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I love a cowgirl inspired look and whether you’re country or city, nothing looks cuter in the fall than cowgirl boots and ripped jeans. Wear a pretty flannel and you’re all set for a fall outing to a pumpkin patch or a festival. I love cowgirl boots and they look amazing with high boot socks.

Wubby jackets are so trendy right now and this is a lightweight wubby sweatshirt. For those of you who have no idea what a wubby jacket is, they’re the popular jackets that are Sherpa or a material similar to Sherpa. Victoria’s Secret’s wubby jackets became a huge trend a few years ago and now everyone sells them. This wubby sweatshirt was a boo gift from my husband. Also, if you missed the last Lizzie’s Closet (go catch up now) any gift my husband gets me I call a boo gift (a gift from my boo 😘). The hat and shoes are faux suede (also very on trend).

Anyone close to me knows that burgundy is my favorite color. It’s also the perfect fall color. These Ralph Lauren boots are incredibly comfortable and the burgundy boot sock tops are attached, which is an adorable feature. I’m obsessed with this entire outfit #inlove.

I’ve been asked countless times how I care for my engagement ring and wedding band, because as a busy mama they get dirty over time. I don’t wear them around the house to avoid them getting dirty when I clean, play with Greyson, and I never get them wet. Water leaves residue and it creates a gross buildup on the band and stones. I take my rings to a jeweler every season and have them polished and cleaned and that is truly the best way to clean them. Yes, you can clean them at home but you will never get the same results. You need the jewelers professional grade equipment. I always put my rings back in their jewelry box at night when I sleep or whenever I’m not wearing them. I wear them anytime I go out and of course to work, while I’m running errands, etc. The only time I’m not wearing them is if I’m at home or I’m at the beach, getting my nails done, or doing anything where they may get dirty or scratched. My wedding band is an infinity band and there’s an engraving on the inside that says “Tale as old as time ♥️”. My engagement ring is so classic and simple, which I love. Andrew picked it out all by himself and I picked out my wedding band.

I woke up over the weekend to my new Ugg’s arriving and I’m obsessed. They’re the women’s Neumel boot and they mimic the look of a combat boot, but they have the insane comfort level of any classic Ugg boot. I have the Black Olive color (a mix of dark grey and olive green) and I’m so excited to wear these this fall and winter. In high school my dad bought me every color and style of Ugg boots and then I stopped wearing them for a few years and now I love them all over again. As a mama, sometimes you just want to wear something cozy.

Stay tuned for more from my closet and seasonal inspiration…




The Greyson Diaries

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The Daily Life of a Young Mama

I have been told so many times, “You have a 10 month old? You don’t look old enough to be a mom.” I never know how to respond beyond saying, “Yes, I’m a mom and he’s my best friend.” I’m almost twenty four and I had Greyson at age twenty three (pregnant at twenty two), but I’m not sure why my age matters, or why there’s still a stigma around being a mom in your early twenties. I’m a young mama, but I’m an amazing mama. I’m creative, hands on, and passionate. Everything I do in this life is for my son and my husband and if I could go back and change when I got pregnant, I wouldn’t. I am so happy I had Greyson at a young age and I’m so excited to have another baby in the near future. People in my life are always amazed at my ability to get up every morning, tired or not, do my makeup and hair, dress up, and conquer my daily tasks with a baby by my side, and honestly…there’s no hidden secret to my life as a mama bear. I always say it’s a balancing act and being a happy and healthy mom is about balance and peace. I find peace in the people, places, and things I love. I find balance in time management and staying true to who I am.

My daily life changes day to day but there’s still a routine to maintain that balance. During the week my husband works from 7am-around 6pm and I work most weeknights from 5pm-11pm. The weekends are all about my boys and I love spending time with Andrew and Greyson. Sometimes we do day trips over the weekend and other weekends are dedicated to home projects and relaxation. During the week I wake up an hour or two after my husband leaves (around 6:30am), I feed and change Greyson, if the weather is nice we go for an early morning walk, and I always play with Greyson in his nursery in the morning. When he’s in his height chair eating and watching Word Party or Little Baby Bum I vacuum, feed my cats, make myself breakfast or tea, and I always manage to accomplish everything. I find time to shower, do my hair, my makeup, and when I do laundry and things like that he crawls around in the room with me and hangs out. He’s always been my buddy and best friend and I think it’s so important to include your child in your daily routine so it’s never an issue. I talk to him through everything I do so he knows he’s a part of my day.

