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I will be 32 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and I’m feeling very thankful for a beautiful pregnancy, my close friends and family, and of course, for Andrew. I had an off day yesterday and I woke up feeling out of sorts and a little emotional, but despite my mood, Andrew got me through the day and made me feel so much better. I’m hoping for cooler temperatures next week and beyond! Work is keeping me busy as I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, a tree lighting, and new promotions/styles in our retail world…


On this day, one year ago my entire life changed. I walked by a stranger in cowgirl boots and ripped jeans without knowing that the handsome stranger would become my whole life, my lover, my ride or die, and the father of my child. I knew from a simple conversation in a Tractor Supply aisle that you were the one. Andrew, I caught your eye when I walked by you, but you stole my heart instantaneously. You were goofy, real, and sweet with me from the second I met you. I’ll never forget the fact that you came in to visit me at work, every night for a week and you waited patiently to ask me out in person, regardless of already having my phone number. 

You did everything right from the beginning and I remember sitting on your lap in¬†our living room, as we repainted (there was stuff everywhere). I looked at you and told you I was falling in love with you, but to be honest, it was beyond falling. I loved you the second you kissed me. I loved you the second you made me laugh uncontrollably. I love the fact that you had a romantic plan to ask me out (somewhere amazing), but after dinner at Mark and Marcia‚Äôs (November 12) we got in the car and you looked at me with your bright grin. It was late and the sky was flooded with stars. The look on your face was sincere and you said, ‚ÄúI had a plan and an idea of when I was going to ask you out, but I was sitting at dinner tonight, looking over at you laughing and talking, and I was thinking, what am I doing? I need to ask you out and make you mine. So, will you be my girlfriend?‚ÄĚ You blew your own plan, because you couldn‚Äôt wait to ask me out and I still think that‚Äôs so romantic and cute, because every second of us has been authentic. You swept me off of my feet from every true word you spoke and every thoughtful action, and I promise you, I‚Äôll never forget the little things.¬†

We always knew we were something special and we talked about babies, marriage, our songs, and adventures since the beginning. I was hurt so many times in my past that it made it hard for me to believe it would all come true for me. Now, here we are, engaged and I‚Äôm so close to having our little angel. You gave me a real-life fairy tale and you’ve treated me like a princess, since day one. You still give me butterflies and ignite my heart when you look at me, hold me, and kiss me. You’ve already had my back through heartache, struggles, and have stood by not only me, but my family. I gave you my whole heart and my soul; I gave you every one of my flaws, strengths, secrets, and passions. I wish you and I nothing but happiness, love, and magic the rest of our lives. I love you Andrew, always and forever. #cheerstous


The weather is FINALLY cooler this weekend and hopefully next week, as well (fingers crossed). I’m feeling happy today wearing boots, a scarf, fall makeup, and drinking a HOT Chai Tea Latte, for once. I am getting my nails done tonight to unwind after a busy, long work week at my favorite nail salon. What are your plans for the weekend?

It’s finally cool enough for bike rides, long walks, hikes, and if you’re a photography/nature lover, roam around somewhere beautiful and take some pictures! Share some beauty with your social media friends this weekend by going on an outdoor adventure with your significant other, friends, or by yourself.¬† If you’re a South Jersey guy or gal, The Historic Smithville Village is a great place to shop (charming, little boutiques), roam, and explore on fall days. Or, Batsto is also a perfect place to wander around and escape to after working all week. If you’re a fan of ghosts, haunted places, and long nights spent with friends, Batsto is also a fun AND creepy place to explore at night (just be safe and smart). But, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a good time to go on some ghostly adventures.

