A bohemian mama’s spiritual guide

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Spirituality is a complicated, mysterious, and never-ending world filled with questions. You always have the right to choose your own spiritual path, loves. I have never found myself in a designated box, with a clear, single viewpoint on religion, which has made it hard to explain to others what I believe in. If you find yourself wondering and wandering, then it’s a perfect time to do some soul searching to find your spiritual balance. You should feel free to explore as many religions and spiritual practices as you’d like before finding what makes you feel happy and at peace. I love feeling centered and surrounded by positive vibes. After learning, educating myself, and exploring my beliefs I discovered that I’m a spiritual goddess. A spiritual goddess can be described as someone who has a beautiful aura around them, which makes them a social, positive person, that attracts others. A spiritual goddess will help guide other goddesses, is vibrant and motherly, and feels most at peace with those who share the same values, positive vibes, and love. Yes, I may be a spiritual goddess, but I’ve also always been a free spirit and another way to describe me is bohemian. A bohemian person lives life unconventionally and has spiritual and artistic pursuits. Living a bohemian lifestyle doesn’t mean everything around you is “boho”. I can go from looking like a total hippie, flower child to wearing a sporty, or elegant outfit, but at the end of the day, my ideas and viewpoints are bohemian. Who you are, especially at the end of the day, when you’re just you, barefoot and free…that is your true spirit. You may find on your spiritual journey that you’re a spiritual goddess, too. Let go of the pressure of others, quiet the noise around you, and be honest with yourself.

I was raised Catholic and Jewish, but there was never any pressure from my parents to conform to any religion. I was always free to be me and to wander and wonder. I’ve continued celebrating Jewish and Catholic holidays because I believe in tradition, family, and celebrations. I love the sparkle and coziness of Christmas and the beauty of Hanukkah and the menorah. I’ve been to plenty of Catholic churches, celebrated Catholic and Jewish events with friends and family, and I attended a private, Jewish day school in Cherry Hill. I still attend Jewish services from time to time and a truly inspiring Cantor is marrying me and Andrew in May. I respect both religions, but I don’t believe in God the way many do (I’m not an atheist, but I don’t think God is a physical being). I believe that there is a higher power and that mother nature and the Universe is in full control. I don’t pray or worship God every night, nor do I believe that God watches, punishes, and judges. I’ve never asked God for help, advice, or answers, but I have asked the Universe in my own way. I believe the Universe has a plan for all of us, our vibe attracts our tribe and karma decides our fate. I believe in nature, animals, and beauty…

With all of my feelings and beliefs, how do I describe myself? Well, I believe that God is spiritual and not physical, which would make me a Jew. I believe in honesty, truth, and forgiving myself and others, which would make me a Catholic. I believe in karma and kindness, which would make me a Buddhist. I also believe in nature and healing, which would make me a Wiccan. I am spiritual. I believe in aspects from various religions, but at the end of the day, spirituality isn’t confined to a building for me, like a church, or a temple, and it isn’t simple. It’s within me and whatever makes my soul feel safe, happy, and calm is where I am. I meditate, which is actually present in Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. I believe in reincarnation, which resonates with Buddhism. I also believe in ghosts and I’ve experienced ghostly encounters since I was a little girl. I take a lot from Judaism when it comes to ghosts; Jews believe that when a person dies, their spirit is divided into three aspects: one aspect goes to heaven shortly after death, one wanders around the physical world seeking the body it came from and will eventually fade away, and another remains with the buried body forever. As a spiritual person, I make each day as beautiful as possible to keep my soul happy. You need to decide who you are and what you believe in, but you don’t have to be just one thing.

How do I incorporate being spiritual into my day to day life?

  • meditation before bed (and brief moments of meditation during the day)
  • being kind and mindful
  • taking care of my animals, my son, and my fiance with everything I have
  • yoga
  • being grateful and thankful
  • allowing karma to do her job (I don’t believe in revenge)
  • being honest and always searching for the truth
  • horoscopes and astrology
  • appreciating beauty
  • escaping to nature whenever I can (the beach, forest, etc.)

