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Life With a Four-Year-Old and a Newborn

I’m living the mommy life with two beautiful children and some days are more hectic than others. Sometimes, you just need a warm bath and a glass of Moscato at the end of the day. Regardless of the crazy days, being a mom is my absolute favorite part of my life. My four-year-old is the reason this blog series exists. Greyson inspired me to write about my adventures as a mom and to provide advice for other mamas (and dads). It’s lonely at times being a parent, especially as a stay-at-home mom. It’s always nice to know that you’re not alone and that we all have good and bad days. When I’m up late at night (or early in the morning) with my newborn and the entire world is silent, I like to think about all of the other moms who are up too, all over the world. You’re never alone, even if some days it feels as if you are. Life with a four-year-old and a newborn baby is beautiful, chaotic, and sleepless, but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I am incredibly grateful that the universe chose me to be Greyson and Waverly’s mama.

If you scroll through social media you’ll see endless filtered posts/photos from moms claiming to live a perfect life with perfect children. That is not reality. Yes, we all capture beautiful moments, but not every moment is beautiful. Sometimes, you cry for a few minutes in the shower after your toddler screamed at you, you’re exhausted, you have endless errands to run (and not the fun Target/Starbucks errands), and you completely forgot to make something in the crockpot for dinner. It’s fun to look at pretty photos of perfect playrooms and beautiful babies in lace outfits, but it’s okay if your playroom is a mess and your baby just spit up on their new outfit. Take it easy mama and be kind to yourself. We all have good and bad days. We all have days when we can relax and roam the aisles at Target, but we also have days when we have back-to-back commitments and zero energy. Despite the crazy days, I do manage to live a peaceful, happy life, and keep a clean (and organized) home with my two children, who are both at home with me every day. I am homeschooling Greyson right now for Pre-K, which is an adventure.

I understand that we don’t all enjoy cleaning and organizing, but I love being a homemaker and creating beauty out of spaces. I choose to clean and accomplish household tasks instead of napping during the day. Sometimes, you need rest over anything else. But, it’s also less stressful to get your tasks done right away as opposed to letting the tasks pile up. We all have days when we let the laundry hang out in the dryer and the dishes sit in the sink and that’s okay. You’re allowed to take your time and take a moment. I do want all mamas to feel motivated and accomplished, though. You can do whatever you put your mind to and if you want a clean, organized home, it’s up to you to make that happen. I recommend getting all of your tasks done early in the morning if you’re like me and you enjoy waking up early. Or, stay up a little later some nights and tackle your to-do list. It feels so nice to know that by eight o’clock in the morning, my home is in order. I also love falling asleep in a home that’s calm and neat. I try to never leave a mess anywhere before I go to bed. The more you accomplish early on in the day though, the less you’ll have to worry about later on, which allows you to nap, eat, cook, play with your children, and enjoy a hobby (or two) throughout the day. It’s also okay to put yourself first, which mamas constantly need to be reminded of. There are days I forget to eat because I am so busy taking care of my babies, but that’s not healthy. We need to also eat, take a hot bath, get changed, and relax, just like our children. It’s also allowed and okay to have slow, lazy days, where we roll out of bed later, light some candles, cuddle in bed with our kids, watch Netflix, and forget about our daily routine for a bit. Being a mother (and a parent) is exhausting and we deserve a break from the normal hustle.

As a mom, you feel guilty if your kid isn’t dressed and ready by eight am, if you let your kid sleep in your bed, or if you give in and buy your kid yet another toy from Target that they begged you for. Mamas, don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel bad. Don’t apologize. Don’t explain yourself. You’re the mom and you’re allowed to do whatever works best for you and your family, even if it doesn’t work for others, or doesn’t make sense to others. Moms are judged if their child isn’t potty trained early on, but there’s no way to force your child to be ready for the potty. Moms are judged if their child throws a tantrum, but emotions are normal. Greyson is four. Four-year-olds are what I call fournadoes (tornadoes). They’re independent, strong-willed, and stubborn. They have huge personalities packed into tiny bodies and sometimes they can be bratty, challenging, and over the top. Greyson can be insanely sweet to me one minute, and then, he’s yelling at me and not listening. Sound familiar? Four-year-olds love the word “no”. They also like to make their own choices, which is valid, but as a parent, it’s a constant struggle to get your child to do what you want them to do. My advice to the mamas who are dealing with a defiant four-year-old, let a lot of it go and give them a minute. When Greyson isn’t listening or he’s being difficult, no matter how hard it is to just let go, I let him be alone for a little while and I walk away. Then, I come back to him after he’s had some time to calm down and move forward. He usually comes back to me before I come back to him, completely fine and ready to listen. Also, little kids NEED naps and breaks. If Greyson is in one of his moods, he’s usually tired and is in need of a nap. Little kids can get overstimulated just like we do, which is why walking away from the potential argument and just letting them be alone for a moment is always healthy. Have you ever argued with a four-year-old? It’s a losing game. Listen, we all lose our cool from time to time. We all yell, curse, cry, and then feel awful for how we acted. Sometimes, I sit down at the end of the day and feel so proud and accomplished as a mama and a wife. On other days I feel overwhelmed and disappointed in how I handled certain situations. I know I’m not perfect, but I also know that I’m an amazing mom. Greyson tells me at least once a day that I’m the best mom in the world, even if I had to yell at him for something, which shows that he understands his behavior and appreciates the fact that I parent him, even when it’s not easy. Kids need rules, structure, and discipline. They also need understanding, patience, and endless love. We never go to bed angry in our house. It’s a rule we live by. We always go to bed feeling loved, grateful, and calm, regardless of how stressful the day was.

