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Bottles of Bubbly

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I went to New York City with my best friend for a girl’s trip, celebrating the Holiday season beneath the bright lights of the big city. We embarked on a full Gossip Girl Day and stopped at all of the famous set locations, walked through the Palace Hotel and the gorgeous courtyard Serena van der Woodsen claimed as her own, and we ended the day with a bottle of bubbly at a cherished Manhattan restaurant. […]

Travel Bucket List

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I will explore the world one day & that is a promise. I crave adventure. I don’t need years of college and an overpriced calculator; I need a passport and a really beautiful luggage set. Oh, and $$$$$$$$ would be lovely too. 1. Santorini, Greece 2. Kiss my lover beneath the Northern Lights 3. Italy (every inch of it) 4. Hawaii 5. Israel (I’ll meet you in the Dead Sea) 6. Africa (bring home an […]