The Greyson Diaries

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Life With an 8-Month-Old

Hey, mama bears 🐻

I’m always asked about my daily routine (there will be a separate blog post about my daily life), what it’s like with an eight-month-old, and how I keep myself balanced as busy as I am. Well, of course, I am here to share all of the details with you. Life with an eight-month-old is busy, exciting, and tiring. Greyson will be nine months on September 8…

He is so smart, sweet, and curious. He can crawl, stand, dance, sit, and he’s almost trying to walk (ahhhh). He wants to talk to me so badly, loves to laugh, go for long walks, shopping, and playing with his toys in his nursery. Having an eight-month-old baby is so different than having a newborn, or even a six-month-old at home. Things change quickly and they not only grow physically but mentally they mature incredibly fast. You watch them discover the world around them and it’s beautiful (and scary).

Eight-month-olds are a lot of fun because they’re more independent, but they’re also a lot of work. Mamas, be prepared to stay active with your baby all day and for their sleeping pattern to change. I love how active and alert he is, but he has stopped napping as much as he did (he has FOMO) and some nights he wants to stay up late with me and hangout…I love my little buddy. By the way, it doesn’t make you a bad mom to feel happy when they’re finally asleep. You need time to yourself, whether you escape by reading, binge-watching your favorite show, or spending time with your lover.

I’m able to set Greyson up in his height chair now while he drinks his milk (he loves feeding himself) and watches Little Baby Bum and I’m able to vacuum, change, do my makeup, etc. I feed him his baby food after (or before) his milk, depending on his mood and he loves all types of food from bananas and raspberries to peas and carrots. He isn’t picky! He can have teething biscuits now and we are starting to try spaghetti and foods appropriate for his age, but he’s still adjusting.

He has three (almost four) teeth on the top and two on the bottom. When your baby hits the eight-month mark they will not only be teething, but they’ll also be dealing with discomfort as their teeth push through, if they haven’t already begun going through that process. Greyson only deals with mild discomfort, but don’t be surprised if teething changes their routine. Some nights Greyson doesn’t want to sleep because he’s uncomfortable…show patience, love, and use what works best for you and your baby to soothe their gums. I’ve also started using the finger toothbrush once a day to gently scrub his existing teeth (he think it’s so funny and giggles), which is a great way to get your baby used to a toothbrush.

He wakes up every morning and falls asleep happy and positive, which is a beautiful thing. He is very rarely upset (except when he’s hungry). Eight-month-olds have a lot of energy and are full of surprises! It’s important to take care of yourself throughout the day because you’ll need the energy…trust me. I’m constantly playing on the floor with him, carrying him, running around and getting things done, but I really do love spending my days with him. They love to grab and pull, too…your hair, bracelets, and necklaces will become fixations.

Greyson loves being out and about, so I always recommend to mamas with eight-month olds (and older) to get them out of the house a few times a week, at least. Go to the park, walk around the mall, grocery shop, or drive to the beach. Even if you walk down your road and breathe some outdoor air, your baby will enjoy it. Babies love to learn and explore and the older they get the more they absorb. Greyson loves seeing people, places, and things. He loves listening to conversations, music, and looking at products when we’re shopping.

My friends always ask me how I stay awake and full of energy. “Lizzie, why aren’t you tired?” I am perpetually tired…I’m a mom, lol. But, I stay motivated and I enjoy each day with my son. The best way to keep your energy up is to eat healthily, take moments for yourself, do some yoga or a quick workout, and have fun. There are days that are stressful and I hide it well, but all mamas have bad days. I do my best to spend time with my friends, too, which keeps me balanced. My husband is amazing and very supportive of me and my feelings, which makes the long days easier #thankful. It’s also really important to have something that is all yours…for example, I write and I have my own business, Petsitting by Lizzie LLC, and both of those things are personal accomplishments. Mamas, set some goals for yourself and conquer those goals. Do your hair, put on some mascara, and be motivated each day.

When you go out for date night with your boo, or you go to get your nails done, your baby at eight months will start to understand that you’re leaving. Separation Anxiety develops around eight months; Greyson knows when I’m going out now and he doesn’t like it. He notices when Andrew leaves for work and he anticipates when he’s coming home. If I leave for an hour, or two in the evening to pet sit, even though he’s home with Andrew, he won’t go to sleep until I come home. I spend as little time as possible away from him because he misses me as much as I miss him. Their personalities shine and sparkle at eight months and they keep us entertained.

Always remember to stay true to yourself and don’t lose sight of you as your child grows. They will be able to get to know who you are as a person and that will mean so much to them. Be the rockstar you know you are and never give up, even on the days that are long, and exhausting.

Greyson’s Letter


You’re such a light and every single day you impress and inspire me with your sense of humor, positivity, and innocence. I can never be upset around you because you remind me what’s truly important. Yes, some days I am so tired and I try really hard to stay energized and happy, for you, but being your mama is worth being tired. I wish I could really explain to you what it’s like being a mom, feeling the way I feel when you smile or laugh, and how amazing the journey is as a parent (and terrifying). One day, I am sure you’ll know exactly what I mean, but as you jump into your ninth month I wish you endless happiness, giggles, and discovery.



Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni



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Nails break and so do hearts…

Secrets spill and so does wine (sometimes on your favorite outfit)…

Photographs fade and so do friendships…

Money can only buy temporary happiness (but, who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?)…

What does lifestyle mean to you? What is happiness to you? What makes up the life you’ve always dreamed of? Is it clothes, vacations, and success? Or, is it family, freedom, and love (and clothes lol)?