Waverly will be two months old on April 2nd and she’s an absolute angel. She’s a beautiful, bright-eyed baby. My life right now revolves around her feedings (every three hours) and I don’t think I’ve slept more than three hours since before she was born, but she’s worth the sleepless nights and busy days. The universe knew I needed a baby girl and I live for dressing her up, shopping for pretty outfits, and watching Greyson be an amazing big brother to his little sister. He loves her so much which melts my heart. She has a truly special connection with me and she looks at me like I’m her entire world, which is so incredible. When she was born I was reminded of the fact that we as adults are honestly so similar to babies and toddlers. We need a snack, a nap, and attention, or we get upset and cranky. Babies and toddlers express themselves through tears and cries. As adults, we hold in our emotions until we explode. If we only took a page from the baby/toddler manual and just let it out we’d feel less anxious and stressed. It’s healthy to cry, vent, and yell mamas. It’s okay to have honest, open emotions. Sometimes, I’m a brat and I accept that. We can learn so much from our children and they’re constantly teaching me important lessons. I may get upset when Greyson has a tantrum and at the worst possible times, but they get overstimulated and tired just like we do. It’s natural for little kids to explode from time to time. We overload them with information (ABCs, numbers, manners, household tasks, rules, extracurricular activities, and daily schedules). It’s not surprising that they lose it sometimes. I lose it sometimes, too. We all do.

Take a breath, mamas. Take a moment. Remember how amazing and strong you are, even on your worst days. The hard days give us the best lessons about life and ourselves. Make time for your hobbies, passions, and favorite things every day. You’re never alone in this beautiful, crazy chapter.

Coming Home

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This Old House: Decorating an Older Home

Older homes have an alluring charm and have become increasingly more popular to buy, rent, and flip thanks to shows such as Fixer Upper. Who doesn’t love scrolling through pretty images on Pinterest of old farmhouses, showcasing rustic elements with modern touches? There’s something quite beautiful about a home with a story and older homes have many stories to tell. I appreciate nicks, scratches, and imperfections. I love a home that has survived many seasons and is continuing to create new memories. I just moved from an apartment that my husband and I designed ourselves. It was a space with new flooring, new appliances, fresh coats of paint, and newly completed projects. We just moved into a 121 year old Victorian home with flooring that’s about 35/40 years old, many original details from 121 years ago (such as stained glass windows in the front formal living room and a wide, grand staircase with the original wood). Victorian homes were dark, with dark wood and dark color patterns for the furniture, curtains, and decor. We fell in love with this old house, but decorating an older home differs greatly from decorating a newer/new home. Luckily, our style is farmhouse chic, which pairs perfectly with an older home. Farmhouse chic embraces imperfections and adds a level of coziness and lightness to a rustic lifestyle.

When I was decorating and shopping for our home, I chose a lot of whites, earth tones, and lighter woods to fill the rooms. Older homes always benefit from white (and other light colors) to create an airy feel. For our formal living room, pictured above I chose a mixture of white, black, and a light barn wood color for the rug and furniture. I adore this room and the entryway, which features a small console table (black and barn wood in color), decor pieces, a full-length gold antique mirror, and a faux olive tree (bought from Target). Our entryway and front formal living room are what you first see when you come downstairs in the morning, and when someone enters the house, which makes this space the opening statement. I love that an older home can be filled with newer pieces and older pieces that work in harmony. I love antique shopping and have filled my home with antique decor, such as the carousel horse that’s displayed on our entryway console table. When you’re decorating an older home, you don’t want to neglect the fact that it’s old. You need to embrace the old and bring in older pieces (antiques, thrift store finds, and retro items). If you cannot afford antique furniture (some of it is pricey), aim for smaller, antique pieces such as picture frames, old books, tabletop decor, and vases. You can also frame antique letters, photos, and vintage records to add a level of personality to the space. Of course, you can also purchase new decor and furniture that has an antique, or rustic look to them, such as all of my new farmhouse furniture and decor. I bought our furniture at Ashley Furniture, Raymour & Flanigan, and on Amazon. My decor is from all over the place, but my favorite decor shopping spots are Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, Amazon, and Michaels.

It’s important to remember that when you’re styling an older home that it’s old. I know that sounds silly, but you don’t want to pretend that it’s a brand new home, because it’s not. You want to embrace the home’s years, the scratches, the creaks, and the fading. We constantly see photos on Pinterest, Instagram, and moments on HGTV with brand new floors, all white cabinets and vast marble countertops, and gold hardware everywhere, and we feel as if our home isn’t beautiful if it doesn’t look exactly like that. Well, that’s simply untrue. There are many different types of homes and types of styles. Any home can be beautiful, as long as it’s styled with care and attention (and it’s clean and organized). It’s time to celebrate normal homes, homes that are lived-in and cozy, and homes with character. Our home has so much character. If walls could talk these walls would tell of a space that was once home to a doctor’s office (and then a beauty salon) in the 1940s/1950s, a few families with many kids that ran through the halls, and a man who bought the house in the 1970s for his daughter. Our space is a chic lived-in house, which means that it’s a comfortable, natural space, with pretty touches. Its homey and has a personality. When people enter my home they always compliment the decorating and the decor I’ve chosen, but beyond that they can see me and my family everywhere they look. You want your home (old or new) to represent who you are as a person (and a family). Your home should tell your story, just as you tell the home’s story through decorating. Old homes provide you with endless inspiration and I am happy to share a bit of our old home with all of you.

Stay tuned for more of Coming Home and more on my blog and take a moment to subscribe.



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It has been a very emotional, trying, yet beautiful month. We had to move unexpectedly during my 38th week of pregnancy, unpack an entire home in two days, I was induced at 39 weeks, spent three days in the hospital, and then came home to a space that was still new to me with a newborn and my four-year-old. We had to move to get away from toxicity caused by a family member and it was the best decision we ever made, despite how hard it was. I’m still tired and trying to feel “normal” again in my postpartum chapter. It has been emotionally and physically exhausting, to say the least. I’m so thankful for my two beautiful children and my husband who remind me constantly of my strength. I’m also very lucky to have friends who have turned into family. At the end of the day though, dealing with postpartum after the month I’ve had has been difficult. Each day gets easier but I don’t think I’ve ever endured more in such a short period of time. I know one day I’ll look back and be amazed at my ability to move forward and my inner strength.

