horrified to hear about the fall and was overwhelmed with emotions. Lucy ate a piece of broccoli but suddenly lost her appetite. She couldn’t even talk about Omisha without becoming nauseous. She held her baby bump and thought about the baby boy inside of her; she knew her job was now to protect her child, above anything else. Luke returned home around midnight and Kenny was asleep on the couch. He had put Lucy to bed hours earlier, but it didn’t feel right leaving until Luke was home. Luke woke him up and thanked him for being there for Lucy, and for feeding her dinner. Kenny smiled and shook his hand.

Luke crawled into bed with the love of his life and wrapped his arms around her. He placed his hand on her belly and kissed her shoulder. In the middle of the night, Lucy awoke from a terrifying nightmare, waking Luke. He held her until she was able to fall back asleep, but the gruesome images from her sleepy mind lingered. The nightmare was of their baby being born, Lucy waking up to feed him, and finding that both him and Luke were gone. She found a bloody hallway, but no sign of her loved ones. It was impossible to shake the negative feelings from her gut. The active baby boy inside of her kicked and she jumped. Luke held her stomach and eventually, Lucy drifted off into a normal sleep.

The next night Luke didn’t work as late, but Lucy wasn’t feeling well. She was in her third trimester and the baby’s arrival was fast approaching. She took pain medication approved by her doctor and laid down on the couch. The Titanic was playing loudly in the background and someone was at the front door, knocking. Lucy assumed Luke was already home, but he wasn’t. She was too dizzy to stand up and the medication made her drowsy; she fell asleep. Before she passed out she smelled a scent which was all too familiar…the same scent that always linked her mind to Omisha. Luke returned home to the front door being slightly opened, which immediately panicked him. He barged inside and the animals were both asleep on the couch. He called for his wife, but there was no reply; Luke walked upstairs and noticed the light to their bedroom was on. As he entered the room he could feel the air change around him, as if he was entering into a dark space. The color left his skin when he found Lucy lying on the floor next to the bed, covered in blood. Her wrist was cut open and she was unconscious. Luke found a piece of metal on the floor beside her, but the thought of his pregnant wife slitting her own wrist baffled and alarmed him. He called for an ambulance and held her in his lap until the paramedics arrived. The policemen who were posted up at the house rushed inside and Luke wanted to choke them both with his bare hands. They said the night had been quiet and they heard nothing. Luke shook his head and took a deep breath.

The paramedics rushed Lucy and Luke to the hospital, and Detective Jones was meeting them there. Lucy didn’t wake up until hours later, but luckily the baby was safe. She appeared at first sight to have lost more blood than she actually did, but her husband had returned home just in time. If he had worked later, like usual, she could’ve bled out. She was crying uncontrollably and Luke was trying desperately to comfort her. She looked confused and scared. Detective Jones sat beside them, needing to question Lucy.

“Lucy, my dear, what happened?” Detective Jones asked. Luke sat there quietly, listening.

“I was in a lot of pain today, so I took medication approved by my doctor. The medicine makes me tired and I’ve already been dealing with dizziness from the pregnancy. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep, but the last thing I remember is a knock at the door. I never answered it because I thought Luke had already come home,” Lucy told Detective Jones. Luke looked concerned.

“A knock at the door? What time did you hear a knock?” Detective Jones asked.

“It was around seven thirty. I remember smelling that scent again, the one that reminds me of Omisha. I fell asleep and I don’t know what happened after that,” Lucy replied.

“Babe, are you sure you heard a knock?” Luke questioned.

“Yes, I’m sure. It was loud and the animals reacted to it,” she said firmly.

“The men on duty tonight at your house heard nothing and they saw no one. Lucy, the medication knocked you out. I know this is hard, but were you feeling overwhelmed or depressed today?” Detective Jones pursued.

“No, I wasn’t depressed. I was in a good mood. Why are you asking me if I was depressed?” She snapped.

“There was a metal piece on the floor beside you, where Luke found you. Your wrist had been sliced open Lucy. You could’ve died and the baby is very lucky to still be alive due to the trauma you endured tonight,” Detective Jones remarked.

“Listen, I have been through more pain than anyone I know. I didn’t cut my own wrist and lay there, ready to die. This baby is my son and I would never do anything to jeopardize this pregnancy or his fragile life. Omisha has taken so much from me and to think you’re even a little shocked as to what happened tonight disturbs me,” Lucy yelled.

“Lucy, I love you and I know you as a person. I know our son is important to you and you’re the strongest person I know, but tonight was odd and what happened was concerning. No one is mad at you or blaming you for anything. You’ve been through way too much and that is why Detective Jones thought you may have hurt yourself, while dosed with the medication,” Luke explained. She was furious but her eyes were tired.

“I didn’t hurt myself. I know I didn’t. Oh, and the baby’s name is Caleb. I decided on the name this morning,” Lucy told Luke and Detective Jones before locking herself in the bathroom. Tears poured out of her eyes.

Luke knew she was beyond upset and he felt bad for even thinking she’d hurt herself. Detective Jones sat there, puzzled. The cops had heard nothing, but Omisha always went undetected. There was never a trace left behind, which was the most frustrating part of the investigation. Lucy returned to her hospital bed and Luke took her hand in his. He gazed into her eyes and knew she was telling the truth. He apologized for doubting her, even for a second, but he was scared of losing her and the baby. She understood, but she was exhausted and angry. Lucy’s doctor walked into the room and glared at Detective Jones.

“Lucy is as stable as they come, Detective. I sent her blood work out for testing, but she is not someone who would harm herself or her unborn child. Please, go easy on her. She is too far along in her pregnancy to feel high anxiety, because that could lead to serious complications,” her doctor said to Detective Jones, with intense force. Lucy sat there feeling protected and honored. She was in good hands. Luke looked at Lucy and smiled. He believed her, always.

“Doctor, I know she is your patient and in your constant care, but I am in charge of an ongoing investigation and I’m trying really hard to save Lucy’s life.”

“In all due respect Detective Jones, stressing Lucy out at this stage isn’t saving her life or helping your investigation,” her doctor responded.

“I understand and I will check in on Lucy tomorrow, when she’s home. I’m sorry for upsetting you Lucy,” Detective Jones said before leaving.

The doctor hugged Lucy and told her to rest; she could go home in the morning. Luke curled up with a blanket in one of the hospital chairs, like he had before and dreamt of a world without Omisha. Lucy awoke in the morning and her husband was reading the paper. He kissed her and gave her a cozy hug.

“Lucy, I am so sorry. I know you’re stable and would never harm yourself. Omisha is responsible for this, but we need to figure out how,” Luke spoke.

“The last thing Omisha wrote to me made it clear that I would end up looking like the crazy one, and that I’d look hot in a straight jacket,” Lucy sighed.

“Omisha must’ve snuck by the police…I told Detective Jones the door was left open,” Luke responded.

“I feel an end coming. I think Omisha is running out of steam,” Lucy said.

“God, I hope so. I need you and our Caleb to be safe.”

Lucy returned home and for the first time in a long time she was no longer scared…she was determined. She was going to find out who Omisha was, no matter how painful the journey. She knew it was someone who was a little too close for comfort, and Detective Jones was becoming irritated and mentally exhausted. The established detective had finally met a criminal he wasn’t smarter than. Lucy sat up late at night pouring through text messages, photographs, and searching for cologne/perfume brands that could possibly connect to Omisha’s scent. She read every note left by Omisha and compared them to famous writers, movie quotes, and messages from people she was close with. She began thinking further and harder than she had before, and tracking Omisha from the beginning. Something set Omisha off and placed Lucy on the monster’s game board.

She thought back to the death of Liam, Kenny’s arrest, and everything else that occurred. She met Luke and the love she felt for him definitely increased Omisha’s intensity and attacks. But, Omisha never killed Luke…only Liam. Did the killer have a certain level of respect for Luke? As Lucy looked through likes on her social media sites her stomach tightened up. She stood up to go to the bathroom and then, her water broke…

She yelled for Luke and although excited for Caleb’s arrival, she wasn’t nervous. She took a moment to get changed, curl her hair, and grab extra hospital essentials. Luke was frantic, naturally and incredibly excited. His son was coming! They headed to the hospital and Luke held her hand the entire way there.