Nothing is perfect, including you. You should never strive to be perfect…but you should always strive to be happy, insanely happy. The way to achieve happiness is by living the life you love. The other day someone said to me, “Wow, you’re that girl.” I said, “What girl is that?” The person replied, “The girl whose living the lifestyle. It’s beautiful that you’re living your best life.” I smiled and thought how great of a compliment that was, for someone to notice the beauty of my life (and achievements), because all I’ve ever wanted was to be happy and to live a life I love and that I’m proud of. It took a very long time for me to create the life I wanted. I always had a nice vehicle, freedom, and beautiful clothes, but I didn’t have Andrew or Greyson. There was something missing without them. I wanted nothing more than to be a wife and a mother and to find my soulmate. I now have the most incredible, loving, hardworking, and handsome man. I am the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and Andrew gives me the world, everything I’ve ever wanted.

The complimentary comment made to me the other day didn’t just make me feel good, but it also reminded me of all the things that others view as goals, how messy life can really be, and how much people care about materialism. If it’s glittery and expensive, we crave it. Our world is filled with people who portray themselves as perfect and someone to be envied, but in actuality, they’re not happy or envious at all. I see it every day. I know so many people that boast and brag on social media about their “perfect” relationships (for example), while they’re crying and fighting on the other end of their phone screen. So many women are hiding behind pretty selfies and smiles, but they’re struggling with low self-esteem, depression, and fear.

It’s easy to post a photo about being happy…but actually being happy is the biggest achievement. It’s not easy finding happiness in a messy world, and I am very lucky to have true happiness. I want all women (and men) to take a moment to write down what makes them happiest. It’s time to let go of what makes us sad, angry, and stressed and say hello to happiness. Yes, buying something new is fun and makes us all happy, but dig deeper…is it going away for a night, or a week that makes your soul happy. Is it writing, reading, and escaping your thoughts for a moment? Do your friends, family, and lover make your life complete? Does being a boss, a mother, or a coach make you happy? What makes up your dream lifestyle?

The definition of lifestyle is the way in which a person or group lives, which means it’s very individual. We often think of this definition though, when we hear the word lifestyle..denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle. We are immersed in shows like The Hills: New Beginnings, The Real Housewives franchise, etc. that portray a lifestyle that many feel is a must in order to live a dream life, but that’s not true. We are also surrounded by advertising and marketing that makes us feel insecure if we don’t have an endless flow of money in our bank account, or if we don’t go shopping every week, or on vacations. A dream lifestyle is as I said before, individual. Some people are minimalists and don’t need a bunch of clothes, furniture, and save money. Other people love nice things, they spend and save, but those things aren’t what makes their life the life they love.

What makes up my dream lifestyle?

  • Andrew & Greyson (being a wife and mama)
  • Fashion
  • Getaways
  • Positive vibes
  • Good health
  • Nature (I need to be connected to nature, always)

Whether what makes you truly happy sparkles, shines or is simple, chase after it…if you want to live a cozy, simple life, or a glamorous, over-the-top lifestyle, neither is wrong. Be YOU. Never allow this world to transform you into someone you’re not because then you’ll never really be happy.

Strength & Progress

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Hi, mama bears!

I consider myself, as many of you already know, a spiritual goddess. I am madly in love with the sky, moon, and stars. I find balance and peace in meditation, yoga, and nature. I’ve read and studied so many books about being a spiritual person and finding your spiritual path. Postpartum can feel lonely, confusing, and challenging, especially when it comes to our bodies and minds, which makes it a perfect time to find a new balance. It’s been a journey! But, I’ve never felt more me than I do now.

I know it’s hard jumping back into any routine, especially a workout routine after having a baby. Trust me, I get it. I started off with walking a few miles each day with Greyson, and as the weather got hotter, and my desire to be outside faded away, I started a new yoga routine. I pay for the Daily Yoga app yearly and the routines are amazing. There’s something for everyone (beginners and those who are advanced). I use my iPad and the app keeps me inspired and organized throughout the week. I’ve been walking still, but only when the weather permits. There’s a park I used to love when I was a little girl that surrounds a lake, and I’ve been taking Greyson there and walking at least twice a week. I also do squats, jumping jacks, etc. I wanted to share my progress and failures with you because I know what it feels like to be discouraged.

First, I’d like to start by saying strength is everything. I am strong and not because I’m perfect or because I never fail, but because I never give up, I try my absolute best every single day, and because I love who I am. I find strength in the woman I am, the woman I worked so hard to become. Mamas, strength comes from your heart and soul, not from lifting weights and drinking protein shakes.

I have been doing my latest yoga routine for eight days now and although it’s a hard, intense routine, I love it. Most of the sessions are between twenty and thirty minutes, but some are a little shorter, others a little longer. If you’re new to yoga, you need to start with beginner routines that focus only on stretching and centering.