2023 didn’t begin the way I thought it would. I envisioned myself relaxing with a good book, cuddled up on the couch, with a favorite candle lit, awaiting the arrival of our daughter Waverly. Instead of relaxation, I was handed the exact opposite. I said goodbye to so much in a matter of days and said hello to a completely new chapter overnight. When I was leaving for the hospital to be induced it felt as though I was completely numb. My body was so sore from packing and then unpacking. I was very pregnant and my feet throbbed. When I got home from the hospital though, with our beautiful baby girl, my eyes flooded with tears. I was no longer numb. I was feeling every emotion my body had been trying so desperately to block out for the past couple of weeks. Everything I had just endured hit me like a tornado. I spent every night for a week after returning from the hospital crying until finally, I had let all of my emotions out. I felt relieved and lighter, but I also felt overwhelmed. When you’re dealing with so much at once, especially as a mama, you’re too busy surviving to break down. Once survival mode ended I was able to be raw and honest.

Now, I can honestly say that I survived a very stressful and emotional month. I have truly grown as a person. I am no longer looking in the rearview mirror and I’m embracing our new chapter with clear eyes and a grateful heart. I am a firm believer in the power of the universe and that everything happens for a reason. Trying moments are placed in our path, but there’s always beauty at the end of the road. I have time to enjoy the little things again that make me really happy…sitting on the front porch early in the morning, writing, enjoying a good book, and yoga. To all of the mamas going through a hard time, just remember that there’s happiness and laughter just around the corner. Embrace every moment, even the ones that scare you, because they’re all a part of your story. Be proud of your story, every page.

Checking In

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Hi! I am sorry for my long absence from my blog. I’ve been so busy and I also haven’t felt inspired to write about anything lately. Sometimes, I’d much rather read or pursue one of my other hobbies and passions instead of typing on my laptop. But, with that being said there’s so much to catch my readers up on and I felt compelled today to check-in. I hope all of my loyal, amazing readers are doing well and staying healthy. It is, of course, my favorite time of the year! With Thanksgiving in a few days and Christmas just around the corner I am in full holiday mode (I finished decorating for Christmas a couple of weeks ago, as per usual). Despite any stresses or bad days, take a moment today to write down what you’re thankful for. We all have something to feel thankful for.

It has been a year…to say the least. Our exterior home improvement company is thriving and we are staying busy running the company together (my husband Andrew and I). Running a business is 24/7 and it takes up so much of your time, energy, and attention. We are constantly thinking of marketing, upcoming jobs, finances, etc., but owning and operating a successful business is incredibly rewarding. You feel amazing after each five-star review, finishing the jobs, and crushing the goals you set. Greyson, our three-year-old is turning four in December, which is exciting, yet mind-blowing. I am also pregnant with a baby girl and am due in February! It has been a rougher pregnancy than my first, which was such an easy pregnancy. I’ve had issues breathing, I am constantly nauseous, and I am just completely drained. Greyson is being homeschooled for preschool at the moment and some days it is a challenge, but I know he’s learning and absorbing so much of our lessons. I just wish I had my old, pre-pregnancy energy level back, which would be helpful as a busy mom. I will be writing a Greyson Diaries this weekend and talking about life with an almost four-year-old because there’s so much to discuss! I know I am not alone in the never-ending adventures (and tears) of life with a three-five-year-old child, which is an age group unlike any other, which is why I’m looking forward to this week’s Greyson Diaries so much. As for my baby girl and I, despite feeling uncomfortable daily (which I know is what it is), we are doing well and I’m so excited to meet her in February. I’m also really excited for Greyson to have a sibling and for him to become a big brother, which I feel will be a life-changing event for him (in a positive way).

There have been a lot of rough days this past year for Andrew and me, from family issues and painful drama caused by others to my pregnancy emotions and minor health issues, but together we’ve built a really beautiful life and I’m thankful to have him by my side (through the rain and shine). Trying times and long days are a reminder of how important having the right person beside you is. Choose the right person to spend the rest of your days with because you’ll need not only a lover but a best friend to get you through the cloudy days. The rough days this year were even rougher for me because I suffer from anxiety and at times my anxiety can be crippling. Sometimes, I need to distance myself from people and experiences that bring me stress and discomfort for my mental health. I have learned this year that my mental health and feeling comfortable are more important than anything else. If it bothers someone else that I am protecting my mental health and my emotions, that is their problem and I don’t care. I will continue to do what’s best for myself and my little family. Never allow someone to steal away your comfort, happiness, or your peace of mind. Do what feels best for you and walk away from whoever (or whatever) makes you unhappy. Yes, sometimes that includes walking away from family members and friends.

The colder weather is finally arriving here in New Jersey, which makes me so happy. I am not a hot weather person and this summer was in the upper 90s every single day, which was awful. I love the beach and I do miss my days spent in Long Beach Island, running in and out of the waves, but I am ready for snow! I decorated for Christmas and winter on my birthday (November 4), which is my tradition. My birthday is always the beginning of the holiday season for me. I love the glow from my fireplace and the glistening of my Christmas tree. Nothing makes me happier than walking around a store that’s fully decorated for Christmas and enjoying winter outings (Christmas villages, tree lightings, and restaurants during the holidays). I was raised Jewish and Catholic and I still celebrate Jewish and Catholic holidays, although I am not a religious person. I will be lighting a menorah, of course for Hanukkah and I do say the Hanukkah blessing in Hebrew as I light the candles. I’m a spiritual person, but I respect both Judaism and Catholicism very much, and I love tradition. Holidays to me are about tradition and I love celebrating each year, especially now that I’m a wife and mom. I get to share my love for the holidays and traditions with my husband and children. My two favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. I love Christmas because of the colder weather, the beautiful tree, and the magic of Santa. I love Easter because it’s the beginning of spring, with beautiful flowers and spring decorations, and I enjoy cooking an Easter meal. Easter will always be the meal that I want to host and that I enjoy cooking for the most. Holidays are a beautiful aspect of the calendar and they’re a great way to reconnect with your creativity and the people that mean the most to you.

I turned twenty-seven this year and I have so much to be thankful for. Age to me is simply a number and youth is something that lives within you. I’m someone who is still a child at heart and I believe in magic. I believe in the magic of the holiday season, the magic of getting lost in nature, and the magic of being a parent (even on trying days). I am at a point in my life where I don’t care about social media or likes on a photo I upload, I don’t care about selfies, I don’t care about the opinion of others, and I don’t care about unnecessary drama. I live for the simple moments, like a cold afternoon, with a candle lit and a good book in my hands.