A long, fall walk sounds perfect and I’ll definitely be doing that this weekend with my love! I am also touring the maternity wing at the hospital with Andrew and my mom tomorrow, preparing for the final days of pregnancy! Home renovations for us are continuing and moving along nicely (I cannot wait for everything to be finished). Sunday I am going to have lunch with one of my best friends, Danny. We always need our venting, therapeutic sessions to get through our crazy weeks! This weekend is perfect shopping weather if anyone wants to spend some cash and swipe their cards; fall clearance is already here as we see pre-holiday finds popping up in our favorite stores. The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton NJ (where I work as the Marketing Assistant) is having our annual Shop Like A Boss event starting tomorrow, and ending on National Bosses Day (Oct 16) to showcase our newest promotions, specialized services, and new merchandise. This event is for the savvy and trendy shopper and celebrates being a boss, whether you’re a female boss in every day life (running a business, household, or building your empire), or if you’re a boss at any business! If you’re in the area, come shop and sip at The Promenade!

I wish everyone a gorgeous, fall weekend filled with adventure and happiness. Have a great Friday and an even better weekend. Xoxo

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I’m 31 weeks pregnant (so exciting) and I’m currently feeling absolutely exhausted, after an amazing weekend. My fall-themed baby shower was Saturday and I love my people for making my shower so special. A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Champagne Brunch at The Smithville Inn to shower Andrew, baby Greyson, and I with love and support (thank you cards will be sent out shortly, Xo).¬†Andrew and I are still busy with home renovations, but everything is coming together (slowly). We are so excited for the months ahead and I cannot wait to meet our little pumpkin!


I want to address something that fell into my lap a few days ago, regarding attention and love. Someone asked me whether or not I viewed extensive gift giving as a gesture of love, or simply attention. I’d love to answer that question for everyone to read, because as women we grow up thinking men are supposed to shower us with gifts and overly romantic gestures, but that isn’t realistic. He doesn’t have to come home with diamonds everyday, but he DOES have to be loyal, loving, and thoughtful. There’s a huge difference between attention and love; attention can be given to you at anytime and by anyone (a guy at Wawa whistling at you, or strangers liking your social media photos), but when someone loves you, attention turns into affection and dedication. Love is an intense, terrifying, and beautiful emotion that can change a person’s entire life. Finding the right person, the one you wish to spend the rest of your days with is life-altering; A person who loves you will of course, give you attention, but it’s deeper than that when a person truly cares about you. It’s not an act of love, buying someone an expensive gift (and that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate gifts), but an act of love is coming home every single night and caring for your significant other. Yes, it’s okay to obsess over a present from your significant other and share it with the world (if you choose), but constantly posting about elaborate gifts is uncomfortable (and unnecessary).

To answer the question I was asked a few days ago, I don’t view extensive gift giving as a gesture of love, but rather attention. If a man feels as though he must buy his woman a weekly, pricey gift (we see this displayed on social media, constantly) I view that situation as a man who feels he needs to overcompensate, or who feels insecure in his relationship. When we feel insecure, we tend to go above and beyond to impress and express, because we feel as though our presence and thoughtful nature isn’t enough. Ladies, we don’t need our men to bring home jewelry, designer shoes, and purchase us brand-new vehicles in order to feel loved and cared for. We need our men to stand by us through sickness, health, financial struggles, bad days, and good. We need loyalty, respect, endless laughs, and beautiful adventures. Attention can be a dangerous thing and many crave attention in unhealthy ways. Remember, the man who doesn’t feel he needs to overcompensate, because he knows he isn’t going anywhere, and he trusts that you’ll always be there, will shower you with¬†love,¬†not just¬†attention.*¬†You want someone who does far more than just pays attention to you! Attention won’t be enough to get you through raising a family, dealing with an illness, or a financial crisis, but having the one who loves you by your side will get you through everything and anything. Treasure the little things.


