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Easter Planning With a Toddler 💜🌷🐥

Despite the dark cloud looming over all of us, I’ve finished putting together Greyson’s Easter basket and his Easter outfit arrived the other day. It’s adorable and I can’t wait to take photos with my family. Along with Easter basket planning, I bought enough plastic, pastel eggs to do an Easter egg hunt that morning. I will always think of Easter as a fresh, beautiful start to Spring. I vividly remember waking up to warmer weather Easter Day and putting on a pretty, pastel-colored dress, eagerly awaiting Spring adventures. This time of the year reminds me of forsythia bushes, tulips, and the start of something new. As a little girl, we spent the holiday at my grandma’s house in North Jersey. My grandma made the absolute best deviled eggs and colorful treats. She always had her bunny decorations and springtime decor set up. Rest easy Connie; I miss you and I wish you could’ve met Andrew and Greyson because I know you’d love them!

If you don’t have fond, holiday memories it’s never too late to create your own with your children. Every day can be special and filled with beauty.

What’s Inside Greyson’s Easter Basket?

I bought a pretty, decorative, storage basket to use as Greyson’s Easter basket this year from Marshall’s so that I can repurpose it after the holiday is over. I love using storage baskets around my home. Mamas, try finding Easter baskets for your kids that you can repurpose this year and make the most out of what you buy. If you haven’t done your Easter basket shopping just yet, be sure to do your shopping online (Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Barnes and Noble, Michael’s, etc.).

Greyson’s Easter basket is colorful and filled with presents from the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny brought him several Spring-themed outfits, a book called How to Catch the Easter Bunny 🐰, a couple of containers of toddler puffs, a stuffed animal porcupine (he loved from Target), toddler approved candy/chocolate, and a card signed by the Easter Bunny. Greyson has so many wonderful toys (he’s a very lucky boy) and I didn’t want to make Easter all about new toys and presents, which is why I created a simpler Easter basket. If your child is on the younger side, like Greyson, Easter should be more about the experience than the basket. The basket filled with things is only entertaining for a few minutes when you’re a toddler. They’re always ready for what’s next!

I’m setting up an Easter egg hunt outside (as long as the weather is nice) in our huge, wooded field, which is right next to our farm. Greyson and I actually walk to the farm and the field from our house several times a week. The field is one of Greyson’s favorite places to roam and play. There are trails that lead through the trees and it’s a special, quiet place to enjoy and explore. He could spend hours out there!

If it winds up raining on Easter, I’ll set up an Easter egg hunt inside, but my fingers are crossed for beautiful weather.

What are we Cooking?

I’m making Easter lunch for my little family and I know it’ll be a good day with lots of laughs, love, and fun. What’s on the menu?

  • Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Slow Cooker Turkey Breast
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet treats

Spring is a time of renewal, transformation, and hope. The flowers and trees say hello once again, brightening our days with color and beauty. Birds chirp louder and baby animals open their eyes for the first time, looking around at a new, unknown world. As we emerge from a very strange and stressful winter, it’s a good time to focus on new projects, create memories with our family, and wave goodbye to the past.

Happy Spring 💗

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