I’m excited for the upcoming Greyson Diaries, a new Boho Chickie, chatting more about my pregnancy and advice for moms expecting baby number two, and of course, my yearly Christmas/winter interior decorating post (Coming Home)! I am going to make an effort to continue posting and writing on my blog every month, which I know is therapeutic for me, and my readers appreciate it, but if I ever disappear again, just know that I’ll always be back. Life is crazy, complicated, and beautiful…and I’m here to talk about it all. Have a beautiful and healthy Thanksgiving, loves. I am sure you will hear from me before then.


Boho Chickie

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Hi, chickies! How is it already Wednesday? I feel as though this week is blowing passed me at an alarming speed. I am busy this week farm sitting for a pet sitting client and preparing our schedule for the next month, or so for our exterior home improvement company. We are booked until June, so it is busy, to say the least! I’m excited for not only Mother’s Day weekend, but also for May 11th (our wedding anniversary). Andrew and I will be married for three years as of May 11th, which is amazing. I love our story and every day spent with him has been truly perfect. He’s my best friend and I thank the Universe constantly for leading me to him after years of heartache.

Met Gala Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very close relationship with fashion. I worked in the fashion and marketing world from age sixteen (starting at PacSun) until 2019 (ending as the Marketing Assistant for an upscale shopping and dining plaza near me). I took a break from that industry after becoming a mommy because I wanted to be home with Greyson. I didn’t want to miss a second and it was the best decision I ever made for myself. I am graduating this month from Parson’s Fashion Business certification program and it has been a beautiful journey. Fashion is a way to tell our story without having to speak and clothes have saved my life more times than I can count. I may not have always been in the best place emotionally, but I always felt as though fashion was my armor and my strength. The Met Gala is a very foreign, far-away concept to many of us, but it’s almost as exciting as Fashion Week to those of us who live for fashion moments. I study the Met Gala fashion looks the next day as if I’m taking an exam on each garment! First off, I think that at times the event is much like a circus and a little ridiculous when we think about what’s happening around the world today, such as the devastating and heartbreaking war in Ukraine, and the constant acts of gun violence in our country every day, but fashion is a wonderful breather in-between moments of crisis. Fashion is something light and fun to focus our energy on and I am happy to judge over-the-top outfits and turn the news off for a few days.

Social media is instantly flooded with images of extravagant gowns and gorgeous makeup looks and we are hooked. The theme of the Met Gala this year was the Gilded Age and for some, that means absolutely nothing, because they don’t know anything about the Gilded Age. Here’s a quick textbook lesson about the interesting age that was chosen as this year’s theme…

In United States history, the Gilded Age was an era that lasted from around 1870 to 1900 and it was a time of immense economic growth. When it comes to fashion, this era was known for extravagance. Jewels, silk, velvet, and satin were popular during this time. It was a time for excess and the famous bustle. It was a gorgeous fashion period. I love a corset and bustle, although I’m happy I don’t have to wear either, especially in the summer heat. There was day looks for a woman including a morning dress and a tea gown. Evenings were more decadent and consisted of balls and social events for the upper-class families.

Some celebrities wowed on the red carpet at the Met Gala and others disappointed, which is always the case. Also, some didn’t put enough thought and care into the theme (or they didn’t understand the theme). I love a theme and if you give me a time period to dress for I will show up and show out for that fashion period. I would love to have a Regency Era-inspired party, where we all dress like the cast of Bridgerton, one of my favorite shows. I saw many looks on the red carpet that caught my attention, but my jaw dropped for only a few.

My absolute favorite fashion moment from the night was Blake Lively’s gown and the amazing reveal that occurred on the red carpet. She wore a Versace gown that paid tribute to New York City architecture, and for someone like me who adores New York, I appreciated that. I also thought it was fitting, since she played the role of our favorite Upper East Sider on Gossip Girl for many years. It was a walking tribute to my favorite city. The Empire State Building, Lady Liberty, and Grand Central Station were represented in her dress. Her gown was a shimmery art piece of copper color, which represented Lady Liberty in 1876, and then the gown became a Lady Liberty blueish-green (as we now know the famous statue). The reveal showcased the process of oxidation that occurs to copper turning it greenish-blue, which happened to Lady Liberty over time. She was originally a copper-colored statue, towering as a beautiful symbol of liberty. She still stands tall and true; one of our most beloved landmarks.

The train of the gown had embroidery on it that paid homage to the ceiling in Grand Central, featuring the zodiac constellations. Blake didn’t forget about our favorite NYC landmark, the Empire State Building. Blake pointed out the architecture of the Empire State Building present in her breathtaking gown. She even wore a partially oxidized copper tiara with seven spikes, enhancing her Lady Liberty-inspired look. Blake understood the assignment and she is in my opinion one of the most influential fashion icons of my time. She always looks beautiful and elegant, which is the way to do it. Thank you Blake for this beautiful, inspirational fashion moment.

Another celebrity that made my jaw drop was Vanessa Hudgens, who looked dramatic and like a dark angel on the red carpet. Her gown was Moschino, all black, and almost completely sheer. The sleeves were a perfect Gilded Age silhouette (puffy) and the high neckline was beautiful. I thought she took a risk, but in a poetic way, which I appreciate. She is not someone I follow religiously or pay too much attention to, but she wowed at the Met Gala and I was completely impressed by her gown.

I am in love with the Lanvin gown that Claire Danes wore and I adore the fact that it was subtle, especially compared to some of the other looks on the red carpet. The color was a subtle yellow and she wore a black netted veil, which is always an attention grabber. She looked very elegant and I thought the elegance fit the theme. The dramatic ruffle of the skirt and the lace bodice also paid tribute to the Gilded Age. I love a train that follows you as you walk and her gown had that perfect train moment. It floated behind her. The gown was a moment and I live for the light lemon color.