Also, it’s important to remember that there will always be a pose (or two) that no matter how much you do yoga, you cannot do. That’s okay! We are all built differently and that means not every pose is for you. If you find yourself doing a routine and unable to perform a certain pose, take a breath, don’t get frustrated, and replace that pose with something else (another yoga pose, squats, whatever you’d like). I’ve been doing yoga since I was six…my first experience with yoga was a Gaiam Yoga VHS videotape (wow I sound old) for kids that I used to watch every day! I loved it. I had the routine memorized within a week. Despite how long I’ve been doing yoga and my level of flexibility, there are still a few poses I cannot do. Mamas, your body (as you already know) also changes after having a baby. I used to be able to do a split when I was younger and I can’t anymore, but who cares. There’s still plenty I can do 😉

I remember when I first started doing yoga again after having Greyson, I was so excited to start a particular routine (a pretty intense one, which I don’t recommend right after having a baby). I set up my new yoga mat from Andrew, lit some candles, and stripped down to just my underwear and a T-shirt (that is the way to do it, ladies). Andrew left for the gym and Greyson was fast asleep in his crib, which meant I had as much time as I wanted to do my routine and “relax”. Five minutes into the routine I was infuriated with myself and the woman demonstrating the routine. Who else has found themselves hating the person demonstrating a workout to you (especially in the beginning) because they’re so calm and happy and you’re dying trying? Lol…I think everyone just raised their hand, right?

I was so angry that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be doing certain poses (poses I had done since I was a little girl), keeping up, and simply jumping back into any sort of daily routine. Then, the woman whose voice narrates my now favorite yoga routines said, “When starting a new journey, especially a journey that involves getting in shape be kind to yourself. You need to be your own best friend and cheer yourself on, motivate yourself, and most importantly, give yourself a break.” I felt that! I sighed, tried again, and remembered I just gave birth to a child. What did I expect? My body was tired and so was my mind. One of the hardest aspects of getting in shape is forcing yourself to stick with it. Once you find your groove, it’s easy. I do my yoga every single day, no matter how tired, annoyed, or busy I am. Never skip what is best for you. There’s always time to take care of you.

Am I exactly where I want to be with my body? No, I am not. Do I love myself? Yes, I do. There’s always more to do and more to learn. There’s always something to work on and progress to be made, but that doesn’t mean you should ever hate on yourself. If you don’t love and believe in yourself who else will? The most unattractive thing in the world is being negative about yourself, especially publicly. I hate when I see women posting negative comments about themselves on social media, especially in the form of a long rant (with or without a photo attached). Hey, I get it…being a woman in this world is hard. We have these ridiculous standards we’re supposed to meet to please the world and men and we feel insecure at times, but Facebook, Instagram, and random people will not make you feel better. You will make yourself feel better. First, find something that you love (yoga, walking, or other workout routines) and then take baby steps. Do something that makes you feel healthy and good about yourself every day, for twenty-five minutes (at least) and continue your vibe by finding the routine that works best for you. Stop making excuses and just do it. I promise you’ll feel better about yourself. It’s very true that the hardest part is always showing up…what happens afterward is relatively easy. The hardest part about working out is getting yourself to begin, but once you do, it’s therapeutic.

I have gone to gyms, worked with trainers (I have a new trainer that I will be seeing at least once a week), and have tried many video workouts, and yoga truly is the best for me. It centers me and keeps me humble. It relaxes me while still working me out. You need to decide what works best for you, but working out at home is always harder than going to a gym. You’re alone and you have to motivate yourself. You have to be creative and smart because you most likely don’t have a gym filled with equipment in your home (you don’t need that stuff anyway). I have workout bands, weights, a yoga mat, and motivation. Although, it’s definitely nice working with my trainer at my gym with his knowledge and loads of equipment! I left there yesterday feeling invincible. Remember, the first week after beginning an exercise journey you will be sore and tired…push through it.

I am always here for advice, love, and support. If you don’t have someone in your life cheering you on, motivating you, and inspiring you, remember to be your own cheerleader. No one cares more about your progress than yourself. I’m wishing everyone a beautiful week. Put on some mascara and lip gloss and conquer your goals.


Lizzie’s Closet

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I have been obsessed with hats, baseball caps, and headbands this summer. An accessory can add so much personality to an outfit. In the photos above with my brother, husband, and baby boy, we were at a cabin in Greenwood Lake, NY and I dressed for the occasion. I always go with a theme and a feeling. When I think of a cabin adventure I think of a luxe, cozy, earthy outfit. I wore an earth tone skirt from Francesca’s, a black tank top from Old Navy, an earth tone hat from J. Crew, a necklace from Nordstrom, and non-prescription glasses from Francesca’s. My shoes that were not photographed are Steve Madden (high-heeled, tan sandal). Fashion is supposed to be fun, expressive, and personal. If you’re ever unsure of what to wear and need some inspiration, go on Pinterest or read a magazine (Vogue & Elle are my favorites).

I’ve been in love with accessories all my life and there’s definitely something fun about buying a new bag, pair of shoes, or sparkly jewelry. I needed to share this absolutely adorable bag from Nordstrom. I went to the mall the other day and Greyson reached for a bag with excited eyes (yes, my son already loves shopping with me and helping me pick out clothes haha) and I looked over, falling in love with this bag! Greyson has great taste…

My mom was sweet enough to buy this for me because I was having a long, tiring day. Thank you, mom 💜

I’ve been obsessed with athletic wear this summer, too. Yes, I do workout, but sometimes it’s just fun to dress sporty (whether you’re working out, running errands, or lounging). Who doesn’t love leggings?

This super cute (and comfy) jumpsuit from Target was only $22 and I paired it with Adidas to add a sporty element to the look.

(Sunglasses are from Francesca’s)

I am in love with animal print right now…

I bought this dress, sunnies, and hat from Francesca’s. Maybe it’s my inner Jersey Girl coming out and craving animal print, but I am just obsessed.

I am already preparing for autumn and any girl who is a true fashionista loves fall. Yes, get ready for my burgundy obsession. It’s a time for fashion trends, New York Fashion Week, and the best accessories. I can’t wait for sweaters, boots, and scarves. There’s nothing better than cozying up in the perfect outfit with tea and a good movie (or book).

