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Peace and Balance

Hi mamas! I’ve had the most gorgeous month filled with love, happiness, and peace. On May 11 surrounded by the ocean, friends, and family I married my handsome man and became Elizabeth Rebecca Mognoni Killough 💜 I’ve never been happier or more at peace. It’s a beautiful feeling and I didn’t always feel this way. I endured so much heartache, pain, and stress through my teenage years and early twenties, but once I let go of my past and met Andrew everything fell into place. I’m a spiritual person, but not religious. I’ve never gotten down on my knees and prayed to a God, but I have asked the Universe for advice and answers. I’ve looked to the sky for guidance, knowing and trusting that there is a higher power around me. I feel it when I’m standing beside the ocean and when I’m holding my son. I prayed for Andrew without knowing who he was or if he even existed, but I asked the Universe to find that special someone I could love and spend my days with…a best friend, lover, and partner. The Universe gave me so much more than I ever asked for…it gave me Andrew, Greyson, and this beautiful life.

Have you ever sat and thanked the stars above for everything you have? I certainly have. If you’re still wandering, wondering, and wishing, that’s okay. Your journey is forever and your soulmate, balance, and peace are out there, waiting for you. I look back on everything I’ve been through and I understand now that I met Andrew when I was finally ready to settle down. The exes we feel “unlucky” to have known and dealt with were placed in our path for a reason. We were meant to learn, grow, and change. They may have hurt us, made us wonder what the heck was I thinking, and made us want to rewind and start over (where is that damn life remote?), but they made us stronger, wiser, and braver. I definitely cannot believe I used to let some guy walk all over me, make me cry, lie to me, use me for money and an easier life, but now I am so incredibly strong and happy. I knew how real and special Andrew was when I met him because I had dealt with the complete opposite (my ex). We may have days, weeks, or months that are busy, stressful, and sometimes money is tight, but that’s how life keeps us balanced. It’s not about how much money we make or how many vacations we take, life is simply about the moments that make us truly happy. Happiness can happen anywhere.

If you’re feeling lost and unsure, keep wandering babes…you will find your path. The bad helps us appreciate the good. Laughter wouldn’t be as beautiful without the occasional tear. As mamas and parents, we need to always search for our own balance and peace in order to be happy, healthy, and positive. How do you live a peaceful, balanced life? This question is very individual. Everyone wishes for different things when they see a shooting star, need and want different things, and of course, everyone lives life differently. Only you can personalize your life and make it what you want it to be…what makes you happiest? Who do you want by your side through all of life’s journeys? What do you want to fill your days with? There are so many questions you need to ask yourself before you decide how to balance out your life. Think of your life as a blank, empty room…you can make that room look, feel, and smell however you’d like. What color will you paint the walls? What kind of theme will that room possess? Do you want to fill the room with flowers, candles, photos? Are you artsy, bohemian, minimal? You can personalize your day to day life the same way you’d decorate a room to create a zen, happy space. Make a list of what you want and need each day to feel happy and at peace with your life. The list can contain very simple components, for example, many people cannot function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. You can add drinking a cup of coffee on your porch every morning to your list. In order for my days to be beautiful, I need…

  • Time outdoors (a walk, sitting in the garden, a drive to the beach, exploring somewhere)
  • Greyson & Andrew (I spend all day with my son and when my husband gets home from work we always spend quality time together)
  • Writing (or reading)
  • Water, fruit, healthy choices
  • My outfit of the day (I need to love what I’m wearing, whether I’m dressed bohemian, sporty, etc.)

My list isn’t very long! Now, that is what I need each day to feel happy and at peace…you can also make a list of the extras. The extras are things that you don’t necessarily need, but they make you smile. For example, I don’t need to see my friends every week to know they’re there for me, but seeing my close friends makes me happy. I try to make plans as much as possible with the ones I love. Some people love doing yoga (me), going to the gym, etc., but they don’t necessarily need to do those things in order to feel balanced. You add in the extras whenever you have the time and energy. Peace also comes from eliminating anything and anyone negative from your life that makes you feel stressed, anxious, mad, or upset. If you’re ready to let go of someone there’s no need to be mean or negative towards them…just simply let them go. Again, if you’re still searching for your special someone, don’t stress, worry, or give up. The Universe has a plan for everyone and your special someone is waiting for you…they will find you, or you’ll find them when neither one of you is expecting it.

Peace and balance are just words and everyone has different words to describe living their best life, but to me feeling at peace with yourself and having balance creates the perfect life. I wish all of you a beautiful week filled with adventure, happiness, and peace.

Greyson’s Letter

Grey, you’re my peace and balance in life. You fill my days with purpose, love, and excitement, and I am happiest when I’m simply being your mama and spending my days embarking on our little adventures. You’re growing up and discovering the world more and more each day, with curious eyes and sweet smiles. I love playing with your toys with you and showing you new, exciting things. Today you helped me take care of our ducks (Gatsby, Cracker, & Cookie) which made you smile so bright. As you get older you’ll realize how important the little things are…the calming smell after a rainstorm, the sun kissing your skin, and cuddling up under a blanket after a long day. The little things bring peace and happiness to our lives, but the big things bring balance. Big things are the events that change us forever, like becoming a parent, meeting the love of your life, or getting married. You changed my life and made me a better person which brought the ultimate balance to my life. Your daddy changed my life by giving me you, marrying me, and for showing us so much love every single day…more balance.

Never forget about what brings you peace, baby boy. The little things and the big things make up this crazy adventure called life and there is so much to smile about. Happy Memorial Day…here’s to being young, wild, & free.


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Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and adventure. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and Waverly Belle. My heart belongs to my children and my husband, Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based on my daily experiences as a young mom and my love for my babies. I worked in the fashion and marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a stay-at-home mama at age twenty-four, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I don't blog to impress, I blog to inspire. If you’re ever interested in my creative work, please feel free to reach out to me… Email:

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