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The Land of Bullshit

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Facebook has turned into a platform for racism, hatred, and ignorance. People follow, share, and like without ever truly standing up for anyone else or standing out for a cause. If you don’t believe in anything truly significant you’ll fall for anything and sadly, Facebook has become the land of bullshit. Girls share Tik Tok videos to share their political views, memes have become a form of communication, and people will believe anything that is […]

The Greyson Diaries

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Take a page from my book… I’d like to share my advice for mama’s to be because after your pregnancy journey comes to a close you’re bombarded with fears, questions, insecurities, and moments of uncertainty. So much of your unanswered questions will come naturally and you should never doubt yourself or fear motherhood. There will be days that are overwhelming, different, and stressful, but that is life…it’s no different than being a single person, without […]

Be Alone Not Lonely

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To be lonely is to feel an ache in your heart, but to be alone is to be strong and independent. I’m going to teach you an incredibly important lesson ladies and gents, about being content with being alone. When you’re alone you are 100% yourself, so be fun, creative, and brilliant, and steer clear of sadness, my loves. When I was growing up there were times when I had little to no friends. I […]

Living with PTSD

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 Life can be scary and stressful, no doubt! But, with PTSD it just comes with the territory. When I was raped Sophomore year of high school, everything changed. I’ll remember the details of that night forever; the night ended with my hand punching my bathroom mirror, and a young, vulnerable me falling asleep with a bottle of something 90 proof. I couldn’t wrap my head around what had happened to me; so much of […]