I want to help others dealing with home renovations and home improvement projects this October feel a little less stressed, because I know how exhausting it can be! Fall is a beautiful time and many embark on new adventures during the fall/winter months, including designing new, functional spaces. Renovating is exciting and fun, but it’s also a lot of money, time, and energy spent. Once you think everything is perfect, there is always something else! Take it one step (and project) at a time. If you cannot afford to get everything done, don’t stress…you’ll accomplish everything in time. Watch HGTV for inspiration and you’ll notice that some couples take months, even years to finish projects (you’re never alone), and NO home is perfect. Home renovations tend to cause unwanted fights and issues with loved ones, which may sound dramatic, but when our space is invaded, we feel trapped. We wake up feeling suffocated by ideas and tasks. Andrew is currently dealing with our home renovation projects, such as designing the nursery (exciting), putting in new hardwood flooring (I’m in love), and painting. There’s no clean or easy way to get through renovations, because no matter how hard you try, things will be moved, furniture will be coated with dust, and you will always lose your mind! I do have some advice though, which is vacuum, dust, and organize as much as you can, each day while you renovate. Cleaning lightly will make you feel better about the disarray of things! Clean out old drawers and pantries and get rid of unwanted items and furniture, BEFORE the renovation is done. It’s the perfect time (and reason) to donate and get rid of what you don’t need to make room for a fresh, new look.

Lastly, I’d like to promote one of my favorite, cruelty-free makeup brands for Fall 2018 and beyond…NYX Cosmetics. NYX has been a committed member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program since 2010. In 2014, though NYX was acquired by¬†L’Or√©al, a company who chooses to sell to China, where testing on animals is required. But, despite being acquired by¬†L’Or√©al, NYX Cosmetics¬†has maintained their commitment to a strict no¬†animal testing¬†policy and is a¬†crueltyfree¬†brand! I buy as many cruelty-free products as possible, and I truly hope that all companies who continue to test on animals put a permanent stop to the unnecessary harm, because it would make shopping much easier and would save so many, innocent lives. NYX has beautiful displays at Target, and they’re fully stocked for Fall 2018 with new shades, along with ELF Cosmetics (also a cruelty-free brand). If you’re interested in investing in other cruelty-free, and Beauty Without Bunnies brands, please check out:

There will be another posting of L&L by Lizzie on Friday…enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully cooler, fall temperatures are heading our way. Xo

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Even when we’re ghosts

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Although, my boyfriend was recently upgraded to my fiance, I still want to wish my man a Happy National Boyfriend (fiance) Day! There’s a day dedicated to everything, even tacos, so I am sure as hell going to celebrate a day dedicated to the man who gives me the world. This is an updated thank you letter, to my partner through thick and thin. I wrote a lengthy thank you letter, on my blog to him months back, but our lives have changed greatly since then. I’m always thankful for us.

Dear Andrew,

I cannot believe how much we have to be thankful for and the fact that you’re no longer my boyfriend, but my fiance. You’re more than a label, baby. You’re my life and we’re more than just a chapter…we’re an entire book. I remember the feeling you gave me the moment you first kissed me (you pulled me onto your lap in your old truck) and that feeling hasn’t left. You’ll text me something sweet or call me just to say “I love you” and I smile so brightly, just like I did when we first met. Life’s an ocean with moments of still water and moments filled with intense currents, but I’m sure there’s no one else I’d rather ride the waves with, than you. When you asked me to be your girlfriend on November 12, 2017 you changed my entire life. Then, you asked me to spend the rest of my life with you on September 15, 2018 and you confirmed what I already knew a year ago…it was you. I love you always, forever, no matter what.

Thank you for loving me the way every woman wants to be loved and for treating me the way I deserve to be treated.

Thank you for holding me tight and for making me never want to leave our bed in the morning.

Thank you for renovating our home and for making everything perfect for us and baby Greyson, despite long days and intense projects. I really am so appreciative and I know how much work it is.

Thank you for never giving up, no matter how long or trying the day, and for always giving me strength on the days I need it most. #mysuperman

Thank you for being a sarcastic pain in the ass and a thoughtful, romantic gentleman all at  once.

Thank you for coming with me to doctor’s visits, hospital nights, and for being by my side through every step of the pregnancy. We’re almost there…

Thank you for putting up with me on my stressful, dramatic days and for always reminding me, that everything will be okay. You’re my balance on the days I need positive vibes and love.

