Feeling Thankful

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Home for the holidays ✨❤️

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m posting a day early, because tomorrow I’ll be busy and spending the day with my family. I’ll be drinking wine, eating good food, and soaking in one of my favorite holidays. Besides taking photos, I won’t be on my phone very much.

I know that this year is different than years past, but I’m more thankful than ever for what I have and who I have. Ever since I was a little girl Thanksgiving was spent in New York City, at my late grandmother’s apartment in The Village and then at my brother’s apartment in Brooklyn, but of course this year there’s no traveling or seeing relatives. I love Thanksgiving and eating dinner surrounded by Christmas decor. There’s nothing better than eating good food with the people you love and drinking a little too much wine. I love cuddling on the couch after Thanksgiving dinner and admiring the Christmas tree. Andrew and I are homebodies and feel much better staying home and staying safe, especially during the worst of COVID. We are officially home for the holidays.

This morning I woke up and cooked my famous sweet potato casserole and my green bean casserole. I watched Gossip Girl, because I’m missing New York City a little extra this week. I’m getting all of my cooking done today, because tomorrow is Andrew’s turn to cook. Tomorrow we will put on The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I’ll do my hair and makeup, slip into a festive dress, and Andrew will cook the turkey. We’ll have dinner with my parents and Andrew and I will end the day cuddled in bed with Greyson, watching Christmas movies. Andrew has to work on Black Friday, so Greyson and I will spend the day watching movies and we’ll go for our usual walk around our neighborhood. Saturday night Andrew and I are going to a drive-thru, holiday light show, which I’m so excited for. It’s a magical time of the year and there’s always so much to be thankful for. Many view 2020 as an epic failure, a shit show, and a year they wish to forget (I don’t blame them), but despite our new normal, I’ve had a really beautiful year filled with strength, growth, and love. 2020 has taught us valuable lessons, showed us who our true friends are, and reminded us of what matters at the end of the day.

I’m so thankful for my almost two year old son, who made my life somersault. Greyson, you’ve changed me for the better and have brought so much light and joy into our lives. I gained a best friend and a new outlook on life the day you were born. I love you more than words could ever describe and every day (even the hectic ones) are amazing. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy and for being so smart, creative, silly, and wild. Motherhood is a gift and it should never be taken for granted. I’m thankful for my ability to be a stay at home mama and for my days spent with my little boy. I know that there are so many different ways to parent and each mom must find their own balance, but this is what I wanted and I believe it is what’s best for myself and Greyson. I love every single day spent with my son and the messy, crazy, beautiful moments.

I’m thankful for my incredible husband who always puts our needs above his own. Andrew, thank you for our life and the breathtaking moments. Thank you for working endlessly and tirelessly to provide us with everything we need and want and for allowing me to be home with our son. Thank you for dreaming everyday about our future, for never giving up, and for inspiring me to do the same. Thank you for loving us unconditionally and deeply. Thank you for showing me that soulmates exist and that true love is real. You’re my life and you’ve taught me so much and not just because you’re older than me, but because we’re different. We bring out so much in each other. I’m the free spirited, wild, spontaneous one. You’re the steady, stable, rational one. Together, we’re everything. I found my balance when I met you and I’m grateful for our life together. I love you so much, forever, always, no matter what.

I’m thankful for my closest friends and family who continue to stand by my side, share in the beautiful moments, and remind me of what’s truly important. I love all of you and I hope that next year we can all be together again from my annual Friendsgiving to a large Thanksgiving gathering with family. It’s the little things that we miss this year, but we’re all together in spirit, sharing food, wine, and stories. I enjoyed a Zoom family gathering last night and it reminded me of my favorite memories as a child, which was our crazy, fun, holiday dinners as a family in the city. I’m thankful that my family and friends remain healthy and safe during a very trying year and that we all have a place to call home.

I’m thankful for my gorgeous life, my home, and my pretty things. I’m thankful for my passions, from ballroom dancing and fashion to writing and nature. I’m thankful for our planet and the animals and plants that make me smile every day. I’m thankful for my body, mind, and soul and for being healthy. I’m thankful for every breath and every day.

May we all emerge from this year stronger, better, and filled with inspiration. Life is scary and unpredictable but that’s part of what makes it so beautiful. Take a moment to be thankful for all that you have today, tomorrow, and always. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. I wish you all beauty, good health, and lots of love.

Cheers. Xoxo.

The Author

Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and adventure. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and my heart belongs to my husband, Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based on my daily experiences as a young mom, and my love for my son. I worked in the fashion and marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a stay at home mama at age twenty four, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I don't blog to impress, I blog to inspire. If you’re ever interested in my creative work, please feel free to reach out to me… Email: lizziemognoni@gmail.com

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