As a mama, I get busy, distracted, and there are only so many hours in a day, tick tock. You don’t need to feel as though spirituality has a rigid timeframe, or that your day has to solely revolve around your religion because that isn’t practical. As a modern, bohemian mama, I do the best I can. I know who I am, what I believe in, and each day I incorporate being spiritual. If you’re still soul searching, don’t give up. You have your entire life to figure out what makes you feel centered, but you deserve to be happy and at peace now. Finding your path is all about trying new things, letting go of what doesn’t work for you, and being open to new experiences. Also, no one is perfect and you should never aim to be.

I wish you all the best on your journey and I hope each day is filled with beauty, positivity, and light. Remember, your soul and spirit will always be there for you, even on the darkest of days. Just like your shadow, your spirit will never leave you.



The Greyson Diaries

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Namaste Mamas

A guide to becoming a zen mommy

I’ve always been a free spirit with a love for bohemian ideals and positive vibes, but after becoming a mama, I’ve reached a new level of zen. In order to live a happy and healthy life, you need to be your most amazing self, always. Whether your day is long, tiring, stressful, or challenging, you still need to find a balance in order to end the day with a smile and a grateful heart.


How do I maintain a peaceful mind as a busy mama? I fill my space with beauty; candles, pretty decor, etc. I keep my environment incredibly clean and organized. If you’re easily stressed or like me, you deal with anxiety, organization and cleanliness are everything. Cleaning calms my mind and keeps me focused. Whenever I used to feel a panic attack coming on I’d clean…I promise it works. I avoid anything that makes me feel anxious, irritated, and insecure. It is sometimes as simple as avoiding social media (or certain accounts) for a day, or not putting myself in the wrong environment (someone’s home, an event, or a public place) that may cause me unwanted stress. You are your best advocate and you need to start putting yourself and your needs first. Even as a mama, your needs matter. If you’re not being your most amazing self, you’re negatively affecting the way you parent and spend each day. If you’re spending each day feeling miserable and your mind is a mess, how will you be the best mama you can be?

Writing, reading, and creating calms the mind and helps you to recenter and focus. I write every single day (I don’t publish everything I write, by the way). I have so many writing projects and therapeutic posts saved as drafts on my website. I read as much as possible, but truthfully I get so caught up in my own words and thoughts that I forget to pick up a good book. There’s something peaceful about turning the pages of a new book and getting lost in the words. Creating can be as simple as redecorating a corner of a room, or as complicated as painting, doing a DIY project, etc. There are certain colors that calm your brain (blue being one of them)…discover those colors and fill your space with anything that will create a calming atmosphere for you. Again, candles are an amazing and easy purchase. Certain smells calm the mind, as well. Do a little research before buying new decor for your space and only buy what will bring peace to your environment.


Postpartum is a challenge, even for those who bounce back quickly (trust). I still feel off when it comes to my body, even though I’m constantly being told how amazing I look (thank you loves). I had a beautiful pregnancy and a very easy delivery/postpartum recovery, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have moments of insecurity. I’ve also dealt with mild postpartum depression, which doesn’t help. Being a mama is a full-time job and the change in routine messes with your mind. Give yourself a break…it will take a little while to feel “normal” again, and as I always say, it’s a new normal. Unfortunately, as women, it doesn’t matter who compliments us, or how often…the only thing that matters is how we feel personally. Women don’t get in shape to please men or do anything creatively to their bodies to catch male attention. We do what we do for ourselves (and because we love when other women compliment us). Men always think we do everything we do for their benefit (from buying an expensive pair of yoga pants to getting a tattoo) and that’s not true at all. Women are mysteries and immensely complicated…am I right? We live for ourselves, always and that’s why we’re incredibly stubborn.