“I’m so excited to meet you, baby boy,” Lucy whispered as they pulled into the hospital parking lot.


Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery

Chapter Eight 

A red maxi dress draped over Lucy’s baby bump and flowed down to the hardwood beneath her bare feet. She stood in the kitchen with her hair half up, half down. A large spoon, covered in whipped cream in one hand, and a bowl filled with a sweet mixture in the other. She smiled with cherry red lips as Luke walked through the back door. The house smelled of grilled salmon and garlic mashed potatoes. Her sensual perfume clung to him as he pulled his beautiful wife in for a kiss. She placed the dessert she was concocting down on the counter, as Luke kissed her neck. He picked her up and sat her down on the edge of the sink; his firm hands slipped under her dress and she moaned. They made love on the kitchen counter, and Lucy looked into Luke’s eyes with intense passion. She remembered looking into his eyes for the first time and knowing it was “him”. Her heart whispered, “Don’t let him get away”.

They sat at the dining room table, enhanced by candle light and bit into a colorful meal. Luke noticed that Lucy looked distracted, but he knew she was also feeling quite exhausted from the pregnancy. She drifted off, falling deep into her own thoughts, before Luke broke her spell.

“Sweetheart, what’s on your mind?” Luke asked.

“I’m worried, Luke. I didn’t want to tell you, because everything has been quiet, but I was shopping with Serena today and something happened,” Lucy began. Luke dropped his fork to the ceramic plate, which created a dramatic noise.

“What happened?” He questioned, sounding tenser than before.

“I bought a dress today, and when I was trying it on in the fitting room I found a message taped to the mirror. It warned me of losing our baby,” Lucy whined.

“Lucy, I don’t want you talking to any of your friends until we figure out who Omisha is,” Luke said with force.

“I know this is terrifying and frustrating, but how can I possibly cut everyone off?” Lucy questioned.

“You answer their calls and texts, but I don’t want you going out with anyone without me there. I’m not going to risk anything happening to you,” Luke exclaimed.

“Okay, babe. You’re right,” she agreed.

The house had a startling stillness to it at night, which never used to bother Lucy, but after Omisha arrived in her life every feeling changed. The home she lived in was a gift from her parents and it was her sanctuary. It was a cozy, two story Cape Cod with a white exterior and taupe shutters. The yard was lush and filled with trees and gorgeous flowers. When Luke moved in it felt even more like home, but every noise worried them; Omisha was everywhere and nowhere, which was a scary battle to face. Lucy wasn’t sleeping through the night with her growing baby keeping her awake, but Luke didn’t always hear his wife sneak out of bed. Usually, she’d sit on the couch in the living room and watch a favorite movie, or some nights she’d even sit on the back deck and read. Reading has a way of calming the mind. Chloe, her cat and Luna, her bouncy, Golden Retriever followed her down the steps and into the kitchen. The house was dark, but there was a glow from the moon lighting up sections.

The baby kicked and Lucy held her stomach while she poured herself a glass of lemonade. She wrapped herself in a grey, knitted blanket and opened up the back door to let Luna outside. Chloe meowed from the countertop, wanting food. A few minutes passed and Lucy realized Luna wasn’t leaving the back deck. She was whining. It was very unusual for Luna to need company while going outside, but Lucy walked out onto the porch, looking up at the shimmery moon. The night was beautiful and the air smelled inviting. Luna barked as Lucy approached the porch steps. Luna sat at the top of the steps, shuffling anxiously. Lucy began walking down the steps, urging her dog to follow, but before she could call Luna once more, an invisible object tripped her. She tumbled down the steps and crashed onto the patio brick below. Her hair collected in the foliage beside her. A scream echoed through the yard and woke Luke immediately. He heard Luna barking and crying from outside; a terrified dog and husband fell to Lucy’s unconscious side, and Luke picked her up off of the ground. She didn’t land on her stomach, but any fall during pregnancy can be life threatening to the baby and mother. Luke buckled her into his pickup truck and sped to the hospital, frantically calling her doctor.

She awoke as Luke was carrying her into the hospital, but she was confused.  Sirens and flashing lights blurred beyond the beauty. She kept saying “baby” over and over again, and Luke wished he knew whether or not their baby was okay. She was placed on a gurney and wheeled into a room. They waited nervously for her doctor to arrive. Luke sat next to her bed, shifting back and forth in his seat. He held her hand and kissed her arm. She looked at him with tired eyes and said, “I love you”. He smiled and kissed her lips, answering “I love you more than anything”. Hours passed and the doctor checked on the baby, took her vitals, and sent her for several X-rays. The baby was safe and sound, but Lucy suffered from minor trauma. She was lucky the fall didn’t produce more damage. The doctor ordered Lucy to remain on bed rest until the next ultra sound, to ensure everything was truly fine. The doctor patted Luke on the back and left them alone for a moment.

“Babe, I’m so glad that you and our baby are safe, but I have to ask you…how did you fall? You’re not a clumsy person, by any means,” Luke stated. She was a dancer, after all.

“Luna refused to go out into the yard. Something was making her nervous, so I walked down the steps to encourage her to follow, but she didn’t. I don’t know what tripped me, but something latched onto my leg and I fell,” Lucy explained.

“I’ll look when we get home. The doctor wants you to stay overnight for observation, and I’m not leaving you,” Luke told her. She reached for him and smiled, feeling exhausted. He kissed her sweetly and she looked into his loving eyes with affection.

The doctor came in and smiled; he had exciting news. Lucy had taken a blood test weeks prior, which included finding out the sex of the baby, before the next ultra sound. Lucy initially didn’t want to know the sex, but decided it would be fun to find out.

“Lucy, Luke, are you finally ready to know the sex of your baby?” The doctor asked.

They both smiled and nodded.

“You’re having a boy, Lucy. Congratulations to you both!”

Luke almost fell over. He was going to have a son. Lucy started to cry when she saw how excited her husband was, and although she wanted a little girl to follow in her sparkly footsteps, she already loved her baby boy so much. She looked at Luke and they both laughed, knowing their lives were about to change in such an adventurous way.

They returned home the next morning, and Luke made his wife breakfast in bed. She wasn’t happy about bed rest, but she knew it was what she needed after the fall. Luna and Chloe accompanied her in bed with Vogue magazine and the morning news. The smell of eggs and waffles drifted through the house, making Lucy’s stomach growl. She was starving and yet, had no appetite. The fall traumatized her in more ways than one; she felt as though somehow, it was her fault. Luna had tried warning Lucy, but the signs were unclear. While Lucy caught up on current fashion trends and chatted on the phone with her mom, Luke went outside with Luna.

He noticed a thin, clear wire attached to a thin, metal rod on either side of the steps. Part of the setup had been derailed when Lucy fell, but that was clearly the intention. Luke knew Omisha had set up the wire, and there’s no way Lucy could’ve seen the clear wire below her, especially in the dark. Luke decided to set up expensive cameras in the backyard and the front yard, which they had attempted to do before, but Omisha had a way of sneaking in from any angle. Luke called a security company to come and install security cameras inside, which was costing a small fortune altogether. Luke was so angry; he couldn’t take the threats, or the harm anymore. His wife and child needed optimum protection. He told Lucy about Omisha’s invisible wire, and she then realized the warning on the fitting room mirror was real. She felt foolish for not doing more to prevent the fall, but Omisha was relentless. Lucy was tired and Luke was feeling powerless.

Detective Jones agreed that cameras were smart, but he knew Omisha was smarter. He hired two men to post up at Lucy’s house, for the second time. Lucy was uncomfortable with watchdogs skulking through her flowers, but Luke told her they were essential. Detective Jones knew the psycho was someone close to Lucy, but the lack of DNA left behind at any of the crime scenes, or any true link to a real, physical person made the case infuriating. Omisha’s mind was sick, but it was also exceptionally smart.

“I want to live a normal life again, and I want my son to have a normal life,” Lucy sighed.

