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Life After Sexual Assault

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I’ve been wanting to write about this ever since the Kavanaugh case began, and I’ve always been very open and honest about what happened to me, years back, but I’ve also been trying to focus on only positive feelings during my pregnancy. For those who don’t know, I was raped when I was sixteen years old, by a guy who was one of my closest friends (at the time). He knew me as a person, was close […]


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She sat awake in bed watching an inticing drama, and sipping on expensive red wine. She wore a black negligee and her face was natural. Beach curls framed her soft face, which was sun kissed from a day horseback riding. She leaned over and applied a pale, pink lip gloss to her lush lips. Her phone lit up, and she took a moment before glancing at the screen. It was him. “Do you want to […]

Living with PTSD

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 Life can be scary and stressful, no doubt! But, with PTSD it just comes with the territory. When I was raped Sophomore year of high school, everything changed. I’ll remember the details of that night forever; the night ended with my hand punching my bathroom mirror, and a young, vulnerable me falling asleep with a bottle of something 90 proof. I couldn’t wrap my head around what had happened to me; so much of […]


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Livvy bowed her head and took a shot of something strong. His deep voice played over and over again in her tangled mind. It was her first day alone, in a long time. She stumbled out of an Upper East Side bar, looking incredible. She could taste his lips and feel his strong grasp take a hold of her; her throat felt hot from the alcohol. So much had changed in her life, and in […]