I’m eating as healthy as I possibly can (Mamas, it’s definitely hard to put our nutritional needs first). I’m busy and I often forget to eat breakfast, for example (working on it). I’m working out every night and for those who know me, they know I hate working out. I do it because it’s good for me and there are moments that I am happy to be exercising, but I’ve never been a gym gal. Ladies, you don’t have to work out for hours or go to a gym if that type of environment makes you uncomfortable. I work out for about 30 minutes each night and Andrew is my very own personal trainer. He comes up with routines for me in our own living room; I have weights, fitness bands, and motivation. I light candles, put on music, and exercise. If I have moments of free time during the day I’ll do sporadic, light workouts.

You don’t need expensive equipment or a paid trainer. You need to do whatever works best for you and it’s okay to ease yourself into a fitness routine, especially if working out has never been your thing. I’ve always loved walking, yoga, and of course, I was a ballroom dancer. If you love to feel centered and at peace, and you’re flexible like me, yoga is a wonderful way to get in shape at home. Yes, yoga works out your body, not just your mind. I have an app on my iPad called Daily Yoga and the routines are intense (you’ll feel it the next morning). The routines have a timeframe (1 week, 2 weeks, etc.), but you can always repeat the same routine, once you’ve completed it if you vibe with the program. I’ve done a few routines and I’ve repeated them, but I do those routines along with my little training sessions with Andrew. If there are periods of time when working out is prohibited, or you’re simply too busy, don’t beat yourself up! Fitness will always be there and it’s okay to take a break, but remain on a healthy diet and keep a healthy mind. By the way, there are even postpartum routines for yoga lovers! Most routines are about 35 minutes long and all you need is a quiet space and a yoga mat. Walking is an amazing way to quiet your mind, get out of the house with your baby, and exercise. I walk whenever the weather is nice and Greyson loves being outdoors.


Your spirit is a non-physical place where your emotions, dreams, fears, and character lives…your soul craves harmony. I meditate, think positively, explore beautiful places, and I appreciate the little things. As a mama, it isn’t always easy to find a moment to meditate, but it only takes a few minutes (sometimes, even less). I meditate whenever Greyson is napping, if Andrew is taking care of him, and before bed. It’s so beneficial to meditate before bed because it reminds you to take a deep breath, let go of any issues from the day, and to be grateful for your life. It also helps you get a better night’s sleep and to wake up feeling renewed. Ever since I gave birth I’ve had trouble sleeping, but meditating helps me. Meditating connects your body, spirit, and mind in a beautiful and relaxing way. You can meditate solely, or with help from an app on your iPhone (I do both). It can be as simple as closing your eyes, listening to soothing sounds (beach waves, a rainstorm, or relaxing music) and quieting your mind.

It sounds so cliche and simplistic, but thinking positively and removing the garbage from your life is cleansing and healthy, especially for your spirit. In order to remove the trash from your life, you must let go of negative emotions, people, and situations. You also need to find a way to be at peace with your past, your mistakes, and your future. If you are still wrapped up in your past and worried about the future, your present will be nothing but stressful. Let it out, let it be, and let it go. I remind myself during moments of stress that I am happy, strong, and thankful. I think about all of the beauty around me and in my life; we tend to forget about the little things, but they’re everything. If you’re going crazy being home, go for a relaxing drive, and discover new, beautiful places. Find a new walking destination (a park, preserve, etc.) to take your baby to and fall in love with nature. Drive to the beach, if you have the ability to. Sometimes you just need to breathe elsewhere and clear your mind in a pretty place. Your spirit is who you are when nobody’s looking, but your spirit also affects those around you. Let your aura shine bright and be an inspiration ✨

Greyson’s Letter

Honey bee, you’re so inspiring and sweet. I love watching you smile and try to understand the intimidating, incredible world around you. Your eyes and soul are bright and filled with love, happiness, and innocence. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching you grow. I’ve said this many times before, but I’m the luckiest mama in the world to have you as my son and I will always be here to guide you through the trying moments and to inspire you.

