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A letter to my Man of Honor on his birthday

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Dear Danny, I am so excited for you as you turn twenty-one! There is so much adventure and beauty ahead of you and I’ll always be there for you as your partner in crime, support system, therapist, and best friend. You are generous, brilliant, and funny, and you are without a doubt one of the finest people I know. I’m the luckiest gal in the world to have you as my best friend. We met […]

The Greyson Diaries

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A letter to the father of my child Andrew, I feel as though I found out I was pregnant yesterday. I stood beside you, next to your truck and I announced that I was pregnant. I was anxious, scared, and excited. From the beginning you vowed to be there for me and our child no matter what and you promised to take care of us. With each passing day it became more real and you […]

A letter to my baby

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  Any woman who has carried a child (or multiple children) for nine months knows that you truly become a mom the second the strip reads positive, but the moment you give birth to your baby, “mom” becomes such an honored title and a full-time job. Your life changes forever and all at once. I am 37 weeks pregnant (9 months) and will soon be in the hospital, feeling every emotion possible (I’m so scared and […]

Even when we’re ghosts

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Although, my boyfriend was recently upgraded to my fiance, I still want to wish my man a Happy National Boyfriend (fiance) Day! There’s a day dedicated to everything, even tacos, so I am sure as hell going to celebrate a day dedicated to the man who gives me the world. This is an updated thank you letter, to my partner through thick and thin. I wrote a lengthy thank you letter, on my blog to […]


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I walked by you in my ripped jeans and cowgirl boots and that was all it took for everything to change. I could feel your eyes on me, but I pretended not to notice. I flipped my long hair over my shoulder and kept walking, but I couldn’t ignore you. You were something different and my heart knew before the rest of me that it was you. It’s crazy how I went from not knowing […]

A letter to the guy who has my heart

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Dear boyfriend, You came into my life like a beautiful hurricane when I had been patiently waiting for a rainstorm. I wasn’t looking for someone when you walked into my life, but I am so happy that I found you. I think I knew as soon as I walked by you that day at my store that my life was about to change. Yes, I knew you were checking me out and just to let […]

Be alone not lonely

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To be lonely is to feel an ache in your heart, but to be alone is to be strong and independent. I’m going to teach you an incredibly important lesson ladies and gents, about being content with being alone. When you’re alone you are 100% yourself, so be fun, creative, and brilliant, and steer clear of sadness, my loves. When I was growing up there were times when I had little to no friends. I […]