Now, I am not going to dedicate a paragraph to each of my least favorite looks, but I do need to dedicate a paragraph (or a few) to one look that truly left a bad taste in my mouth. As many of us know, Kim K wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy birthday, Mr. President” dress to the Met Gala and apparently she lost about 16 pounds to fit into it, which sounds super unhealthy, and I hate that she said that publicly when most of her fans are impressionable young girls and women. This gown is one of Marilyn’s most iconic looks and she wore it on a night when she sang to JFK, in front of a huge audience, and it was considered a dazzling, but quite scandalous look. The event took place right before JFK’s 45th birthday and was hosted at Madison Square Garden. Marilyn was having an intense affair with JFK and this dress sparked rumors that night, especially since Jackie Kennedy didn’t attend the event, which I don’t blame her for. When the elegant Jackie Kennedy heard that Marilyn would be performing that night, she decided that she wouldn’t attend. When Kim K showed up in the gown I was baffled as to why anyone would allow someone to wear such a piece of fashion history. Let’s put the fact that no one will ever be as iconic as Marilyn aside for a moment. Wearing an old dress is risky. Kim most likely got sweat on the dress and she could’ve gotten makeup on it, which happens during events such as the Met Gala. It is a piece of art and shouldn’t have been worn, in my opinion, by anyone but Marilyn. But, also, Marilyn wasn’t just a sexy, blonde bombshell, she was also a very talented actress. We often forget about her talent because we are so wrapped up in her looks.

Kim K is not a talented actress and regardless of her Kardashian name and success, she will never be on the same level as Marilyn Monroe. Lastly, I don’t think she looked that show-stopping in the dress. Considering she almost killed herself getting into the dress, she didn’t look Hollywood at all, the way Marilyn did. She could’ve at least mimicked Marilyn’s elegant hairstyle, instead of going for the look she chose, which I didn’t like. Regardless, I felt offended for Marilyn that Kim wore that iconic dress and I think it was a mistake. I believe that if you’re a Kardashian, you think you can do whatever you want. The Kardashians have been compared to the Kennedys, as the most influential and successful family of today, but that doesn’t mean that they can reach into the past and take a little bit of fashion and Hollywood history to make an entrance on a red carpet. The new documentary about Marilyn Monroe just aired on Netflix, which solidifies the sadness and darkness behind Marilyn Monroe’s tragic ending, which also adds to the fact in my mind, that no one should’ve been allowed to wear that dress. It was Marilyn’s fashion moment. The dress also had nothing to do with the Gilded Age, which isn’t a surprise, because all Kim cares about is getting a certain level of attention, which she did.

I would also like to say that we need to stop idolizing and praising women like Kim K after they publicly state how much weight they lost to look good for an event. So many bow down to her and I think that sends the wrong message. She is always talking about her curves and body, but she had to drop weight before squeezing into someone else’s dress? That is ridiculous. Young girls and women, in general, are extremely impressionable and they are now learning that you’re not beautiful enough as you are and that you need to lose weight before an event. How many young girls are getting ready for prom right now and heard what Kim said? Can we celebrate our bodies the way they are? Look at Lizzo, who celebrated her body and felt confident and beautiful at the Met Gala. In my opinion, she looked WAY better than Kim K, and she understood the assignment of the theme. Listen, ladies, you do NOT need to drop 16 pounds before any event to look beautiful. If you did diet before an event, fine, but don’t fill social media with the news to make all women and girls feel uncomfortable in their skin. Wear a gorgeous gown that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your confidence is beauty, remember that.

Marilyn wore it better, Kim.

Okay, enough ranting about Kim! I give her credit when credit is due, but this look was wrong on so many levels. Below are some of my other least favorite red carpet looks from the Met Gala 2022…

Irina Shayk clearly missed the memo about the theme of the event?
Emily Ratajkowski looks like a badly dressed ballroom dancer at a circus.
I thought Travis and Kourtney looked boring, but out of the two of them, I appreciated his look more.
This look on Paloma Elsesser is not flattering and I felt that she could’ve celebrated the occasion and her curves much better.

Until next year, we will be dining out on the 2022 Met Gala fashion moments (the good and the bad). I will remember the iconic looks from this year, especially Blake Lively’s. I appreciate the beauty of fashion, the story fashion can tell, and the history behind each time period.


Boho Chickie

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Happy Earth Day loves! I have a laundry list of tasks to accomplish today, but I am taking a moment to slow down and enjoy nature. Every Earth Day I take a moment to appreciate the beauty around me and to give back to our planet. Greyson and I decided to go for a long walk today and to spend some time on the farm with our animals. It’s 70 degrees here today, which is lovely.

Earth Day

The Earth is our home and we haven’t always been the best guests. We’ve littered, destroyed land, and polluted the atmosphere. Many of us spend each day trying to positively affect the earth. Our actions have caused immense changes to our planet and we see the changes in the form of global warming and severe weather patterns. Companies are changing for the better as are many people. I pray that our Earth can forgive us for the damage and continue to flourish. Many companies are aiming to be a net-zero company within the upcoming years. Net-zero, in simple terms, means not adding any more emissions to the atmosphere. We are far from there yet and net-zero is still in an infant stage, but countries are driving change.

I have always had an intense love for nature and I will do my best to nurture the earth. I appreciate the ground I walk on and I hope to positively affect the environment while I’m on this planet. I am teaching Greyson to have a real and true relationship with the planet and to always do right by the earth. There are many ways that I give back to the planet daily and in my world, every day is Earth Day. I compost and Andrew even built me a custom compost area at the farm where I dump my weekly compost (coffee filters, coffee grounds, dryer lint, eggshells, paper towels, flowers, fruit slices, pasta, and more). You can purchase a compost container or build/create your own. I bought a mini, tabletop compost container that is under my sink. Composting is a way to reduce the amount of waste we throw into the trash. Compost can decompose back into the earth and even help with gardening. I also recycle. Paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. goes into my recycling bin and I try to not produce too much trash waste. I’ve been making a very conscious effort to only throw one garbage bag (if that) out per week. I know that as families, it’s hard to eliminate all trash. We have kids, pets, and homes that produce trash, but composting, recycling, and making an effort to reduce trash thrown into our trash cans makes a difference. My husband and I own a construction company and we have a dumpster for our company. We know that debris and trash are inevitable, but please do your best to keep our earth clean and healthy. I don’t even purchase as much on Amazon or through other companies to eliminate the number of cardboard boxes and packaging that I receive.

