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Inspiration Can Always Be Found

I realize now, that every time I styled a room or took on a home project I was writing a little piece of my story. Any failures I’ve encountered and victories I’ve celebrated have become another chapter. It’s never easy taking on a home project or designing a space, but it should always be therapeutic. I was eternally destined to be writing down my thoughts, process, and advice regarding home design and styling to help inspire others to create the home they’ve always wanted. I’ve said this before, but it’s important enough that I feel the need to repeat it…your goal is never to achieve perfection. Actually, imperfections make a home a home. Homes are supposed to be beautiful but also lived in. That tiny scratch on the floor or the pulled thread on your favorite rug are a part of your story. Yes, things can be replaced and fixed, but sometimes it’s nice to admire those scratches and not so perfect details and let them be.

When someone walks into your space it should perpetually look clean, organized, and attractive, but it’s completely up to you how you achieve those points. If you enjoy a little clutter here and there (organized chaos), that’s okay. If you want every item to remain in the same spot and for there to be little to no extras in your space, that’s also okay. I want to inspire everyone sitting at home right now to make the most out of your home. Do you have any connection to the outdoors? Do you have a cozy corner you can collapse into and read? Do you have a bedroom that resembles a sanctuary to promote a healthy sleep? Ask yourself these questions and find some time this week to create beauty out of spaces.

I’m sitting outside right now as I write this blog entry, on my deck. It’s cloudy and a little windy, which is my favorite kind of weather (inspiration) and I’m making a mental list of new plants to buy for my deck at a local nursery. I want a few, flowery, colorful additions this year. I’m constantly buying plants and using them as decorating and focal points. I find plants to be the absolute best way to decorate your outdoor space and to give back to the environment. They’re special to me and I take pride in taking care of them and I feel awful when a plant doesn’t make it for whatever reason (it happens). You don’t need an expensive deck or patio. You just need a clean, pretty space, filled with nature (plants, a bird feeder, hummingbird feeder, etc.). Lanterns and solar lights are another simple way to add a little something to your environment. My entryway and kitchen are filled with small, colorful plants, and my outdoor space is the same. As we enter into warmer months it’s the perfect time to spice up your home with plants. In the winter, I suggest potted pine trees outside (any winter-hardy plant) and to focus on your indoor plants. You don’t need a huge space or a ton of money…use your imagination.

If you don’t have an outdoor space or a deck, welcome plants into your home. Faux plants are also fun decor pieces and remind you of the outdoors, if you’d rather not take care of a live one. Succulents are the easiest and simplest plant to buy for a small space. They require little care and are amazing for your health. You can buy really pretty pots for them and some often come with cute pots already! Cactuses are another easy plant to care for and they go with any boho space. This is the time to support your local farmers and nurseries because their busy season will be immensely affected by the pandemic.

Return to the questions I wanted you to ask yourself…do you have a cozy corner? Cozy corners are great for kids and adults. Fill a corner with floor pillows, throw pillows, and a throw blanket and make it your zen space. I don’t have a corner, so to speak, but I do have a very cozy bedroom/bed, Greyson’s peaceful nursery, and a cozy area in our living room for whenever I want to read and write in those spaces. The space in my living room I created with a farmhouse floor lamp, a side table with a candle and books, and an accent chair. I always have throw blankets in storage baskets and draped over chairs to enhance the cozy vibes. I love candles, lanterns, and books to cozy up a space. You can place an accent chair (like I did), a ladder rack with blankets, and a floor lantern in a corner and call it your cozy corner. It’s whatever you find relaxing and peaceful. If you have a desk you can also make that space not only functional for work, writing, or doing your makeup, but for relaxing. I will talk about creating a zen workspace in another blog entry (stay tuned)…

Do you sleep well at night? If so, you’ve probably created a space that promotes a healthy rest. If you don’t sleep well at night, it takes you forever to fall asleep, or you feel distracted in your bedroom, it’s time to redo your budouir. I don’t mean you have to rip out the floor and repaint everything, but there are simpler ways to create the vibe you want in your exisiting room. I always buy light colored bedding and decor pieces because light colors are relaxing, pure, and symbolize goodness. White often means a successful beginning, such as a successful start to your day. The space you wake up in should always represent positivity and light. The light colored decor, bedding, and accents compliment my dark walls. I also have darker, farmhouse pieces in my bedroom. Darker colors such as burgundy, navy blue, and grey establish coziness and make you feel safe. A bedroom can be large or small, but the room should always feel cozy. I always make sure there is no mess or clutter in my bedroom because mess can make a person feel stressed or anxious before bed. Also, there shouldn’t be a mirror staring at you before you go to bed because mirrors are a distraction. If you have a mirror placed elsewhere (away from the bed) that’s fine! Candles and picture frames are a great way to add character to your bedroom. Personal items belong in your bedroom and they often make it a sanctuary (photos, wedding items, handpicked pieces, antiques). If you have a mirror placed elsewhere (away from the bed) that’s fine! Be sure to wash your sheets often and take good care of where you rest your head. Fill your room with books, if you have the space and make it another place to escape to and read.

During this trying time many of us haven’t left our homes except for the occasional grocery shopping trip, which means our home is more than just a place to rest our heads now…it’s a true refuge and a shelter, all day, every day. I want everyone to feel happy and cozy in their space, especially during this crisis. I am someone who always looks on the bright side, despite the dark clouds overhead and I view this time as a time to be more creative than ever before. I’ve taken on new home projects, online shopped for a few, fun additions to our home, and I’ve cleaned every day (the usual for me). I am making the most out of our current situation and I feel so connected to my home. It’s been my sanctuary for a long time, but quarantining has brought me closer to our farmhouse. I appreciate our space even more than I did before and that’s a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for the roof over my head and the things that I love. I’m thankful for every laugh shared in each room and happy that I get the chance to clean and create. It’s a time to feel blessed for what we do have and I have a lot to smile about.

Stay tuned for a few, easy DIY projects posted by me to keep you busy while you’re home and stay positive, loves. In times of struggle and fear we often discover who we really are and emerge stronger, braver, and healthier.




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