I do have my own business and although I really scaled back after I had Greyson (and now that I’m back in fashion retail), occasionally I have a dog walking or pet sitting client. Usually, my mom or Andrew will babysit him while I run to my clients, but sometimes he goes with me. He’s an essential part of my life and I will never choose work (or anything else) over my child. I waited a long time before going back into a work environment after having Greyson and I don’t regret it at all. I love my job at Altar’d State (a gorgeous clothing store) and it’s so nice having something that I work hard at and that I love. It’s the perfect environment for me and I encourage every mama to do something each week for herself because it is good for the soul. If I go and get my nails done my mom or Andrew will take care of Greyson, but besides nail appointments, he usually comes with me wherever I go!

He loves going shopping with me, out to lunch, and hanging out with my friends. Mamas, don’t exclude your children from your routine or outings…include them and make every experience special and something to look forward to. We love going to Target or grocery shopping early in the morning when it’s quiet and he can look at everything in the store. Friends of mine and people in my life often mistake my bubbly personality for not being tired, but I am always tired…I’m a busy mom. I don’t drink coffee either, so I get my energy from eating and drinking healthy options (as much as I can), walks, and from pushing through. I rarely get to nap at this point and sometimes it’s best to keep moving and keeping yourself busy. Positivity is everything and if you’re a negative person you will have a negative day and a negative life. I’d rather have a lot on my plate than nothing to occupy my time, because that would be so boring. I enjoy picking out a cute outfit every day and I find a lot of inspiration and peace in my clothes. There’s something very therapeutic and fun about styling your outfit.

I’ve been asked how I deal with the bad days and we all know they exist. You know the days I’m talking about…the days that start off feeling like a bumpy, dirt road and by the end of the day you feel as though you hiked up a steep mountain with no break or assistance. Maybe you get to the top of the mountain and you admire the view, take a deep breath, and reset after the tiring day that is now behind you, or maybe you reach the top of the mountain and you break down, because the emotions are still very present and overpowering. We can pretend the bad days don’t exist and lie to ourselves but bad days are inevitable and it’s okay to have a not so amazing day. It’s okay to cry, yell, get angry, and to fall apart as long as you remember to build yourself back up and shoot for a beautiful tomorrow. Life is made up of tiny moments and not every moment is going to be beautiful and photo worthy, but each moment is so incredibly important. It’s hard to write down a guide to dealing with moments of sadness and anger because every single one of those moments differ from one another. Sometimes, I am just in a mood or stressed out and there’s nothing I can do but get through my day and start over…reset. Usually, I don’t let anything bother me for more than a few minutes and I let all of my emotions free within those few minutes. If I need to cry, laugh, or yell, I do it. There’s no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about not being perfect and having real emotions. I know moms feel as though a bad day makes them a bad mom and that’s so far from the truth; I try not to yell or cry in front of Greyson, but it’s important for him to see a balance in life and understand how to deal with every emotion we possess. I’ve always had anxiety and it’s hard for me to talk myself down when I’m upset or stressed but I always find a way. Greyson makes it easy to let go of what I can’t control because he’s so happy, light, and full of life, which is a reminder about what’s truly important in life.

I wish every mama a positive daily routine…Mamas, never forget to sincerely enjoy yourself. Yes, there will always be moments that will test you and cause stress but even cleaning can be therapeutic…it’s all about how you look at it. Are you going to be a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person? It’s your choice but as I continue to say, a negative mindset will lead to a negative life. Also, we aren’t perfect and we all mess up. I can be a brat, stubborn, and crazy…but, I know that my best is pretty amazing and the good days will always outnumber the bad.


Lizzie’s Closet

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Fall finds and fashion staples are here and I’m so excited for my favorite season! I love burgundy (my favorite color) so I wear a lot of it this time of year, from sweaters and dresses, to lipstick and accessories. Greyson went on his first hayride this fall and I wore my bohemian jeans from Altar’d State, a lightweight cardigan from Target, and a tank top from Altar’d State. We went out to dinner afterwards, so I switched up my look a bit with a boho headband and the cardigan. I wore country boots with a chunky heel and yes, I wandered through a pumpkin patch and a sunflower field in heels.

I say this all of the time, but being a mama is about balance. The best way to find balance in your wardrobe as a busy mama is layering! Layering is really trendy right now, especially for fall and winter, and I love a layered look. Whether you’re rocking a scarf and a sweater, or a cardigan and a tank top, layering is practical and cute. You can also layer with jewelry (wearing socks that peep out from your boots is considered layering). How cute are boot socks?