I want to help you appreciate who you are, what you have, and everything you go through in life (you’ll learn so much). There are many choices in life that you have to make for yourself, but I hope you find peace in each day the way I do. I hope you enjoy the sunshine and appreciate the rain, love yourself and know your worth, stay positive and zen instead of losing your cool, remain kind and humble, and I hope you always take a moment each day to breathe and be thankful.

I’m thankful for you, every day. Thank you for giving me so many reasons to smile. I love you 💜

Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

The Greyson Diaries

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How to Maintain a Sexy Relationship After Having a Baby

Mamas, if you have a strong, beautiful relationship, nothing will shake that. If you’re in the wrong relationship, having a baby will force you to realize what’s right for you and what isn’t. Sometimes, the truth stings. True relationships bring happiness and peace and withstand money issues, career changes, illness, and having a baby. Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual and each day is a different adventure, but there’s so much beauty in becoming a parent. Some days are more chaotic and challenging than others, but this isn’t the dress rehearsal…this is the show. A bad day isn’t the end, and I know how hard it can be to feel sexy after a long day.

How do I keep the sexiness and passion alive in my relationship? It’s simple…we appreciate each other. We say thank you, I love you, I want you, I miss you, and I appreciate you. We are the same as we were prior to becoming parents and having Greyson has only brought us closer. There are moments that test us and days that feel overwhelming, but that’s the universe’s way of keeping a balance. We’ve been through a lot together and regardless of what we endure as a couple, I will always have his back. Sex and passion create allure in the best movies, stir up emotions when listening to our favorite songs, and keep us turning the pages when reading a good book, but the key to having a sexy relationship is much deeper than sex. Sometimes, as women, we would much rather cuddle, make-out, go to a romantic dinner, and flirt than have sex. We love sex, but it isn’t everything to us!

Mamas, being sexy with your partner starts with feeling good about yourself (feeling sexy and happy). If you’re feeling off about yourself nothing your partner does or says will bring passion to your relationship. Treat yourself to a new, date night outfit and go out for a romantic dinner with your love. Drink some wine, flirt, and laugh…just like you did when you first met your lover. Let your hair down and have some fun, mamas. Or, simply get your nails done, take a trip to the hair salon, or get a massage. Go for a relaxing walk, or try a stimulating yoga routine. I have the Daily Yoga app, which I pay yearly for, and there are amazing routines that only take up thirty minutes of my day. It’s so important to remind yourself that you deserve to feel sexy and beautiful…

There will be days postpartum when you feel different, upset, or stressed (don’t fear them) and it takes a little while to feel 100%. There may be a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit exactly right and your mood will fluctuate, but you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. Every mama deals with something postpartum. Trust me, I have bad days just like everyone else. No one prepares a woman for what postpartum is really like and most women aren’t open about their struggles after becoming a mom, because they’re afraid of being judged or feeling weak. Mamas, there is strength in owning not only your good days, but your bad days, too. If you’re truly struggling with getting through each day, you’re feeling depressed, or alone, consider talking to a therapist weekly. Do whatever feels right for you and never apologize for taking care of your mind, body, and soul.

Start making a list of what you love and what will make you feel sexy and happy! Ensure that each week is filled with a little me time. Also, if you’re feeling different postpartum be honest with your partner and don’t push them away. Again, if you have a strong relationship they will not run away from the dark days. Your love will be there for you (no matter how crazy you feel in your own head) and it’s comforting knowing you have a support system. I wish every mama a gorgeous weekend and a sexy Valentines Day!