Thank you for never fighting with me and for always being open to communicating and talking about whatever is on my mind, or yours.

Thank you for making me feel special, loved, and blessed (every single day).

Thank you for being there for my mom, family, and myself through everything we endured over the summer. We’re stronger than anything life throws at us.

Thank you for proving to me with actions, not just words, that you’re the one for me and for continuously sweeping me off my feet.¬†

Thank you for surprising me with thoughtful words, gifts, and special moments.

& thank you for finding me, my love.

I love you and I could write a novel, thanking you for days, but I know you’d kill me if you had to read that long of a letter. Remember, even when we’re ghosts…#lovestory



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Hi, loves! Wow…I’m 30 weeks pregnant (only TWO full months left until we meet our little angel) and I’m loving the beginning of fall. I’m definitely ready for even cooler temperatures, though. I’m so beyond busy with home renovations (including the nursery), getting ready for my baby shower this Saturday, and of course, the usual daily tasks.


I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how insanely lucky I am to have Andrew as my lover and partner, along with how amazing it is that at any age, you can simply start over. I was once in a relationship, which can only be compared to an emotional roller coaster ride and it wasn’t healthy for me. I felt alone, insecure, and scared with my ex, and I can only blame myself for not walking away sooner, but as we all know…change is terrifying. When our relationship finally came to an end, I was a different person and fiercely independent. I didn’t need him or anyone else around me to validate my life, values, or goals. I knew who I was, what I wanted, and what I deserved and I was going to get everything I wanted and needed. I decided I was never going to settle again. I threw myself into work, new passions, and having fun (without a man). I started ballroom dancing and met my first and forever favorite dance partner, Franddy who worked with me for two years, helping me grow and become stronger, and not just as a ballroom dancer, but as a girl starting over.¬†We tend to fear letting go, because we’re unsure of what lies ahead. There’s always light and new adventures at the end of the tunnel, but we must walk through the unknown darkness in order to reach the light. This week I want anyone in a toxic, unhealthy, or unsatisfying relationship to let go. It’s damaging to your emotional health and soul to continue watering a flower that is no longer alive. It may be time to invest in a new plant!

It also may be scary at first, starting over and drawing out a new path, but there’s so much beauty ahead (I promise). I can say this proudly and confidently, because I lived it. I went a year without a man by my side, after my ex left (the first month was a little lonely), but I never looked back. I learned a lot, did a lot, and grew a lot, and when I met Andrew out of the blue (I was not looking for a new man), I never felt¬†so¬†sure about anything in my entire life. I knew from the second I met Andrew, that he was it for me…he was the one. I found my very own, real fairy tale. I love him so deeply and I wake up every morning feeling thankful and happy. I feel safe with him and my favorite place to be at the end of the day is in his arms. I love you baby…

If you’re with someone who doesn’t give you the world, walk away. Life is too short and you don’t want to watch the clock tick by, regretting who you’re with and where you are. If you ended it with someone recently, or years back and you’re still trying to find a new flame and a balance, it will all come. Everything happens for a reason and falls into place. Don’t lose your spark or your motivation and continue living your best life. I want this weekly post of L&L by Lizzie to give everyone who needs it, hope. I promise that you’re strong and if you’re feeling broken down, this too shall pass. If you’re not ready to be with another person, don’t rush…walk slowly and patiently.


Hello, October! It’s already our favorite, spooky month and it’s time to decorate for Halloween/fall, plan fun adventures, and shop for some sweaters! Despite my huge home renovations happening right now (new wood flooring, a brand new nursery, painting, etc.) I am still decorating for fall. My deck/porch greets you with mums and pumpkins (I’m adding lanterns with LED candles to light up each night). Simple and pretty is always better in my book, and much easier in order to transition from early fall days to Halloween. I’ve begun buying fall lounge-wear (lots of Calvin Klein) and sweaters/cardigans; I’ve transitioned into fall nail colors (dark brown, burgundy, gold, grey, etc.), fall lip colors (dark mauve, nude, browns, and burgundy), and fall shoe styles (wedges, sneakers, flats, and boots). The weather is still unsure of itself with much of the week being around 80 degrees (ugh, bring on the 60’s), which makes dressing for fall irritating. I’ve been rocking dresses and wedges, or leggings and a tank top, with a kimono (which helps with keeping the layers light, while still representing fall). What are some of my favorite fall outfit ideas?