Here’s another casual mama look featuring my favorite tank top style from Altar’d State…

The jeans, hat, and longhorn necklace are all from Altar’d State. I layered my necklaces and I also wore a cream colored kimono. I’ve been falling for the fall color palette with lots of burgundy, brown, and burnt orange.

This is one of my favorite looks I’ve worn so far this fall. The entire outfit, minus the boots and hat are from Altar’d State (can you tell I work at Altar’d State from how much clothing I own? 😘). This was a rainy, fall weather outfit and not only is it adorable, but it’s cozy. My husband bought me the sweater and jumper dress. I love my boo gifts (gifts from my boo).

The kimono, tank top, and jeans are from Altar’d State and the shoes are from South Moon Under (Sam Edelman). I wear white all year! I love how fresh white always looks.

My husband is the sweetest and loves surprising me with gifts and always asks me if there’s anything I want/need. I call them boo gifts (gifts from my boo) whenever he treats me to something special. He just bought me these burgundy Ugg slippers for the fall as a surprise…

Sweater weather is here and I’m obsessed with hats and vests. There’s nothing better than feeling cozy on a beautiful fall day. This sweater was another boo gift from my amazing husband.

Enjoy this gorgeous fall weather and if you haven’t already, go shopping for something new and special. Treat yourself, I give you permission. Stay tuned for more from my closet!


The Greyson Diaries

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Dear Husband…

When you become a mama everything changes, including reality and expectations. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and that it would be the most beautiful chapter of my life…well, more than just a chapter, more like a whole new story, but what I didn’t know was that I would meet this incredible man, who would not only make me the happiest mom in the world but also the happiest wife.

Andrew, meeting you was unexpected, simple, and it changed everything in an instant. I found out I was pregnant at an urgent care after three pregnancy tests read negative (but I knew in my heart that I was pregnant), and although I was so excited and happy, I was also scared. I didn’t know what changes motherhood would bring or what our relationship would feel like after becoming parents. I remember driving to pick up food after telling you I was pregnant and you were so unbelievably sweet, supportive, and positive. Your positivity is what got me through every moment of fear and before I knew it, the fear was gone. Fear was replaced with excitement and knowing that we would be amazing together, always. Yes, I knew there would be arguments and disagreements from time to time, but we would work through any obstacle and we always do. I’m thankful that we don’t fight and that you never let me walk away without us communicating and figuring out whatever it is that’s bothering me.

You were there for me through every second of my pregnancy and you’re still by my side, no matter what. Nothing is ever awkward or uncomfortable between us. I look at you with our beautiful, smart, silly baby boy and I’m so thankful for the father that you are. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes because you’d see my endless, gorgeous love for you and how insanely proud of you I am every single day. When I was a little girl I would envision my future husband, but when you’re a little girl your future lover resembles a prince from a Disney classic, riding to your rescue on a white horse, dressed in expensive fabrics, and too good to be true. But, that image fades away as you grow up, realizing Disney characters aren’t real, just pretty fantasies. When I was in high school, my Prince Charming turned into a bad boy with a nice car, who’d fight for my honor with fists not a sword. As most girls do, I craved that guy who was good just for me. Once I graduated from high school I just wanted a nice, loyal guy who had dreams and a good job.

I always heard that your soulmate often finds you after your biggest mistake and most painful heartache. I never used to believe that was true until I met you and looked back on my painful past. I felt so grateful for the present. Now, as a mama and a wife all I want is you. I would never wish for anything different or take who you are for granted. I always say I wish I knew you earlier and met you sooner, but we were meant to find each other when we did and live out the rest of our story together. I often wonder if you would’ve liked the old, naive me…the girl who drank a little too much, wore her heart on her sleeve, and who sat up all night writing stories.

I don’t need you to have a perfect body and a six pack. I don’t need you to drive an expensive vehicle or wear designer brands. I don’t need diamonds and flowers every night when you come home from work and I don’t need five star dinners every Friday night. I need you to come home every night safely and to always be loyal and honest. I need you to be happy and to always pursue your dreams. I need you to live a long, healthy life, because I wouldn’t want to live this crazy life without you. I need your endless love, smile, and sense of humor (even when you drive me crazy). I need you to continue to teach and nurture our son and to always respect my opinion and feelings. I just need you.