I fill my indoor and outdoor space with plants. My kitchen is light and airy, which makes for perfect plant space. I have roses, parsley, and basil in my kitchen. I always have seasonal plants on my porch and my yard is filled with plants that I’ve personally planted, giving back to the earth. For cat owners, I started buying eco-friendly cat waste bags for cleaning out our cat boxes. I buy them on Amazon and they’re completely eco-friendly. They’re plant-based cat litter poop bags and I feel so much better using them than a plastic bag. The brand I buy is called BeyondGREEN. I am going to be purchasing some new reusable shopping bags for grocery shopping this week, as well. My old ones fell apart so I’m excited to buy new ones! A lot of places near me are ridding the stores of plastic bags and I appreciate that. I don’t find it to be an inconvenience to have to bring a reusable shopping bag, because it’s a positive change.

Spend some time today going to a garden center and buying a few new plants for your home, by planting a flower or tree outside (if you have the space), or go for a beautiful walk and pick up any trash you may see on your stroll. Be aware of the trash you create as a family and make a true effort to reduce the waste. Set aside time each week to be outside, appreciating nature and the beauty around us. Nature has been proven to improve your mental and emotional health.

Happy Earth Day to our incredible home and I hope everyone has an inspiring weekend.


Coming Home

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Easter Magic

Good morning loves!

I’m headed to New York City today for a Passover Seder at my brother’s. Yesterday I did all of my Easter dinner food shopping, and I’m excited to cook my Easter menu. This year, I am making my famous sweet potato casserole, creamy garlic and herb mashed potatoes, southern skillet mac and cheese, roasted garlic parmesan carrots, and Andrew will be making his brown sugar ham. We’ll also be having an Easter egg hunt at our farm in the morning for Greyson, which has become a yearly tradition. I hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful, holiday weekend with friends and family. Easter and Passover are a symbol of hope and they’re both a reminder of the beauty of spring.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and I love this time of the year. The air feels fresh and the days are longer. It’s a time to renew and breathe in the new season. Growing up, we always went to my grandmother Connie’s house for Easter and she made it so special. She would make her incredible deviled eggs, decorate her quaint house with bunnies and flowers, and fill plastic eggs with candy and money for me. I would be wearing a beautiful, girlie dress bought specifically for Easter. It was always a perfect day. When I got married and became a mom, I carried on my holiday traditions and made every holiday extra special.

The most important aspect of Easter in my opinion is filling your home with spring energy and decor. I have a gorgeous, peach-colored bouquet of roses on my coffee table, bunnies greeting you in our living room, and a spring garland draped over the fireplace mantle. I have spring candles ready to be lit and spring accents, such as a white, metal birdcage with two porcelain birds inside, adding spring vibes to our home. All of the plants in our kitchen are so healthy and vibrant, which makes me happy.

Creating a beautiful home and holiday memories comes down to the little details, such as candles, flowers, and an Easter menu. I always create and print out an Easter menu, so we all know what to look forward to for dinner. I get up extra early and set up Greyson’s Easter basket in our living room, filled with presents and a card from the Easter bunny. I set up a little tray with a carrot, or two, and some candy for the Easter bunny, which always makes Greyson smile. I enjoy making each moment beautiful and for my home to reflect that beauty. I always say, creating a beautiful space starts with cleaning and organizing. I clean every day, but before a holiday I ensure that every inch of my home is clean and all of my tasks are done, such as laundry, dishes, etc. It’s easier to enjoy a holiday if everything is in order. Even when I’m cooking, I clean as I go. Organization is key.

I also love decorating our deck and yard for springtime. I’m constantly going to Home Depot and a local garden center near me this time of the year. My deck and yard are filled with plants and decor, which I always say is a great way to welcome the Easter bunny. When you walk onto our deck you’re greeted with flowers, a pretty tulip wreath, and decor. Our outdoor bench is decorated with spring pillows and we have farmhouse touches, such as a rustic welcome sign leaning against the house.

If you’re wanting to add something special to your space for tomorrow, go out today and buy some plants for inside and outside (even some cooking plants like Basil or Sage, which you’ll love to have for recipes), a bouquet of fresh flowers, and some spring candles. Target has the best candles and spring decor.

I wish all of my readers a gorgeous Easter and Passover. May your weekend be filled with good food, laughter, and spring magic.

The Greyson Diaries

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Let’s Stop the Mom-Shaming

Hi, mamas. We are all familiar with feeling bullied, pressured, or excluded for being different and daring to stand out, or for seeing something different from our peers. We often disagree with our friends’ political views, what they serve for Thanksgiving dinner, or what car they choose to buy, but as parents, the judgment, bullying, and commentary can be much harsher. When you become a mom, there’s a new term you find yourself way too familiar with, and that is “mom-shaming”.

I’m sure all of my readers are familiar with the term, but if you’re not, mom-shaming is when a person criticizes a mom for her parenting choices, choices that differ from the ones the shamer makes or made in the past. In our world, which is controlled greatly by social media and technology, mom-shaming often happens on social media platforms, or via text message on our close companions, our smartphones. It’s easy and quick to text a mom friend of ours a judgmental text, offering up suggestions that they don’t need in regards to their parenting choices. Why? Why do moms shame other moms? Why do grandparents, parents, friends, or co-workers judge moms for their choices that are very much their own? Well, we live in a society that has taught us from day one to judge a book by its cover and to gossip more than we listen. We learn from a young age that a nice car, big house, and frame-worthy photographs are the mark of a successful family. If a family doesn’t have those three things we assume they’re not successful. We often define success and happiness for others without their permission.

We learn by watching movies and television shows that judging others is normal and okay. The Real Housewives and The Kardashian’s do it for a living. Do we all do it? Yes, of course, we do. But, some subjects shouldn’t be touched on and many of us have manners and know boundaries. Unfortunately, some of us do not. Shaming a mom for her choice not to breastfeed, to stay home with her children, or to be open about postpartum depression is not okay. As a mom, I know that mom-shaming is very real and it can be very traumatic.