I love a sweater, leggings, and a cute pair of sneakers…you can dress this look up a little more with a scarf or a choker necklace, OR keep it simple and comfortable. I love this look, because you can wear it while running errands, going to the movies, or, even while spending a day in the city.

I love a simple dress paired with a light cardigan (or kimono) and depending on the weather, a bootie (or knee-high boot), or a wedge! If it’s still reaching high temperatures, like it is this week, going with a pair of wedges is perfect. You can even opt for an open-toed look, which works with the upper fall-temps.

I want to update y’all on a little insider information…as a marketing assistant, a fashion enthusiast, and as someone who worked in retail management for a while I have seen so much behind the scenes in the fashion/retail world. I do a lot of social media marketing for stores and restaurants, I window shop every week, and I keep up on the latest (because it’s my job AND because I love every minute of it). With all of that being said, this time of year is actually pretty slow for certain retail stores, and not because they aren’t filled with beautiful, new, fall merchandise, but because this time of year is spent PLANNING. This is the time for weddings, births, baby showers, and bridal showers.¬†My¬†baby shower is this Saturday, I am due in December, AND I’m renovating my home before my due-date and the holidays. Fall is a time for change and preparation. A lot of people are spending money on events, opposed to designer clothing. We’re also pre-planning for the upcoming holiday season, but we’re not yet ready to fully commit to purchases and holiday essentials.

Sadly, the fashion world will definitely be undergoing changes (it already is). Michael Kors buying Versace, for example is a HUGE deal. Why is it a huge deal? What does that mean for the fashion industry? Versace is a name which defines luxury, high-end fashion, and that name is beyond my generation. My mom’s generation, and her mother’s generation grew up viewing Versace as a top, respected name in the world of fashion. Now, Michael Kors (who is a part of the newer generation) bought into that famous name. Michael Kors truly understands, that in order to bring together each generation and gear up for the years to come, high-end names need to merge with newer, trendier companies. My generation doesn’t have the funds that my parents have (and their generation) to splurge on designer buys and luxury items. We are, for the most part, living quite differently than the generations before us. We’re the ones who’ve begun making the most out of smaller spaces, such as tiny homes. We spend more money on activities and at restaurants than at fashion-retail stores, which of course has affected the fashion industry. Some companies are blossoming and doing just fine, while others may need to take a look at who their current customer truly is and adjust (adjust pricing, advertising, and values).

I love fashion and retail. It’s a part of me, but that isn’t the norm for people my age. I grew up falling in love with design, art, fashion, and marketing. Some stores that I do marketing for currently are asking the necessary questions, some are a little concerned with their current numbers, and others are doing just fine…

If you DO have some extra money to spend on fashion this week, don’t forget to shop for sweaters, fall colors, and fall shoe styles!

I’m wishing everyone a beautiful and inspiring week…Happy October Xo

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I’m feeling amazing, but as I think ahead to my busy fall/winter schedule I begin to stress and freak out! I am a naturally anxious person and I stress over everything; if I wasn’t stressed out, that would mean I’m dead. For anyone reading along who deals with stress and anxiety, I understand how hard it can be to balance love, life, work, money, goals, and free time, but don’t worry loves…you’re not alone! Take a deep breath and don’t forget to appreciate the beautiful moments. It never gets easier, but you get better…*

I’m ENGAGED…holy crap! I’m going to marry my best friend and I cannot tell you how excited and happy I am. I’m also in my third trimester (29 weeks pregnant) and I am ready for my baby shower! It’s a beautiful, busy time for me, but I’m enjoying every minute of it.


