Monthly Obsessions

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What am I obsessed with this month?

  1. Southern Fried Chics Boutique
  2. Altar’d State
  3. Days on my farm (Country girl at heart) ❤️
  4. I don’t know about you by Chris Lane 🎶
  5. Long Beach Island sunsets
  6. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  7. Project Runway
  8. Rainstorms
  9. Reading
  10. Pigtail braids

Lizzie’s closet

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Fashion is an essential part of my day to day life, and whether I’m running errands, going on adventures with my son, or getting drinks with my husband, I put a lot of love and thought into my outfits. I go from a bohemian princess to a sporty mom, but regardless of what I’m wearing, all of my clothing, shoes, and accessories were handpicked for a reason. I’m constantly being asked, “Where did you get that?” and “How do you find time to put together an outfit when you have a baby?”. I have shared my fashion finds with you in the past and my favorite stores, but I love keeping my readers up to date. I haven’t shopped for clothing too much lately because I’ve been busy and I think it’s so important to save money whenever you can, especially as a stay at home mama. I spoil myself, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also a saver! Some months I’d rather spend money on my home, new clothes for Greyson, or something for Andrew.

I just bought two bras from Aerie for the first time, ever…I’ve always bought my bras from Victoria’s Secret, but I’m super impressed with the quality and pricing of Aerie. No, the bras do not look or feel like VS bras, but they’re just as nice. I bought a wireless, pink push-up bra, and a black, lace bralette and I’m in love. Aerie is young and affordable. I love VS, but if you want to switch it up and try somewhere new, I recommend Aerie.

Target is KILLING it lately with new clothing launches, beautiful sportswear, and versatile looks for busy mamas. Target has clothing that can easily be worn while running errands with the kids, day dates with your best friends, and also for casual nights out. This loungewear jumper from Stars Above is not just loungewear for lazy days at home, but it can also be worn during the day while you’re running around, or you can dress it up a little. I’ve paired it with a light, olive green bomber jacket, and wedges for a dinner date. It’s comfortable and again, it is loungewear so when you’re home reading a book or watching a movie, there’s no need to change into anything else!

Stars Above is one of my favorite fashion lines from Target because of the versatility of their loungewear. This look, in particular, can be worn in so many settings including at home, at the store, casual outings, the beach, or dressed up for date night. It’s not expensive and as a mama, I love pairing comfort with cuteness.

I’m currently obsessed with…

I’ll be visiting Alicia DiMichele’s Boutique soon and I’ll share whatever I buy on my Instagram Story, just for you. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, what’re you waiting for? 😉

Instagram: lizziemognoni

Stay tuned for more fashion finds and my favorite shopping destinations…Xo

The Greyson Diaries

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Peace and Balance

Hi mamas! I’ve had the most gorgeous month filled with love, happiness, and peace. On May 11 surrounded by the ocean, friends, and family I married my handsome man and became Elizabeth Rebecca Mognoni Killough 💜 I’ve never been happier or more at peace. It’s a beautiful feeling and I didn’t always feel this way. I endured so much heartache, pain, and stress through my teenage years and early twenties, but once I let go of my past and met Andrew everything fell into place. I’m a spiritual person, but not religious. I’ve never gotten down on my knees and prayed to a God, but I have asked the Universe for advice and answers. I’ve looked to the sky for guidance, knowing and trusting that there is a higher power around me. I feel it when I’m standing beside the ocean and when I’m holding my son. I prayed for Andrew without knowing who he was or if he even existed, but I asked the Universe to find that special someone I could love and spend my days with…a best friend, lover, and partner. The Universe gave me so much more than I ever asked for…it gave me Andrew, Greyson, and this beautiful life.

