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Lizzie’s closet

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Fashion is an essential part of my day to day life, and whether I’m running errands, going on adventures with my son, or getting drinks with my husband, I put a lot of love and thought into my outfits. I go from a bohemian princess to a sporty mom, but regardless of what I’m wearing, all of my clothing, shoes, and accessories were handpicked for a reason. I’m constantly being asked, “Where did you get […]

A bohemian mama’s spiritual guide

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Spirituality is a complicated, mysterious, and never-ending world filled with questions. You always have the right to choose your own spiritual path, loves. I have never found myself in a designated box, with a clear, single viewpoint on religion, which has made it hard to explain to others what I believe in. If you find yourself wondering and wandering, then it’s a perfect time to do some soul searching to find your spiritual balance. You […]

Love & Lifestyle by Lizzie

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Current Mood? I’m 39 weeks pregnant and spending as much time as possible relaxing, but I’m also always wrapped up in a project (cleaning, writing, organizing). I’ve remained busy and active throughout my pregnancy, which I recommend to any woman who’s thinking about becoming pregnant, or whose currently expecting. I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be starting a new blog series called The Greyson Diaries to inspire other mama bears and to write about […]

Kiss me, Kill me

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drama / mystery / romance

Chapter Six A steamy handprint glowed against the shower glass, while Lucy and Kenny enjoyed a hot morning together. She moaned, and he reminded her why she couldn’t get enough of him. She missed Luke, but she messed up. Luke couldn’t begin to understand what the kidnapping, and continuous stalking did to her emotionally; he knew how beautiful a person she was, but she was in deep pain. Kenny was her escape into a sensual […]


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She sat awake in bed watching an inticing drama, and sipping on expensive red wine. She wore a black negligee and her face was natural. Beach curls framed her soft face, which was sun kissed from a day horseback riding. She leaned over and applied a pale, pink lip gloss to her lush lips. Her phone lit up, and she took a moment before glancing at the screen. It was him. “Do you want to […]