Things change when you become a parent, which we know very well, but change is good. Change is a reminder that we’re continuously growing and learning and I love our life together. Sometimes women expect marriage to be quite different from what it really is, which is a permanent, dependable partnership with your best friend, whose also your lover. Yes, sex is amazing and healthy, but it isn’t everything and when you’re working, busy with the kids, or experiencing other life changes, sex may not happen every day like it used to. Money is important, but it’s also not everything. You will experience highs and lows, valleys and mountains, but if you’re with the right person every day will feel safe and secure. That feeling of comfort and security is everything. Thank you for giving me that beautiful feeling every day and for working so hard for us. You give us the best life and no matter how tired, cranky, or busy I am, please never forget how much I appreciate you and everything that you do.

I love you husband.


Your wife

Lizzie’s Closet

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September has been busy, filled with fashion finds, and new beginnings. I started back in fashion retail at Altar’d State, Greyson is just about ready to walk unassisted, and I’m planning for so many fall adventures (Halloween, my birthday getaway, and Friendsgiving). At the end of the day one of my favorite things to obsess over is my closet. I’ve been falling in love with casual, comfy mama looks, and dressy outfits for work, date night, and days spent with my son.

I love braids. Some girls do the messy bun, but braids have always been my thing. Lately I’ve been rocking messy, larger braids. They’re simple and so cute! As a mama you need a go to hairstyle for long, busy days. I love a hat or a headpiece with braids, too. For larger, messier braids you braid your hair in pigtails, a side braid, or however you’d like, and then you pull your braid until it’s looser (larger). I spray my braids with either a sea salt spray or a tousle hair spray, so when I let my beach hair out of the braids it maintains a no maintenance wave. This look is a great mom look! The sweater is from Altar’d State, the jeans are from PacSun, and the boots are from Francesca’s.

I also love loose curls! My natural hair is wavy and curly (very beachy) and usually I only have to curl a few pieces and then I’m out the door. This dress is from Old Navy (I loved these loose fitting dresses postpartum, by the way), the kimono was a gift, and the boots were from a country catalog.

“I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.” 🌻

I’ve worn this boho look before (and posted it on my blog), but the warmer weather lately has called for some summery outfits. The dress and boots are from Francesca’s and the bag is from Buckle (years ago).

This look was from a rainy, cooler day. I love non-prescription glasses. They’re too cute. The skirt is from Francesca’s, the tank top is from Old Navy, and the sweater is from Nordstrom.

I had an amazing date night with my husband the other night at Pasta Vino, which is where we had our first date and where my husband proposed to me. I curled my hair, wore a little black dress, and slipped into a pair of heels. Mamas, make sure you go out with your lover as much as you can. It’s so important.

The heels are from Charlotte Russe, the dress is from Francesca’s, and the clutch is from Southern Fried Chics. Oh, and the super cute, comfy robe I’m wearing in the first photo from date night is Calvin Klein.

Here are my braids again…try some braids this fall with a hat, a headband, or on their own. This tank is the best (I have it in four colors) and it’s from Altar’d State.

My husband bought me this super cute, comfy hat for fall/winter from Altar’d State. We are ready for the colder weather at our store! Come shop with me and my amazing team (if you’re in or around Marlton, NJ). If not, fall in love with fall/winter finds on our website.

My favorite fall staples?

  • Hats
  • Cowgirl boots
  • Layering
  • Burgundy
  • Burnt orange
  • Jackets
  • Brown
  • Uggs

Stay tuned for more from my closet this fall and be sure to read my next blog entry! Xo

Falling for Fall

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It’s that time of year again to spread autumn vibes with pumpkins, plaid, & pumpkin spice ✨

Fall has arrived at my place and I wanted to share some photos to inspire others to enjoy the upcoming season. Fall is a time to refresh, decorate, and relax. There’s nothing better than crisp mornings, a hot beverage, and a cozy sweater.

Where am I shopping for autumn decor?

  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Michael’s
  • Local nurseries for mums & pumpkins
  • Marshall’s
  • T.J.Maxx

How pretty is this fall masquerade fox from T.J.Maxx? Since I love foxes and fall, I had to buy it!

I love spooky season but this year I’m not going too crazy with decorations for Halloween. Fall decor and harvest favorites stay up until Thanksgiving and Halloween (sadly) only lasts for one night. Some years I have gone all out with a smoke machine, orange lights and more, but this year I’m so busy. I’m keeping to the Harvest theme, which really compliments my farmhouse.