Have you ever sat and thanked the stars above for everything you have? I certainly have. If you’re still wandering, wondering, and wishing, that’s okay. Your journey is forever and your soulmate, balance, and peace are out there, waiting for you. I look back on everything I’ve been through and I understand now that I met Andrew when I was finally ready to settle down. The exes we feel “unlucky” to have known and dealt with were placed in our path for a reason. We were meant to learn, grow, and change. They may have hurt us, made us wonder what the heck was I thinking, and made us want to rewind and start over (where is that damn life remote?), but they made us stronger, wiser, and braver. I definitely cannot believe I used to let some guy walk all over me, make me cry, lie to me, use me for money and an easier life, but now I am so incredibly strong and happy. I knew how real and special Andrew was when I met him because I had dealt with the complete opposite (my ex). We may have days, weeks, or months that are busy, stressful, and sometimes money is tight, but that’s how life keeps us balanced. It’s not about how much money we make or how many vacations we take, life is simply about the moments that make us truly happy. Happiness can happen anywhere.

If you’re feeling lost and unsure, keep wandering babes…you will find your path. The bad helps us appreciate the good. Laughter wouldn’t be as beautiful without the occasional tear. As mamas and parents, we need to always search for our own balance and peace in order to be happy, healthy, and positive. How do you live a peaceful, balanced life? This question is very individual. Everyone wishes for different things when they see a shooting star, need and want different things, and of course, everyone lives life differently. Only you can personalize your life and make it what you want it to be…what makes you happiest? Who do you want by your side through all of life’s journeys? What do you want to fill your days with? There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before you decide how to balance out your life. Think of your life as a blank, empty room…you can make that room look, feel, and smell however you’d like. What color will you paint the walls? What kind of theme will that room possess? Do you want to fill the room with flowers, candles, photos? Are you artsy, bohemian, minimal? You can personalize your day to day life the same way you’d decorate a room to create a zen, happy space. Make a list of what you want and need each day to feel happy and at peace with your life. The list can contain very simple components, for example, many people cannot function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. You can add drinking a cup of coffee on your porch every morning to your list. In order for my days to be beautiful, I need…

  • Time outdoors (a walk, sitting in the garden, a drive to the beach, exploring somewhere)
  • Greyson & Andrew (I spend all day with my son and when my husband gets home from work we always spend quality time together)
  • Writing (or reading)
  • Water, fruit, healthy choices
  • My outfit of the day (I need to love what I’m wearing, whether I’m dressed bohemian, sporty, etc.)

My list isn’t very long! Now, that is what I need each day to feel happy and at peace…you can also make a list of the extras. The extras are things that you don’t necessarily need, but they make you smile. For example, I don’t need to see my friends every week to know they’re there for me, but seeing my close friends makes me happy. I try to make plans as much as possible with the ones I love. Some people love doing yoga (me), going to the gym, etc., but they don’t necessarily need to do those things in order to feel balanced. You add in the extras whenever you have the time and energy. Peace also comes from eliminating anything and anyone negative from your life that makes you feel stressed, anxious, mad, or upset. If you’re ready to let go of someone there’s no need to be mean or negative towards them…just simply let them go. Again, if you’re still searching for your special someone, don’t stress, worry, or give up. The Universe has a plan for everyone and your special someone is waiting for you…they will find you, or you’ll find them when neither one of you is expecting it.

Peace and balance are just words and everyone has different words to describe living their best life, but to me feeling at peace with yourself and having balance creates the perfect life. I wish all of you a beautiful week filled with adventure, happiness, and peace.

Greyson’s Letter

Grey, you’re my peace and balance in life. You fill my days with purpose, love, and excitement, and I am happiest when I’m simply being your mama and spending my days embarking on our little adventures. You’re growing up and discovering the world more and more each day, with curious eyes and sweet smiles. I love playing with your toys with you and showing you new, exciting things. Today you helped me take care of our ducks (Gatsby, Cracker, & Cookie) which made you smile so bright. As you get older you’ll realize how important the little things are…the calming smell after a rainstorm, the sun kissing your skin, and cuddling up under a blanket after a long day. The little things bring peace and happiness to our lives, but the big things bring balance. Big things are the events that change us forever, like becoming a parent, meeting the love of your life, or getting married. You changed my life and made me a better person which brought the ultimate balance to my life. Your daddy changed my life by giving me you, marrying me, and for showing us so much love every single day…more balance.