“A psycho can only go for so long without becoming mentally exhausted. When someone becomes mentally exhausted they make mistakes; they become sloppy. We’ll catch Omisha, Lucy. I wish I could do more than I’m already doing, but this stalker is one of a kind,” Detective Jones replied.

“I guess I should be flattered that I have such a determined stalker, who has boggled the minds of law enforcement,” Lucy said with a smirk.

“Lucy, I know we’ve talked before, but we know this person is someone close to you. This enemy has been in your home, in your mind, and maybe even in your bed. Scorned lovers often make the scariest opponents, because they feel as though they’ve lost something that belongs to them. Stalking is about possession and power,” Detective Jones explained.

“I think about it every day. I feel as though Omisha is a woman, but I could be wrong,” Lucy remarked.

“Why?” Detective Jones asked.

“The way Omisha writes, follows my every move, as if this person truly understands the way a woman’s mind works, even after becoming pregnant…I don’t know, and again I could be completely wrong, but we both know how smart and cruel some women can be,” Lucy exhaled.

“Serena?” He questioned, as he pulled out files on everyone who attended Lucy’s wedding.

“She has been my best friend for so long, but she doesn’t know me as well as you’d think. She’s a great person, but reserved. She doesn’t get me the way Omisha does,” she responded.

“Do you view Omisha as more than just a stalker? Do you view Omisha as a person in your life who maybe, knows you better than anyone else, including yourself?” Detective Jones wondered.

“I sometimes view Omisha as a part of myself, as if that psycho lives in my head, but then Omisha kills someone I love, or severely harms me, and I realize this person is very real. This person loves and hates me, and yet, this person does in fact know me better than anyone. I don’t even recognize a person in my every day life who understands me, my secrets, and my desires the way this unknown person does,” Lucy cried. Detective Jones handed her a tissue and gave her a moment. He knew it was painful, but the more she thought about it the more they’d both discover.

“You’re beautiful, smart, driven, and many people adore you. I’m sure you’ve been with men, even before Luke, and before Liam that would’ve done anything for you. Are there any old boyfriends that could still be hanging around, feeling resentment?” Detective Jones continued.

“I was only ever really serious with Liam, and now Luke. I was with Liam for so long and I was so young and naïve when we met. I’ve slept with and gone out with guys since Liam and before him, but none of them were anything serious. None of them knew my mind or my secrets. They were just normal guys,” she explained with pretty eyes.

“Well, I hate to break it to you, but no guy is normal. They all have secrets, a past, and thoughts that would bother you. Most of them aren’t lunatics, but someone in your life sure as hell is. Do you remember telling me awhile back that when you were kidnapped, something smelled familiar to you?” He interviewed.

“Yes, I do. I smelled something that made me think I had been very, very close to my kidnapper before. I don’t know what the smell was from, but that wasn’t the only time I’ve smelled it. Sometimes, I think I smell that same smell while I’m grocery shopping, or even at home. But, then it fades away. It could be Omisha’s cologne, or perfume,” she murmured.

“What does it smell like?”

“It smells like the air after a rainstorm…it’s a heavy scent, too. I know you were looking for an easier explanation, but that’s what it smells like, a breeze after the rain has passed,” she breathed.

“I used to go for jogs every morning, and when it would rain it would leave the earth smelling fresh and renewed. It was a calming smell,” he remembered.

“Yes, exactly,” she smiled.

“You need to rest, but I do have to ask…do you think Luke is in any way involved in the stalking? I know you met Luke rather recently, compared to many, but maybe you in fact met him in the past?” Detective Jones pursued.

“No, I would’ve remembered meeting Luke in my very, complicated past. He has something special that sets him apart from anyone I’ve ever met, and I know he’d never hurt me. He’s everything,” she said with a sincere smile.


Lucy crept out of bed, waiting for Luke to come home and wandered out to the mailbox. The sun faded into a dark, stormy evening and she thought she smelled that same, familiar scent, Omisha’s scent. She pulled envelope after envelope out of the mailbox, holding the end of her long, lace nightgown in her hand. Her baby boy kicked and she made a face as she continued to shuffle through mail. The last envelope was from Omisha. The man posted up in her driveway looked at her, as her facial expression changed. She shook her head and read the note to herself.

”Lucy, I know you may be going crazy, stuck in bed and unable to leave the house, but I’ll show you what crazy really feels like. You’d look hot in a straight jacket.”


Dancing Queen

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Dance / Fashion / Non Fiction

I entered into the beautiful world of dance when I was a little girl, by diving into ballet. I was a driven, little ballerina until I left my favorite private school (I attended a few) just before entering into fourth grade. I then danced a little longer at another private school, but when I started middle school and my pre-teen years, I was more concerned with applying makeup, crushing on boys, and dodging bullies than pursuing dance. I loved buying ballet slippers and sparkly tutus, but I never thought at age twenty one I’d fall for another realm of dance…ballroom dancing. I’ll never forget what my ballet instructor said to me before one of our recitals; I was in the first grade, and she looked over at me while I applied a layer of lip gloss (I was such a diva) and said, “Although I think you’re going to pursue other things, you’ll always be a dancer.” I looked at her with a doe eyed expression and smiled, not at all understanding what my wonderful teacher meant at the time. She was right. I pursued writing, photography, graphic design, fashion, retail, horseback riding, working with animals, etc., but my heart never left the dance floor.

I walked into Arthur Murray Marlton on February 14th, 2017 for their Valentines Day party. I accompanied my mom, but I was in no mood to mingle. I was going through a heartache unlike any other and I had recently left a fashion-retail job I loved for what I thought would be a great opportunity, but I was wrong. It was a time of immense change in my life and walking into that studio felt overwhelming. My mom had started dancing there a few months before I did, and she loved it; she told one of the dance instructors to introduce himself to me, because we’d be a good match. I was in a bratty, “I hate the world” kind of mood, but I faked a smile and shook his hand. He was bubbly and a lot of fun, but I was so upset I couldn’t even dance.

I sat there on the sidelines, cuddled in a taupe colored sweater, sulking and thinking. I looked into the other, distant ballroom and watched as two instructors danced the American Tango together and I fell head over heels, just like that. I thought to myself, “I’m going to become a ballroom dancer and learn the American Tango.” Not only was the American Tango one of the first dances I learned at Arthur Murray, but it also flowed like no other. It came so natural to me that my instructor turned to me and said, “That is your dance.” I quickly fell for Argentine Tango, as well. The movement and passion within the Tango is mesmerizing and sensual. Dance is a language, and usually I dance simply to escape from the madness around me.

I learned Rumba, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, and Hustle, of course within a year, graduating to a Bronze II level. I’ve learned a little Swing (and West Coast Swing) as I continue to grow through Bronze II with my other concentrations. I’ve received high scorings in all of my dances, especially Argentine Tango & Rumba by incredible judges at showcases. I’ve learned so much and have fallen hard for ballroom dancing, thanks to Arthur Murray and Franddy (the best partner in crime a gal could ever ask for). I am a ballroom dancer not because of the desire to compete, but because I have to dance. Ballroom dancing isn’t about being perfect…it’s about passion and heart. If you need to be there, dancing and growing, then it’s a part of who you are. I will compete when time and money align, but my goals revolve around teaching & one day owning a dance studio. I know it may be years and years before that dream becomes a reality, but that’s okay.

Whenever I tell people I ballroom dance they always look at me with amazement and usually reply with, “That’s awesome! Just like Dancing with the Stars?” I smile and say, “When you’re not being filmed for a well-known television show it’s very different, but yes I wear a lot of sparkle and I dance the same dances.” I don’t do what I do for the flicker of camera bulbs or to earn loads of money (lol, not even close). You don’t dance to earn an income; you dance to do what you love. Ballroom dancing is an addictive, alluring, and expensive world filled with beautiful people, and some pretty intense individuals. I’ve watched women mess up just slightly and leave the floor crying. I’ve seen many stop showing up because the money and, or the nerves were too much. I’ve been asked after doing thirteen dances at a showcase, “How do you go out there and not feel nervous?” I always laugh and say, “I embrace the butterflies!” I still get nervous and I make mistakes, but when one of the judges tells me how beautiful I am to watch, the butterflies fade away. The amount of time I’ve put into dance shocks some people, and  I know that being a part of the ballroom dancing world does make personal relationships challenging. I’ve been at the studio late at night numerous times, or there may be an event/showcase that takes up a block of time (the weekend). I’ve often joked that I would sell an organ to keep dancing, but in many ways I’m being honest. It takes a lot of soul and drive to continue with ballroom dancing and to digest the critiques, because everyone has off days. It’s a beautiful sport and one hell of a workout, despite the sexy outfits and high heels.