Where am I shopping right now?

  • Francesca’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Altar’d State
  • Target (always)

Stay tuned for more outfits, inspiration, and favorites…


Get the Glow

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How to Get My Mama Glow

How do I take care of myself as a busy mama and keep myself glowing? I’m going to share my tips, tricks, and favorites with you.

  • I use raw, organic honey 🍯 as a facial mask at night before bed. I keep the mask on for about thirty minutes and then I wash it off with warm water (pat dry).
  • Anytime I spend any amount of time outside in the sunshine I use sunscreen and a facial cream with SPF.
  • I love No7 products, which you can buy at Target.
  • I am a vegetarian and I eat as healthy as possible.
  • I’m working out at least once a day, and or doing yoga. I also go for long walks with Greyson when it’s not too hot (early morning walks are the best).
  • I take GNC Hair, Skin, & Nails (Biotin) Vitamins once a day and a Cranberry pill 💊
  • I drink A LOT of water! Ladies, even if you’re out having a drink, be sure to drink a glass or two of H2O. Water is so good for your skin and body.
  • As a mama and someone who suffers from anxiety, of course, there are days when I’m stressed out, but I try my hardest to stay zen because stress is bad for your mind and body.
  • Spending time outdoors is amazing for your body and soul. Nature cleanses, heals, and inspires.
  • I started using a charcoal toothbrush and it’s so soft and it really works!

What are some of my favorite cosmetics and self-care products?

  • As I mentioned above, raw/organic honey 🍯
  • No7 products
  • GNC vitamins
  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick (I buy all of the shades) 💄
  • Lancôme Le Crayon Powder Pencil (eyebrow pencil)
  • Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo and Conditioner

Monthly Obsessions

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What’re my monthly obsessions for July?

  1. Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon
  2. Fixer Upper on HGTV (Chip & Joanna remind me so much of me and Andrew)
  3. Altar’d State clothing
  4. The Hills: New Beginnings (obsessed)
  5. Smithville Village (Galloway, NJ) day trips with Greyson
  6. Our new kitchen (thank you, babe)
  7. (Chip & Joanna Gaines share their shopping collection, blog, and ideas)
  8. Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo and Conditioner
  9. Riverwinds Restaurant Deptford, NJ
  10. The Beyond Burger (plant-based burger)

Lizzie’s Closet: Special Edition

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I’ve done a lot of shopping lately for myself, but I’ve also fallen in love with purchases for my home, Andrew (his birthday is next week), and presents for Greyson. This is a special edition of Lizzie’s Closet that explores not only my closet, but Greyson’s, home essentials, my top picks for mamas, gift ideas, and more.

When I go shopping I’m not just shopping for me, but I’m also buying for my home, Andrew, and Greyson. I’m always exploring stores in search of items/brands to feature on my blog to share with other mamas.

I’ve been casual and very bohemian lately, wearing ripped jeans with boho tops, headbands, simplistic dresses paired with bohemian shoes and other accessories. I am taking Andrew out to dinner for his birthday to a fancy, Haddonfield restaurant (I’m excited to dress up for our special date night), and we have a cabin day trip planned in Greenwood Lake, NY in a couple of weeks (a great environment for fun, summer fashion). Stay tuned for my upcoming looks for the summer.


Bohemian accessories are the best. I bought these shoes and headband from Target. The dress is from Old Navy (simple, black, and comfortable).


This top is from Target (I also have it in black), the kimono is from Francesca’s, and the jeans are from PacSun. I am also wearing high-heeled cowgirl boots from Francesca’s.

These adorable, Minnetonka moccasins are from Santa Fe East (Smithville Village, Galloway NJ) and I am absolutely obsessed with the detailing. I also bought baby moccasins for Greyson.

I did another casual outfit (with a little sparkle) for the Fourth of July. We did dinner on the river and fireworks, which meant I didn’t have to wear anything over the top, but I am always festive for holidays.

My jeans are from South Moon Under, my top is from Target, my kimono is from South Moon Under, and my shoes are from Guess.

Home Essentials, Greyson’s Presents, & My Favorite’s For Mamas

I am currently obsessed with Dish Soap by Magnolia Home, Room Spray by Magnolia Home, and more of their home essentials. If you’ve ever seen Fixer Upper on HGTV (my favorite show ever) Joanna & Chip Gaines are the creators of Magnolia Home. They also have beautiful home decor and accents. You can find their line at Target,, or on

As I mentioned before, I love Smithville (Galloway, NJ) and if you live in South Jersey it’s definitely worth the drive. I go as soon as the village opens and enjoy the fresh air, quaint atmosphere, and the low key shopping/dining. It’s a village filled with little restaurants and stores. My favorite stores include a year-round Christmas shop, a baby store, a fresh clothing boutique, and a beautiful tribute to Native American culture (Santa Fe East). I love going there for lunch and strolling around with Greyson. I also had my baby shower at The Historic Smithville Inn (absolutely beautiful). During our last trip to Smithville Greyson left with a stuffed animal cow, an organic made onesie, a sign for his nursery, a dream catcher for his wall, and teal moccasins. Mama didn’t buy anything for herself, lol. I did get an amazing salad from The Tavern though.

I have fallen in love with a cruelty-free, vegan, natural shampoo and conditioner from Target. It’s called Love Beauty & Planet. I tried it and was surprised how well it works with my long, beachy hair. It smells so good you want to bathe in it! Mamas, we care about animals and the planet, and I know if you try it you’ll love it.

