Packing for a Getaway

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Hi my favorites!

I just got back from the perfect cabin vacation in Bushkill Pennsylvania (The Poconos) for my birthday and I live for my wardrobe when I travel anywhere. I’m also a mom and I’m always prepared for the unknown and the inevitable. The key to successfully packing for any vacation is planning ahead and taking a breath. The worst thing you can do is stress yourself out prior to leaving, because that takes away from the feeling of relief when you’re about to embark on a peaceful adventure. My favorite vacations are the ones filled with relaxation, views, and cozy clothes. I loved the cabin environment because it allowed me to pack my favorite fall clothing and accessories. The cabin, waterfalls, and community were absolutely breathtaking. It was a much needed pause from our daily life; mamas, remember to always make time for day trips and vacations because they’re good for your health. Before you arrive at your destination be sure to ask your host, the hotel, or venue any questions you may have, which will help you pack, plan, and be prepared. If it’s a day trip be prepared for car ride must-haves, especially snacks, water, and comforts. Whether you’re going for the day (or a week) it’s important to pack according to the weather. I stalk the weather for a week prior to any vacation just in case anything changes, which always happens.

The weather for my vacation was my favorite kind of weather…cold. I packed an outfit for each day (five days) and two extra outfits (just in case). I packed two nighttime lounge/pajama outfits and a pair of slippers. I wore a pair of Uggs to the cabin and brought another pair of dressier boots that also doubled as hiking/adventure boots (adventure boots aren’t a shoe category…I just made that up lol). When you know the weather you’ll be experiencing and the adventures you’ll be embarking on you know exactly what to pack. You never want to over or under pack, but overpacking is definitely safer! I always bring a ton of underwear and a few different bra styles, because those are a must. Don’t forget your phone charger and if you bring your iPad or tablet/laptop everywhere be sure to bring that charger too (and ask about WiFi).

As a mama, my first priority is making sure Greyson has everything and anything he needs. I packed about ten outfits for him and made sure he had three coats, a couple pairs of shoes, and a bunch of socks. Babies and young children go through clothing faster than anyone else and it’s better to overpack for them! I brought a few of his favorite toys, stuffed animals, his playard, a whole box of diapers, baby wipes, two blankets, baby shampoo, etc. I was prepared for anything life threw our way, but it was actually a completely easygoing trip with zero issues. He even came home with two new toys and I came home with my gorgeous birthday gifts 🎁

I am crazy organized and having a clean home is everything to me and I know not everyone is like me, but I recommend cleaning and organizing your place before you leave on your trip so you return home to a clean, positive space. I don’t know how people leave everything a mess and that’s what they come home to…that would stress me out. I was happy to come home and my space felt inviting and cozy, which is always the goal.

If you didn’t feel like reading all of my words and advice and wanted to skip to the organized bullet points (sorry)…but, here they are (haha…I hope you actually read everything and always enjoy my words, but bullet points are the best, right?).

Packing for a Getaway 101:

  • ALWAYS check the weather prior to leaving for your vacation.
  • Pack throughout the week instead of the night before, or day of to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • If you’re a mama, be prepared for anything and everything (overpack for your kid[s]).
  • You can never pack too much underwear or socks.
  • Make sure you have any and all chargers for your devices.
  • Be sure to have the car ride must-haves if your vacation involves driving (water, snacks, coffee, cozy essentials, etc.).
  • Leave your house looking its’ best and return to a sanctuary (not a mess).
  • Look at Pinterest, a magazine, or an online source for outfit inspiration if you’re in need of any while packing.
  • Ask your host, the hotel, or venue any and all questions you may have before leaving to ensure you’ve packed everything you need.
  • Bring a tote bag or something similar for dirty laundry if wherever you’re staying doesn’t have a washer/dryer.
  • Relax and take a breath…
  • Have fun packing and planning your outfits (it doesn’t have to be an annoying task)!

I hope your next getaway is fun, therapeutic, and beautiful. Take in the views, snap a lot of photos, and use your time away wisely…getaways are a time to rejuvenate and relax your mind and body.

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Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and adventure. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and Waverly Belle. My heart belongs to my children and my husband, Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based on my daily experiences as a young mom and my love for my babies. I worked in the fashion and marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a stay-at-home mama at age twenty-four, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I don't blog to impress, I blog to inspire. If you’re ever interested in my creative work, please feel free to reach out to me… Email:

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