I want to touch on how a person’s past can affect the way they love, express themselves, and exist in a current relationship. I, for example, am in a beautiful place and I’m so thankful for the amazing man I’m with, but I went through hell in my past when it comes to love and relationships. I now know what a truly loving and inspiring relationship looks and feels like, because of what I’ve found with Andrew. In my past, I was lied to, cheated on, betrayed, and made to feel like an idiot countless times, and although as women, we don’t let go of¬†anything (I will talk more about¬†that in the next paragraph), I’ve healed from my past. Does my past still occasionally affect the way I think, act, and express myself? Yes, of course! The past isn’t something to run from, my loves…it is something to learn from. We will trust, live, and think differently after being hurt and that is natural. We should always be open to changing and growing and our past actually helps us to do so. Yes, we may have days where our past experiences negatively impact us…for example, if you were cheated on and lied to, certain actions and instances may make you feel insecure. Social media has a way of screwing with our minds when it comes to insecurities. A fight with your significant other may stir up old emotions and make you feel the way you did years prior, but remember…the past cannot hurt you, but it¬†can¬†strengthen you. Allow your past to be a reminder, but never a hindrance.*

Now, ladies…let us talk about something that I truly¬†love about us girls (I find it confusing and amusing, but we can all relate); we don’t let go of anything. Men, this would be a great time to take note and learn a little bit. Women do heal; we move forward, we forgive, but we¬†never forget. We remember the insult our enemy in eighth grade threw our way (“You’re fat”, “You’re a slut”¬†because you kissed ONE guy,¬†etc.), which catapulted us into feeling insecure over something ridiculous. We remember our first fight with our ex and everything that person did to hurt, annoy, and damage us, from comments to massive fights, to disrespect. We remember everything! Women are mysterious creatures and aren’t wired to dump information off on the side of the road (that would be far too easy). Instead, we pack all of our insecurities, memories (good and bad), and experiences (especially when it comes to love) into a pretty, over sized duffel bag (you can probably mentally picture what your “duffel bag” looks like), and we move forward¬†with¬†our baggage. We enter our new relationship and although we may feel completely safe, loved, and happy, we still keep our duffel bag with us at all times, because we may need some of the information packed away in there to win an argument, deal with a moment of insecurity, or we want to piss someone off. This is just one of many things I love about being a girl and one thing that all women can smile, agree, and laugh about.

Regardless of how you store your past experiences, ladies and gents, don’t ever let the pain from your past keep you from moving forward. You’re strong, amazing, and I know that you can get through just about anything. I know this because I learned not to fear the storm, but become the storm. Be the force that shakes the ground and awakens everyone around you.


Today is the first day of fall!!! If you haven’t already shopped around for new, fall merchandise, or stopped in to a local coffee shop (even Starbucks) for some pumpkin spice coffee…what’re you waiting for? GO! This is a magical time of the year and soon it will be time for ghosts, zombies, and scary movies…

I am going to give you a list of a few of my favorite fall movies (some are Halloween themed) to binge watch this weekend! Include your best friend or significant other and cuddle up with some popcorn, or maybe some candy corn? ūüôā

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Autumn in New York
  • Fly Away Home
  • Halloween (the original)
  • October Sky
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Halloweentown
  • The House of Yes
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Blair Witch






My happily ever after…

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I apologize for not posting Love & Lifestyle by Lizzie¬†over the weekend (there will be a¬†new¬†L&L by Lizzie¬†this week), but I have special news and decided to do a¬†special¬†post…

Saturday night, September 15, my best friend asked me to marry him and I said, YES! I am engaged and beyond thankful for him, baby Greyson, and our beautiful life together. Sorry, but this gal is officially off the market! Andrew and I met out of the blue and he instantly changed my life, in more ways than one. He sweeps me off my feet everyday, but Saturday night he took my breath away and reminded me of just how lucky I am.