My Favorite Shopping Destinations

Where am I shopping in July?

  • Altar’d State
  • Target
  • The shops at Smithville

Summer Gifting Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your summer birthdays, a baby shower, wedding, or buying something for someone’s new home (or job) I’ve got you covered. Andrew got a few gifts for his birthday (one that can be used year round) and a gift that he will really enjoy in the fall. Yes, you can plan ahead! Some fall/winter gifts are on sale during the summer, too.

If you’re shopping for a new mama or a baby shower try Amazon, Target, La Petite Boutique in Smithville (if you live in South Jersey), Buy Buy Baby, and Pottery Barn Kids. Also, search for boutiques that sell organic, handmade baby gifts. They’re the best!

If you’re shopping for a bride, groom, or general wedding gift try Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Crate & Barrel.

For women, if you’re buying a birthday gift Marshall’s, Target, Francesca’s, Nordstrom, and Altar’d State are perfect gifting destinations. If the woman you’re shopping for is doing home projects, gift her with a Home Depot or Lowe’s gift card. I wouldn’t mind one of those! I’m always doing something in our apartment. has perfect gifts for mamas and women who love their home, nature, and something unique.

For men, if you’re buying a birthday gift Marshall’s, Barnes & Noble (for the men who enjoy reading, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon have what you’re looking for. L.L.Bean is also a great destination for your outdoorsy friend.

If you’re buying a housewarming gift I always suggest, Marshall’s, or Target. Buy some candles, decor, picture frames, or all natural essentials.


Take some time this summer to clean out your closet, fall in love with something new, and organize. I donate my unwanted items to Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). They pick up your boxes or bags of donations at your home! Schedule a pick-up, today.


The Greyson Diaries

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Let’s Talk About It: Postpartum Truth

I became a mama on December 8, 2018, and my life changed forever in a gorgeous, indescribable way. Words cannot do my love for Greyson and my role as his mama justice and although some women aren’t a fan of being pregnant, I was one of those weirdos who LOVED being pregnant. My pregnancy was beautiful and I enjoyed every second of it. I loved my bump, the excitement of it all, the unknown and learning, and going through the process with the love of my life. All mamas can attest to this fact…we have no clue what postpartum is really like until it becomes reality. We all think we give birth and then everything goes back to normal, but it’s not that simple. The first couple of weeks are exciting, tiring, and different, but there are so many aspects to postpartum that the days can feel overwhelming. Yes, you will still look pregnant a few days after giving birth (it’s the weirdest thing). Your stomach will feel super squishy and different, which is completely normal and your postpartum cramps are sometimes worse than the contractions (menstrual cramps x10). Now, if you have a C-section, opposed to a vaginal delivery, postpartum recovery will differ, but I had a vaginal birth (which is what I’ll be describing), but regardless of the type of birth, postpartum is an adventure (sometimes a difficult one).

You will leave the hospital feeling happy, dazed, and wearing the famous mommy diaper. No, it’s not a diaper, but that’s what us mamas call it. Many famous moms who are finally being more open about pregnancy and postpartum, such as Snooki have been posting photos about the mommy diaper and postpartum life, which is great. There’s no shame in recovering and at your own pace. Daphne Oz, one of my favorite famous moms is very honest about motherhood, pregnancy, and postpartum life. Anyway, the mommy diaper is actually amazing and you’ll be happy it exists. It’s mesh, loose, high-waisted panties that can be pulled up over your tummy and they allow you to wear those ridiculously huge pads postpartum. They’re actually so comfortable and I wish they were a normal, daily trend (the mommy diaper not the pads…the pads are awful). I only wore the mommy diaper for a couple of days and then I just used pads and cute granny panties. But, remember, you will be bleeding A LOT postpartum, for a few days and your number one goal is to be comfortable. I wore loose dresses, high waisted leggings, loose tanks, and cozy sweaters. The first time I wore jeans was a week postpartum and they were Levis (just a little side info).

I didn’t breastfeed (I didn’t want any added strain on my body postpartum) and using formula was incredibly successful for me, but that was my personal choice. Greyson was put on soy formula early on, which must be genetic because I was too when I was a baby. Regardless of the fact that I didn’t breastfeed, my breasts became rock hard and swollen three days postpartum (happens to everyone) and it took about five days for the milk to dry up and my breasts to return to normal. Ladies, be careful when you’re letting your milk dry up…don’t touch your boobs, stimulate milk production (no funny business guys, hehe), or let the hot water pour onto your boobs in the shower. I didn’t leak much (I did buy these adorable heart-shaped bra inserts to absorb any leakage though, which helped tremendously), but my chest felt as hard as concrete…I couldn’t sleep! I slept in Greyson’s room on the glider for a couple of days to avoid bumping my boobs. One night I actually cried for hours because they ached so badly and Andrew was constantly holding icepacks and bags of frozen peas on my boobs to alleviate the pain. He’s a doll.

The first time I got my period again I thought I was dying. I was bleeding so much and there were no cramps, so naturally, I assumed death (lol). I yelled for Andrew and he just looked at me and said, “Babe, it’s probably your period”. I made an OB appointment and they reassured me that it was my first, postpartum period and they’re always horrible. But, ever since I became a mama I no longer have menstrual cramps, which is amazing and my sex life is better than ever…thank you postpartum.

