Transitioning From Christmas to Winter Decor

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Happy New Year loves!!! Cheers to 2022…

December was busy and beautiful. I haven’t had a moment to write until now, cuddled in bed, watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The past month was filled with adventure, love, and laughter. We went to The Pocono Mountains in December for vacation to celebrate my son Greyson’s third birthday, spent time with great friends and family, had a perfect Christmas at home, I went to the Nutcracker Ballet performed by The Philadelphia Ballet, and we’ve spent countless hours at the farm with our farm family. It has been a wonderful end to 2021 and I am very thankful for the year that has passed. It was a year of fun, adventure, and growth. I am hoping for a healthy, happy, and adventurous 2022.

I packed up all of my Christmas decorations and decor this morning, but this year I decided to do something a little different and special. I left my snow-flocked, artificial Christmas tree up, but I did remove all of the ornaments. It is just snowy and lit with delicate lights now and it looks beautiful bare. I also left my winter decor out (snowmen, ski decor, tabletop snow flocked trees, pine wreaths). It felt so refreshing packing up Christmas and looking around at the neutral colors in my home. I was craving my usual, neutral color palette in my farmhouse. I fill my home with neutral colors (black, grey, beige, white), aside from our kitchen which is black, white, and farmhouse teal-themed. The farmhouse teal is our pop of color in our kitchen and I love it. I do love adding pops of spring and summer colors during the warmer months, too.

If you’re like me and you’re craving some peace and serenity after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, transitioning your home from Christmas decor to winter decor is therapeutic. If you’re also like me and you love winter and you want to continue to represent the season in your home, winter decor is a must. Who doesn’t love snow, cuddly blankets, and pine trees?

Here are a few photos from the holiday season to show what my Christmas tree and home looked like before I transitioned to winter decor:

Here’s my tree after transitioning to winter decor:

Tips for Transitioning Your Home From Christmas Decor to Winter Decor…

It’s important to remove the holiday colors from your home (red, green, blue, pink). I had my nutcracker collection everywhere and they always add a lot of vibrance and holiday color (and of course, they’re packed away now). My Christmas tree was also decorated in a red and white theme. The red was present on most of my nutcrackers, my three-foot Santa, candles, reindeer, and on my garland which was draped on my electric fireplace.

Embrace your neutral, winter decor. Pine trees that are snow-flocked, snowmen decor, and neutral-colored deer are perfect for winter. I also love ski and ice skating decor. Fall in love with neutrals and wintry whites this winter season and make your home feel like a cozy, snowy cottage.

Throw blankets and pillows can change the feel from season to season and they’re always an easy add on. Again, I always buy neutral throw blankets (white and ivory are my two favorites). Marshalls and Target are my two shopping destinations for throw blankets and pillows.

White and warm lights are perfect for winter, whether you’re leaving your Christmas tree lit, or you’re adding twinkle lights to your space. I left my Christmas tree lit because the lights make the tree glisten and sparkle at night. You can always add twinkle lights to lanterns and put a lantern (or two) in each room.

Remove the ornaments from your Christmas tree! Ornaments are a beautiful, fun tradition, but they’re too Christmasy for winter.

I am madly in love with our winter-themed farmhouse…

I wish everyone a snowy, cuddly, and inspiring winter season. We are supposed to get quite a bit of snow in Southern New Jersey (where I live) tomorrow afternoon and I hope that we do!


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