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The Land of Bullshit

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Facebook has turned into a platform for racism, hatred, and ignorance. People follow, share, and like without ever truly standing up for anyone else or standing out for a cause. If you don’t believe in anything truly significant you’ll fall for anything and sadly, Facebook has become the land of bullshit. Girls share Tik Tok videos to share their political views, memes have become a form of communication, and people will believe anything that is […]

Post Christmas Vibes

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Hi, loves! I hope everyone woke up on Christmas morning feeling blessed and grateful. I know that I did. As I always say, Christmas isn’t about what’s under the tree…it’s about whose gathered around it. Of course, COVID-19 has changed our world immensely and many of us played it safe this year, only celebrating with immediate family. Andrew, Greyson, and I spent Christmas Eve at home and Christmas Day we woke up, opened gifts, and […]