I owe everything I’ve accomplished and the girl I’ve become to Franddy, my first and forever favorite dance partner (and instructor). I met Franddy at a fragile point in my life, but he reminded me of how strong I am, no matter what I’m dealing with. He showed me that I’m a storm and a force to be reckoned with, and he was right. Dance is art, but when you dance with someone else you create more than just art…you create a feeling and a bond. We are both embarking on journeys that may take us away from each other and the dance floor at the moment, but dance forever connected us. I’m thankful for the laughs and for being able to dance through the tears with the absolute best partner. Thank you for always believing in me, for dipping me down low, and for continuing to teach me (even if our moments are few and far between now). Franddy, you took my life and shook it up, in the best possible way. Thank you for creating a sparkly, driven monster (so much love, xo).

I also want to thank all of the other instructors at Arthur Murray, and some who are no longer there (we miss you!). To Brandon and Nick, who are two incredibly talented dancers, who went on to pursue other things, you both taught me so much. Brandon, thank you for showing me that dance is about having fun and being yourself, and that nothing else matters if you’re remaining true to yourself. Nick, thank you for always putting up with me (haha) and for being just as sarcastic as I am. Also, thank you for the brief and truly amazing country two step lessons. Jarrod, I am excited to be working with you currently and I appreciate everything you teach me during our sessions. Thank you for helping me fall further in love with Waltz.

Arthur Murray Marlton is more than just a dance studio for me; it’s my second home. I walk in and I feel as though I can breathe again. The Arthur Murray family is very real and I am so thankful for those I’ve met through ballroom dancing. No matter where life takes me, that studio will always be one of the biggest parts of me.

Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery

Chapter Seven

The bar was packed and Lucy was feeling exhausted. She bent over to grab the cocktail shaker and out fell a note, which was written on the back of a customer’s receipt. She picked it up as another bartender bumped into her. The note was from Omisha…”Tell me you give up darling, and that I can finally have your heart, or someone you love loses theirs.” She swallowed hard and called Luke, feeling nauseous.

“Babe, what do I do?” She asked Luke.

“Come home, have a glass of wine, and take a deep breath. Your heart is mine…no one else’s,” Luke told her.

“What if Omisha goes after you?” She questioned. Lucy leaned up against a cement wall; a fellow bartender stepped outside for a cigarette break. He smiled at Lucy and she acknowledged him briefly.

“I dare Omisha to try and hurt me to get to you. He, she, it will be in for one hell of a fight. I’m not going anywhere,” he reassured his love.

She nodded and told him how much she loved him, before hanging up. She hurried home, and as she was stepping out of her car she felt eyes hawking her. Heavy footsteps echoed beyond the garage; she backed up against the vehicle. The inanimate object became her friend in that moment. Luke opened the front door and asked her what she was doing; she gazed passed the driveway, saying nothing. Her heart was racing and she couldn’t catch her breath. Luke walked over to her with concerned eyes and escorted her inside. She sat at the dining room table with her man and bit into a piece of homemade pizza. He smiled and reached for her hand. The candlelight made her skin glow, and the touch from her warm body made him feel at home.

“I love you beautiful girl. Omisha will never come between us,” Luke said with a sexy smile.

“You’re my heart, but I need you to promise me something,” Lucy responded.

“What is it?” He asked.

“If Omisha threatens you directly I need you to leave me and don’t look back.”

“Baby…I’m never leaving you,” he reacted.

“Luke, I love you. I want to have babies with you and get married, but Omisha isn’t going away. All I care about is that you’re safe and leaving me may be the only choice you have. The police department is useless and we know what this monster is capable of. I have the scars on my body to prove it, and Liam is still dead and gone. Kenny’s life was turned upside down, too. Omisha will stop at nothing to have me,” she explained with broken eyes.

“I am never going anywhere and we will stop Omisha, whether it takes a week or a year. I will keep you safe and that is a promise I can live by. Omisha isn’t the only one who will stop at nothing to have you…,” Luke began before standing up and approaching Lucy. She looked up at him with pretty eyes and he smiled. He got down on one knee and placed her delicate hand in his. She gasped and began to cry. A beautiful ring emerged from his pocket, as he continued with his speech.

“Lucy, I knew from the second I met you that you’re the woman for me. You’re beautiful, strong, and fiercely independent. I’m a better man for holding you at night, making you homemade pizza, and for being your boyfriend. The rest of the world doesn’t matter when I’m with you, and when you were kidnapped, I couldn’t sleep or move. Everything stopped without you here. I love being your boyfriend, but I want more. Will you do me the honor of marrying me and being my wife?” The look in his eyes was honest and she was on the brink of gushing. She had envisioned perfect moments like that one, over and over again, but after Omisha took ahold of her life, perfect moments vanished. Luke managed to revive the thought of having a real, normal life and she loved him for that.

“I want nothing more than to be your wife. The answer is yes, I’ll marry you,” she spoke sweetly as a tear ran down her face. He placed the large, pink diamond on her ring finger and kissed her lips. She couldn’t let go of him, but for a split second she saw Liam. She smiled, although tears felt more appropriate, and kissed her fiancé once more.

The honeymoon phase began early for Luke and Lucy. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, and anywhere they went Luke was slipping his hand up her dress. She was all smiles while they planned their wedding, which would be intimate and soon. Lucy didn’t want to wait, for life is far too unpredictable. Serena was the maid of honor and two of Lucy’s close, female friends from dance were her bridesmaids. It was going to be an evening to remember, and no one could put on a show like Lucy. She was all about the gown, flowers, and string lights.

She sat at the bridal shop with Serena and her mother, covered in tulle and glitz. She tried on dress after dress before she slipped into “the one”…the dress she had always pictured herself wearing on her wedding day. It was a bohemian style, mermaid gown, with a jeweled and beaded bodice. It was goddess-like, and Lucy looked like an enchanting dream. The moment of immense happiness was cut short though, by a text from Kenny. It read, “Help me”. Lucy took off the dress and handed the sales associate her credit card, while she stood there in nothing but her lace underwear. She told her mother and Serena that a friend of hers from the bar had been in an accident. The dress was found and waiting for her special day to arrive, but Kenny needed her now and that was the only thought in her mind. She rushed to him, speeding down back roads and running red lights.

When she arrived at Kenny’s his house was dark. She let herself in and called for him, but there was no reply. As she fumbled for a light switch she heard movement coming from the bedroom. She shone her flashlight in the direction of the room; her eyes widened as she noticed a trail of blood on the floor. The living room was a mess and there was shattered glass everywhere. A moan of pain drifted through the home; Lucy entered the bedroom, armed with nothing but her strength, and found Kenny propped up against the wall, sitting in a pile of his own blood. He had been stabbed multiple times and he was fading quickly. She fell to his side, trying to comfort him. She called 911 and held his face in her warm hand. She felt lightheaded and the world around her became an intense blur.

“I’m so sorry Kenny. This is all my fault,” Lucy screamed as she looked down at her ring.

“Don’t leave me,” Kenny managed to say.

“I’m not going anywhere,” she replied.

The paramedics and police flooded into the home and Lucy, covered in Kenny’s blood was lifted up off of the floor by a worried detective. He handed her over to a friendly face. Detective Jones stood there, looking horrified. He hugged the young woman and told her he hadn’t given up on her, or the Omisha case. He was searching every day for answers, but Omisha was clever and evil. He had never known such a careful opponent. There was never an ounce of evidence left behind that would lead Jones to arresting someone, under true suspicion…nothing ever linked to Omisha, just the stalker’s dark mind. They never discovered whose heart Omisha had left in Lucy’s bathtub, for instance. Where does one get a human heart on demand?

