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The Greyson Diaries

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Bless This Mess Parents know better than anyone that some weeks don’t go as planned and others play out perfectly. The past week has been filled with issues, chaos, and unexpected surprises. It’s been such a drama-filled week that I feel the need to share all of the details with you. If you’re having a long, rough week you’re not alone! Hang in there. Every day, good and bad, brings new lessons and growth. Friday […]

Letting Go of a Good Woman

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I know that there are just as many good men out there as there are women (ladies, I know some of you will argue that), but regardless of your views on the male population, finding a good woman isn’t an easy task, just as finding a good man isn’t an easy task. The world is filled with faces, but far too many of them are wearing masks. I was with someone for four years who […]