Never forget about what brings you peace, baby boy. The little things and the big things make up this crazy adventure called life and there is so much to smile about. Happy Memorial Day…here’s to being young, wild, & free.


Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

Monthly Obsessions

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What are my monthly obsessions for May? Here are my top ten favorites…

  1. Long Beach Island
  2. Long walks with Greyson
  3. Drinking lots of water (continuing a healthy trend)
  4. Yoga
  5. Etsy (wedding decor)
  6. Waterford Crystal champagne flutes (Thank you, Theresa & Jeff 💗)
  7. Marble kitchen decor (I bought a new marble and acacia wood cutting board & a marble paper towel holder that I’m slightly obsessed with)
  8. Ohana Juice Bar in Hammonton, NJ
  9. Rejuvenation Day Spa in Hammonton, NJ (thank you for the amazing massage before my wedding)
  10. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lipstick (Visionary) 💄

The Greyson Diaries

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How to Entertain a 4-6-Month-Old

Hi, mamas 💜

Greyson is almost five months old and he’s at the age where he wants to crawl, walk, and be more independent, but he still needs my constant attention. I love holding him and we have so much fun during the day learning, exploring, and smiling, but there are moments when he needs to be entertained while I clean, shower, or just need a moment (meditation mamas). Yes, you’re allowed to have a moment. You still need to eat, meditate, clean, and take care of yourself. Greyson naps during the day, at least once, and sometimes I nap with him, but other times I will clean and get other things done while he sleeps. Greyson loves walks, which of course is an activity we enjoy together; walking and spending time outdoors is a great way to entertain your young baby. They can sit back and relax in the stroller while still taking in all of the smells, sights, and sounds. Until your baby is able to sit without any support from you or an object, it’s harder to find ways to entertain them for long periods of time, but please don’t get frustrated mamas. Time flies by! Enjoy each moment with your baby.

Greyson loves his Ingenuity swing because he can watch Netflix (Word Party & Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhymes are two of his favorites), or watch me clean, make food, etc. The swing runs through batteries like crazy, so be sure to have batteries stocked and always turn the swing off when you’re done using it! Of course, make sure your baby is strapped in and safe. He will sometimes fall asleep in his swing, especially after feeding. You can cuddle your baby up with a blanket and hand them a stuffed animal or a teething toy. Greyson loves Sophie the Giraffe (teething toy). Since Greyson is growing every day and nearing five months, I’m purchasing a activity pen/ball pit for him soon to replace his swing. It’s important to plan ahead for your baby and allow them to grow into new activity equipment, because each stage brings more fun and adventure. I also have the Ingenuity Bella Boutique playard, which is amazing (but we usually only use that when we travel with Greyson).

Tummy time and spending moments during the day on an activity mat is a great way to entertain your baby, especially before they’re able to sit up on their own. Now, this activity may not entertain them for long, but if you want to sit with them in their nursery and engage them between feedings and other activities it’s a great way to enjoy your time with your baby. You don’t need an activity mat, but they come in handy! Always watch your baby and make sure they don’t roll or near any edges to furniture, because at this age they’re adventurous. Greyson loves spending time on my living room floor, in his nursery, and in his activity teepee. I never leave Greyson alone when he’s on the floor, but when he’s in his teepee I can fold clothes in his nursery, answer emails on my phone, and write while sitting with him.

Have you read to your child yet? Greyson loves books and I sit him in my lap and place a book in front of him, turning the pages and reading to him, which is entertaining for a while. We read every day and it’s fun for me, too. I love seeing his reaction to colors, pictures, and words. Reading helps your child learn, develop, and focus.

If you haven’t introduced your baby to a mirror just yet, you’re missing out! I love watching Greyson smile at himself in the mirror and look at me with big, excited eyes…

There are so many little ways to entertain your 4-6 month old, but of course, the best moments are simple. Talk to your baby, sing, laugh, and explore. You don’t need a million pieces of equipment for your baby, because at the end of the day, most of the equipment doesn’t matter to them. They’d much rather sit on your lap or lay on a blanket while you talk to them and smile! I recommend always having a Boppy Pillow, a blanket, a teething toy, stuffed animal, and a smile handy for your days with your baby. Remember, take drives, listen to music, and go places with your baby. They want to see the world with you and go on adventures 💙

I know days can be long and tiring, but enjoy every moment. I wish you all the best of luck and lots of happiness mamas. You got this 😘

Greyson’s Letter

Dear honeybee,

You’re almost five months old and a total superstar! Your smile and adventurous personality brightens my day and wows me. You’re sweet, funny, and handsome. Mommy and daddy are getting married next week and I’m so excited to share that special day with you. Tomorrow we’re driving to Long Beach Island for a mommy and Greyson adventure, which will be amazing. My favorite part about being a mom is sharing the world with you and watching you learn, grow, and experience life. Thank you for another beautiful week filled with giggles and baby talk. You’re the best, babe.

I love you always.

Letting go of a good woman

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I know that there are just as many good men out there as there are women (ladies, I know some of you will argue that), but regardless of your views on the male population, finding a good woman isn’t an easy task, just as finding a good man isn’t an easy task. The world is filled with faces, but far too many of them are wearing masks. I was with someone for four years who took me for granted, lied to me, cheated, took the secure, confident girl that I was and turned me into an insecure mess, and in the end, he let me go. He was a tornado who walked into my pretty life and caused havoc and devastation. He still played with my mind and emotions after we ended our relationship in many ways, some of which are too painful for me to get into. I’m in the healthiest and happiest relationship now (soon to be married) and I’m living my best life and I know that what I went through in the past was meant to teach me lessons and make me stronger, and it did. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect in any relationship, but what I endured, and what many women endure, changes who we are, permanently. I’ve had anxiety all my life, but with my ex my anxiety was unbearable. I still think back to the things he did and said and I feel uneasy because they left a deep scar.

Everyone knows of a woman who had her heart broken, has been deceived, and made to feel less than, when she deserved so much more. She may be the reflection staring back at you in the mirror, but did you ever stop and wonder…”What happens when you let go of a good woman?”.

She doesn’t wait for you…

She doesn’t wait for you to come back, change, or apologize. She knows in her heart that you leaving was the absolute best thing that could’ve ever happened to her. She may for a blip of a second think, “maybe if I wait, he will grow and he will change” but people don’t change. It’s easier not to. A leopard doesn’t change its spots and a liar doesn’t become an honest, good person. She moves on without you.

She becomes stronger and more resilient…

She builds her walls back up high and strong, walls that will withstand wind, rain, and snow. Her walls will never come down again, but she will learn to let someone special through her gates one day…that gate leads to a beautiful garden filled with mystery, adventure, and stories. The pain she endured after you let her go only made her stronger (better for someone else) and the scars she covers up with makeup, pretty clothes, and confidence become proud battle wounds. She’s a force to be reckoned with now, thanks to you.

She learns what true love is…

She finally finds someone who changes everything in and around her. This person is unlike anyone she’s ever met and after what she went through, she now knows what true love feels like. She was clueless before and naive, but thanks to you she can see the difference between a diamond and a pebble. She can appreciate the new flame in her life because she went through hell once before and her new love is real, safe, and comforting.

She catches someone else’s attention…

There is no doubt that after you let go of that amazing woman someone else will see what you didn’t. They will appreciate what you let slip away. She will become someone else’s passion and they will treat her like a queen.

She finds herself…

When you’re in the wrong place, wrong moment, and wrong relationship you tend to forget about yourself and what you’re capable of. When you let her go you gave her the opportunity to find herself, explore her passions, and follow her heart. Negative energy stops you from pushing forward. It becomes a distraction and a barrier. She’s now following her dreams, without you there to stop her.

She forgets about you…

In the beginning, she’ll think about all of the memories, forgetting about the pain. She will remember the good over the bad, but as time goes on she will only remember the pain you put her through, and after a while, you won’t even be a thought in her mind.

The Greyson Diaries

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Becoming Your Own Best Friend

After you become a mama bear your life changes in a gorgeous way, but there will be days that test you, scare you, and make you question your strength. You need to become your own best friend and during the stressful moments, you need to hold your own hand, take a deep breath, and motivate yourself. If you’re trying to lose the baby weight postpartum and working out isn’t your thing, as you begin to work out you may feel frustrated and tired, but that is when you give yourself a little pep talk, just like any best friend would do, and you move forward. You don’t talk negatively about yourself, or post negative rants on the internet. You keep your mind positive and focused on whatever makes you feel good. It’s the perfect time to learn more about yourself and what you need…

You’re so capable of handling your shit. Learn to inspire yourself and wake up each morning with a badass attitude and a grateful heart. If you’re dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelming stress, or any other personal struggle, you need to be your own advocate. Make sure to take care of your mind, body, and soul, because no one else can care for your soul the way you can. It’s very true that no matter how many loves you have in your life, at the end of the day, the only person you truly have is yourself. The fire inside of you will never fade away and it’ll keep you warm, but sometimes you need a simple reminder to ignite your flame. I’m your reminder, mamas.

This isn’t a pretty fairytale, my loves, this is real life. You will never be saved by a handsome knight on a beautiful, white horse, and there isn’t a perky theme song playing in the background as you strut through your day. You are the writer of your story and the artist in full control of the paintbrush; make your canvas one worth framing. It’s very important to stop glancing in the rearview mirror because there is absolutely nothing to see behind you. You change after becoming a parent and that’s normal, but if you constantly wish to go back to who you were prior to having a baby, then you will be incredibly disappointed. You’re different and that’s the way motherhood is supposed to be…embrace it. You may look at photos of you from your high school days, young and naive, wondering where that girl went. Well, that girl is so proud of the woman you’ve become. Every time you’re feeling low or uninspired remind yourself that the girl you used to be, that carefree girl stuck in old photographs, is waiting to see how much you shine. Make that girl proud and be your own best friend. Be the woman you needed when you were a little girl.

The closer you become with yourself and your inner goddess the more open and happy you will be with others. If you don’t love and respect yourself, who will? Being a mama can sometimes feel as though you’re on an island, by yourself, with rules that only apply to you. I love being home with Greyson and going on adventures, but if I didn’t have me the days would be pretty lonely. I have a fire within me, the power to make each day as special as I want, and no one knows what I want and need better than myself (although, Andrew comes in at a close second…he knows me so well it’s scary). Find a lover who knows you and loves every inch of you (even your scars).

When you’re having one of those days when your hair isn’t bouncing and behaving and your mood is a roller coaster ride, take a moment to talk yourself down. Remind yourself that you have the power to make the day ahead of you bright and positive; if you fill your head with negative thoughts your day will be negative. Take yourself out for the day…drink some tea, do a little shopping, and spend some time outdoors in the sunshine, or under the clouds. Do what any best friend would do and be there for you.

Greyson’s Letter

Grey, I love our days together and seeing you smile when I look at you. I love hearing you scream and giggle when you’re playing. Every day you learn more about the world around you and it’s beautiful watching you discover the little things. We walk outside and you’re amazed by the sun, the grass, and the birds chirping. I hope you always appreciate the little things and the beauty around you, because those are the big things. I hope you still smile when the sun is shining and enjoy long walks on cloudy days. Never forget that you’re your own best friend and regardless of how many friends you make along the way (and of course you’ll always have me and daddy), you always have you. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood were the adventures I went on with my animals and the times I colored for hours by myself, with just my imagination to keep me company. Love yourself baby boy, because you’re the best company you’ve got.