He planned a dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date (so thoughtful), Pasta Vino, and my parents, his parents, his brother, and the restaurant staff were all a part of the big surprise, which made it that much more special. I spent Saturday going to the movies with one of my closest friends and getting ready for our¬†normal, family dinner later that night. I slipped into sky-high heels and a cute outfit, starving and ready to eat. I’m always perpetually early, which everyone in my life knows, and my mom was taking forever (she was giving Andrew time to prepare, which I didn’t know). I believed it was just a casual dinner for my parents and his to bond further, before Greyson is born. Our champagne brunch baby shower is just around the corner; it made sense that my mom would want to have an intimate dinner with his parents. I was honestly clueless!

I met Andrew and his parents at the restaurant, arriving at the same time as my parents. Andrew walked me into the familiar restaurant (he looked perfect and he told me how beautiful I looked) and we were escorted to our table; I bumped into a friend who works at the restaurant, who was acting oddly (almost emotional) when she saw me. I sat down at the table, and as my parents and his began to chat, a familiar song played in the background. As I was reading the menu (confused as to what I wanted), Andrew said “Babe, they’re playing our song”. I thought it was such a coincidence that the restaurant was playing the song Andrew dubbed as¬†ours, but I completely ignored the necessary cue and started talking about something else (typical me). I now know, Andrew had Pasta Vino play that song just for us, and he intended on our song being a cue for everyone at the table to be quiet. Of course, our parents paid little attention to Andrew’s directions (oh, family).

He stared into my eyes, beginning to speak and I was still oblivious to the moment that would change my entire life, but as the table fell silent I looked into his eyes. He told me he loved me and as he got down on one knee, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I then see out of the corner of my eye…Matt, his brother, approaching with a gorgeous bouquet of white and soft-pink flowers, and a jewelry box (Matt was hiding and waiting for the¬†moment). I felt my heart beat faster and everything around me faded away. I forgot where we were for a moment. Andrew opened up the jewelry box and my mouth fell open; I began to cry, feeling overwhelmed with happiness and completely blown away by how much thought my love put into every, little detail. I said, YES, proudly and without any hesitation. I stood up, touching my baby bump, our baby Greyson and wrapped my arms around Andrew. I kissed him and he placed the elegant, timeless ring on my finger and I felt as though I was in a movie, or one of my own stories. I hugged Matt, thanking him for being there, and I could hear the strangers around us clapping and congratulating. One woman who was seated across from us actually began to cry. The restaurant staff put my beautiful bouquet of flowers (which still greet me every morning, beside our bed) in a vase and poured us all an expensive glass of champagne. We¬†literally popped some bubbly, because I’m getting a hubby!

It was a perfect night, filled with family, laughter, and a celebration of¬†us, and although nothing¬†ever¬†goes as planned (we plan and the universe laughs), Andrew poured his heart and soul into that night and I’ll never forget how happy and excited I felt. He also told me afterwards that he asked my mom’s permission before proposing, which meant so much to me. My man got down on one knee and asked me to be his, forever…#lovestory

There are moments in our life which mark a before and after, and they’re not moments that we experience often. The¬†moments I am describing are rare, beautiful, and meaningful. They create a situation in which our past fades away completely and we’re nowhere but the present. We bask in the¬†now¬†and look forward to the future, because a new chapter is beginning.¬†When I found out I was pregnant with Andrew’s baby, that was a moment which marked a before and after, and all I could see from that moment forward was our baby and the adventure ahead of us. I still remember the feeling that washed over me when the doctor came into the room and said, “Lizzie, you’re definitely pregnant”. Andrew gave me yet another, breathtaking moment which marked a¬†before and after in my life and I’m forever thankful.