It’s the best time of the year and there’s so much to look forward to. I’m happiest when the leaves begin to fall and the weather cools down. I love dressing up for Halloween and watching scary movies. I love the fall color palette, Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping…what are you excited for this season? Take some time to make a bucket list today and see how many things you can do, adventures you can take, and projects you can accomplish.

It’s Greyson’s first Halloween (so excited) and I’m dressing up. Stay tuned for photos 😘

Happy Fall Y’all!

Lizzie’s Closet

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Although the past few weeks have been filled with pretty clothes and accessories, I have never been more ready for fall in my life. I crave crisp mornings and cozy sweaters.

As a mama, some days are too busy to be running around in fancy outfits, dresses, and heels, which is okay. Mamas have the most important job of all and we should always feel pretty and comfortable. Leggings are amazing, of course, but when the weather is hot and humid, jeans are the way to go. Put your hair in a cute braid (braids are the best in the summer), add a few accessories, like a hat and necklaces and you’re ready to go out! I always invest in basic tank tops, too. They’re a must.

My hat is from J.Crew, sandals are from DSW, jeans are from PacSun, lipstick is Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink, and the tank top is from Old Navy. Old Navy has the best basic tank tops and they’re always inexpensive.

Again, this is another casual mom look, but the kimono adds a little something. The kimono is from Francesca’s, the tank top is from Target, and the leggings are from Marshall’s. My lipstick is another shade of Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink. Greyson is not for sale 😘

A little animal print goes a long way ♥️ I wore this dress I bought from Francesca’s paired with my burgundy Michael Kors bag a couple of weeks ago and the look was perfect. It was also comfortable enough for me to run errands and play with Greyson, which is always important as a busy mama.

Who doesn’t love plaid? With the weather cooling down flannels are always a good idea. I wore this outfit for an early morning walk with Greyson (wearing the flannel), grocery shopping (wearing the flannel), and then I dressed it up a bit for dinner and wine with good friends (tied it around my waist). Flannels are the best because they can be worn as a warm, cozy outer layer, or they can be tied around your waist.

I was in a rush and only had time to loosely curl some of my hair and the rest I left natural. Being a mama is a constant balancing act, but I’m always a fan of loosely curled hair. I sprayed a little hair spray to hold it for the night, but usually, I don’t use anything. I just let it fall and do its’ thing. I’m always asked about my favorite hairstyles and loose curls and braids are my two favorites. Braids I love because they’re simple, quick, and cute. You can make them messy (bohemian) or dress them up with hair-pins and accessories. It’s nice to have a go-to hairstyle that doesn’t require heat. I only occasionally get a blowout done or straighten my hair because I like to use as little heat as possible. I let my hair airdry opposed to using a blow dryer. My hair is beach hair, curly and wavy all at the same time and some days it’s beautiful and other days it’s a little more high maintenance.

I took my best friend out for a birthday lunch in Haddonfield the other day and it was insanely humid. I wore this dress from Francesca’s, sandals, and my hair was natural. The necklace I’ve been wearing all summer is from Perhaps in Smithville Village (Galloway, New Jersey) and it says “She believed she could”.

My favorite time of year for fashion is almost here and that means my outfits will be dripping with fall inspiration and accessories. Stay tuned for more from my closet, but until then…

Where am I shopping for fall?

  • Altar’d State
  • Francesca’s
  • Target
  • Old Navy
  • Marshalls
  • Nordstrom
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Ulta

Monthly Obsessions

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  1. My new 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road
  2. Sunflowers 🌻
  3. Animal print 🐆
  4. Francesca’s
  5. Wine nights with my favorite people 🍷
  6. Early morning walks with Greyson 💙
  7. Planning for fall 2019 (decor, family outings, and clothes) 🍁🧡
  8. Still loving The Hills: New Beginnings
  9. Burgundy (fall vibes)
  10. Nordstrom

The Greyson Diaries

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Life With an 8-Month-Old

Hey, mama bears 🐻

I’m always asked about my daily routine (there will be a separate blog post about my daily life), what it’s like with an eight-month-old, and how I keep myself balanced as busy as I am. Well, of course, I am here to share all of the details with you. Life with an eight-month-old is busy, exciting, and tiring. Greyson will be nine months on September 8…

He is so smart, sweet, and curious. He can crawl, stand, dance, sit, and he’s almost trying to walk (ahhhh). He wants to talk to me so badly, loves to laugh, go for long walks, shopping, and playing with his toys in his nursery. Having an eight-month-old baby is so different than having a newborn, or even a six-month-old at home. Things change quickly and they not only grow physically but mentally they mature incredibly fast. You watch them discover the world around them and it’s beautiful (and scary).

