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Summer is winding down and with this hot season came new trends, wants, and needs. I am a fall/winter gal, but I appreciate the beauty around me, always. Whether you worked all summer, while taking occasional beach trips, or you were sweating it out at the shore all season, summer is filled with style cravings. I have current obsessions, favorite shopping destinations, and perfect dining spots that I’d love to share with you. Are you ready to shop and sip with me?


Francesca’s is fun, bohemian, and flirty, which is my true esthetic. I’d rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck, and if you are the same kind of gal then Francesca’s is your next shopping destination. I was a manager at Francesca’s for a while (one of my favorite jobs of all time) and I will always shop there. Be sure to join their email mailing list to stay up to date on current sales and promotional events in-store & online. Clothes aren’t the only thing you’ll fall in love with at Francesca’s; my apartment is filled with candles, wall décor, & other home décor items from Frans. The environment makes the shopping experience fun and relaxing, with beautifully designed boutiques, filled with wall décor (yes, the wall décor behind the counter is for sale), and creative table displays that are eye catching and colorful. My preferred location: Francesca’s at the Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton New Jersey.

South Moon Under has a similar feel to Francesca’s, but they are more expensive. I usually buy shoes and jewelry from them, but if you’re willing to spend a little more money, their clothing is high quality. I just bought a gorgeous pair of Sam Edelman flats (on sale) from SMU and they’re perfect. The clothing ranges from bohemian to classic, with great summer pieces that can also be worn at work. The styles are transitional and can be worn throughout the year! Remember, any pretty tank top or summer blouse can be paired with a cardigan, kimono, or blazer to transition into autumn. SMU is also a great store to shop at for gifts! My preferred location: South Moon Under Online, or at The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton New Jersey.

Nordstrom has everything you could possibly need from formal wear to everyday essentials. Whether you’re a pregnant mama looking for a new wardrobe, or you’re a young guy/gal looking for an outfit for a night out, Nordstrom has everything. The shoe department will have you drooling and the jewelry cases are hard to ignore. Yes, the designer clothing/accessories are expensive, but it’s a great place to shop every so often for a new accessory, dress, etc. They have an awesome underwear/lingerie department, which includes trendy loungewear. I find that if you fall for one-three designers and only splurge on a pricey piece once in a while, that is the way to go! I spoil myself every season with a new designer item. Nordstrom is entertaining and beautiful. I love big department stores, because they remind me of Christmas time and old movies…a different era. My preferred location: Nordstrom at The Cherry Hill Mall, or online.

Altar’d State has a variety of home décor and gift ideas for any occasion (baby shower, wedding, room makeover, etc.) and the prettiest clothing. The store has a true mission and focuses on looking good while doing good. The boutique is spacious and really, really pretty. There’s also a lot of faith behind Altar’d State’s mission as a company, if that interests you. I was raised Catholic and Jewish, so my religious background is complex, and mostly I believe in nature and animals. But, if you’re religious and God truly means something to you, that is another reason you’ll fall in love with Altar’d State. The store has wall art, books, and even custom, floral bibles that focus on beauty AND God. My preferred location: The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton New Jersey, or online.

For furniture and home décor? Shop Target, Marshalls,, & even Amazon!

Restaurants? I have my favorite dining destinations for this season that I’d love to share with you…

Brio Tuscan Grille at The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton New Jersey (try the Grilled Salmon Salad, or stop in for a fabulous brunch)

Redstone American Grill at The Promenade at Sagemore, in Marlton New Jersey (The Redstone Burger is delish)

Pasta Vino in Berlin New Jersey (have their Caprese appetizer and any of their pasta dishes for an entrée)

Riverwinds Restaurant in Deptford New Jersey (try the Eggplant Stack appetizer and The Lobster Ravioli)

Howards Restaurant in Long Beach Island New Jersey (try their salmon blackened with chilled citrus butter)

Bistro 14 in Long Beach Island New Jersey (try The Seafood Linguini and a side of Bistro 14 French Fries)

Filomena’s in Berlin New Jersey (try their fettuccine alfredo)

Fall is just around the corner (I CANNOT WAIT) and summer is coming to an inevitable close, but we have another month to plan ahead for our autumn wardrobe. Now is a time to reflect on our favorites for Summer 2018 and a time to clean out our closets before sweater weather returns.

This summer I was all about boho chic dresses, minimal jewelry, mermaids, a little red white and blue, cute baseball caps, wedges, and pretty lipstick shades (pinks, purples, and taupe).

Get ready to shop & sip with me for back-to-school and fall




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