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Feeling Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m posting a day early, because tomorrow I’ll be busy and spending the day with my family. I’ll be drinking wine, eating good food, and soaking in one of my favorite holidays. Besides taking photos, I won’t be on my phone very much. I know that this year is different than years past, but I’m more thankful than ever for what I have and who I have. Ever since I was a […]

The Greyson Diaries

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To Stockpile or Not to Stockpile As a mama and a wife I wanted to make sure we had enough of everything for the next month, but I didn’t hoard toilet paper (in case anyone was wondering). I was not one of those people! I always have enough rolls in our pantry closet along with paper towels. I went shopping Friday morning, when everything broke and people began to panic buy. I also went shopping […]