Greyson’s Letter

Greyson, you’re officially two months old today! Two months ago, on December 8 I was laying in the hospital next to this amazing boy, falling in love. I love seeing you smile and listening to you “talk”. I love spending each day with you and never feeling alone, because I have you by my side. As I wrote this entry I thought about all of the hearts I broke along the way and the many times I had my heart broken. My love, nothing breaks like a heart. My advice to you when you’re older is to wait…wait for the right person, wait for the love that ignites your soul and makes you feel incredible, and wait to worry about the big stuff. Have fun with your friends and fall in love with life and who you are way before falling in love with another person. As humans we don’t like being alone, but you need to remember that you’re never alone. Life is messy and scary. There’s so much I cannot shade you from (I wish I could), but I will always be here to listen and to help you. I will never judge you, leave you, or make you feel stupid. Trust me, daddy and I have been through so much and with each challenge we’ve grown and learned.

I’m so lucky this year to have TWO valentines. I have you and daddy, which makes me the luckiest woman in the world. Who needs Cupid when I have you? I love you baby boy.


A letter to my Man of Honor on his birthday

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Dear Danny,

I am so excited for you as you turn twenty-one! There is so much adventure and beauty ahead of you and I’ll always be there for you as your partner in crime, support system, therapist, and best friend. You are generous, brilliant, and funny, and you are without a doubt one of the finest people I know. I’m the luckiest gal in the world to have you as my best friend. We met in retail and as we stocked shelves on opposite sides of the store, we looked over at one another, standing on the top of two ladders, singing country songs to each other. We’re legitimately the same person and I love our memories and our friendship. I cannot thank you enough for being there for me through all of my adventures and life moments! You stood by my side and held my hand while I gave birth to my baby boy, Greyson…if that isn’t the definition of a best friend, I don’t know what is.

There was never a question in my mind that you were going to be my Man of Honor and I couldn’t tie the knot without you beside me. Thank you for helping me with details, keeping me sane, and for being there for me as I fell in love with my wedding dress. Whether we’re driving home from a night out (I’ll save those scandalous details for another time…lol) or having a bougie lunch at a gorgeous restaurant, I live for our moments. If you killed someone and needed me to help you dispose of the evidence, I’d be there in a heartbeat, with a shovel, of course, black heels and black gloves. I got you, boo. If you needed someone to lie for you and create an elaborate story, I’m your girl (duh, I’m a writer). I’ll always bring the alcohol if you bring the bad decisions. We’re the definition of partners in crime and we’re #friendshipgoals. If you ever needed a place to live, wherever I am is your home, too. You’re a huge part of me and the person I am. You know better than most that I went through a lot in my past and you were one of the first people who marked the start to my new chapter.

If I could give you any advice for your twenty-first year, it would be to enjoy each moment, even the trying ones. Work and goals are important, but as you get older you’ll realize that you’ll never look back and say “I wish I worked more”, but you could look back and wish you did more for you. As a mama and a fiancé, I can tell you that work and money isn’t everything and partying fades into simple moments spent with your loved ones. Always take time for yourself and don’t stress too much, because before you know it you’ll be in a completely different chapter. Your twenties are amazing, but they’re also complicated. You will change, grow, and learn. You will one day look back and realize you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be…trust. If you ever doubt yourself I will be here to remind you of how strong and resilient you are. If you need a moment away from the craziness of life I’m here to distract you. I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a year filled with self-discovery and positive vibes. Remember, it all goes by in the blink of an eye, but every moment is valuable. I can’t wait to eat, drink, and be MARRIED. Xo

I love you 💙

The Greyson Diaries

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A letter to the father of my child


I feel as though I found out I was pregnant yesterday. I stood beside you, next to your truck and I announced that I was pregnant. I was anxious, scared, and excited. From the beginning you vowed to be there for me and our child no matter what and you promised to take care of us. With each passing day it became more real and you amazed me with your positivity and excitement. I’ll never forget the first ultrasound and seeing our baby for the first time, when he was just a peanut. I’ll never forget dressing up in blue lingerie and handing you a card to announce that we were having a baby boy. My pregnancy was a beautiful journey and although I do know that I could’ve done it alone, I’m so glad that I had you.