Eight-month-olds are a lot of fun because they’re more independent, but they’re also a lot of work. Mamas, be prepared to stay active with your baby all day and for their sleeping pattern to change. I love how active and alert he is, but he has stopped napping as much as he did (he has FOMO) and some nights he wants to stay up late with me and hangout…I love my little buddy. By the way, it doesn’t make you a bad mom to feel happy when they’re finally asleep. You need time to yourself, whether you escape by reading, binge-watching your favorite show, or spending time with your lover.

I’m able to set Greyson up in his height chair now while he drinks his milk (he loves feeding himself) and watches Little Baby Bum and I’m able to vacuum, change, do my makeup, etc. I feed him his baby food after (or before) his milk, depending on his mood and he loves all types of food from bananas and raspberries to peas and carrots. He isn’t picky! He can have teething biscuits now and we are starting to try spaghetti and foods appropriate for his age, but he’s still adjusting.

He has three (almost four) teeth on the top and two on the bottom. When your baby hits the eight-month mark they will not only be teething, but they’ll also be dealing with discomfort as their teeth push through, if they haven’t already begun going through that process. Greyson only deals with mild discomfort, but don’t be surprised if teething changes their routine. Some nights Greyson doesn’t want to sleep because he’s uncomfortable…show patience, love, and use what works best for you and your baby to soothe their gums. I’ve also started using the finger toothbrush once a day to gently scrub his existing teeth (he think it’s so funny and giggles), which is a great way to get your baby used to a toothbrush.

He wakes up every morning and falls asleep happy and positive, which is a beautiful thing. He is very rarely upset (except when he’s hungry). Eight-month-olds have a lot of energy and are full of surprises! It’s important to take care of yourself throughout the day because you’ll need the energy…trust me. I’m constantly playing on the floor with him, carrying him, running around and getting things done, but I really do love spending my days with him. They love to grab and pull, too…your hair, bracelets, and necklaces will become fixations.

Greyson loves being out and about, so I always recommend to mamas with eight-month olds (and older) to get them out of the house a few times a week, at least. Go to the park, walk around the mall, grocery shop, or drive to the beach. Even if you walk down your road and breathe some outdoor air, your baby will enjoy it. Babies love to learn and explore and the older they get the more they absorb. Greyson loves seeing people, places, and things. He loves listening to conversations, music, and looking at products when we’re shopping.

My friends always ask me how I stay awake and full of energy. “Lizzie, why aren’t you tired?” I am perpetually tired…I’m a mom, lol. But, I stay motivated and I enjoy each day with my son. The best way to keep your energy up is to eat healthily, take moments for yourself, do some yoga or a quick workout, and have fun. There are days that are stressful and I hide it well, but all mamas have bad days. I do my best to spend time with my friends, too, which keeps me balanced. My husband is amazing and very supportive of me and my feelings, which makes the long days easier #thankful. It’s also really important to have something that is all yours…for example, I write and I have my own business, Petsitting by Lizzie LLC, and both of those things are personal accomplishments. Mamas, set some goals for yourself and conquer those goals. Do your hair, put on some mascara, and be motivated each day.

When you go out for date night with your boo, or you go to get your nails done, your baby at eight months will start to understand that you’re leaving. Separation Anxiety develops around eight months; Greyson knows when I’m going out now and he doesn’t like it. He notices when Andrew leaves for work and he anticipates when he’s coming home. If I leave for an hour, or two in the evening to pet sit, even though he’s home with Andrew, he won’t go to sleep until I come home. I spend as little time as possible away from him because he misses me as much as I miss him. Their personalities shine and sparkle at eight months and they keep us entertained.

Always remember to stay true to yourself and don’t lose sight of you as your child grows. They will be able to get to know who you are as a person and that will mean so much to them. Be the rockstar you know you are and never give up, even on the days that are long, and exhausting.

Greyson’s Letter


You’re such a light and every single day you impress and inspire me with your sense of humor, positivity, and innocence. I can never be upset around you because you remind me what’s truly important. Yes, some days I am so tired and I try really hard to stay energized and happy, for you, but being your mama is worth being tired. I wish I could really explain to you what it’s like being a mom, feeling the way I feel when you smile or laugh, and how amazing the journey is as a parent (and terrifying). One day, I am sure you’ll know exactly what I mean, but as you jump into your ninth month I wish you endless happiness, giggles, and discovery.



Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni