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Happy Tuesday, loves! I hope everyone’s enjoying the early days of a new week. When I was younger, I hated Monday’s because I didn’t like going to school, but as an adult I really appreciate Monday’s. A new week brings new experiences, a fresh start, and new challenges to conquer. Monday’s are a reminder that beginnings are beautiful. Tuesday’s are a reminder that you’ve already conquered Monday! I’ve had a relaxing start to the week and I’m just soaking up the calming vibes.

It’s been very warm in New Jersey the past couple of days, which makes me happy. I’m wearing shorts today, for the first time this year. It’s time to get your spring wardrobe ready, because spring is just around the bend. I am already falling for spring fashion and spring must-haves. My home is ready for spring and Easter!

I was walking around Target last night with Greyson and Andrew, and I saw the cutest spring throw pillows, candles, sandals, and outdoor furniture. I bought a gorgeous glass terrarium for my coffee table and a terrarium grow kit, which I’m super excited about. I love my plants and watching them grow.

My Skincare Routine

I’ve always taken incredible care of my skin and I believe that a good skincare routine can help you feel and look youthful, healthy, and glowing. I am religious about my skincare routine and I am loyal to my favorite products. I love feeling natural and I appreciate vegan and cruelty-free products. One of my favorite companies is Pacifica and I’ve been using their merchandise for years now. Not only is Pacifica a cruelty-free brand, but they are also vegan.

Every morning I wake up and immediately wash and cleanse my face with Pacifica Acne Defense Face Wash. I have never had pimples or suffered from acne, but this face wash cleanses your skin and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed, even if you’re not acne-prone. It offers a deep clean with salicylic acid, cucumber, niacinamide (a form of Vitamin B), aloe, and mint. This product leaves my skin feeling healthy and awake. After I cleanse my face, I pat my face dry with a towel, and then I apply Asterwood Naturals Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which I started using this year. It’s an anti-aging serum with nourishing and restorative properties. This product is oil free, paraben free, sulfate free, not tested on animals, and it’s also fragrance free for those who are sensitive to fragrances. It comes with a dropper and I use a few drops under/around my eyes and on the rest of my face. I gently blend the drops into my skin with my finger and I let the serum dry. It’s normal for your skin to feel a little tight and dry after using the serum, which is why you use a cream immediately after application. I use Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day & Night Cream, blending a small amount into my skin, all over my face, and even my neck. I LOVE this cream! It’s light and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. After the Dreamy Youth cream, I use my under eye cream by No7. The No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream is wonderful and I’ve been using it for years! It refreshes tired eyes and visibly minimizes any fine lines or dark circles. You simply dab a few drops under both eyes and blend it in with your finger.

I do get a Hydra Facial a couple of times a year (usually in the late fall/early winter and in the late spring) and they’re great! They leave your skin renewed and they’re equivalent to a fresh start. I also use a honey mask on my face a couple of times a week, using only raw, organic honey. You apply it to your face, allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes, and then wash it off using warm water. Honey acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial product. It cleanses, exfoliates, and brightens your skin. It also smells amazing! There are countless at-home skin care remedies that you can try, including lemon, avocado, and apple cider vinegar. I stick to my honey mask, but be sure to research other amazing at-home facial recipes. Another thing that I obsess over is WATER. I drink an abnormal amount of water, which hydrates your entire body, including your skin. Water is powerful and you should motivate yourself to drink as much water as you can. I have water with every meal and even when I go to a restaurant, I always have at least one glass of water, along with whatever else I’m drinking. I don’t smoke, which can cause serious skin issues, and I don’t drink very often. Drinking excessively can also lead to skin issues and irritation. Try to avoid anything that causes skin problems and irritation if you’re worried about your skin.

Something I am religious about and many often forget is the daily use of sunscreen. I apply Neutrogena Ultra Sheer 100+ SPF sunscreen to my face every morning. I even dab some onto my skin over my makeup if I am going to be in the sun for a long period. I also wear sunglasses, or a hat, to protect my eyes and the skin around my eyes from the sun. If I’m on the beach all day I use my normal Neutrogena sunscreen along with a spray sunscreen all over my face and the rest of my body. My tinted moisturizer, which I apply before doing my makeup, is a BB cream by Covergirl that has an SPF 21, so no matter what, my skin is always nourished and protected. I always ensure that my tattoos are protected by sunscreen if they’re exposed to the sun, as well. I love my skin and I’ll always take care of it.

We only have one body. Our body is our home and it is capable of miracles, such as overcoming illnesses and creating a life. I have had a baby, so I know how amazing and strong my body is. I know that no body is perfect or without flaws and it’s important to embrace every aspect of our skin. We all have a wrinkle, or two. We all have a scar from when we were young. We all have something that makes us feel insecure. We also all have a responsibility to take care of our skin and our bodies by being healthy, smart, and careful. Use good quality sunscreen, creams, and serums. Pay attention to what your skin needs because everyone is different. For example, I am not acne-prone, which means my skin doesn’t necessarily need an acne-prone formula, but I am very interested in anti-aging formulas as a young mom and woman. Once you reach your twenties, your needs change and that’s okay. You won’t be seventeen forever, but you can always look healthy and youthful if you make that a priority. Smile lines, wrinkles, and scars tell a story. It’s not a bad thing to have any of those, but you want to look healthy and glowing because that’s the mark of a truly successful skincare ritual and good skin. You want to feel comfortable in your skin.

Remember, although I am sharing my skincare routine and the products that I love with you, something that works for me may not necessarily work for you. Again, we are all different, our skin is different, and our needs are different. I wish you and your skin a healthy and beautiful journey.


Boho Chickie

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Hi loves. I hope this blog post finds you well. I am so excited to announce that I have decided to start a new blog series called, Boho Chickie, which will focus on my weekly (and sometimes daily) life as a bohemian mama, wife, lover of nature, caretaker for animals, and a farm, and ways to live a freeing and healthy life as a boho babe (skincare, fashion, recipes, home styling, adventures, and more). I now have three ongoing blog series for those who are new to my blog, Boho Chickie, The Greyson Diaries, and Coming Home.

Boho Chickie is named after my bohemian aesthetic and my love for my chickens, which are my favorite animals on our farm. They’re the reason I became a vegetarian and the reason I fell head over heels in love with the farm lifestyle. Welcome to the first Boho Chickie post…


Bohemianism is defined as living an unconventional lifestyle, a lifestyle filled with musical influence, artistic and literary pursuits, and spiritual existence. Embracing a bohemian aesthetic and living a boho way of life doesn’t mean you live in a pretty, baby blue van, wander without a true home, and wear a flowered headband every day, although that sounds magical. Being bohemian, in my opinion, is more a state of mind and a spiritual way of living your life. Caring for the earth and giving back to the earth through composting, planting flowers and trees, growing your herbs and vegetables, owning and caring for animals, living a vegetarian lifestyle, having a true love for flowers and the beauty around us, believing in positive energy and vibes, and living more for the experiences in life opposed to possessions, is what makes you bohemian. As a boho babe, I believe that every positive vibe that I send out into the world will flow its way back to me, creating a positive and healthy life for me and my family.

I’ve always had a deep connection to animals, nature, and the earth. I believe that mother nature is the highest power and we need to give more than we take and leave nothing but footprints behind. I love to garden, fill my home with flowers and herbs, composting is incredibly important to me, and my farm has become my heart and soul. I’m a vegetarian and I believe that plants are the key to a healthy, long life. I was raised Catholic and Jewish and I still celebrate all Catholic and Jewish holidays, because tradition is very important to me, especially now that I’m a mother, but I identify as spiritual. I don’t call myself a Catholic, or a Buddhist. I am simply, spiritual. There are aspects of a few religions that I believe in, but at the end of the day, nature is my church. At the weakest points in my life, I have found security and answers while hiking up a mountain, sitting on a beach, or caring for my animals at the farm. I have rebelled against societal norms, many times. I got into every college of my choice, including SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design), but decided to ditch college and the idea that you needed an institution to be successful. I immersed myself in fashion and marketing at age sixteen and I am now taking Fashion Business courses at Parsons. I will obtain my Fashion Business certification this summer (May). I also own and operate a successful business alongside my husband and I am the marketing and creative force behind the company.

Of course, I am going to touch on bohemian fashion, as a fashion enthusiast and someone with a fashion and marketing background. My closet is filled with handpicked items, most of which are boho-chic (local boutiques, Free People, Anthropologie). I have always been drawn to boho fashion (also known as boho-chic) because it’s connected to the earth and inspired by the hippie fashion of the 1960s and the 1970s. I often wish I could’ve been born during that time period, which is one of my favorite fashion time periods. Boho fashion is centered around neutrals, earth tones, warm shades, and a need for statement accessories. Bohemian fashion is not just a fashion trend and style of clothing, but it’s also a way of life and culture. Free People, for example, is one of the most popular boho-chic clothing companies and those who shop at Free People feel as though they are immersing themselves in that culture and becoming part of something special. Fashion has often brought people together and inspired artists, young people, and those who dare to stand out, but boho fashion is unlike any other style.

18th Century
Modern Day

Boho fashion is relaxed and comfortable, with a lot of loose-fitting clothing, and immensely artistic accessories. The original bohemians emerged from the 18th Century, during the French Revolution. During that time, artists and creative individuals were unfortunately forced to live impoverished. They wore old and worn-out clothing, in very creative ways, a look that has stuck with the boho-chic trend. Many of these artistic individuals dressed much like gypsies, which is where the nomadic, wanderer aspect to bohemianism emerged. It then became a culture, and not just a fashion trend. As time went on, boho fashion became a way to rebel against societal norms and stand out, which inspired the hippies in the ‘60s and ’70s. Bohemian fashion developed and evolved over time and by the 20th Century, designers such as the amazing Paul Poiret elevated bohemian fashion and brought it into a new, shining light. The hippie movement truly solidified boho fashion and gave it a new, exciting look and lifestyle. Flared pants, fringe, ethnic patterns, flowered headpieces, and statement jewelry came into play and have remained with us as some of our favorite boho fashion pieces. One of my favorite, bohemian fashion icons is Rachel Zoe, the very talented and successful celebrity stylist, who always wears gorgeous, loose-fitting, embellished gowns, and statement sunnies.

I love boho fashion and at the end of the day, it’s who I am. I even wore a boho-chic wedding gown and a diamond, floral headpiece (opposed to a veil or a tiara).

My wedding day, 05.11.19

Each week I will dive into my bohemian lifestyle with fun, personal posts. I am so happy to be sharing yet another new blog series with you. This one is a little piece of me that I am sharing with you, which makes it extra special. Be sure to take a moment and subscribe to my blog via email, which will alert you every time a new post goes live. Have a beautiful, healthy rest of your week loves.


The Greyson Diaries

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Embrace the Messy Days

Hi loves! I am so sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog lately, but life gets busy. I wanted to return to my blog with something special and what’s more special than The Greyson Diaries? For those of you who don’t remember, or for those of you who haven’t read The Greyson Diaries before, it is a blog series dedicated to motherhood and my beautiful little boy, named Greyson. I became a stay at home mama in 2019, a few months after giving birth to Greyson. I left my job as the Marketing Assistant to an upscale shopping and dining plaza to live the mommy life and to soak up every moment with my son, which was the best decision I ever made. It’s a little weird at first, leaving the workforce behind, but if you’re able to be a stay at home mama, and it’s something that you want for yourself, I recommend the change. It’s a beautiful change.

I have owned my own company since 2014, Petsitting by Lizzie LLC, which has allowed me to still work when I want to, but I am mostly home and I am truly content. I also own and operate a new company alongside my husband, which is an exterior home improvement company called Killough’s Exterior Repairs LLC. I absolutely love running our company. It’s nice to be able to work from home and since I do all of the marketing, advertising, and scheduling for our clients, I get to use a lot of my skills (my background is Fashion and Marketing). Also, I am currently enrolled in school online at Parsons for Fashion Business, which is exciting, but weekly schoolwork has also added a lot to my plate, so I am looking forward to being done this summer.

I am a stay at home mama at the end of the day, regardless of any other obligations, hobbies, and passions of mine. There’s no job harder than being a parent, but there’s also no better job. I am here to remind you to embrace the messy days and no, I don’t mean literal messes, such as spilled food, I mean life messes. There are days that are filled with chaos, yelling, stress, and sometimes even tears. Yes, we have all locked ourselves in a bathroom and cried. Life messes consist of busy schedules and missed appointments, toddler tantrums that make us want to pull our hair, a few nervous breakdowns and runny mascara, and letting out a scream every now and then. I know how challenging motherhood can be, mamas. I know that some days are so beautiful and easy and others are hard and tiring, but that’s life. We are badasses and we can accomplish it all, even if we need a glass of wine and a cup of coffee to get through the day! I have a very smart, adventurous three year old, and he has his moments, just like all children do. By the way, even as adults we have our moments. I have my cranky, moody days and I know that I am not perfect. I would never expect my child to be perfect and sunny 24/7. Remember, just because your child is small doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to having a bad day, or a few bad days, just like us.

Some days Greyson is cranky and his favorite word is “no” (sound familiar?) and other days he’s easygoing and beyond happy. Some days I have a million errands to run on top of my normal, daily schedule, and I am exhausted at the end of the day. Some days I complain my way through my nightly workout routine, because I just don’t have the energy for it. Some days are chaotic and I feel as though I don’t even have a second to eat. I cannot tell you how many times I simply forgot to eat lunch or an early dinner because the day was so busy. Some days Greyson acts up at a store and I want to yell, but I have to remind myself to keep calm and move on. As mamas, we have to show up and work hard, no matter what. There are no sick days, call outs, or vacation days. Some days we wake up with the flu or a bad cold and we have to push through, no matter how badly we want to just lay in bed all day and binge-watch a Netflix show. Motherhood is messy, but it’s also gorgeous. There are so many more smiles than there are tears. There are so many more sunny days than there are cloudy. I embrace the messes of life and of motherhood because I know that they’re natural, expected, and healthy.

If you lose your cool and you scream when your child is disobeying you, that’s okay. You can explain to your child that even mommy gets upset and stressed sometimes (it’s normal), which is a beautiful thing to teach your child. Emotions are not the enemy. Your child will respect your openness and honesty, especially as they get older. I explain to Greyson often that I suffer from severe anxiety and that sometimes little things are big things to me. I am very open with Greyson and I know that he will come to me when he’s having a bad day and feel comfortable sharing his thoughts and emotions with me, because I will never judge him for feeling the way he feels. Mamas are always told to talk through it and not to yell, to remain cool at all times, and to hide the messes from their kids, but that’s no way to live. Your children even from a young age understand that life is messy. When they break a favorite toy and have an emotional reaction to that toy breaking, when they are sick with a bad cold and their bodies feel tired and overwhelmed, and when they fall in a puddle and get all dirty, they are experiencing the same types of messes that we experience. We are all on the same page and the same team. Allow your children to have bad days and don’t hide life from them. Be there with them to help them through and always be open and communicative. Embrace the messes mamas, because the messes make the clean days well worth it.


Transitioning From Christmas to Winter Decor

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Happy New Year loves!!! Cheers to 2022…

December was busy and beautiful. I haven’t had a moment to write until now, cuddled in bed, watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The past month was filled with adventure, love, and laughter. We went to The Pocono Mountains in December for vacation to celebrate my son Greyson’s third birthday, spent time with great friends and family, had a perfect Christmas at home, I went to the Nutcracker Ballet performed by The Philadelphia Ballet, and we’ve spent countless hours at the farm with our farm family. It has been a wonderful end to 2021 and I am very thankful for the year that has passed. It was a year of fun, adventure, and growth. I am hoping for a healthy, happy, and adventurous 2022.

I packed up all of my Christmas decorations and decor this morning, but this year I decided to do something a little different and special. I left my snow-flocked, artificial Christmas tree up, but I did remove all of the ornaments. It is just snowy and lit with delicate lights now and it looks beautiful bare. I also left my winter decor out (snowmen, ski decor, tabletop snow flocked trees, pine wreaths). It felt so refreshing packing up Christmas and looking around at the neutral colors in my home. I was craving my usual, neutral color palette in my farmhouse. I fill my home with neutral colors (black, grey, beige, white), aside from our kitchen which is black, white, and farmhouse teal-themed. The farmhouse teal is our pop of color in our kitchen and I love it. I do love adding pops of spring and summer colors during the warmer months, too.

If you’re like me and you’re craving some peace and serenity after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, transitioning your home from Christmas decor to winter decor is therapeutic. If you’re also like me and you love winter and you want to continue to represent the season in your home, winter decor is a must. Who doesn’t love snow, cuddly blankets, and pine trees?

Here are a few photos from the holiday season to show what my Christmas tree and home looked like before I transitioned to winter decor:

Here’s my tree after transitioning to winter decor:

Tips for Transitioning Your Home From Christmas Decor to Winter Decor…

It’s important to remove the holiday colors from your home (red, green, blue, pink). I had my nutcracker collection everywhere and they always add a lot of vibrance and holiday color (and of course, they’re packed away now). My Christmas tree was also decorated in a red and white theme. The red was present on most of my nutcrackers, my three-foot Santa, candles, reindeer, and on my garland which was draped on my electric fireplace.

Embrace your neutral, winter decor. Pine trees that are snow-flocked, snowmen decor, and neutral-colored deer are perfect for winter. I also love ski and ice skating decor. Fall in love with neutrals and wintry whites this winter season and make your home feel like a cozy, snowy cottage.

Throw blankets and pillows can change the feel from season to season and they’re always an easy add on. Again, I always buy neutral throw blankets (white and ivory are my two favorites). Marshalls and Target are my two shopping destinations for throw blankets and pillows.

White and warm lights are perfect for winter, whether you’re leaving your Christmas tree lit, or you’re adding twinkle lights to your space. I left my Christmas tree lit because the lights make the tree glisten and sparkle at night. You can always add twinkle lights to lanterns and put a lantern (or two) in each room.

Remove the ornaments from your Christmas tree! Ornaments are a beautiful, fun tradition, but they’re too Christmasy for winter.

I am madly in love with our winter-themed farmhouse…

I wish everyone a snowy, cuddly, and inspiring winter season. We are supposed to get quite a bit of snow in Southern New Jersey (where I live) tomorrow afternoon and I hope that we do!


The Land of Bullshit

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Facebook has turned into a platform for racism, hatred, and ignorance. People follow, share, and like without ever truly standing up for anyone else or standing out for a cause. If you don’t believe in anything truly significant you’ll fall for anything and sadly, Facebook has become the land of bullshit. Girls share Tik Tok videos to share their political views, memes have become a form of communication, and people will believe anything that is posted on Facebook.

I naively posted a controversial statement on Facebook last night after receiving the news alert from CNN that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges. I posted something because I needed to vent and share my thoughts on the subject, because the fact that a seventeen year old boy, who walked around with an AR-15, in a state that wasn’t even his own, after curfew, took the law into his own hands and killed, is not being charged with anything absolutely disgusts me. I will never support any seventeen year old walking the streets armed because I am someone who believes wholeheartedly in our need for stricter gun laws. This country has fallen victim to countless school shootings, one of the most heartbreaking incidents being Sandy Hook, movie theater shootings, concert shootings, racial injustice that has ended in gun violence, and people are STILL defending the shooter. If Kyle Rittenhouse had been a young, black boy we wouldn’t even be having this conversation because he would’ve been convicted in five minutes, or worse, killed for being a “thug”. I am so tired of hearing people say, “Well, if Kyle hadn’t had a gun he would’ve been killed himself.” Well, if Kyle hadn’t chosen to put himself in that situation, or he had parents who actually parented and told him not to go to the riot, he wouldn’t have had to defend himself. He could’ve been playing football, reading a book, going to the movies with friends, or working. He decided to be there, with an AR-15. He went to the riot armed and open to killing someone. No one will change my mind on how I feel on this subject, especially when it comes to gun control. I’m also outraged that his mother wasn’t concerned by the actions of her son. Whether she drove her son to the riot or not (I know that was a heated topic), it doesn’t matter, because she supported her son having an AR-15, and she clearly raised him in a household that supports violence and vigilantes. We should be raising our children to be compassionate, kind, caring souls.

NOW, with all of that being said, I know that there will always be someone who disagrees with me and I don’t think that everyone should feel the way I feel, but I am sick of Facebook being a place where if you dare to share your thoughts and feelings you’re instantly attacked for that. What happened to having a true, controversial conversation with a person and being respectful? I don’t comment on anyone’s posts on social media with the intention of being a bully, combative, or being an asshole. I rarely comment on anyone’s posts to begin with and if I do it’s usually a positive, constructive comment. People on social media love to fight just to fight and love to find drama. I am not that person and I cannot handle it. It’s not who I am. I am kind, respectful, and I stand by what I believe in, always, but I’m not going to sit there and listen to bullshit and nastiness. I don’t have the time or the patience for it. I wound up deleting the statement I posted, which I’ve never done before, after another person I went to school with called me insane and basically called me an idiot for feeling the way I feel, and I received two nasty messages via Facebook from ignorant bullies. I decided that Facebook is just not the place to have meaningful, controversial conversations, or a place to share real thoughts. It’s not a place to make impactful changes or to make positive waves. There are Facebook friends of mine who reached out to me and loved what I wrote, which I appreciate, but again, I just don’t have the time to argue with every person who disagrees with me.

I’m a business owner and it’s just not worth my time to argue or battle it out with people on Facebook. I’m not afraid to offend people or to be controversial (anyone who knows me knows I always stand up for what’s right and I have my strong viewpoints), but sometimes it’s just better to bow out and to take your voice elsewhere. I am taking my voice to the blogosphere because on here I can be me and I can be honest without being attacked and judged. I know that in the blog universe there are actual thinkers and true creatives who have beliefs and voices and whether I agree with everyone who has a blog or not, as creative people we are writing about how we feel and being productive. We are not hiding behind a computer screen attacking anyone and everyone simply because we’re bored. As a writer, I know that words are powerful and we need to focus on writing things on social media and on the internet that truly matter as opposed to writing something just to make a noise. Posting a meme isn’t a thought. It’s an easy, trendy way to get likes. You may be loud on the internet, but that doesn’t mean you’re right. You’re just the one making the most commotion. The ones who are calm, cool, and collected are the ones who make true waves. The ones who can listen to both sides without attacking and hitting below the belt are true adults.

To those who are also tired of the constant ignorance and negativity on social media, just sign off for a moment and take a breath. We cannot change the way others feel and we cannot block the hate, but we can be creative and find better ways to express ourselves. I run two successful businesses and much of my business comes from strong Facebook advertising, so sadly I will be on social media regardless, but it’s still okay to log off some days and ignore the social media world. You can do it too, if you feel that the social media break will improve your mental health. Last night I scrolled through my newsfeed on Facebook, which I don’t usually do, and I saw so many posts that were blatantly racist and hateful, which made me immediately sign off and delete my post, because I don’t want to engage with the racist, negative morons. It’s not worth it. Welcome to the land of bullshit, where being a racist is “cool” and conspiracy theories thrive.

I will leave you all with one last thought before I carry on with my busy Saturday (and I stay off of Facebook today for my sanity)…

It’s not what you take with you when you go, it’s what you leave behind that matters. Leave the world better than you left it and always give more than you take.


Coming Home

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house ♥️

I am someone who loves decorating for the holiday season. Every aspect of the holidays makes me so happy, from the cold egg nog to the pretty decor. I always decorate earlier than everyone else, but I like to be merry for more than twenty-five days! There’s nothing better than watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade next to your Christmas tree. I bought our new artificial Christmas tree over the summer from The King of Christmas (an online retailer), because it was on sale, and I was so excited to finally put it up a couple of weeks ago. It’s a six-and-a-half-foot, snow-flocked tree. I am a firm believer in using an artificial tree as opposed to picking out a real one, for multiple reasons, but of course, that’s a personal preference. I am just loving sitting on the couch and looking over at our tree every day. It’s the most magical time of the year and I am hoping to inspire all of you to enjoy your space this holiday season.

I would like to start by saying that it doesn’t matter the size of your home, whether you’re in an apartment or a house, because every home can be filled with beauty and magic for the holidays. I know so many people with tiny spaces that make their homes look enchanting for the holidays. I’m always so impressed with beautiful home styling in smaller spaces. I also know many people who have huge homes that take a lot of time and patience to decorate. I grew up in a large house and my mom filled every single room with a fully decorated, three-foot tree, Santas, and angels. We also had a huge, artificial Christmas tree in our front room, that was lit up with multicolored lights, and decorated with millions of ornaments. My mom made our home feel like Christmas and I have continued with that tradition.

If you don’t have room for a large, six-foot Christmas tree, that’s okay. You can buy a smaller tree, a slim tree (which is great for smaller spaces and there are some really beautiful ones available), or a tabletop tree. I also love adding some real pine trees and holly trees to my outdoor space (my deck and my yard), and I usually light them up with solar Christmas lights, and then we plant the trees in the springtime. I will be planting my two pine trees and my one holly tree at our farm in 2022.

If you have a smaller space, it’s important to make sure your home is organized before decorating to ensure that every bit of your space is functional. You don’t want your holiday season filled with clutter and a mess. It’s the perfect time to donate unwanted or unused items that you don’t need. I always clean our drawers, closets, and donate items in early November, before I decorate and before receiving Christmas presents. As a mom, I also donate some toys of Greyson’s before his December birthday and Christmas. As humans, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and it’s nice to cleanse our space.

I don’t have a fireplace with a mantle. I have a really pretty, farmhouse, electric fireplace beneath our tv, that I love, but I cannot hang stockings there. I know that a lot of other people are also lacking a mantle to hang stockings the traditional way, but that doesn’t have to stop you from hanging stockings. I started using a blanket ladder rack to hang my stockings a few years back and now I do it every year! Using a blanket ladder rack allows you to lean it wherever you’d like in your home, too. I use lightweight, plastic stocking hooks to hang my stockings on the ladder and the setup works perfectly. They’re easy to slide and move if need be and the ladder is sturdy so the stockings never fall or shift, no matter how heavy they become with stocking stuffers. I bought my stocking hooks on Amazon and they’re not expensive. I also love draping a Christmas garland on top of my electric fireplace, just like you would on a mantle. It looks beautiful and adds something special to our fireplace. Garlands are great because you can find one for every season and time of the year. I decorate on top of our fireplace every season, but winter is my favorite.

I love winter and I enjoy filling my space with winter-themed pieces for the holidays, opposed to just buying Christmas decor. Winter pieces can stay up until the end of the winter season, but Christmas decor comes down after New Year’s Day. If you’re me, your Christmas decor is packed up on January 2nd. I leave my winter decor up until the end of the winter season. I love snowmen, neutral colors, skiing decor, and pine trees that are not lit. I love every bit of winter and I always bring the beauty of winter to our farmhouse. I’m also obsessed with Nutcrackers and I have quite a few (I had to stop myself from buying more this year). My love for Nutcrackers stems from my love for The Nutcracker ballet, which I believe is the most beautiful tribute to Christmas. The music, the costumes, and the magic from The Nutcracker inspires me every year. I’ve always viewed Nutcrackers as protective soldiers that bring good luck during the holiday season, but they’re also really beautiful.

A few weeks ago, I had stumbled across a three-foot, indoor Santa that I really wanted, but I decided to wait on buying it. I went back a few days later with Andrew and Greyson to buy it and it was sold out. Greyson and I drove around for an entire day, to six different stores searching for one, but no one had a three-foot Santa. Andrew, who is the world’s greatest husband, decided to surprise me. He bought me the most gorgeous, three-foot Santa online. I almost cried when I pulled the Santa out of the box. It was so thoughtful and that’s what the holidays are all about…making the ones you love smile. I love falling in love with the season and soaking in every day spent at home. I love being home for the holidays and surrounded by my decor, Christmas tree, and my family. Take some time today to decorate, listen to Christmas music, and be inspired by the holidays. Have some egg nog and cozy up under a favorite blanket. It’s a wonderful time to relax, celebrate, and appreciate what you have. A home can be as magical as you make it. The magic lives within you.

Stay tuned for a special blog post (after the holidays) dedicated to transforming your Christmas tree into a winter tree, so that you can leave your tree up throughout the winter and enjoy it longer.


Sweating the Small Stuff

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Do you know the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff.”? The saying is a reminder not to worry about little things that don’t matter (and much of what people worry about consists of little things). Well, I am someone who sweats the small stuff, always. I am someone who suffers from severe anxiety and I have my entire life. When I was a little girl I would stay up until two in the morning organizing my toys and my room, decorating every inch of my space, and from day one I’ve been someone who needs to feel in control of my things and my life, hence my attention to detail. Having anxiety is something that’s incredibly hard to describe to those who don’t suffer from it, because when you have anxiety your mind operates quite differently. Your mind never stops and your emotions are overwhelming.

For me, having anxiety comes in waves. I’m standing on a beautiful beach and some days the waves are calm and steady. I can swim and enjoy the water. But, some days the waves are violent and are crashing all around me. The waves are dark and endless. I cannot keep my footing and I’m drowning under rough water. This week I happened to wake up in turbulent water, drowning. My anxiety has been overwhelming for three days and I’m just now starting to see a calm in the water and I can finally start to plant my feet firmly in the sand. When my anxiety is at a 10 (on a scale from 1-10 and 10 being the highest) I start to feel depressed and fearful. My anxiety has been at a steady 10 the past week. Sometimes, I just need to lay down and cuddle under a comfy blanket and cry. Anxiety is very real and very scary. It can be crippling and I know this better than anyone. It can ruin any day. It can make you feel alone, terrified, and angry. It is also a reminder that despite my weaknesses, I am incredibly strong.

When I was younger I could barely go to school some days because the feeling of being trapped in a building, or in a classroom with a ton of people, is terrifying to me. I’ve never been able to go to concerts or festivals because there’s just too many people and too much unknown (lack of control). I love intimate settings, spending time with my closest friends, being outdoors (the beach, the mountains, on my farm), and I even love New York City, but when I’m in the city the day needs to be on my terms (my plan). I’m also a true homebody and an introvert. I love being home, I don’t enjoy making endless plans, and I don’t need to be surrounded by people constantly. I’m actually okay being alone and I’m very independent. I am happiest when I’m home with Greyson, with no plans. I can cook, read, write, clean, go for a walk, or go to the farm for a couple of hours. I love feeling free.

Anxiety has consumed me for so long that it’s a part of me. It feels like a body part. If I no longer had anxiety I would lose a part of me and what makes me who I am. Nothing makes me more upset than when someone tries to make me feel bad, or crazy for having an anxiety attack, something I literally cannot control. There’s nothing meaner than someone calling you crazy, or telling you to get a grip when you’re in the middle of a complete breakdown. When you’re at your most vulnerable the only people that should be around you are the ones who take the time to understand and be there for you. If someone doesn’t care to understand or to even listen, they don’t deserve to be in your space and that’s the honest truth. I have lost friends, lovers, and acquaintances in my life who didn’t care about my emotions and they didn’t deserve the best parts of me, because they couldn’t handle my worst. We all have dark and light parts to us and that’s what makes us a complete person. I will never leave someone or judge someone based on their dark parts if they’ve shown me the beauty of their light.

As a mom, I am always honest about emotions with Greyson. I don’t believe in lying to my child about how I’m feeling, because they will experience the same emotions at some point. I will always be a safe space for Greyson to feel however he wants to feel. Children are smart and intuitive. They can see us crying, feeling overwhelmed, or getting angry about something. There’s no reason to lie or hide the truth from them. It’s so important to treat our children like real people. Greyson wouldn’t believe me if I’m balling my eyes out but at the same time saying, “I’m fine, I’m not crying.” Well, obviously I’m crying. He has eyes and ears and knows what’s happening. For example, if I’m feeling anxious and I start to cry I tell Greyson, “Baby, I’m okay. I’m just feeling very anxious and a little sad right now, but you make me so happy and my emotions have nothing to do with you.”. He’s my reason for smiling and I always tell him that. I love when I’m stressed and Greyson looks right at me and tells me that it’s okay. He’s so bright and sweet.

He understands. He knows when mommy is having a hard day or when I’m angry about something. I will always be open and honest with him because it will help him learn to express himself and his emotions as he grows up. I always tell him that emotions are big and powerful and it’s okay to be upset, but it’s important to take a breath and move forward. It’s not the way we feel that’s the issue, it’s the way we handle our emotions and move beyond them that’s important. Greyson is almost three so naturally he has tantrums, gets frustrated when something doesn’t work the way he thinks it should, and he gets overly excited from time to time. That’s normal, mamas. I allow him to be upset, but I always remind him to breathe, take a moment, and then talk to me about why he’s feeling the way he’s feeling. I never want him to feel ashamed of his emotions because they’re natural. It’s unnatural to hide your emotions and keep things bottled up. It’s not healthy to pretend everything’s okay when it’s clearly not. I also always tell him that if something makes him upset, it doesn’t have to make sense to other people. Sometimes, we don’t understand why others are upset, but the reasons don’t really matter…what matters is that they’re feeling upset in the moment and we should just respect their space and feelings.

I could write a book about anxiety and how to live with it and learn from it, and maybe one day I will, but for now I will leave you with one more thought…

Life is scary and overwhelming for everyone, so even if you think you’re the only one with anxiety, or the only one whose having an awful week, remember that you’re not alone. So many others are also struggling to stay above water and they too are feeling alone. You’re not crazy for feeling the way you feel. You’re human and you’re so much stronger than your worst days. The waves will always be there but the water won’t be rough forever. There’s always a beautiful calm after a storm. This too shall pass.


Catching Up

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Hey loves! I apologize for being absent for so long, but I’ve been incredibly busy and I haven’t felt inspired to write. I went from writing until three in the morning every night as a teenager to forcing myself to sit down, write, and blog as an adult. I love words, writing, and literature, but as a busy mama I have to remind myself that sometimes I need to just sit down, quiet the world, and write my thoughts. As a writer, I know I’m talented at inspiring people through words and writing used to be my favorite thing in the world…it was my outlet and it saved me more times than I can count. I am happy to be back!

I am going to be twenty-six on Thursday which feels absolutely insane. I can’t believe I’m going to be twenty-six years old, twenty-six laps around the sun, but at the same time, age has always been just a number to me. I’m not someone who cares too much about birthdays, but I do love to celebrate in style with a pretty outfit, a sparkly day, and gifts. Birthdays remind me of being a little girl, waking up with so much excitement and joy for the day ahead. I told my husband, Andrew that I want a low-key, cozy birthday this year spent at home. We are ordering food from one of our favorite restaurants, eating at home, and watching a good movie. Saturday, Andrew, my parents, my beautiful son Greyson, my best friend Danny, his boyfriend Noah, and I are going to New York City for the day and having a Gossip Girl style brunch on the Upper East Side, hosted by my wonderful family. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life and I am sure that twenty-six will be amazing.

Andrew and I started a business over the summer and it’s been beyond successful, which I’m very thankful for. We are booked until the end of December and we’re already booking some jobs for the springtime. We are an exterior repair company that provides the highest quality workmanship on any exterior project from roofing to decks. I do all of the marketing, scheduling, and I manage the relationships with our clients. I’m so proud of the company we’ve built and I love being able to work from home and spending endless time with Greyson. I have a fashion and marketing background and I’m currently enrolled at Parsons getting my Fashion Business Certification which has also been keeping me busy. I am more than halfway done with my courses and they’ve been time-consuming, yet inspiring. I will always love my days in the fashion retail environment and somedays I miss it, but the best decision I’ve ever made is becoming a stay at home mom. I work (I run two successful businesses), but my main job is being a mom to an almost three year old. My husband is amazing for allowing me to be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do. I know that not everyone has the luxury to stay at home and I will always be grateful for my husband for providing for us, supporting me endlessly, and helping me to create the life I’ve always wanted. At the end of the day he is my best friend and we work very well together running our business. I’ve been asked multiple times, “How do you run a business with your spouse?”. Well, we both have the same goals, beliefs, and even when we disagree, we respect one another enough to listen to each other and to see beyond our own thoughts. He respects me and knows that he couldn’t do the marketing, or be organized the way we are without me, and I know that I could never replace a roof for a client without him. He is insanely talented at what he does and I am insanely talented at what I do. If you and your spouse are solid, great friends, and trust each other, you can work with each other. You find a perfect balance. We do what we do for our life together and for Greyson.

I started decorating for winter and the holiday season today, which made me so happy. My anxiety has been high the past couple of weeks and I don’t know why, which is the norm for me when I’m dealing with my anxiety. Some weeks I feel as though the waves will not stop crashing and other weeks I can feel the calm, peaceful water around me. Living with anxiety is never easy and I find that doing the little things that make you truly happy and at peace can change your mood and mindset. As soon as I woke up this morning (Greyson and I slept in until 8 am) we realized it was a colder, rainy day and I knew what I wanted to do. We packed up our fall decor and put it in the attic, went to Target and bought a few new winter decor pieces (snowmen, dish towels, candles, and a winter sheet set for my bed), and started getting all of our holiday decor down from the attic (I have so much holiday and winter decor that I am bordering on having a problem). I am obsessed with our home, decorating, and a beautiful aesthetic so this is my favorite time of the year. I get to be even more creative than usual. I can’t wait to set up our new, snow-flocked, artificial Christmas tree from The King of Christmas that I ordered over the summer (yes, I know…I am crazy). Greyson loves the holidays, too, which makes me happy. Growing up, my mom went all out decorating for Hanukkah and Christmas. We had a huge, 7 foot, artificial Christmas tree in the front of our home, in a room that was a fancy, small living room, that we would light up with colored lights, and decorate with millions of ornaments. Then, my mom would fill every room in the house with a 3 foot pre-lit Christmas tree and each tree was themed. She had angels and Santas everywhere and the fridge was always filled with homemade egg nog (the world’s best egg nog) and cookies. She made it a special, magical time of the year and that is why I have carried on that tradition. I feel the happiest when it’s cold, I am snuggled in a cozy sweater, and Christmas music is playing.

Before I sign off, for now (more posts to come this week) I wanted to touch on the fact that the older I get the more I realize how much of an introvert I am, which makes sense because I’m a writer and a creative person. I am a true homebody and I love being at home. I hate making plans and I’m not someone who needs to see friends and other people every day. I love my friends, my family, and I am a very friendly person, but I’d much rather be home. I take really good care of my hair and skin, also, so I love not having to wear any makeup and being able to keep my hair natural when I’m home. I prefer being as natural as possible because I feel that is the healthiest way to be. When I do go out, make plans, and have a reason to dress up I put so much thought and creativity into my hair, makeup, and outfit. I don’t know how people go out every night and fill their weekends with endless plans, but to each their own. I need my at-home, cozy time (every day).

I am so happy to be back and to be filling my blog with fun, inspirational posts again. Stay tuned for more this week from deep diving into the world of anxiety to motherhood. Thank you for reading and be sure to subscribe to my blog via email to stay up to date on the latest.


Celebrating Women

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Happy International Women’s Day to all of the badass women out there who’ve made marks on this world. To all of the selfless mamas that care for children (some of them without a partner) and raise the next generation of inspiring individuals, thank you. To all of the female nurses and doctors that keep us alive and comfort us in times of great pain with soothing words, thank you. To all of our favorite female teachers who showed us the power and beauty of words, wisdom, and learning, thank you. To all of the women who paved the way from Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt to Hillary Clinton, thank you for making waves, changes, and igniting the fire. There was a time when the glass ceiling described by so many women only had cracks in it, but we’ve now shattered that glass ceiling. We have a female Vice President! I felt so proud of America during the inauguration of Biden and Harris. It was a historic day in America and one I’ll never forget.

It’s unbelievable that not that very long ago women didn’t have the same rights as men. They weren’t viewed as equal. They didn’t go to college, work outside of the home, stand up to their man (or their father), and they weren’t allowed to vote. We’ve made tremendous, heavy steps forward but there’s still sexism in this world. In certain parts of India young girls are sold into marriage as young as thirteen and abused by their “partners”. Women every day are raped, abused, and told that they don’t matter. Women are still viewed as less than in the United States in various ways, companies like Victoria’s Secret, for example, exploit women to make a profit by selling a perfect, female fantasy, and funny enough VS was created by a man. That company has treated their models and the females that make them their money horribly. Now, that’s Victoria’s dirty little secret. Women are expected to act a certain way in this country, be a certain image, weight, and personality to attract men. But, as I said before, we’re in a better place than we were in the past and I’m proud of the women who walked before me, whether in flats or stilettos.

I find inspiration in the women I know and I’m insanely proud of the woman I’ve become. My story is beautiful and my life is exactly what I want it to be. I’m free to be who I am and to love who I want to love. I love and live without boundaries and that’s everything. I’m a mom, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a business owner, a student, a ballroom dancer, a writer, and a farmer. My husband supports me, loves me unconditionally, and allows me to be myself. This world is filled with good guys just like my man who support and love women from their mothers and sisters to girlfriends and wives.

I can rock the vote and speak as loudly as I want, letting my opinion shake the ground. I can write a blog post that inspires women and men of all ages and feel the respect from my readers. I can have conversations with my female friends about our goals, dreams, and passions and know that whatever we want to do, we can do. We can crush our goals, create the lifestyle we want, and live without regrets. It’s an ever changing world and the women we love have impacted it in gorgeous ways. Take a moment to call your mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, girlfriend, or wife and tell them how amazing they are. Raise a glass to the groundbreaking, beautiful, powerful women who surround us and who empower us. We can be moms and powerhouses. We can be models and teachers. We can be farmers and truck drivers. We can be soldiers and doctors. We can be anything we want and it’s thanks to so many females that walked before us and paved a never-ending road for the women of today and the women of tomorrow.