Lucy sat in the hospital room next to Kenny, staring at her gorgeous ring. Kenny opened his eyes and looked over at the girl sitting there, wearing a baby blue maxi dress and a bomber jacket. She was too deep in thought to notice that her friend had awoken from his literal nightmare.

“Nice rock,” Kenny said as Lucy looked up from her ring.

“Oh thank god…you’re alive,” she said, jumping to his side.

“When you told me you had gotten engaged I honestly didn’t believe you,” he admitted.

“I know. It’s pretty crazy. Can you picture me married?” She questioned.

“Yes, I can. I see you married, having a baby, and teaching your kid how to dance. There’s going to be a lot of heartbroken men though, realizing Lucy is finally taken,” he laughed. Laughter was painful, as was breathing. Omisha was like a cat with a mouse. Death is too simple, but torture is fun and continuous. The stab wounds weren’t fatal, just deep enough to land him in the hospital and forever scarred.

“Well, I’m sure those men will get over it,” she smirked.

“I don’t know. I never could,” he replied. She smiled at him and placed her hand on his face. She kissed his cheek and told him to rest. She’d be back in the morning with magazines and breakfast. He winked at her as she left.


The wedding day had arrived and Lucy’s stomach was filled with butterflies. She and Luke were almost ready to head to the venue. She gazed at herself in the mirror and grinned, feeling changed. There was a knock at the door; Lucy rushed downstairs and found Detective Jones standing on the porch. She sighed, but welcomed him in.

“I want to keep you safe, especially today. I will be there with you today and so will my best guys. They’ll blend in, I promise. Will Kenny also be there?” Jones asked.

“Yes, of course. He’s doing much better,” Lucy spoke as Luke sat down next to her.

“My baby deserves a perfect wedding, Detective. Please, do whatever it takes to protect her and the day she’s always dreamt of,” Luke chimed in. She kissed him, feeling loved.

“I will,” Jones responded.

Guests were seated under an illuminated canopy, and a band was positioned beneath a beautiful, weeping willow tree. The band’s country melodies set the tone for the pretty, outdoor affair. The reception area was set up inside a separate, airy tent, alongside a romantic lake. The bar glowed electric blue, as the talented bartender mixed colorful drinks. The signature drink for the evening was “The Lucy”, of course. The venue was a wooded courtyard featuring a lake, and although there was a catering hall, Lucy wanted the wedding and reception to be outdoors. The aisle was lined with sunflowers and string lights hung above; a sunflower entwined arbor awaited Lucy at the end of the aisle, and framed photographs of the happy couple were propped up on easels throughout the tents. It was perfect.

Lucy stood by the window which overlooked the lake, wearing her impeccable gown. The makeup and hair artist touched up her dark, gold smokey eyes, and her mauve colored lipstick. Her voluminous curls fell behind her shoulders, and her skin glowed with a shimmery quality. A breeze blew in through the window and brushed her face, leaving goose bumps on her skin. There was a steady knock at the door…it was Kenny. Lucy smiled as he entered the room and the rest of her wedding party exited, giving her privacy. Kenny looked the bride up and down, admiring every detail. She was a dream. He loved her in jeans and a t-shirt, but there was something magical about seeing her in a wedding gown. Their youth flashed before him, as they both realized everything was about to change.

“I wanted to see you before you walk down the aisle,” Kenny began.

Lucy stared at him softly with bright eyes. “Do you remember what you said to me the night we went for a midnight bike ride, and we wound up swimming in the lake behind my house?” Kenny asked.

“I was a little drunk that night, but I do remember sitting on the dock at the lake, talking for hours. There were so many fireflies that night,” Lucy said as she sat carefully on an ottoman.

“You told me, ‘These are the beautiful moments that become part of our story.’ ”

“Oh, I do remember that. Those were the nights,” Lucy remarked with a grin.

“Well, today, my darling is a beautiful moment that will become part of your story,” Kenny exclaimed.

Lucy smiled at her old friend and handed him a shot of bourbon. They took a shot together and laughed for a little while longer, and then it was time to go. Her wedding party was lined up and ready to begin, which meant the audience was anxiously awaiting the bride. Luke stood proudly beneath the sunflowers, waiting for his love to make her debut. Serena made her way down the aisle with her bouquet of sunflowers, thistle, and blue morning glory. She and the bridesmaids wore champagne colored dresses, that were floor-length and bohemian to enhance the theme. Lucy’s brother was escorting his little sister down the aisle and “giving her away”, which she knew meant a lot to him. When it came time for her to walk, the guests stood with beaming smiles, as the band played “Cowboy Take Me Away”.

The bride was radiating beauty and positive vibes as she made her way towards her handsome future. Her arm was linked to her brother’s, and she could feel him tense up the closer they became to Luke. She was no longer a little girl. As Lucy stepped up onto the petal covered platform, she looked up at the magical, sunflower decorated arbor and smiled. She looked over at Luke, who was the happiest man on earth in that moment, and winked at him beneath golden makeup. He touched her hand and whispered “I love you” as the ceremony continued. Detective Jones lurked beyond the weeping willow tree, remaining as discreet as possible. His men were dressed as servers, ready to mingle with the unaware guests and pass out appetizers.

“Lucy, you’re more than just my lover…you’re my best friend. I have never been more sure of anything in my life and I will never leave your side. Consider me your shadow, but even in the dark I won’t leave you. Thank you for being honest, loyal, and a constant adventure. Thank you for being mine and for making me the luckiest man in the world. Your determination and ferocity inspires me every day and I wish you could see what I see when I look into your eyes. Your smile lights up the room, your laugh heals those who are in pain, and your mind confuses the hell out of me. I vow to always be there for you, no matter what struggles we are facing, and to never stop looking at you the way I did when I first met you. I love you,” Luke exhaled with courageous eyes. Lucy wiped a tear from her soft face as she prepared for her words.

“Baby, you’re my sanity, my support system, my partner in crime, and my heart. I look at you and I see my future. I wake up next to you every morning and I don’t even know how it’s possible, but I love you more with each passing day. I would do anything for you and to protect us. You’re my first thought when I wake up in the morning and my final thought as I lay my head down at night. There’s something so beautiful in the way you love and care for me, and I wish I could explain in words the way you make my heart feel, but it’s a feeling that cannot be put into words. I love you more than anything Luke, and I vow to only love you more as time goes on. I also wanted to tell you something special, and on this incredibly special day, I thought there is no better moment…” Lucy paused just to look into Luke’s eyes. He had a bright smile on his face, but was obviously confused.

“Luke, the butterflies that have flooded my stomach ever since the first time I kissed you have turned into two, tiny feet. You’re going to be a daddy and I’m so excited to start a family with you,” Lucy finished. Luke kissed her passionately and the guests cheered loudly, as though they had caught a homerun baseball at a winning game. Luke was so happy his eyes were watering; the priest had to regain control over the enthusiastic crowd.

“Lucy, do you take Luke as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” The priest asked with a sweet tone.

“I do,” Lucy acknowledged as Luke placed a wedding band on her finger.

“Luke, do you take Lucy as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” The priest questioned.

“I do,” Luke said with a smile. Lucy slipped a wedding band onto his finger and they took each other’s hands.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Luke, you may kiss your beautiful bride.”

Luke pulled his love in for a kiss and touched her belly. The guests were ushered into the reception tent by Lucy’s mother, and the lake spontaneously lit up with lanterns and tea lights to welcome the guests. The bar was flooded with thirsty friends and family, and the servers passed around gorgeous hors d’oeuvres. The event was a vision, as was the bride. She and Luke stood behind a veiled entryway to the tent, awaiting their grand entrance. She kissed her husband once more, before greeting their guests and he embraced her with a warm hug. Detective Jones whispered into his headset and Luke looked at him, nervously. While the happy couple took the dance floor for their first dance, Detective Jones was dealing with Omisha.

A letter had been found on the gift table, which immediately pointed to Omisha. The handwriting was a positive match. The letter read:

“Dear beautiful bride,

I hope you had a magical wedding and that the day was filled with love, excitement, and surprises. I’m so happy that I was able to be there with you today to celebrate your marriage and to see you walk down the aisle. You looked good enough to eat…

There’s a gift for you on the table. Enjoy!



Detective Jones searched through every gift, but found nothing. He was infuriated. He told his men to keep a close eye on all of the guests, because Omisha was a party crasher. Luke appeared next to Detective Jones. He looked worried and a little angry.

“What’s wrong?” Luke asked.

“Omisha is here with us today, and I found this letter on the gift table,” Detective Jones replied, handing Luke the letter.

“We know everyone whose here today, though,” Luke pointed out.

“I know. Sometimes, your enemies are much closer to you than strangers.”

As Detective Jones was placing the gifts back onto the table he discovered something. The table cloth slipped off revealing the gift left by Omisha. The gift was in fact on the table all along; the gift was the actual table cloth. On the underneath of the table cloth were messages, photos, and depictions. The high quality photos were of Lucy, with a timeline drawn out in what appeared to be blood. The depictions were of Lucy giving birth, Luke being brutally murdered, and the baby and her being taken by Omisha in the middle of the night. Some of the photos of Lucy were recent and were blended in with the animated drawings, which were so lifelike it was startling. Omisha must’ve found the pregnancy test Lucy took and decided to incorporate the baby into the awful, personalized wedding gift. Luke felt sick to his stomach and rage roared through him, like a wildfire.

It was a nightmare showing Lucy the letter and the table cloth, but Luke knew all of the guests had to be questioned. It was a scary end to a beautiful day. Nothing came of the investigation that night, but Detective Jones kept the table cloth and the letter, and ran background checks on every guest who attended their wedding, pairing that information with the interview he had conducted with each one of them. It killed Lucy to think someone she knew and loved wanted to cause her so much pain, but she also knew that life is a game and not all players are fair.

Luke made love to Lucy that night for hours, trying to distract her from new fears. A white, flowing negligee hung from her body. Her bust was exposed and her curls were wild. He held her down and kissed her body, leaving her feeling weak, in the best possible way. She moaned intensely while he pleasured her, but during their night of ecstasy a hooded figure crept through their home. The figure entered into the room Lucy was turning into a nursery and drew a smiley face on the wall, in blood. The smiley face clung to the wall as a disturbing reminder that happiness can be taken away.

Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / mystery / romance

Chapter Six

A steamy handprint glowed against the shower glass, while Lucy and Kenny enjoyed a hot morning together. She moaned, and he reminded her why she couldn’t get enough of him. She missed Luke, but she messed up. Luke couldn’t begin to understand what the kidnapping, and continuous stalking did to her emotionally; he knew how beautiful a person she was, but she was in deep pain. Kenny was her escape into a sensual and thrilling world; it was a world free from torture and caution. She was giving Luke space though, and with Omisha stalking her every move, she had Kenny by her side (and on top of her) to ensure she wasn’t alone. He was more than just sex…she would always love Kenny. Commitment, unfortunately wasn’t his strong suit, and Lucy craved stability. She was like diving head first into the deep end, with no regrets. Kenny swam through her waters, but the deep end was far too mysterious for him. There were moments when she felt as though he was her boyfriend, but those moments were like catching a glimpse of a shooting star…fleeting and rare.

After losing her management job, Lucy began to drown in bills and late fees. The once carefree girl was struggling to smile and stay afloat. She was working as a bartender and received nice tips from lonely men, but she was exhausted. Late nights and low cut shirts became her lifestyle.

“Can I get some more Cuervo sweetheart?” An attractive man asked.

As she leaned over the bar to hand the stranger another shot of something strong, a familiar face appeared in front of her. The smoke filled bar became a blur, and the song playing in the background drowned out the noise of drunken fools. Luke stood there with his amazing grin and she melted, as always. She yelled to her boss that she was taking her break. She followed Luke outside, and into a small courtyard; they sat side by side, inhaling one another. He smelled like springtime and she smelled like temptation. He turned to look at her and she smiled brightly. When Lucy smiled the rest of the world was put on pause, and Luke could feel himself falling into a beautiful, unknown story.

“I’ve missed you Lucy. I want you back, babe,” Luke said with a sincere tone.

“I’ve missed you so much. I’m an idiot for what I did,” Lucy confessed.

“How much have you missed me?” Luke asked with a flirtatious stare.

“Will you sleepover tonight so I can show you?” She questioned, as she leaned in for a kiss.

“I’ll be there beautiful.” He grabbed her soft face and kissed her intensely. There was something about her that made him feel better than he ever had before.

Lucy sat on the sofa wearing nothing but a lace slip, waiting for Luke to come over. She had a bottle of wine in hand and smelled of Chanel No. 5, naturally. It was the type of night which required expensive perfume. The doorbell rang and she rose up, exposing her bare legs and black, high heels. Her brown hair flowed behind her, featuring her natural beach curls. As she opened the door Kenny stumbled in, smelling of a liquor store. He grabbed her and pushed her up against the door, slamming it shut. She tasted like Merlot and her red lips looked enticing. She pushed him off of her and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Kenny, I told you I’m back with Luke. What’re you doing here?” She asked loudly.

“Lucy, I’m a fool. I want to be more than just sex to you. I want to make a real commitment.” Kenny swallowed hard. He had surprised even himself with those words. Lucy fell silent for a moment. She had waited years to hear him say that to her.

“I love you, but I’ve committed to Luke and I’m not going to let him down,” she explained with honest eyes.

“You’re a good girl, but with me you can be bad. I allow you to be free and wild. Won’t you miss that?” He wondered.

“I already do. But, I’m still your friend. I’m not going anywhere love,” she reminded him. She looked into his eyes and felt him fading away. He felt something he never knew he had, break…his heart.

“I know. I’m sorry I bothered you tonight. I hope he brings you happiness and sleepless nights, and I hope he…” Kenny said, before leaning in towards her neck and biting it. She let herself feel the way he always made her feel, as her eyes rolled back.

“You’re never a bother. You can come see me whenever you want, but Luke should be here soon.”

Kenny stood there feeling overwhelmed with emotions and drunk. He put his rough hand on her face and kissed her, for what felt like the last time. She pulled away slowly and he kissed her forehead, before disappearing into the night. She was his beautiful nightmare, but he refused to wake up. Luke arrived and was happily surprised to see his girl standing there with very little on. She pulled him onto the couch and kissed him repeatedly. They drank wine and watched a movie, and in the middle of it Lucy turned to face him. The movie played loudly in the background, but she didn’t seem to notice the climax taking place on the screen in front of her.

“What’s going on in that pretty head of yours baby?” Luke questioned.

“I’m so in love with you,” she told him. He beamed and placed her hand in his. His touch felt safe and comfortable.

“I love you Lucy. You make me so happy.”

“I’m stressed and struggling with money, I am being stalked by a demented psychopath, and those I thought would be there for me through everything have left me all alone, but sitting here with you feels so right. When I’m with you I forget all about my pain, fears, and doubts. I’m sorry I’m not perfect, but you make me feel as though I am. I don’t know a lot, but I know that I love you. I love you deeply,” she said with a dramatic exhale.

“I love you too baby girl. You walked into my life unexpectedly and shook it up, and I mean that in the best way. You’re the simplest part of me and I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and happy. Life will never be easy, but I promise that I won’t ever make it any harder for you,” Luke replied with a kiss.

The bar illuminated behind her as Lucy drove home, and there was an unsettling feeling in the air. She arrived home to find what appeared to be blood smeared on the floor. Nervously, she fumbled for her phone. A pain enveloped her whole body and fear flooded her mind; Luke didn’t answer the phone, but Kenny did. She followed the red, disturbing markings on the floor into her kitchen. Kenny answered and she cried to him, but he couldn’t understand the poor girl. The nude colored wall ahead of her was decorated with red lettering. Omisha left her a message, “Remember darling, I own your heart”. Lucy threw a wine glass at the wall and it shattered dramatically. Kenny drove to her, panicked.

When Kenny arrived Lucy was on her knees, scrubbing the floor and reassuring Luke that she was safe. Her hand shook as she held the phone to her ear. She looked up at Kenny, who was admiring her casual appearance and bare face. She hung up with Luke and Kenny knelt down next to her. He pulled her in for a hug, but she began to cry when she realized her hands were stained red. Kenny forced her to stand up and face the deafening music; he put his hand on her face and she focused on him. He stared into her soft eyes and removed the sponge from her hand; Kenny led her into the kitchen and gasped when he read the wall.

“I’m going to clean this mess up, my dear. I will make you some dinner and then you’re going to go upstairs and rest. When is Luke going to be home?” Kenny spoke.

“He has a late night tonight, helping a friend move into their new home. I told him I’m fine and not to rush home,” Lucy said with a blank look in her eyes.

“Why did you lie to him?”

“I’m fine, Kenny.”

“Why are you lying to me? It’s me,” Kenny replied firmly.

“Please, just get me drunk,” she whined.

Kenny opened up her wine fridge and poured her a glass of Merlot. He cooked her dinner, but by the time the food was ready she was drunk. She had no appetite, but she ate the thoughtful meal her friend prepared for her. They laughed and consumed two bottles of expensive wine, which meant Lucy was feeling frisky and tired. He carried her upstairs and ordered her to take a hot bath. She clung to him and undressed; Kenny watched her clothing fall to the carpet, and he couldn’t help but fall weak when she smiled. She giggled and he pulled her into his warm embrace, but he didn’t kiss her. He knew she was an emotional wreck and was missing Luke. She grabbed a towel, looked back at Kenny, and headed into the bathroom. Kenny sat on her bed, flipping through the glossy pages of a magazine on her nightstand. Suddenly, an Oscar worthy, horror movie scream echoed from the bathroom and Lucy fell into her bedroom, with tear soaked eyes. She was panting, and when Kenny appeared by her side she could do nothing but point, as her whole body trembled. He entered the bathroom, slowly and in the tub was a pool of blood, and what he believed was a human heart. The heart existed, as did the bathtub filled with blood, but Kenny remained as calm as possible for Lucy as if it was all a bad dream. She wrapped her naked body in a silk robe and crawled into bed. The cops were called and the organ found in the bathroom was indeed a human heart. Who it belonged to was another mystery for the local police department, who had failed miserably at solving the murder of Liam, and finding an end to Omisha’s brutal stalking. They offered Lucy around the clock surveillance on her home, and promised to position a police officer in front of her house, indefinitely. She nodded but couldn’t speak even a fragment.

Lucy’s handsome knight in shining armor rushed through the door to find his girl in a state of shock. The cops had faded away, but there was a man with a gun posted in front of her cozy house. The policeman didn’t comfort her, but the touch from Luke’s strong hands did. Kenny said goodnight and Luke put his lover to bed. Omisha flipped through a  scrapbook of Lucy that night, filled with photos and keepsakes. The stalker looked down at a photo of the beauty smiling on the beach and touched it, delicately. The game was far from over, but Lucy’s flame was burning out.


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personal / romance

I walked by you in my ripped jeans and cowgirl boots and that was all it took for everything to change. I could feel your eyes on me, but I pretended not to notice. I flipped my long hair over my shoulder and kept walking, but I couldn’t ignore you. You were something different and my heart knew before the rest of me that it was you. It’s crazy how I went from not knowing who you are to waking up every morning tangled up with you. I felt it the second you stared into my eyes for the first time…we were going to be something incredible. I remember every simple moment that brought us to where we are now, from our first kiss, to the first time you made me laugh. The moment I told you I love you I gave a part of myself to you. No matter what, that part of me will always be yours. You broke down my walls and ignited my heart.

I still look over at you when we’re doing nothing, and I feel the same way I did when I first talked to you. I’ll never forget how patient you were with me before officially asking me out on a date. Not only did you wait to ask me out in person, regardless of the fact that you had my number, but you also visited me every night at work, just to hangout with me and make me laugh (and to bring me painkillers, because naturally I hurt myself). As we sat in your truck in the parking lot of my old job, talking about life and spending time alone together for the first time, cop lights glowed behind us. A cop came to my window and asked if I was breaking into my own work…and that was the beginning of us. You still fill my stomach with butterflies when you lean in for a kiss, or when you look over at me and smile. As a writer I’ve been writing about passion and love since age five, but nothing compares to our story. I’m more myself when I’m in your arms, and nothing makes me feel safer than waking up at two am and having you there. Even when you’re driving me insane (which happens often), I wouldn’t change you or us for anything. We’re real and our own version of perfect. I know I’ve written you letters before (scroll down to A letter to the guy who stole my heart), but this one is different. This one is written to the man who not only stole my heart back in October, but continues to make me fall in love every day.

Life takes you on an adventure  with no planner and days are unpredictable, but unpredictability brought me you. I want to thank you for so much, and although words cannot express how insanely grateful for you I am, a gal can try, right?

Thank you for keeping me on the edge of my seat…with your sarcastic comments, one of a kind sense of humor, and our funny moments.

Thank you for letting me dance my heart out and for supporting me. I know there’s a lot of glitter and long nights that come along with following my dream.

Thank you for the dinners and dates you’ve taken me on, no matter how simple. I appreciate you treating me like a princess.

Thank you for helping me transform my apartment into a beautiful space and for sharing all of your ideas with me (even if I shot some of your ideas down).

Thank you for cuddling me and keeping me warm at night.

Thank you for always holding my hand (& I mean literally and figuratively)…you haven’t let go of my hand since the day I first went out with you, and I hope you never do. 

Thank you for playfighting with me endlessly. 

Thank you for being in control while still allowing me to be in control, but secretively I think it’s sexy when you’re in control.

Thank you for knowing how to handle me, or at least pretending to…

Thank you for keeping me balanced and for always being realistic and honest with me. As a Scorpio, it takes a truly special person to be able to calm me down and talk me down. 

Thank you for all of the compliments…and yes, they mean just as much now as they did when we first met. Sometimes a girl just needs to hear she’s beautiful, even if we are having the best day ever and already know it. Your words mean so much to me.

Thank you for all of the Vanilla Chai Teas (and for letting me call them Vanilla Chai Tea Lattes and confusing everyone at Dunkin Donuts).

Thank you for being exactly who you are. I love you for everything you are and everything you’re not. You’ve always been true to yourself with me and I’ve been able to be my wild, crazy self with you. No regrets. 

Thank you for looking at me randomly and smiling.

Thank you for not arguing with me as much as I’m sure you could, especially when something completely insane comes out of my mouth. I can feel how much you respect me when we’re together, even when you’re driving me crazy or smacking my ass.

Thank you for making me so happy. There are days when a text from you, or just seeing you at the end of an exhausting day is enough to get me through. 

Thank you for letting me miss you and be all over you, even if I just saw you. Yes, I miss you even after just seeing you. It sounds crazy, but every second I spend with you is special. So…thank you for letting me be needy and for letting me wrap myself around you whenever I missed you.

Thank you for putting up with me being a crazy fur mom, because my animals are my life.

Thank you for knowing me well enough to sense when something’s wrong, even if I claim everything’s fine. 

Thank you for being my best friend not because we’re dating, but because you want to be. It’s so easy to say your boyfriend is your best friend, but you really are mine. It’s more than just a label for us. At the end of the day I want to go on long drives and adventures with you (even if you say no, haha) and watch Netflix with you. I want to eat too much food and drink an entire bottle of wine, with you. I want to go to restaurants and amuse waiters with you. I want to do everything and anything with you. 

I love you.

❤️ your baby girl

Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / Fiction / mystery / romance

Chapter Five

“I think you should come now, Luke. She’s a mess,” Serena spoke frantically.

“What is she drinking?” Luke asked.


“She’s depressed. Where are you?” He questioned as he put on his shoes.

“We’re at the new bar on Auburn. She’s asking for you,” Serena said as Luke grabbed his keys and slipped into his Converse.

Lucy spun around in her high heels, drink in hand, dancing to her favorite country song. Serena watched her nervously. Her best friend was falling down the rabbit hole, with no regrets. As a man moved in on the beauty, Luke appeared. She fell into him and pulled his face in for a kiss, with her arms wrapped around his neck. She tasted like a wild, summer night and there was distance in her brown eyes. He knew she was hurting and he wanted to take her away from that little bar, but pain has a way of following you. She laughed as he kissed her neck.

“How about we get out of here?” Luke suggested as he placed his hands on her hips.

“I’ll go anywhere with you, baby,” Lucy exclaimed as she adjusted her little black dress.

“You just called me baby,” he pointed out. She swallowed the rest of her drink and smirked.

“Do you not want me calling you baby?” She questioned.

“I want you to call me your boyfriend, baby,” he replied with a kiss.

“Did you just ask me out?” She asked.

“I did. What’s your answer my beautiful mess?”

She stared into his eyes and smiled flirtatiously.

As she bit down on her lip she said, “Yes.”

Serena said goodnight to her best friend and Luke pulled her into his car. She was beyond intoxicated and one hell of a mess, but there is always something beautiful about a tornado. They arrived at Luke’s place and he carried his girl into the house. She held onto him tightly as he brought her into the bedroom and laid her down. Her messy, voluminous curls fell to the pillow case and her lips were still a perfect shade of pink. She pulled him in for a kiss and he climbed on top of her body. He held her down as she allowed herself to feel true ecstasy for the first time in months. His touch was everything. The glow from Lucy’s phone distracted her, but Luke didn’t seem to notice. Kenny was calling. The lovers became tangled up in the sheet beneath them, and when their moment was over, Luke kissed her on the forehead and covered her with a blanket. She felt secure, just for a moment.

Lucy lost her job after she was kidnapped which destroyed her. She had never been without work and she was struggling. Serena moved back home, because Lucy felt as though living together was affecting their friendship. She was trying to live a normal life once again, but Omisha was everywhere…and nowhere. There was a heavy knock at her front door and she jumped. Kenny walked in and she stayed sitting at the dining room table, job searching.

“You’re not going to answer my phone calls or get up when I walk through the door? What’s up buttercup,” Kenny joked.

“I’m sorry I am trying so hard to find a job, because I cannot afford to live anymore. I was at Luke’s house last night and that’s why I didn’t answer,” she explained.

“I know something that used to relieve all of your stress,” Kenny responded as he sat down next to her. He put his hand up her skirt and squeezed her inner thigh. She bit her lip, but looked at him with honest eyes.

“Kenny, I can’t do that anymore with you. I’m in a relationship with Luke.”

“You’ll get bored, Lucy. You always do. Anyway, I’m having a party tonight if you want to come,” Kenny said.

“Yes, I’d love to come. What’s the dress code?” She asked.

“Dress to kill,” Kenny told her with a wink.


Drinks were second nature to Lucy, but she was no longer drinking to have fun…she was self-medicating. Luke fought with Lucy about drinking and told her she wasn’t allowed to go to Kenny’s party. It was their first fight as boyfriend and girlfriend and it ended with Luke going out with his friends and Lucy going to Kenny’s. She was buzzed as she slipped into a pair of white, high waisted skinny jeans and a low-cut, loose, pale blue tank top. She wore her hair natural and wavy, with minimal makeup. Her lips were kissed with a deep pink lip color, which was actually Kenny’s favorite. She checked her phone and Luke was still ignoring her. It was party time.

The party was overflowing with people and liquor. Joints were being passed around like candy, and before she knew it Lucy was not only drunk, but she was high. She smelled of Prada and marijuana. She called Luke but he didn’t answer. Kenny watched Lucy flirt with everyone and throw her head back laughing. Her carefree personality was what drew him to her in the first place. Lucy found herself sitting on her friend Bridget’s lap, doing shots of vodka. The night was becoming a blur as she danced around Kenny and his friends with a bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand. She was the life of the party. Kenny loved seeing her so free and happy, but he knew she was drowning on the inside. Fear and insecurity filled her eyes. She fell into Kenny and laughed as a song she loved blared through the speakers behind them. She grabbed Kenny’s hand and told him to dance with her. His friends gestured for him to go, and so he did. He touched her body and she smiled at him. She managed to dance in eight inch heels and that was enough to impress anyone. Kenny pulled her away from everyone, leading her into his back shed. They used to drink and smoke back there every day.

“Lucy, I’m worried about you.”

Kenny sat down on an old, leather sofa and Lucy sat across from him.

“Oh my god, not you too. I am sick and tired of everyone worrying about me. I’m fine,” she lied.

“You’re not fine. You’re drowning yourself in liquor. We worry about you because none of us can imagine what you’re dealing with. I found this letter from Omisha in your purse. Did you find this tonight?” Kenny questioned. Lucy looked at the ground.

“Yes, I found it taped to my car window. Kenny, I don’t control my own life anymore. Omisha does.”

“I know you’re scared and angry, but I’m here. You don’t have to self-medicate with expensive vodka,” Kenny said with a smirk.

“What can I self-medicate with then?” She asked as she climbed onto his lap.

Kenny looked at her with intentions and she giggled. She put her hand on his face and thought about all of their moments.

“Lucy, I want you.”

“You can have me,” Lucy whispered.

Kenny laid her down on the sofa and turned out the light.


Lucy woke up on the sofa with Kenny and a pounding headache. Her clothes were on the floor and Kenny was holding her breasts. She had five missed calls from Luke. She jumped up, waking up Kenny and sighed. Kenny kissed her and she stared at him, intensely.

“Do you want me to buy you breakfast?” Kenny was hungry for her, and pancakes.

“No, Kenny. I have to call my boyfriend,” Lucy cried.

“Oh, angel. I’m sorry we got a little wild last night, but it was just one of those nights. I missed you,” he admitted.

“I missed you too and our moments, but I cheated on my boyfriend. I really cheated on him. I did some things with you last night that make Fifty Shades of Grey look innocent,” she sighed.

“Lucy…no one will ever take away who we are together. When we’re alone in a room, everything changes. You know that,” he replied.

“I know.”

She left and as she entered her home there was a sign hanging in the doorway of the kitchen. It said, “If you don’t tell Luke by tomorrow night someone you love is going to die..Love, Omisha”.

She gasped and ripped the sign down. Luke called and she was terrified to answer.

“Hey,” she said.

“Can I cook you dinner tonight?” Luke asked.

“Yes, of course you can,” she spoke.

She arrived at Luke’s house wearing his favorite red dress. She wore her hair half up, half down and her lips were red, to match the low-cut, baby doll dress. Her body was shaking as he opened the door and gave her a kiss. The smell of his cologne made her feel weak, and the house was lit up with candles. The dining room table was sprinkled with red rose petals and a beautiful dinner was waiting for her. They sat down at the table and drank wine; Luke apologized and she nodded.

“Babe, I know you’re struggling and I’m sorry if I pushed you away. How was the party?”

Lucy felt as though she was going to throw up. She knew once she told him they’d be over.

“Luke, tonight is perfect and you’re amazing. The party was a lot of fun, but I have to tell you something,” she began.

“Okay, I have to tell you something too,” Luke announced.

She swallowed the rest of her wine and he leaned forward, listening intently.

“I slept with Kenny. I am so sorry sweetheart.”

Luke was silent and he looked broken. She sat there feeling incredibly small.

“Please, yell at me or say something,” she begged.

“I’m falling in love with you, Lucy.”

Luke said his words and disappeared into the bedroom. He locked the door and Lucy sat in the dining room, alone. She blew out all of the candles and left. She cried as she drove home, feeling awful. Kenny called and she answered.

“Did you tell Luke?”

“Yes, I did,” she told Kenny.

“What did he say?”

“He’s falling in love with me…and I broke his heart,” she confessed.

“You’ve always been a heartbreaker,” Kenny laughed. She didn’t find him amusing.

Kenny told her to come over. She knew she shouldn’t, but she didn’t want to be alone. She crawled into Kenny’s bed and they did what they always did…they made beautiful memories.