I have read countless Facebook posts created by moms openly shaming other moms for their choice of a car seat, stroller, school, and even Halloween costume. I remember reading a post a while back where a mom posted a photo of her car seat, demonstrating with her child in the car seat, the proper way to buckle a child in, especially during the colder months when a child is wearing many layers. I couldn’t believe a mom had the time to post something so degrading and bossy on social media. She mentioned that some moms don’t understand how a car seat works. It was as if she believed herself to be the only mother in the world who knew how to safely buckle their child up in a car seat. Posts such as that one are constant and unfortunately, social media gives everyone a platform to say mean and ignorant comments.

When Kim Kardashian said that she had good advice for women in business, “Get your f–king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” we all laughed and lost respect for her as a woman, whether we are in business or not. It sounded insane hearing from such a wealthy and well-off person who has been on reality television for much of her adult life, that women in business should all get up off of their asses. Kim K is no doubt successful, and to many very aspirational, but she’s a celebrity that doesn’t necessarily relate to women from all walks of life. We didn’t accept this language or commentary from her, so why as a society do we accept mom-shaming so easily?

We live in a world that judges more than anything else. Social media, influencers, and marketing campaigns make women (and moms in particular) feel like a failure, less than, or uncomfortable in their skin if they don’t meet unrealistic standards. How many of us have seen a perfect image on social media and immediately compared ourselves or our lives to that image? We all have. We see a woman with two kids clinging to her, with a perfect postpartum figure, and we are immediately made to feel that if our bodies don’t look toned and perfect after giving birth that there’s something wrong with us. We see a mom attending an event at a beautiful school and we believe that all mothers should send their kids to an expensive, private school and push their kids towards Yale, Harvard, and Stanford, despite what our children may grow up to want. Mom-shaming isn’t a new thing, it has been around as long as women have walked this earth, but now with social media, we have new and more powerful weapons. Moms shame other moms because they too have been shamed, or made to feel a certain way (although the shamer may not admit that) because of influencers, reality television, and social media as a whole. Social media shares glimpses into the seemingly “perfect” lives of friends, family, and even strangers, but no one has a perfect life. No one is perfect.

We are all allowed to make our own choices and mistakes. A mistake to one person may not be a mistake to another. Mom-shaming can make a mom feel isolated and alone and motherhood can already be a very lonely place. As a stay-at-home mom, I know that some days are lonely and tiring, but we have the most important job of all. We need to stop the mom-shaming and start celebrating all mothers, regardless of what choices they make for themselves and their children. We all have something in common and we often forget that. I have never allowed any level of mom-shaming to enter my beautiful bubble because I simply tune it out and turn it off. I have had people offer up unsolicited parenting advice from time to time, but I choose to listen to my advice. I have seen so many social media posts and read millions of blurbs that could’ve offended me as a mom, but they don’t because I don’t allow them to. A great way to distance yourself from the mom-shaming and the judgment is to log off of social media when you’re feeling insecure or lonely, because social media makes a person feel more alone and more insecure, despite the brief distraction that it brings. If someone in your life is consistently mom-shaming you, stop engaging with them, or tell them how their comments make you feel.

I also choose not to judge other moms for the choices they make. I may not agree with every mom I know or that I meet (in person or on social media), but I will never make them feel bullied or judge them for what they believe in. For example, I believe that children should’ve been masked during the pandemic when attending school or events, if they were over the age of three because it was a way to protect them from illness (and as a country we lost children to COVID-19), but I would never judge a mom for not wanting their child to wear a mask. It is your choice as a mother to mask your child or unmask your child. Let’s stop the mom-shaming and start accepting each other’s choices and differences.

You can only grow flowers in your garden. Stop worrying about what plants are in someone else’s.


Boho Chickie

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Good morning dear readers! I am busy doing laundry, writing, and of course, being a mama this morning. I am planning on having two of my closest friends over this evening for dinner and I’m trying to find the energy to make it through the day. For some reason, I am running on empty. It’s cold and windy again in my neck of the woods, so I am cuddled in a sweater and leggings, sipping on hot tea. I hope you’re all looking forward to Easter (and Passover if you celebrate the holiday). I celebrate both Passover and Easter, which makes next weekend a busy one for me. I need to plan and print out my Easter menu, because I always cook for that holiday (one of my favorites).

I want to take a moment to talk about mindset, today. I want to help you all feel a little less stressed, or tired, or overwhelmed as we move through spring. I am an expert on anxiety and managing stress, which comes from suffering from anxiety my whole life and from having to overcome trauma, more than once.


Have you ever felt as though you’re drowning under commitments, emotions, or other people’s expectations of you and who you’re “supposed” to be? Do you ever lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling, unable to quiet your thoughts? You’re far from alone. I am having one of those overwhelming days, myself, due to someone else causing unwanted stress in my life. We cannot control what others do or say, but we can choose how we react to their actions and what we do afterwards. Remember, you can always choose to distance yourself from anyone or anything that causes you stress and anxiety.

We have all had days of pure anxiety and stress, days that feel overwhelming. A healthy, positive mindset can change everything and help move you forward towards happiness and peace. What is mindset? For those of you who enjoy diving deeper into definitions and meanings, mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Mindset is a mental attitude. For example, some people have a fixed mindset, one that cannot be changed. There are people who have a fixed mindset on many aspects of life, such as their ability to forgive a person who has wronged them. If you deem yourself someone who will always hold a grudge, you’re creating a fixed mindset, one that you don’t wish to change. Other people have a true growth mindset, which means they’re always willing to learn, progress, and grow, which leads to their success and strength in life. A positive mindset leads to growth. If you view yourself as a failure and someone that will never amount to anything, or someone that will always be a certain way, you’re setting yourself up for negativity and zero mobility forward. If you believe that you’re capable of greatness, success, and happiness, you will find all three, no matter how much time it takes. Growth is essential in life for us to become who we truly are. I am not the same person I was even a year ago, because I am constantly growing and learning.

