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Take a page from my book…

I’d like to share my advice for mama’s to be because after your pregnancy journey comes to a close you’re bombarded with fears, questions, insecurities, and moments of uncertainty. So much of your unanswered questions will come naturally and you should never doubt yourself or fear motherhood. There will be days that are overwhelming, different, and stressful, but that is life…it’s no different than being a single person, without a baby. You will always have days that test you and there will always be lessons learned. Learn to breathe and grow through each experience. Becoming a parent adds an exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding chapter to your life. Whether you’re using a surrogate, giving birth yourself, adopting, or fostering, the journey will be beautiful. I’m here for you mamas. By the way, I started my blog for mama bears, but I am always here to support and inspire single dads and the LGBTQ community (you are amazing)! If you’re a parent, you can find constant inspiration on my blog (don’t be offended by me using the word mama…that is simply the word that started all of this blogging, creativity, and inspiration). Take a page from my book and find comfort in the fact that you’re not going on this journey alone.

  • Every person, pregnancy, and baby are different. Never compare your postpartum journey (or your child) to someone else’s. Find joy and strength in your own, unique journey.
  • Social media will become your best friend and worst enemy after becoming a mama. You will want to share everything and anything you can, especially when you’re up late (or early), feeling alone, or overwhelmed, but don’t post negative comments about yourself or your day as a parent on social media, because it doesn’t make you look good. Ladies, complaining constantly on social media doesn’t boost positivity in your life…it actually puts you in a negative headspace. I always feel sad when I read negative Facebook and Instagram posts because it’s unhealthy.
  • Smile 😃 Whether your baby is screaming, or you’re in a bad mood, keep smiling. Laughing, smiling, and remaining positive is the best medicine.
  • You need to take a few minutes each day to meditate, listen to music, and breathe. It’s so important to acknowledge your feelings and emotions every day.
  • Don’t fear the future or worry about the days ahead…simply be in the moment with your baby, because time flies. The future will be beautiful, too. Each chapter with your child will be different and will bring inspiration to your life.
  • If you look in the mirror and you feel different, that’s because you are different! Don’t hate yourself for the changes you’ve endured, but do whatever it takes to make yourself feel amazing. Don’t talk badly about yourself, especially publicly. Smile, laugh, grow, and do what makes you happy. Eat healthily, exercise whenever you can, spend time outdoors, pamper yourself, and find your balance. Childbirth changes everything and that includes your body and mind (mindset, mood, emotions), but you will find your “new normal”, as I like to call it. I may look the same, but I feel completely different. Every woman goes through the same postpartum process, but some women let themselves go. That is up to you, mamas. Be strong enough to fight for yourself.
  • Postpartum depression is very real and incredibly draining. If you’re like me and dealt with depression and anxiety prior to becoming pregnant, you are likely to experience postpartum depression. Don’t be afraid of the trying moments and don’t give up. Never be afraid to ask for help, talk to someone, or to fall apart. Crying is allowed. You’re not alone. I worked myself through it, but it’s okay to need a little extra help. I still have emotional days (trust me)! Every woman deals with postpartum depression differently and many face a much more severe battle…have sympathy and never judge other mamas. We all have a story and struggles.
  • Never go to bed angry. Don’t fight with your child, yourself, or your significant other, especially before bed. Bedtime is a time to be thankful, unwind, and to care for your mind.
  • It’s okay to spoil your baby, but as they grow, it’s important to teach your child to be grateful, humble, and sweet. Encourage your child to do good in order to be rewarded and showered with good karma and positivity.
  • It’s never too early to read to your child. I started reading to Greyson when he was a week old and he loves it. We LOVE Barnes & Noble.
  • Absorb positive advice, but don’t pay too much attention to what other mamas around you tell you (especially those who are negative, controlling, and nitpicky), because no one knows your child better than you. Trust your heart, intuition, and what you feel. You must always do what’s best for your child and you.
  • The key to being an amazing mama is to take a few moments each day to be a kid again. Play with toys with your child, use your imagination, create gorgeous fairytales, watch cartoons, and giggle.
  • Avoid family drama by remaining calm and cool. Family can be complicated and messy, but you never want issues to affect your child or their childhood.
  • We all curse now and then and say stupid things, but it’s very important to have beautiful, meaningful conversations with your child from day one (yes, they hear you). They need to know what makes a conversation sweet and true. Your child should know that cursing and negativity aren’t attractive or necessary (but as I said before, no one is perfect, which leads to my next point).
  • No one is perfect…including you. We curse, break things, get angry, and make life messy. Your child shouldn’t feel as though they need to strive to be perfect, ever, and your child should always know that everyone makes mistakes, life isn’t perfect, and the only true failure is giving up.
  • Go on as many adventures as you can! You don’t need to spend a ton of money or go on fancy vacations, but you should drive to the beach, walk on pretty trails, and show your child the world.
  • Don’t be a pageant mom! If your son doesn’t want to play football, that’s okay. If your daughter doesn’t want to be a ballerina, let it go. Let your child do and be whatever they want because if you don’t you’re refusing to let their true light shine, which is the saddest thing.
  • If you’re having a bad day keep reminding yourself that you’re a rockstar!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad hair day, or you didn’t have the energy to put on makeup…be the badass babe you know you are, regardless.
  • If a situation makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to explain yourself. Do yourself and your child a favor, and remove yourself from it. Your gut is never wrong.
  • Print out photos and keep a photo box (or a few), because one day you will love sitting on the floor on a rainy day and showing your child photographs.
  • You can never say I love you too much…say it often.

…to be continued 😚

Greyson’s Letter

Grey, I am so in love with you and my favorite part of each day is seeing you smile. Never allow the world, or anyone to change your smile. Life may become more complicated as you grow, but your light will always be your guide. Let your light change the world and brighten the dark days. You’re almost four months old and I feel as though I gave birth to you five minutes ago! Your birth was by far the happiest and most incredible moment of my life and I’ll always thank you for changing my entire world. Thank you for every little, simple moment. Thank you for filling my days with love and purpose. Thank you for making me a mom.

Stay tuned for the next entry of The Greyson Diaries 💙 & follow me on Instagram: lizziemognoni

The Author

Hi loves, I'm a New Jersey writer and blogger with an immense passion for love, lifestyle, and adventure. I'm the luckiest mama in the world to Greyson Bryce and my heart belongs to my husband, Andrew. The Greyson Diaries, an ongoing blog series is based on my daily experiences as a young mom, and my love for my son. I worked in the fashion and marketing industry from age sixteen until becoming a stay at home mama at age twenty four, which drives my passion for fashion, design, and creativity. I don't blog to impress, I blog to inspire. If you’re ever interested in my creative work, please feel free to reach out to me… Email:

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