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The Doll Diaries

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Kaya loves rainy days, good books, and cute clothes. She spent the day cuddling in bed with Summer the cat, reading some Bret Easton Ellis, and trying on her new outfit for summer vacation. She put on her favorite lipstick shade and lounged around, waiting for her best friend Delilah to come over, but as usual, Delilah was running late. There was a time in Kaya’s life when she was very lonely after moving to […]

The Greyson Diaries

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(top from Alicia DiMichele’s Boutique, jeans are Levi’s) Mama’s Favorites Hi, mama bears! Are you searching for some inspiration for your closet, home, and lifestyle? I’m always here for you, duh. I may be a busy mama, but I always find time to take care of myself physically and emotionally (clothing, hair, makeup, yoga). If you’re like me and enjoy wearing what you love, doing what makes you happy, and filling your life with beauty, […]

The Back to Cool Guide

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Whether you’re heading back to the hallways of your high school this fall or returning to work, this post is for you… Fall is a time for change, reflection, and planning. I’m here to guide you through upcoming fashion trends for Fall 2018 (what I love and what I wish would disappear), back-to-school essentials and planning, and workplace organization. I am crazy about fall fashion and with each season there’s something to celebrate (and criticize) […]

Summer Lifestyle by Lizzie

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Summer is winding down and with this hot season came new trends, wants, and needs. I am a fall/winter gal, but I appreciate the beauty around me, always. Whether you worked all summer, while taking occasional beach trips, or you were sweating it out at the shore all season, summer is filled with style cravings. I have current obsessions, favorite shopping destinations, and perfect dining spots that I’d love to share with you. Are you ready to shop and sip […]