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Whether you’re heading back to the hallways of your high school this fall or returning to work, this post is for you…

Fall is a time for change, reflection, and planning. I’m here to guide you through upcoming fashion trends for Fall 2018 (what I love and what I wish would disappear), back-to-school essentials and planning, and workplace organization.

I am crazy about fall fashion and with each season there’s something to celebrate (and criticize) when it comes to new trends and styles. Of course, what is featured on the runway during Fashion Week in our favorite cities, trickles down to our favorite boutiques and stores usually in a subtle way. What Givenchy and Alexander McQueen are representing on the runway is the definition of wearable art, and although Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs may feature the same trends and colors, their pieces as designers are everyday fashion. Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer and he’s the reason I fell in love with design; if I could, I would wear his incredible pieces everyday, but that isn’t practical (or affordable). Runway fashion knows no limits, but as you’re heading back to work, or school you need functional, eye-catching fashion.

These are some trends to expect this fall and possibly fall in love with yourself…

Hoods are going to be big this fall, with designers such as Valentino and Margiela displaying luxurious, streetwear hoods on the runway. Regardless of how you rock “the hood” during the colder months, the fashion industry wants heads covered. Do I love it or should we lose it? I LOVE it. It’s not my favorite trend, but I appreciate it.

Leather has never left the limelight and many designers fall for new, leather trends each year and showcase coats, bags, boots, etc. Givenchy and Hermes are rocking the runway with leather-looks for this upcoming season, with leather trench coats flaunting their way down the catwalk. Do I love it or should we lose it? I am not a lover of leather, because it harms so many animals. I buy as much faux leather as possible and another amazing material is faux suede, which is 100% animal-friendly and actually, a stronger material than natural suede. So, I would have to say LOSE this trend.

Cowboy is appearing all over the place in Western-inspired outfits and even home décor! Designers such as Calvin Klein are taking over the runway with “Cowboy” style. Prairie dresses and cowboy boots are here and it’s a wearable trend for back-to-school. Do I love it or should we lose it? I LOVE this trend! I love the ease and playfulness of bohemian, Western-wear.

Plaid will forever remind us of the colder weather and cozy scarves, but this trend is hot for fall/winter 2018 in various forms. Versace featured a 90’s inspired plaid look on the runway, which would’ve had Cher Horowitz, from Clueless smiling and craving a new outfit. You can rock a cozy, plaid infinity scarf, or go for a plaid pea coat as the weather gets colder. This trend works for everyone and can be overplayed or underplayed. Americana-inspired plaid (one of my favorite forms) was represented by Calvin Klein on the fashion stage, but all forms of plaid are appearing this upcoming season. It’s even the perfect time to cozy up your bedroom or living area with plaid pillows, or a throw. Do I love it or should we lose it? I LOVE this trend and it’s one of my favorites for fall. It has so many possibilities from home to fashion. It’s simplistic and yet, designers are having fun with crazy, interesting plaid styles.

Tweed comes in a phenomenal range of colors, textures, and styles, but patterns such as houndstooth (which was made famous in the 1960’s) is still a very popular tweed pattern, adored by many. Tweed was first introduced during the 18th Century through the British aristocracy and has never faded in the fashion industry. Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu inspired the runway with tweed fashion, from skirts to coats that women will crave this autumn. Do I love it or should we lose it? I LOVE tweed. Tweed is timeless and chic and offers numerous wardrobe choices. I would definitely fall in love with a few tweed pieces for the back-to-school season AND for work!

Animal print is on the prowl this season in all forms, from wild to subdued. Animal print is sometimes viewed as trashy, but the designers know how to do it up…or, do it totally wrong on the runway when it comes to leopard, cheetah, and zebra print. Tiger stripes are even making their debut this season, with snow leopard patterns becoming a desire. A handbag or coat will always be a great way to display animal print without overpowering or harming your wardrobe. Fashion houses have given animal print a supportive thumbs up for Fall 2018. Do I love it or should we lose it? I LOVE it, as long as the print is worn tastefully. Have fun with this trend ladies and gents!

What do I consider to be some back-to-school essentials for Fall 2018?

Red is another trend this fall, so why not exploit the color red when it comes to your school supplies? Rock a pretty, red notebook or a red, faux leather backpack. Also, ladies red is the perfect color for your pop of color lipstick this coming season!

A perfect, functional backpack or laptop bag is a must for any high school or college student. I always loved buying a beautiful, new backpack each year. I also have the same laptop bag from senior year of high school and it’s still in perfect condition…thank you, Henri Bendel. Michael Kors makes pretty and spacious backpacks, as does Kate Spade. Vera Bradley is also a great alternative to those who want to stray away from leather, and or leather alternatives and go for a colorful, fun back-to-school bag.

A cute, durable travel mug for coffee or tea is more than just a want. I am not a coffee girl, but I love a Chai Tea Latte in the morning. Sometimes, we just need something to distract us from the fact that we have to wake up at the crack of dawn and face God knows what during the day. Purchase a pretty, large-enough travel mug and carry it with you wherever you go, whether that’s class or work. I have a nice, strong mermaid themed travel mug from Starbucks and I love it. This purchase will do wonders when you’re sick with a cough or a sore throat, but forced to be out and about. Stock up on teas you can make at home, too (money saver).

A planner is not only a cute accessory to carry around with you, but they’re a necessity as you enter into the adult world. Trust me, your planner will become your shadow. I am constantly buying a new planner and I use mine every single day to organize my life. Shop at Target, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon!

A practical and pretty study/alone time space is essential. Whether you like to cuddle up on the couch, sit in bed, or be upright and alert at a desk, splurge on a new lamp, a cuddly throw blanket, and some candles. I write at my desk or on the couch and everything has to be clean and organized around me, or I can’t concentrate. I love lighting a candle and during the colder months, wrapping myself in a blanket and cracking the window open, inhaling the fresh air. Make alone time comfortable and productive.

Are you heading back to work or dreading your current work environment/schedule?

One, if you hate your job…leave. I don’t care how much you earn if you’re miserable. Life is too short to spend each day stressed, depressed, or angry. There’s always another job (I promise). Two, if you do love your job but HATE getting up in the morning, do something each morning that you enjoy. Some require a simple cup of coffee to wake up and get started, but others require a little extra. Do yoga, go for a walk, watch a movie, read a book, or spend time with your pet(s). I usually clean a little, feed my animals and spend some time with them, watch Netflix (or write), and then get ready for my day. You can always workout (at home or at the gym) or go for a leisurely walk before heading to work. Lastly, if organizational skills aren’t your thing, buy a planner, keep your desk at home, or at work clean and organized (have fun with it), and fall in love with a new wardrobe. Sometimes, retail therapy is truly all we need to feel refreshed and less stressed. Clothes are not only pretty but they’re essential. At work, we need to feel and look our best. Fall is the time to donate clothes and furniture we no longer need and invest in what we will actually use. Again, have fun with all of this! Cleaning and simplifying your life should feel liberating. If you don’t want to do it alone, include your friends and family in the upcoming projects you want to tackle during the fall.

I hope you feel ready for sweater weather and excited for Fall 2018! Find beauty and inspiration in each season…







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