To all of the little girls out there, remember that you’re full of magic, strength, and the possibilities are endless. Never allow anyone, man or woman, to tell you who you are. You tell the world who you are.

Happy IWD to all of the ladies 💜

The Greyson Diaries

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Life with My Two-Year-Old

Life with a two-year-old is busy, tiring, and beautiful and I wouldn’t trade my days with Greyson for anything. Being a mama is an adventure, but keeping up with an active, growing, little man can be exhausting. I thank the universe for Greyson, his sweetness, and his smarts. He truly amazes me. I’m lucky enough to be home with him every day, which allows me to see all of the special moments, but I also see all of the tantrums, because I’m the one there 24/7. Mamas, it’s okay to admit that our two-year-olds are a lot to handle at times. They don’t call it terrible twos for no reason! They’re discovering their little voices, but they still can’t fully explain what they want, need, or how they’re feeling, which leads to frustration and the infamous tantrums. I do have to say that Greyson is really good and I’m grateful for that, but he does have tantrums. How do I handle them when they do occur?

The key to handling a tantrum is to ignore most of the dramatics. Toddlers are famous for over the top gestures because their emotions are overwhelming and they know tears and fits will lead to attention. The fire will burn out and they’ll snap out of their agitated state fairly quickly, but yelling, spanking, and overreacting make the situation worse. I don’t believe in spanking, at all. I’ve lost my cool from time to time and have yelled at him when he’s had a tantrum, but I don’t like to yell, either. I remain calm, which makes a huge difference.

If Greyson is really having a moment I just sit him in his height chair, or on the couch in our living room for a moment, and I tell him to sit there until he calms down, which usually works. Sometimes, all you need to do is redirect their attention and focus. Toddlers don’t like when they don’t understand, or when something they’re playing with isn’t doing what they want it to do. If your toddler is playing with a toy that’s bothering them, take it away. Give them something else. Take a moment to show them something interesting, whether it’s a trick, a book, or something around them. They love to learn, discover, and feel as though they’re included. I’m always asked how I keep Greyson so well behaved while grocery shopping, or browsing the aisles at stores such as Target. Well, one Greyson loves Target…haha. He clearly takes after his mama. Two, when I’m grocery shopping I make him feel included in the process. I ask him what he wants (even though I already have a precise list), I give him his own little list to hold, I point out all of the colors, shapes, and foods around us and ask him to name them, I talk to him constantly, and I allow him to say hi to people, giggle, and talk, which makes him feel as though it’s a fun experience. It’s important to make them feel as though errands, chores, and daily activities are fun, not an issue. I’m a positive, upbeat person and I feel as though that rubs off on Greyson.

During the colder months it’s harder to keep your toddler active and sane (I know it’s a challenge), because we’re indoors for most of the time. Also, COVID-19 hasn’t helped. We really haven’t gone too many places, because we’ve been cautious over the past year. We did spend a lot of time in the snow, but Greyson got tired of it after a while. I’m a cold weather gal, but after the amount of snow we had this year I’m ready for summer! When it was too cold to be outside I let Greyson watch movies that he loves, play for hours with his toys, we’d eat lunch together, and I’d include him in my daily activities from cleaning to fun projects. We have a farm, luckily. Now that the weather is warming up we go to the farm once a day, at least and he runs around with his two sheep that we raised, Olaf and Juniper, and he spends time with the other animals (goats, sheep, alpacas, chicks, etc.). He loves the animals and being outside, just like Andrew and I.

I know that being a parent isn’t always easy, but your day is as good as your outlook. If you walk through life with negative energy, that vibe will rub off on your children. Greyson is very much like me and Andrew. We’re both optimistic and full of energy. No day is perfect and even the ones that are pretty damn close aren’t without minor inconveniences. Let the little things go, smile and laugh more than anything else, and enjoy the time with your children. You want your child to know at the end of every day that no matter what, everything will always be okay. It’s our job to make everything okay. I’ve also been asked what are my favorite foods to feed Grey because we all know toddlers can be picky.

I love healthy choices for myself and for my family, but Greyson doesn’t always want what we’re eating, which is okay. Usually, he does eat what we give him and if he doesn’t we try the same food again later. Don’t allow your toddler to dictate every meal, give them only a couple of choices per meal, and be firm with the choices. My favorites (and Greyson’s favorites) are…

  • Eggs (scrambled) 🥚
  • Organic, all-natural Apple Juice 🧃
  • Vanilla Almond Milk 🥛
  • Pears 🍐
  • Bananas 🍌
  • Kiwi 🥝
  • Pineapple 🍍
  • Cubed cheese (sharp cheddar, Colby Jack, or Pepper Jack) 🧀
  • Dr. Praeger’s organic, frozen meals (fish sticks, carrot puffs, broccoli littles) 🥕🥦
  • Organic chicken nuggets (sometimes with ketchup) 🐔
  • Goldfish (he loves these as a snack and they’re way healthier than most snack foods)
  • Cereal with fruit 🍌
  • Homemade pizza bagels (I make these constantly and he loves them!) 🥯
  • Homemade pita bread pizza with sauce and cheese 🍕
  • Corn muffins
  • Croissants 🥐
  • Apples 🍎

Life with my two-year-old is a beautiful chapter and I love that he’s my best friend. He makes me smile, laugh, and think about life differently than I did prior to becoming a mommy. I love hearing him say new words, discover new things around him, and play independently with his favorite toys. He’s such a light in a world filled with chaos and darkness. Also, allow your child to grow up at their own pace. Never compare your child to another because they’re all different and special. If your toddler isn’t ready for potty training just yet, that’s okay. If your toddler is still learning to put together sentences, that’s okay. Tell your little one how special, smart, and funny they are every single day. Enjoy the little moments because they’re the big ones.