Andrew, I was sure I loved you when I felt the life I once knew fade away. You became the start to my new life and I’ve never looked back, not even for a second. I cannot imagine my life without you and I fall asleep every night, tangled up with you, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. You know that amazing feeling when you wake up on a Sunday morning, with nothing to do that day, but sleep in and wander around half-naked? You feel carefree and content knowing you have an entire day to relax and do what makes you happy, even if that’s simply curling up on the couch and watching a movie. That’s what it feels like being in love with you. I wake up every morning with this incredible, never-ending feeling that it’s going to be a perfect life, just like that perfect Sunday. I want you to know that I will never leave your side. I gave all of my heart to you and¬†only¬†you. I love you.


I hope everyone reading this entry experiences a before and after moment, because in this crazy, chaotic, unpredictable life, those moments are everything.



Pre-fall finds

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Are you in the mood to spoil yourself as fall arrives? Or, are you playing it safe and shopping very little these days? Saving money is a must but we all deserve something pretty. It’s okay love, take out your credit card and gift yourself with something new for autumn. I promise, I won’t tell ūüėČ

Stores are filled with fall and Halloween merchandise, already. This is my favorite time of the year and nothing compares to wrapping yourself in a gorgeous sweater and grabbing coffee with someone you love. I¬†love¬†leaving for work in the morning wearing a coat, boots, and¬†not worrying about the heat. I’ve done a lot of shopping (window shopping included) this week while at work, online, and throughout South Jersey and I have to say, I’m impressed with what I’ve been eyeing up. By the way, if you don’t want to break the bank this month, window shopping and gathering inspiration online is fun, too! Check out your favorite store’s displays and their Fall 2018 Look books for constant inspiration this coming season. Fall has yet to arrive, but we’re ready! Sweaters, pumpkins, hayrides, and scarves are on our minds. I even opted for a pumpkin-gold color for my manicure and a rich, eggplant shade for my pedicure on Saturday, honoring the season to come. Here are some of my favorite, pre-fall finds this week…

I am in LOVE with this Faux Fur Collar cardigan from Alicia DiMichele Boutique in Marlton, New Jersey…


I rocked this cardigan Sunday night (alongside my love), for a Rosh Hashana service (L’shana tova everyone), at The Mansion in Voorhees! It‚Äôs a must-have for your pre-fall wardrobe and it will play well throughout the colder months. #obsessed

Paper Source is ready for planning and organization beyond Fall 2018 and rolled out their 2019 Planners! I’m a¬†total¬†nerd and¬†I love¬†planners, because they’re useful and pretty. What more could you want? Fall in love with these perfect, 2019 planners and be ready for post-fall planning! (2019 Vegan Python Planner, & the 2019 Glitter Planner)*


Altar’d State in Marlton, New¬†Jersey¬†is one of my favorite stores and they’re exploding with amazing buys for Fall 2018! I’m sharing three of my current¬†favorites from Altar’d State (I bought the Touch Down¬†shirt and the longhorn necklace, just because). I wore the Touch Down shirt to an event I¬†organized at The Promenade (my work) Saturday, to go with our Tailgating theme…I kicked off football season with¬†fashion, duh.

How cute is that coat, though?¬†Altar’d State is definitely¬†a perfect pre-fall shopping destination!



Anthropologie¬†is my weakness and I’ve been behaving myself, for the most part. But, you’ve¬†got to check out these new, fall arrivals (swipe away)…

This candle looks innocent, but it’s actually 130oz and has five wicks (it can burn for 250 hours)!¬†The Colossal Capri Blue Mercury Glass¬†candle is¬†huge and although expensive,¬†it’s such a fun purchase (it comes in light grey and a pearl white).


I still have my cute, little Scorpio (zodiac) candle! They smell amazing and they’re a great gift¬†for a friend, or yourself (perfect for your desk)…


Now, for¬†a few of my favorite, new arrival¬†clothing pieces at Anthropologie¬†(Fringed Intarsia Cardigan, Corey Lynn Calter Western Tunic Dress, and the CloudFleece Wrap Dress)…The CloudFleece Wrap Dress is so, unbelievably soft and it’s stylish!



Have fun shopping (you’re welcome)! Xo