Daddy and I will always be by your side. We love you. Xx

Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

Monthly Obsessions

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Spring is coming and despite the occasional cold night, the weather is heating up! I am loving long walks with my baby boy and spring fashion. What am I obsessed with for April?

  1. Bohemian clothing & style
  2. Grey Fifty Shades of Grey As Told By Christian by E.L James
  3. Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack
  4. Pink Blush women’s clothing (they also carry beautiful maternity clothing)
  5. Diamondere (my wedding band came in…gorgeous)
  6. Project Runway
  7. Schitt’$ Creek on Netflix (David is amazing)
  8. Victoria’s Secret bridal lingerie (thanks VS…Xo)
  9. The Daily Yoga app.
  10. Nature’s Truth Essential Oils Blend Mist in Rejuvenating Lavender (keep calm mamas)

The Greyson Diaries

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Take a page from my book…

I’d like to share my advice for mama’s to be because after your pregnancy journey comes to a close you’re bombarded with fears, questions, insecurities, and moments of uncertainty. So much of your unanswered questions will come naturally and you should never doubt yourself or fear motherhood. There will be days that are overwhelming, different, and stressful, but that is life…it’s no different than being a single person, without a baby. You will always have days that test you and there will always be lessons learned. Learn to breathe and grow through each experience. Becoming a parent adds an exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding chapter to your life. Whether you’re using a surrogate, giving birth yourself, adopting, or fostering, the journey will be beautiful. I’m here for you mamas. By the way, I started my blog for mama bears, but I am always here to support and inspire single dads and the LGBTQ community (you are amazing)! If you’re a parent, you can find constant inspiration on my blog (don’t be offended by me using the word mama…that is simply the word that started all of this blogging, creativity, and inspiration). Take a page from my book and find comfort in the fact that you’re not going on this journey alone.

  • Every person, pregnancy, and baby are different. Never compare your postpartum journey (or your child) to someone else’s. Find joy and strength in your own, unique journey.
  • Social media will become your best friend and worst enemy after becoming a mama. You will want to share everything and anything you can, especially when you’re up late (or early), feeling alone, or overwhelmed, but don’t post negative comments about yourself or your day as a parent on social media, because it doesn’t make you look good. Ladies, complaining constantly on social media doesn’t boost positivity in your life…it actually puts you in a negative headspace. I always feel sad when I read negative Facebook and Instagram posts because it’s unhealthy.
  • Smile 😃 Whether your baby is screaming, or you’re in a bad mood, keep smiling. Laughing, smiling, and remaining positive is the best medicine.
  • You need to take a few minutes each day to meditate, listen to music, and breathe. It’s so important to acknowledge your feelings and emotions every day.
  • Don’t fear the future or worry about the days ahead…simply be in the moment with your baby, because time flies. The future will be beautiful, too. Each chapter with your child will be different and will bring inspiration to your life.
  • If you look in the mirror and you feel different, that’s because you are different! Don’t hate yourself for the changes you’ve endured, but do whatever it takes to make yourself feel amazing. Don’t talk badly about yourself, especially publicly. Smile, laugh, grow, and do what makes you happy. Eat healthily, exercise whenever you can, spend time outdoors, pamper yourself, and find your balance. Childbirth changes everything and that includes your body and mind (mindset, mood, emotions), but you will find your “new normal”, as I like to call it. I may look the same, but I feel completely different. Every woman goes through the same postpartum process, but some women let themselves go. That is up to you, mamas. Be strong enough to fight for yourself.
  • Postpartum depression is very real and incredibly draining. If you’re like me and dealt with depression and anxiety prior to becoming pregnant, you are likely to experience postpartum depression. Don’t be afraid of the trying moments and don’t give up. Never be afraid to ask for help, talk to someone, or to fall apart. Crying is allowed. You’re not alone. I worked myself through it, but it’s okay to need a little extra help. I still have emotional days (trust me)! Every woman deals with postpartum depression differently and many face a much more severe battle…have sympathy and never judge other mamas. We all have a story and struggles.
  • Never go to bed angry. Don’t fight with your child, yourself, or your significant other, especially before bed. Bedtime is a time to be thankful, unwind, and to care for your mind.
  • It’s okay to spoil your baby, but as they grow, it’s important to teach your child to be grateful, humble, and sweet. Encourage your child to do good in order to be rewarded and showered with good karma and positivity.
  • It’s never too early to read to your child. I started reading to Greyson when he was a week old and he loves it. We LOVE Barnes & Noble.
  • Absorb positive advice, but don’t pay too much attention to what other mamas around you tell you (especially those who are negative, controlling, and nitpicky), because no one knows your child better than you. Trust your heart, intuition, and what you feel. You must always do what’s best for your child and you.
  • The key to being an amazing mama is to take a few moments each day to be a kid again. Play with toys with your child, use your imagination, create gorgeous fairytales, watch cartoons, and giggle.
  • Avoid family drama by remaining calm and cool. Family can be complicated and messy, but you never want issues to affect your child or their childhood.
  • We all curse now and then and say stupid things, but it’s very important to have beautiful, meaningful conversations with your child from day one (yes, they hear you). They need to know what makes a conversation sweet and true. Your child should know that cursing and negativity aren’t attractive or necessary (but as I said before, no one is perfect, which leads to my next point).
  • No one is perfect…including you. We curse, break things, get angry, and make life messy. Your child shouldn’t feel as though they need to strive to be perfect, ever, and your child should always know that everyone makes mistakes, life isn’t perfect, and the only true failure is giving up.
  • Go on as many adventures as you can! You don’t need to spend a ton of money or go on fancy vacations, but you should drive to the beach, walk on pretty trails, and show your child the world.
  • Don’t be a pageant mom! If your son doesn’t want to play football, that’s okay. If your daughter doesn’t want to be a ballerina, let it go. Let your child do and be whatever they want because if you don’t you’re refusing to let their true light shine, which is the saddest thing.
  • If you’re having a bad day keep reminding yourself that you’re a rockstar!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad hair day, or you didn’t have the energy to put on makeup…be the badass babe you know you are, regardless.
  • If a situation makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to explain yourself. Do yourself and your child a favor, and remove yourself from it. Your gut is never wrong.
  • Print out photos and keep a photo box (or a few), because one day you will love sitting on the floor on a rainy day and showing your child photographs.
  • You can never say I love you too much…say it often.

…to be continued 😚

Greyson’s Letter

Grey, I am so in love with you and my favorite part of each day is seeing you smile. Never allow the world, or anyone to change your smile. Life may become more complicated as you grow, but your light will always be your guide. Let your light change the world and brighten the dark days. You’re almost four months old and I feel as though I gave birth to you five minutes ago! Your birth was by far the happiest and most incredible moment of my life and I’ll always thank you for changing my entire world. Thank you for every little, simple moment. Thank you for filling my days with love and purpose. Thank you for making me a mom.

Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

Monthly obsessions

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We all have guilty pleasures, favorites, and obsessions. I’ve decided to share my monthly obsessions with you. What are my 10 obsessions for March?

    Function of Beauty personalized shampoo and conditioner
    My new Mercedes Benz GLA 250 #momcar
    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
    A New Day fashion line at Target #affordablefashion
    Emma Mildon’s book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook
    Revel Nail Dip Powder D77 Bubbly
    Cloud Island baby clothing (find at Target)
    Chicken & tikka pita (homemade)
    Drinking LOTS of water 💧
    My Dyson V7 Motorhead Vacuum (Fuchsia)