You’ve thanked me for giving you our perfect son, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I wouldn’t be a mother if it wasn’t for you and our inspiring relationship. If you hadn’t been the man you are, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing you this letter. It takes two to create a child, but it also takes a true man to not only create a child, but to be a dad and a hero. You’re our hero, sweetheart. Some days are harder (and longer) than others and I know that you work really hard, but if you’re ever feeling worn out, or over it, just remember how much we admire you. We love you and need you, always.

You walk through the door at the end of the day and I smile so brightly, because it doesn’t feel like home without you. I cannot imagine sleeping at night without you cuddled beside me, or waking up and not having you here to start each day with. It’s not easy being a mom, but it’s the best job I’ll ever have; there will be moments when I feel stressed, tired, and overwhelmed, but I’m always grateful for you. I want you to know that it takes a remarkable man to stand by the woman he loves during a pregnancy and after, because becoming a mom is life-altering. You know how to handle me on my best and my worst days and you’ve already proven to me that you would be there for me through anything. I need you to know how much that means to me and that I will be by your side through everything…sickness, money issues, and life changes. I’m your best friend and partner in crime, no matter what. I chose you and I will never change my mind.

I know I’m not perfect and sometimes I feel alone, even though I have you, the best daddy in the world. As a mom you tend to feel as though you’re on an island and you live by a different set of rules that don’t apply to others. I spend all day, everyday as a mama and I always put you and Greyson first, which is in my eyes, a huge part of being an amazing mom. I’m sorry for the moments when I am angry, stressed, or sad, and for the tears. Sometimes I just need to cry and let it out, because some days aren’t as easy and beautiful as the rest. I can’t always explain to you how I’m feeling, which I know can be frustrating. I’m sorry that I don’t always look in the mirror and feel perfect, but thank you for always making me feel pretty, loved, and sexy. Thank you for smacking my ass, holding my hand, and constantly smiling at me. Thank you for caring for me, my heart, and Greyson.

I know we will go through so much as parents, but one day it will be just us again, in a quiet house, looking back at our life together. It won’t always be perfect and easy, but I promise to love you through every life stage. I don’t want to go to bed angry or sad, because life is too short and unpredictable. I will never let you leave the house without kissing you and telling you how much I love you. I will never end a phone call or send a text message without expressing my love for you, because you’re the most important part of my life.

Years from now, when we are sitting on the couch in our once busy, noisy home, watching a movie and drinking wine, we will look around at our framed, family photos and think back to when it was just you, me, and Greyson and I’ll thank you again…I’ll thank you for being the best husband and father, for never leaving, and for making me a mom. I’ll thank you for giving me the greatest gifts and for creating a life with me.

I love you and we are so lucky to have you. I appreciate you and everything you do, everything you are, and everything you aren’t. You’ll always be our Superman.


Lizzie 💗

The Greyson Diaries

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Living with Anxiety

I’ve lived with anxiety my entire life and as a teenager, it enveloped me. As I got older I became stronger and more resilient. As you grow you tend to worry less about the little things and you learn to appreciate each moment, even the struggles. I’ve learned to breathe through the trying moments and my anxiety no longer controls me, but it took me years to get to the place I am now. After I gave birth I had many moments of anxiety and tears, because becoming a mama is life-altering (and incredible). If you’re pregnant and feeling anxious about the unknown days ahead, don’t be afraid of motherhood. It’s unlike any other adventure you’ll ever embark on. There’s no sunset, mountaintop, or cityscape that can compare to the beauty of your baby learning and growing in front of you. Postpartum triggers every emotion and for the first couple of weeks, you’re lacking sleep and normalcy, which makes you feel a little crazy (ok…more than a little crazy). Before you know it your life has changed, but sleep returns and you find a new normal. I’m living the mommy life and a new, beautiful normal.

I understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be as a mama, especially if you’re doing it alone, or you’re alone during the day. I’m the queen of overthinking and if you live in that same kingdom than you know how easy it is to become your own worst enemy. It’s okay to leave a pile of wash until the next day or to take a break from cleaning. It’s important to take care of yourself during the day, despite being a busy mama. You need to care for your mind, body, and soul. Living with anxiety is a challenge, but it’s only as hard as you believe it to be. Light some candles, read a good, inspiring book, and let the smell of your favorite perfume linger. Surround yourself with beauty and what makes you feel calm. Drink a glass of wine and chat with your best friend, or go for a long drive and listen to your mood playlist.

I fall asleep next to my love, feeling safe and happy, but some mornings I still wake up feeling stressed, because there’s always something I need to accomplish. It’s hard to explain to those who don’t have anxiety what it feels like to suddenly feel unbelievably sad and vulnerable or to struggle with triggers. A trigger is something fairly simple that makes you feel overwhelmed with a certain emotion (sadness, anger, jealousy) and often a trigger takes you back to a moment you wish to forget. I had a panic attack for the first time in years the other night and it was awful; I felt as though I was paralyzed and it was triggered by something that in the moment, I was totally blind to. The next day though, the trigger became clear.

We all have a laundry list of things to handle and worry about during the day, but it’s not a race; you don’t have to deal with everything all at once, and nobody is free from stress. A person’s Instagram may be filled with sunshine and selfies, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel just as stressed as you. Stress finds all of us at our weakest moments and it affects everyone differently. Unfortunately, for those who have true anxiety, stress can be deadly. You need to remind yourself that you will accomplish your goals, complete your tasks, and handle your shit, at your own speed. You don’t have to do everything in a day or make yourself feel bad for taking a breather.

When you have anxiety it’s terrifying to not be in control, which I understand better than most. As a teenager, it used to kill me when I felt out of control, but as I got older I let go of the reins. I control what I can and I let go of what I can’t. I always make sure my space and my life are organized and pretty and that is my way of being in control. Life happens and each day is unpredictable, no matter how much we plan, worry, and stress. We can make as many lists as we want, but we have no idea what the day will bring. Isn’t that what makes life so exciting? Learn to feel excited rather than scared, my darlings.

Greyson’s Letter

Greyson, my love…you’re getting bigger and brighter every day and I’m so proud to be your mama. I have so much I wish to teach you and tell you as you get older, but one thing I need you to know is how to handle your emotions. Anger can be terrifying and it’s important to take a step back, breathe, and let go. I want you to always remember that you should never go to bed angry. You never know what tomorrow will bring and I hope you lay your head down every night and feel thankful and positive. Always look forward to the next day, babes. Pain as many before me have written, demands to be felt, but you’ll get through the cloudy days. I wish I could shield you from sadness and pain, but I can’t. Every moment in your life becomes a part of you and your story, which is why it’s so important to always be your most amazing self.

One day you’ll meet envy, trust, fear, anxiety, and the emotion which changes everything…love. Love is complicated, beautiful, and terrifying, but when you find the one worth loving, it’s everything. You’ll already know love by how much daddy and I love you and how much you love us back. It’s a level of love which cannot be measured, lost, or described. I want you to never settle in the future for anything less than the love daddy and I have for each other, and of course, for you. The love I have for you though, is unlike any other.



Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

The Greyson Diaries

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This mama don’t mess

If you want a beautiful life and positive results you need to take out the trash and stay away from toxicity. Sadly, I know plenty of mamas who are driving down a dead end road, whether they’re wrapped up in unnecessary drama, or they’re lost in a toxic relationship. It makes me sad to see others drowning in chaos and to watch people make the same mistakes over and over again. It makes you wonder, why? Why doesn’t the woman who stays with the cheating boyfriend leave? Why does that friend of yours continue to connect with the wrong people? The questions are always easy to ask, but the answers are very rarely simple. Some stay with the wrong person because they’re scared, or they don’t have enough confidence to start over. Others are involved with the wrong people because they’re lost and lack a strong identity.