After the initial week of postpartum craziness subsides and your boobs and uterus go back to normal and you find a new routine, where does that leave you? How do you feel about your body, mind, and life? Well, that question is complicated because postpartum is different for every woman, but I hope to help other mamas by talking about what I experienced.

My Body

Postpartum puts us women through the wringer and our society, unfortunately, doesn’t celebrate new moms. We are made to feel as if we need to hide until our bodies are back to “normal” and we meet societies ridiculous standards. That’s bullshit, by the way. My generation is bombarded with social media, materialism, and celebrity influence which can make a mama feel insecure about her progress and body. Again, I loved being pregnant, I was very healthy while pregnant (which helps), and postpartum, but no matter what you do, it takes some time for your body to “bounce back”. Remember, it took nine months for your body to change and create a new life…give yourself a break and don’t rush progress. Very few people are open and honest about their failures and insecurities on social media and in front of others (remember that also). I remember slipping into my Christmas outfit and feeling different. On the outside, I looked like Lizzie, but I felt changed. I didn’t have any stretch marks on my stomach or any other issues on other parts of my body, but my stomach wasn’t as toned as it was prior to becoming pregnant. My boobs, butt, and everything else remained the same, but again, I still felt different and changed. I used to complain constantly about my stomach and the first couple of months your hormones and emotions are on a roller coaster ride, which doesn’t help.

I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be. That’s not something I strive for, but I will say, despite the fact that I will never be “perfect”, whatever perfect means to you, I am very happy with myself and my body. No, my tummy isn’t rock hard, but I’d rather be a mama than worry about my tummy. Ladies, don’t ever compare yourself to others. If you find yourself doing that on social media, remove yourself from it because as I said before, no one is posting their failures. I know many people on social media who boast about their beautiful relationships, that are actually falling apart in real life, brag about their bodies, that in all actuality look like the majority of all female bodies, and who crave attention so badly that it’s uncomfortable. You don’t need to post on social media every day to live a good life. Social media isn’t your real life…your real life is when you’re at home with your loved ones, enjoying every second of being you.

I’m always asked how I “bounced back” so quickly after having Greyson and I always smile, thank them for the compliment, and tell them I’m still bouncing back. It’s not just how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. There are days when I may look amazing, but I feel bad about myself…that is not because I’m a mama…that’s because I’m a woman. It’s what we do! We worry about every little detail about us, critique ourselves in the mirror, and studies show we see a different image than what’s really there. We are the way we are because of society, immense pressure to look a certain way, and of course, social media. We grew up watching television shows with women who never had an ounce of fat on their bodies and who emphasized being a certain way, especially for men. Yes, some women are a size 0, but many women are not that small and that’s okay. I’ve always been petite, but I have curves and I wouldn’t even look like myself if I was a size 0. Also, the women we watch on television aren’t necessarily genetically that small…they have personal trainers who work with them every day and some don’t eat much of anything (that is not a normal life). I am at an age (23) where I no longer care about being the skinniest girl, who likes me, or the likes I get on social media. I love myself and I’m so happy with my life that the little things don’t matter to me anymore and I want all of the mamas out there to feel the same way…just genuinely happy. I am working on me every single day, just like everyone else.

I am a vegetarian again, eating healthy, and I’m finding a workout routine that I actually enjoy. I’m even working out with Andrew! I am NOT a girl who has ever liked working out (if you enjoy working out, no offense but I think you’re crazy), I always hated the gym, and the last thing I want to do at the end (or beginning of the day) is a workout. I’d rather write, read, or I don’t know…spend time with my husband (sex counts as a workout, right?). But, I do love yoga, being outdoors, and long walks. I am adding in a more aggressive workout routine to my daily life as a mama to push myself more, but I didn’t force myself to exercise right after having Greyson. There’s no need to rush back to the gym, or stress about working out immediately after giving birth, and actually, it’s healthier to relax and give yourself a true break. Do what makes you happy and don’t add any stress to your days. Trust me, as a mama, you’ll have enough stress in your lifetime!

My Mind

Postpartum brings on all of the emotions, different (new) issues, and floods your mind with questions. I did deal with Postpartum Depression, but luckily (and unluckily) I was no stranger to depressing thoughts. I struggled with anxiety and depression in my teenage past, so I knew how to talk myself down and I will always be an anxious person. Despite the fact that I got myself through the rough days, if you suffer from Postpartum Depression, I do suggest talking to your doctor (ASAP) because it isn’t easy to overcome the struggles on your own. If you need someone to talk to, beyond a therapist or your doctor, I’m always here.

Depression is not a joke and women suffer from Postpartum Depression in varying ways. Some experience symptoms for a year (even three) and others (like me) hop off of the roller coaster ride after a couple of months, as soon as their hormones level out. Anxiety and depression affect everyone differently, so you can not compare your story to others. The first couple of weeks postpartum I was completely fine and then out of nowhere the anxiety and tears hit me like a tsunami. Postpartum Depression usually develops between 4-6 weeks postpartum, but again that varies. I felt so bad putting Andrew through the emotions, but he understood. My friends didn’t understand fully what was happening late at night in my head, but I kept most of it to myself. I spent that time trying to find myself again. I knew the old Lizzie was in there, somewhere. Some nights I cried myself to sleep hating my body, not understanding why I felt the way I did, and getting angry and stressed out over the simplest things. I wasn’t being rational or at all fair to myself.


