The Art of Letting Go

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When it hurts to hold on, let go. When you’ve been watering a dead flower for far too long, smile and put down the watering can. I promise it’ll be okay. Letting go can be painful, but it can also be healing. I’ve let go of toxic people, relationships, bad habits, and of unhappy work environments. Sometimes it’s the only choice we have left. When you’re feeling lost and uncertain about letting go of something, or someone just remember that it’s never the end…it’s only the beginning.

I still believe, despite everything I’ve been through, that everything happens for a reason; if you let something go and it returns, it was always yours. If not, it never was (no matter how cliche that may sound). I’m sure that time will heal my old wounds and will reveal the truth to me. Letting go of a relationship hurts like hell, but holding on when the other person has already let go is suffocating. If it isn’t healthy or fulfilling, move on. Moving on is easier than it feels in the moment of heartache. It may take a few dark nights and many wandering days to come to terms with reality, and that’s okay. Wander and fall apart my darlings, until you’re strong enough to start over.

There’s a lot to remember when letting go of a relationship that once brought you happiness and love. If you truly don’t know yourself and what you want, you’ll never be happy in a future relationship. If the person you’re currently with doesn’t know what they want, or they don’t have the motivation to chase their dreams (alongside you) then it isn’t the right relationship. Life is about passion, adventure, and balance. To find your balance you need to take risks and fall in love with the life you live, which leads to adventure and passion. You also have to be brave enough to follow your heart and quiet your head. Sometimes, your head is too reasonable. Life isn’t simple or straight forward. If it feels right to you, you don’t need a reason or an explanation.

Letting go of the past and your demons is difficult. I view my demons as old, shadowy friends. They still show up from time to time, but I’ve learned to embrace even the darkest of nights. Without the darkness I’d never appreciate the light. It’s hard to let go of something that lives within you. After I was raped I was told to just let go and to move on…it isn’t that easy, and I understand that better than anyone. It’s impossible to forget something that created permanent scars. Scars become an essential part of you. Embrace those scars. You need to know when it’s healthy to let go and when it isn’t. There are no rules or any rush to letting go. Do it at your own pace and don’t allow others to influence the process. Everything is up to you and your heart. Take a moment to think about what makes you crazy happy and keep your passions close. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to someone or something, because happiness is a priority. You need YOU more than you need anyone else.

Breathe in, breathe out, and let go.


Lizzie Mognoni

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