It’s important to put other people’s opinions, expectations, and beliefs in a box. Place that box on a shelf somewhere and focus on what’s inside you. What’s your opinion on a situation? What’re your personal expectations/goals and what’re your beliefs? Those questions are important because they’re about you and no one else. Another person can often affect our mindset, but only if we let them. You cannot make everyone happy and that isn’t your job. You also can’t force a person to believe you, see you, or understand you. It’s okay to walk away from a conversation that’s going nowhere, or let go of trying to fix something that’s clearly unfixable. You can try forever, but if the other person isn’t capable of growth, you may very well be wasting precious time and causing yourself stress.

If you’re in a conversation with someone whose repeatedly trying to force you to see their point of view, but they refuse to see your own, remove yourself. If you’re arguing with someone constantly, remove yourself. If you’re always defending yourself to someone, remove yourself. There’s an old, Mexican expression I heard from a friend of mine a long time ago that states, “When a person is persistently looking for trouble, they’re looking for tits on an ant.” If someone wants so badly for there to be a problem, they will search for one vigorously, and they will often create one out of thin air. Some people cause trouble and issues, instead of just taking a moment to see the other person’s wants, needs, and point of view. They will pick a fight, regardless of what you say and do, and those people are exhausting and incredibly hard to deal with. Again, you cannot control another person, but you can control how that person makes you feel. Take a breath, take a moment, and move forward, with or without the other person. You don’t need anyone’s permission to move on. I’ve never been someone who enjoys drama or conflict, but I have certainly learned over the years how to handle myself and how to stand my ground. No one will ever back me into a corner, or force me to do anything, including forcing me to believe what they believe.

Success does not mean you’re a millionaire…it means that at the end of the day, you feel completely content and at peace. If you feel that way, you’re successful. Whether you have a mansion, or a tiny home, if you’re happy at the end of the day, you have succeeded. With a positive, growth mindset, you’re allowing yourself to find true contentment and success.

As someone whose bohemian and heavily connected to nature and animals, when I am having an overwhelming day I find myself drifting towards my plants, animals, or a moment spent somewhere beautiful (for example, the beach). This morning I took a moment to care for my plants and it helped with my anxiety. If you need a stress reliever, buy a plant (or two), grow a garden, or take a drive to a nature trail. Nature and the earth have true healing qualities. I wish each and everyone of my readers a peaceful, positive weekend. Remember, you are your own soldier. Protect yourself, defend yourself, and fight for what you love and need. Don’t allow another person, a bad situation, or a moment of weakness to affect your mindset.


Boho Chickie

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It’s been freezing in New Jersey the past few days and I am cuddled on my couch in loungewear and I have our fireplace on. Monday we had two snow squalls and the wind has been blowing fiercely since Sunday, which is making me ache for sun-kissed days. Today is much nicer, but it’s still not as warm as I’d like. Mother Nature has been teasing us like crazy and we had a little taste of spring, but then as of Sunday, it vanished. Tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up greatly, which I’m excited about. I love the cold weather, but I am ready for consistent spring weather, sunny skies, and warm breezes. Despite the recent cold snap, we’ve been spending time on Long Beach Island every weekend (my favorite New Jersey beach) and shopping, walking on the beach, going to our favorite restaurants, and taking Greyson to the bayside parks. I feel free and at peace when I’m on the island and I forget about all of the daily noise. Life gets so busy and it’s important to disappear for a moment in beautiful places. There’s nothing better than a quiet Sunday, drifting into one of my favorite beach boutiques, after strolling on the sand.

Boho Spring Fashion

I love spring for many reasons, but mainly I love the renewal that comes with the season. I love Easter, Passover, and finally stepping foot into my favorite garden center again, spending an insane amount of money on plants. I love renewing my wardrobe and handpicking some new clothes and accessories for the warm months ahead. Spring fashion is filled with color, dresses, and playful accessories (sunnies, wedges, and fun jewelry). I did some shopping last weekend in Long Beach Island at a boutique called How To Live and the famous Farias Surf Shop. I also bought some new jeans the other day at Target that are so comfortable and cute. I live for Target. I can buy a pair of jeans, ten candles, an outdoor planter, and a toy for Greyson all in one place. Boho fashion is comfortable, consisting of peasant blouses, loose dresses, and flowing layers. Beach boutiques are filled with bohemian options and unique pieces that are perfect for warm weather. As a busy, down-to-earth mama, I appreciate the comfort of boho-chic clothing.

Spring is notorious for unpredictable weather, which makes successful fashion moments tricky. Last week it was seventy degrees here in New Jersey and I was wearing a maxi dress and a kimono, and yesterday it dropped down to twenty-one degrees at night, and I’ve been wearing leggings and a sweater ever since. Layers are your best friend during the early days of spring. I love a loose, short dress with a flowing cardigan when it’s too soon to commit to a true warm-weather outfit. It’s also a great time of the year to live in athleisure, which is made for everyday wear and exercise. Capri leggings are my absolute favorite as it gets warmer, and All In Motion Capri Leggings from Target are amazing and affordable. I run my errands in my leggings and then I come home and hop on my exercise bike. Being a boho chickie is all about self-confidence and whatever makes you feel like a beautiful warrior is what you should wear.

A maxi dress and a kimono are perfect for spring. I bought this maxi dress from Amazon and the kimono from Nordstrom. I’ve found really beautiful clothing on Amazon, but five stars and positive reviews are a must.

I bought this dress at Farias and it’s absolutely gorgeous in person. I am planning on wearing this to a Passover seder at my brother’s.
I am in love with this spring/summer hoodie from Farias Surf Shop. It’s lightweight, which means I can wear it when I’m at the beach and there’s a breeze. It looks great with jeans and jean shorts. It’s perfect for any boho, beach girl.
I live for casual, cute sandals and flip-flops when I’m casually dressed. I throw them on to run errands, walk outside, wander around my house, and of course in Long Beach Island. I bought this pair of Roxy sandals at Farias and they’re adorable.

Enjoy the rest of your week, chickies. I’ll be back soon with more of my bohemian life.