It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to take a long, honest look in the mirror. The reflection will never be perfection, but you should feel proud of the person staring back at you. We all make mistakes, have flaws, and countless stories to tell after a few glasses of wine. I fought hard to become the woman I am today and the mama I’m lucky enough to be. Greyson is the best part of me and I will always make sure he’s surrounded by positivity (people and situations). Your vibe attracts your tribe.

I had dinner and drinks with Andrew and two of my very good friends, which is something I truly love. I love spending time with the people I love (my true few) and enjoying drinks and conversation. We had an amazing time laughing, joking around, and sharing stories with one another, but right before my friends were about to head home, a nasty, psychotic text appeared on my friend’s phone. I was in shock and confused when I read what was on the screen, but after realizing who sent the text message I wasn’t surprised. The person who sent it has hit below the belt plenty of times, with countless people (myself included) and they feed off of drama and negative situations. They’re also friends with another person who has created drama and messy situations in the past.

We all received other text messages and phone calls that night (and afterward) which were disgusting and immature, to say the absolute least. We moved forward and laughed it off, which is what adults do. I’m a mama and Andrew works so incredibly hard and is a daddy, and my friends have busy lives. None of us have time for high school drama or bad energy. This entire situation (the text messages, harassment, etc.) was caused by a mutual friend, who is close to the person who texted us that night. After all of this happened it reminded me of how adults (mamas in particular) should act (and react). It also bothered me for other reasons, such as…why do people connect with hate and drama? If you want drama in your life watch a movie or read a good book. I didn’t react that night…I moved on because my life is way too beautiful to be dragged down by negative bullshit. It makes me sad when I see people my age (and older) acting like fools and getting caught up in nonsense.

The mutual friend who created a negative situation is also a mama, but she’s living a life that is filled with toxicity. She is famous for surrounding herself with awful, unstable people and I truly believe she’s lost. I am not here to judge other people’s life choices, but when it affects your aura and those around you it’s time to take note and make changes. This person has come to me for advice in the past regarding her relationship, which is in my opinion very harmful, but there’s been no change and I feel bad. I’ve been through pain and I stayed with someone (longer than I should’ve) who caused a lot of drama and hurt in my life. I know what it’s like to feel lost and unsure, but there comes a point when enough is enough. As a mama, I couldn’t imagine being in that place, because Greyson needs a strong, confident, and happy mama to teach him, love him, and show him. As a parent, you need to stay away from those who cause harm and situations that create stress, because your actions will one day affect your child. Greyson will always look up to me and he will see very quickly that his parents don’t put up with anything. We don’t get involved in drama. This mama has no time for craziness.

I wanted to share that story with all of you because I think it’s so important to be the best person you can be at all times, and if you’re a mama surrounded by negativity and toxic people, it’s time to take out the trash. If you’re traveling down a dead end road it’s time to find an alternate route. You want your vibe to attract beauty and positive, mindful people who will uplift you and take you on gorgeous adventures. You want your child to be surrounded by light and love and to know what a healthy relationship and friendship looks like.

Greyson’s Letter

Baby boy, you’re a month old and I’m so proud of your tiny milestones. You can lift and keep your head up for longer periods of time, you’re stronger and have gained weight, and you’re continuing to delight us with your incredible personality. You look into my eyes and make noises and I know there is so much you wish to say. This blog entry was about surrounding yourself with the right people and the right moments, because life is fragile and we all deserve honesty, happiness, and love. I never want you to get wrapped up in drama or hate, because it can result in a lot of pain, loss, and regrets.

As your mama I work hard to show you true and meaningful relationships, from my relationship with your daddy, to my friendships with the ones who’ve been there for me through it all. I know you’re a baby and it will take some time for you to understand and comprehend who and what you’re around, but I’ll never put you in a negative situation. You’re so lucky…there are so many beautiful people around you who love you and are looking forward to getting to know you as you grow. My close friends adore you, as does my family, and Andrew’s family. You’ve changed my life and daddy’s and we’re thankful for you and the changes that you have brought. I love you Greyson. Xx

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