I was working so hard as a mama, housewife, and fiancé keeping everything together for everyone else. Andrew was truly amazing and never left my side. He always made me feel better at the end of the day and he only saw me for me, not the person I saw staring back at me, who I didn’t know. We really are our own worst enemies and we see what we want to see, whether it’s real or not. I was never sad, angry, or depressed when I was with Greyson. My son has always made me feel so happy and full of love and light. It was when I was alone or before I went to bed that my head would start to spin. Mamas, we all go down that rabbit hole from time to time, but you need to know that you’re not alone and there’s always a way to heal and move forward. Even Alice found her way home, but she had to go through Wonderland to gain answers and happiness. I don’t suggest doing drugs and going completely bonkers in order to find yourself (yes, Alice in Wonderland is all about drugs and how they make you feel), but there’s always a path you must take to reach each destination. Motherhood is a whole new world and sometimes your mind becomes a little messy. Take a breath, do something that makes you feel good, and enjoy every second with your child. They want you to be happy and happiness is contagious. I found my balance and “bounced back” as they say and now I am literally the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

If you’re still going through the sad days, the confusion, and the stress, I promise you will reach your perfect balance. I read a lot of spiritual books postpartum that helped me feel more zen and at peace with myself (Emma Mildon is the best) and I also removed myself from anything that made me feel unhappy or uncomfortable (I am still letting of things & people that don’t bring happiness to my life). I don’t go to places or events that cause me anxiety or put up with people’s bullshit. I am way beyond that point in my life.

Greyson’s Letter

Greyson, you bring me so much light and laughter. Last night I was watching a TV show before bed with daddy and you were fast asleep in your crib. I looked over at the baby monitor and missed you so much, even though I had just spent time with you an hour before. Daddy and I literally cannot imagine our days without you and you’ve made us stronger, happier, and sillier. You allow us to be little again when we play with you, explore places we used to love as children, and read the books that inspired us as little kids. You are everything to me and I love your smile, joy, and kindness. It’s amazing how sweet you are to everyone and everything, which makes me proud. You’re always happy, giggling, and smiling…

I know you watch mama clean, take care of everything, and sometimes stress, but just understand that you make each day easier and you fill my heart with happiness.  I will never let you stress and I’ll take care of the chaos around you. Of course, when you’re an adut you’ll have your own worries, but daddy and I will always be here to help and guide you.

We love you forever & always.



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Lizzie’s closet

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The warm weather is here to stay and so are the cutest styles, which I’m happy to share with you.

Where am I shopping for summer?

  • Altar’d State
  • Francesca’s
  • Alicia DiMichele’s Boutique
  • Marshall’s
  • Target
  • Southern Fried Chics

What are my top favorite styles for summer?

  • Bohemian
  • Gypsy
  • Sporty
  • Western

This outfit is from Altar’d State and I’m obsessed with the bohemian/western vibe! Their summer arrivals are amazing. I’m also in love with their home decor, candles, & gifts.

I’m really into rompers and jumpsuits for summer. As a mama, they’re practical, pretty, and can be dressed up or down. This romper is actually from Francesca’s (from a couple of years ago)…still obsessed.

It’s important to take care of your clothing, shoes, and accessories so they last you for years! I take incredible care of my things because everything was handpicked for a reason. If you love something, make it last.

I’m in love with up-cycled products…up-cycled means reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. I shared an up-cycled wristlet Andrew bought me (thank you babe) on Instagram and I received so many messages about it. It’s a newer trend and many bohemian, western, and gypsy boutiques/designers, such as Southern Fried Chics are creating (and selling) reworked, up-cycled products to fit their bohemian esthetic. I love it because it’s a great way to honor classic designers while creating something new, fresh, and youthful.

Southern Fried Chics, for example, buys their up-cycled Louis Vuitton handbags from other designers who specialize in the custom work AND who legally purchased the Louis Vuitton product/logo. Once a company buys the designer’s product and up-cycles it, that product then becomes part of the new company name. We may love the classic monogrammed look of various designers, but nothing is better than a designer product with a unique, customized look. No one else will be walking around with that accessory!

I just wore this outfit to my friend’s restaurant (Stella in Ventnor, NJ) for an evening out with my husband. When you’re going out with your love for some wine and dinner, have fun with your outfit. There are no rules or limitations. Andrew and I always like to color coordinate, but of course, that’s up to you. This dress was also from Francesca’s (wristlet from Southern Fried Chics). I loosely curled my hair in about five minutes and did a natural makeup look. Also, how handsome does my husband look? He’s wearing Levi’s, Ray-bans, and a Fossil watch I bought him when we first started dating (it’s engraved).

Stay tuned for more closet and fashion inspiration!


The Greyson Diaries

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Feng Shui in Your Life

When someone says Feng Shui I’m sure you think of rearranging your furniture until your space is balanced, and many of you may think it’s a silly concept. It’s so much bigger than simply rearranging furniture, lighting candles, and buying a new rug. Feng shui includes your home, your car, your workspace, and yourself. It’s not just about making a space look the best for you but it’s also about making your space and life feel the best, including your vehicle, wherever you work, and creating Feng Shui within yourself. Let’s get deep, mamas.

As a mama, I’ve talked before about feeling balanced and at peace to create a beautiful, zen life for you and your children. Well, Feng Shui is one way to help you create the life you’ve always wanted. Feng Shui is the Chinese art, or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the placement of a house. Some people choose to move to a certain location, remain in a certain location, or remodel based off of how that space makes them feel. Many people lean towards certain colors because they create a mood. Whether you want airy, calming vibes or energetic, vibrant feelings, colors constantly affect us. Do you dress according to your mood? Do you light certain candles (scents) depending on how you’re feeling? If you do, you’re practicing Feng Shui.

I’m sure you’ve seen the yin and yang symbol as tattoos, wall art, and as jewelry. The well-known yin and yang symbol comes from Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and belief system. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave. Yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion, and growth. Together they create the balance we need to live, flourish, and grow. Feng Shui enhances the yin and yang in our lives, which makes the practice incredibly important. Don’t laugh when you’re repainting a room because the current color creates the wrong mood, or changing your diet to feel more balanced. 

Your Space

Feng Shui in your home is not only essential but it sets the tone for when you wake up and when you end your day, hopefully with a grateful heart. There are little rules to Feng Shui that take a lot of learning and understanding, but did you know that you shouldn’t have a television in your bedroom? Sorry. I don’t make the rules! I’ve learned from others and they’re right. A bedroom should be about two things…rest and sex. If you add a bunch of distractions they take away from a healthy sex life and getting the best sleep. If you can help it, turn off your phone or put it away as soon as you’re in bed. Electronics are not only a distraction, but they have also been linked to insecurities and a negative self-image, which makes sense if we obsess over materialism and social media before bed. There also shouldn’t be any clutter under your bed, because that promotes a bad sleep. Of course, if you have limited space and storage and you use the underneath of your bed for items, make sure everything is neat and organized. You should be able to see your bedroom door from your bed, which means its in command position (you’re in control). Also, make your bed every day…it’s a simple way to stay focused and organized and it’s so nice to come home to a pretty, made bed.

Colors? You can paint a room whatever color you’d like, but each color represents something different and as I mentioned before, brings about a different mood. Neutral, light colors, such as white and beige ground you to the earth. Dark colors make a space cozier, which is great for a bedroom, or an office. Red, orange, and yellow are energy colors that promote positivity, motivation, and action, which would work well in a home gym, for example. Blue represents birth (renewal), purple represents royalty, and white represents purity. It all depends on your theme and the mood you want each room to create. Personally, I always aim for my bedroom to be cozy and intimate (sex, sleep, and renewal), my living room to be airy, light, and fun (friends, drinks, and activity), my bathroom and kitchen to be clean and organized (functionality), and Greyson’s room to be grounded to the earth and positivity (memories, growth, and sleep).

Feng Shui in your home is all about surrounding yourself with clear and fresh energy; you don’t want anything negative or stagnant around you. If you’re still holding onto possessions from past relationships, items from relatives you’re not fond of, or simply things that don’t make you smile…start a donation pile! Feng Shui is about free-flowing energy, which means your space should actually promote change. If you change up a room every so often, even in a very minimal way, that’s a good thing. No, I am not telling you to buy a new sofa every month or repaint every week, but buy new candles, maybe new pillows, and constantly see what works best for you in the present. Cleanliness is also so important and promotes a healthy environment, just like washing your hair and skin promotes a healthy body. I vacuum every single day and I always make sure my home is free my clutter, mess, and dirt. Of course, you will drop a crumb or track in some dirt from time to time, but always remember to clean. Cleaning purifies your environment. Your entryway to your home and to different rooms should always be clean and free from clutter. An entryway is literally where the energy walks in and enters the space and your front door/main entryway is your first impression to the world.

To avoid negative Feng Shui avoid:

  • Blocked doors
  • Broken objects
  • Objects that hold negative or unwanted energy
  • Messy closets
  • Dusty objects and corners of the room
  • Clutter under the bed

Anyone who knows me knows that details are very important to me, such as the details in my home, the moments in my life, and the clothes I wear. Yes, some call it being a perfectionist or OCD, but it’s not about being perfect…I know I am not perfect, it’s about mindfulness and slowing it down. If you slow it down and focus on all of the tiny details you realize what you want and what you don’t, what works and what doesn’t. The same rules apply to your workplace, your vehicle, and anywhere you go. Ensure the space is balanced, healthy, and makes you feel good.

Feng Shui Within Yourself

Yes, you can Feng Shui yourself and it’s pretty easy! Just like your home you need to take care of yourself, which starts with what you eat, what you do during the day, and your mindset. Start each morning off with a thankful, grateful, positive mindset and try to keep that up throughout the day. Eat as healthy as you can and food should always be a celebration. If you’re on a diet that makes you miserable and you feel worse after eating, that diet needs to go. Food is meant to be filling, fun, and adventurous. Drink so much water during the day because water promotes a healthy body and skin. It literally washes away your issues, so put down the soda, or whatever else you drink and swallow some H20. Take some time for yourself, whether you go and get a manicure, take a hot shower, lay out in the sun and tan, or you meditate. Take a breather and remind yourself every day that you’re worth it. Anyone or anything that promotes a negative self-image in your life shouldn’t be there. I unfollow anyone on social media that makes me feel insecure or who are filled with negativity, I don’t spend time with people who aren’t positive and full of good vibes, and I don’t go anywhere negative…life is about balance and happiness. Fill your life with yin and yang and you’ll be just fine.

Greyson’s Letter

Greyson, you bring so much love and light to my life and I cannot even remember who I was before becoming your mama. I want you to remember these important points as you grow into an incredible, loving, little boy…

  • Always see the glass as half full, not half empty
  • Don’t leave a mess in your space or in other people’s lives…be the sunshine, not the tornado
  • Be healthy, smart, and kind
  • Love every second of every day because life is beautiful
  • Don’t wait for the rain to pass…appreciate the storm
  • Go to bed every night thanking the Universe for everything you have and everything you are
  • Wake up every morning with hope, a positive mind, and a smile

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